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« on: March 20, 2016, 01:21:02 PM »
As some of you may know, we were attacked by heaps of creatures that were summoned by a powerful magi.

Unfortunately, only some of us have worked through. This includes me, Sheriff Williams, Herman Vaughn, Mason Fletcher and an Wu.

I congratulate these men for fighting off the invasion, if not for you, the town would've been overrun.

However, I come bearing different news as well, I'm making the forest and the town neutral grounds, meaning no fights between vampires and werewolves - take it to normal duels, death duels, whatever. But no attacking.

The forest is now under my jurisdiction.

As for the faction so called Wych Glabra, they will be dealt a severe blow and be run out of the forest for their inability to participate in the shadow fight. We do not need cowards.

If you are a member of Wych Glabra, you are to either abandon your post or be dealt a blow.

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Re: Poster
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 10:12:00 AM »
*Herman Vaughn gets his attention drawn by the poster while he travels throughout the shadows in Folnkirk*

*Herman Vaughn emerges from a patch of darkness nearby, he removes his sunglasses and begins reading the content of the poster, he withdraws an odd old fashioned looking pen from his inner jacket pocket not seconds after reading the first few sentences; it seems he was anticipating it.*

*Herman Vaughn leaves his signature by the end of the poster as he marks it with acknowledgedment. He emerges into his own shadow, escaping the sight of all spectators, Specially of those creatures lurking in the dark awaiting a shot at the title.*

*Herman Vaughn is seen inside his mansion shortly after, in his office; he writes a letter.*

I figured the Garou will not accept this situation, I've already taken the necessary precautions on your behalf.

There cannot be two rivalry species sharing one land, There may be only one beast. Wych Glabra will be given opportunity to depart the lands for good and in the spirit of solidarity they'll be allowed to scatter around the town they failed to protect. If i sense any turbeluence of refusal or arrogance they will be rendered as past. The cell's brain is a nucleus, the center of the land, The wooden shack will be remade as I've instructed every construction worker in Red County to build a reminder of the dominant occupants of such land.

Garou other than Wych will indeed be given a fair honorable duel if paths are crossed in a hostile manner, The local cainites will be alerted of this protocol. Garou will retaliate eventually, It make take a week, a month, a century. That is why i once again took the necessary precautions. A ward will be set that will limit the Garou to the boundaries of the forests where its just enough for them to inhale some fresh air. Attempts to step into the umbral realm are inevitable that is why it will be taken into consideration and it'll be assured that the Garou will regret having the ability to travel realms in the first place. There also happens to be stone golems that protect a certain pile of rocks emerged together to form an entrance, Fortunately, carving my name on stones is my specialty. It will be restructured aswell.*

*A letter has been sent to the sheriff's postmail*

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Re: Poster
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2016, 10:36:50 AM »
*A random clown would be strolling down the crooked streets of Folnkirk. The devious entertainer would stop in front of the poster quickly reading it. He'd grab a red crayon from his bag and with dexterous hand movements he'd write right under it the following words: THE THREAT ISN'T OVER
He'd walk away satisfied, his shoes making squeaky sounds as he walked.

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Re: Poster
« Reply #3 on: March 25, 2016, 05:22:53 PM »
* Jack Monroe approaches the poster silently *

* The mention of Wych Glabra get his attention immediately, as he then lowers his tone, apparently speaking to himself *

Jack Monroe says: Not many of us are here, so good luck on your search leech.