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Pictograms - Garou Glyphs
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No one is certain when the Garou first began to form symbols and images for their concepts, but all are sure that it was long, long ago. Many arguments have arisen concerning the origin of Garou pictograms. The Glass Walkers claim their progenitors invented them, copying human scrawl, and that the rest of the Garou copied them. The Uktena deny this, claiming that humans received the concept of writing from them; their occult searches require a language of imagery, and thus they invented the first pictograms. The Silent Striders do not argue about such things;they believe the pictograms came from their ancestorsí road-sign markings, left behind to alert other Striders to dangers or safe havens. For most Garou, it matters not who originated the pictograms; they are simply a tradition, and an important tradition at that. These symbols hold power for the Garou, for they are invested with the most important concepts of their culture. They can be used by some as Glyphs of potent power, sealing spirits into fetishes or releasing magical effect swhen read. It cannot be denied that among all the tribes, the Uktena have mastered the magical potential of the pictograms better than any other.

The Silent Striders,however,have mastered the nuance of communication with the images, and they remember many pictograms lost from the common alphabet. For, more than anything else, these pictograms are meant to teach, to tell the story of Garou culture.

Carving The Pictograms

The pictograms have been written down in many different ways. Originally, the writing surface was tree-bark, and the bark chips would sometimes be strung together on a vine, so that a necklace was made. A tale or story could be handed down this way, with the pictograms symbolizing mnemonics for the tale-teller, strung in the proper order of the telling.

Pictograms are also used to mark caems. Marking glyphs are carved into stone,usually using aGift that provides the writer with great strength if his Crinos form is not potent enough for the task. The pictograms are carved with claws, and thus can only be written in Crinos form,although sometimes a dexterous Hispo can carve simple pictograms (such as the Red Talonís symbol). It is important that a pictogram be carved only with claw, as this proves that the writer is a Garou. A Ronin who has lost the wolf, and thus cannot change forms, cannot write as a Garou. The Uktena and Shadow Lords have broken this rule at times, carving their pictograms with Klaives or stilettos. This angers traditionalists, but what can be done?

The Striders and Stargazers sometimes write their pictograms on vellum paper with a claw dipped in ink or blood. The Uktena at times use multi-colored paints to mark their glyphs on special flammable paper; when the paper is lit, it will bum instantly, releasing whatever magical effect was bound into the glyph.

There are other pictograms also; these are only the most common ones above. I will lost the others down below;

The glyphs below are miscellaneous ones, they will be placed in a spoiler;


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Re: Pictograms - Garou Glyphs
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dam this is actually cool, i always wondered how the hieroglyphs translated into what they represent though

when youre natively english but cant speak it