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Rules And Information
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  • The market price of a business or property is not included in these auctions. You have to pay for that on top of your bid. (In case you win the auction of course.)
  • You may not bid on anything you do not have the money for. If you bid on a auction in which you do not have the money for or then lose the money for, you will be subject to admin punishment.
  • You may only have the last bid on one house auction and one business auction at any given time. Having the final bid on more than one of each will result in it being scraped.
  • All bids are final and will NOT be removed, do not ask to have them removed as it will not happen. If you bid and do not have the money you will be subject to admin punishment.
  • Auctions remain open for three days and then work on a 24 hour basis rule, meaning they stay open for twenty four hours since the last bid then close.
  • Don't post anything except a bid in the auction topics (with identification).
  • All bids (except the starting one) must be increased by an increment of 1000$. (If a starting bid is of $10000, one may start with $10000 and not $11000.)
  • After successfully winning an auction, you'll have 7 days to claim your business, failure to do so will result in admin punishment. (Up to 10% of the total price (Market price + final bid) will be despawned from the winning bidder.)
  • Before requesting approval and submission of a private auction you'll have to show proof of payment to the auction moderator. Current auction price is set to $1,000 per item that wishes to be listed.  Payment shall be despawned by an admin level 3, you'll be required to take a screenshot with /servertime enabled and show it to the moderator along with the auction that wishes to be listed.
  • Only Gold donators can buy a business while not being unemployed. Silver donators, Bronze donators and normal players need to be unemployed to be able to buy the business.
  • Once purchased, in order to keep the business you must collect at least 20 paydays per IC month. Activity (/business activity) is checked every first of the IC month, if the activity isn't satisfied the business is automatically sold without refunds. (The beginning activity is set according to the date the business was bought; e.g., in case your character buys the business on 15th August 1993, the activity is automatically set to 10/20.)
  • To claim your business that you've won on auction simply PM Rudy IG with the business ID, business name, winning bid and market price of the business.
  • You may not own more than one businesses unless you get a permission from an administrator level 3+.

If you wish to see a business auctioned, you may contact the proper board moderators through In-Game means or Forum PM one with the following format.

Code: [Select]
[b]Business ID:[/b]
[b]Business Name:[/b]
[b]Business Type:[/b]
[b]Required Level:[/b]
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