Author Topic: Selling a house by the pier. (Poster)  (Read 1220 times)

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Selling a house by the pier. (Poster)
« on: September 05, 2016, 09:00:00 AM »
Are you tired of living in a cave? Move upstairs now and save your time and effort by purchasing  a completely modeled house that can suit all of your needs.

House ID: 5
House Address: PC 4
Price: (Optional) 19,000 (Negotiable - included your /h buy acquisition) 
Parking Slots: Four.
Additional stuff: Security cameras, large storage area and noise limiting walls for those of you who like to cast a ritual in silence.
Is there a Locker?: Yes, 20 sluts.
Images of the Property: (Interior and Exterior)

the 20 sluts are sold now.
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