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Title: UPDATE: Terrorist Organization Suffers Another Loss
Post by: cantbearmaros on March 12, 2018, 07:42:31 PM

     Despite an attack on the town recently, the now known terrorist group had made no advancement. However, the local Sheriff's Department had an ongoing operation during which they managed to seal away 120,000$ worth of psychoactive drugs. The owner of the forest shack is currently unknown, however, a dealer, by the name of Stephen Hoechlin, had been arrested a few days prior. He had no valuable information to provide, and was shortly released after his sentence.

    With the help of local DEA, the Sheriff's Department arrived in with a tank, and managed to seize the building, without any of it's residents being present. The house contained large sums of Cocaine, Ecstasy, Marijuana and Heroin, in very large stashes.

    All of the drugs had been confiscated, and provided over to the lab in Los Angeles for testing. Researchers believe that all of the psychoactive drugs, in the end, originally had a market price of 123,501 US American Dollars, and with inflation, that puts us at about 117,000~ in US American Dollars.

   The local Government assures the citizens that the threat is minimal, and will hopefully be dealt with within a reach of a month, perhaps sooner, should the participants of the terrorist group come forth to surrender.

  In other news...