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This is a guide of all the official fetishes in Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition so people without the book can know about them. If you would like a guide on how to make a fetish then head over to "What's a Fetish?" by d4rko.

Level 1 Fetishes
Spoiler for Hidden:
Ape Skin
Level One, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
This somewhat gruesome fetish is nonetheless highly useful for metis and lupus Garou who need to hide their true nature. When activated, the fetish — which takes the form of a scrap of ape or human skin
tattooed with a glyph — makes the werewolf suffer no special damage from silver in Homid form, and also  renders the Garou unable to regenerate in that form — just as though they were born homid. One activation lasts for a full day.

 To create an apeskin, a homid ancestor-spirit must be bound into the skin.

Harmony Flute
Level One, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
Carved from hickory, this small flute has many small songbird feathers decorating it. When activated and played (which requires a Performance roll), the flute emits an enchanting melody, reawakening ancient memories of peace from ages past, when the world was whole. When an aggressive creature hears the song, it must make a successful Rage roll or cease its struggles. Creatures without Rage may not resist the flute’s music. Any being listening to the sound may still defend itself if attacked. One activation lasts for as long as the werewolf continues to play.

 To create a harmony flute, one must bind a bird-spirit or a spirit of peace, calm, or water into the flute.

Magpie's Swag
Level One, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
The magpie’s swag can be pretty much any simple closable bag, satchel, sack, or similar container, which can hold thrice the amount of a regular bag the same size. If dedicated, it counts as a single item, even if filled with other fetishes or even non-dedicated items, and it is represented by a stripe of fur in Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus forms. Unfortunately, it cannot contain complex Weaver objects such as guns or laptops, unless these items are broken and useless, or have been independently
dedicated. Variations of this fetish include the corporate brief case of the Glass Walkers, the gym bag of the Bone Gnawers and the medicine bag of the Uktena. Also, a level two variation exists — the spider’s satchel — which is capable of carrying Weaver objects.

 To create a magpie’s swag, one must bind a magpie or marsupial spirit into the container.

Level One, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
When activated, this pair of mirrored sunglasses produce a mirrored surface on the inside of the glasses,
allowing the wearer to step sideways with ease. The Gauntlet is considered 2 lower than it would otherwise be when doing so.

 To create mirrorshades, one must bind a glass elemental into the shades.

Nyx's Bangle
Level One, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
A favorite of Ragabash, this fetish resembles a silver bracelet with glyphs honoring Luna carved into
it. When activated, it allows the wearer to blend with shadows and move around unseen at night. Only the eyes betray the werewolf, shining like twin full moons in the darkness. Unlike the talen: Nightshade (see p. 229), the wearer of Nyx’s bangle doesn’t turn into shadow, but merely has her presence masked. She gains four extra dice to Stealth pools at night when the fetish is activated.

 To create Nyx’s bangle, one must bind a spirit of night or darkness into the bangle.

Truth Earring
Level One, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
This small golden earring acts as a fairly reliable lie detector when activated. Should the wearer be lied
to, the earring vibrates softly. All rolls made to try and deceive the werewolf through speech or sound are made at +3 difficulty. The earring doesn’t warn against visual deception.

 To create a truth earring, one must bind a servant of Falcon into the golden earring.

Level 2 Fetishes
Spoiler for Hidden:
Cup of the Alicorn
Level Two, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
The oldest of these carved and covered cups, handed down in old European septs, are said to be made of uni-corn horn, though the truth of this is unknown. Any harmful substance is neutralized when poured into this cup. With a Gnosis roll against the Intelligence + Science of the poisoner, the holder of the cup can even recognize the type of poison by the changes in the cup’s shimmer or color.

 To create a cup of the alicorn, one must bind a spirit of healing, or a snake- or bear-spirit into the cup.

Chameleon Skin
Level Two, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
Garou needing to keep a low profile and stay out of sight commonly use this fetish. Generally a belt or headband, it allows the Garou’s fur to blend in with her surroundings. Chameleon’s skin is most efficient in the wild and other densely overgrown areas, but some Glass Walkers have fetishes that easily harmonize with their urban surroundings of glass, steel and concrete. When activated, this fetish acts as the Wendigo Gift: Camouflage, save that the power may function in whatever environment the fetish is attuned to.

 A chameleon-spirit, naturally, must be bound into this fetish in order to create it. Chances are that the chameleon-spirit will be easier to sway if the skins are those of a lizard other than chameleons or, indeed, from another type of animal altogether.

Dagger of Retribution
Level Two, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
This particular fetish, an ugly iron dagger, was devised as a means of tracking down stolen possessions and the thieves responsible. The werewolf concentrates on the lost item while holding the dagger; the weapon gently tugs in the direction of the item until the Garou reclaims it. If the fetish’s owner knows the face or name of the thief, he may use the dagger to locate the thief as well. The fetish is treated as a knife in combat (Strength damage, difficulty 4); the damage may be lethal or aggravated at the Garou’s discretion.

 To create a dagger of retribution, a werewolf must bind a vengeance-spirit into the dagger.

Dream of Stealer
Level Two, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
A Dream Stealer, or Chimera Gem, is a multi-colored gemstone that can extract and project another’s dream. The gem is placed near the target when asleep, and when activated it will allow the user to view the target’s dreams, replayed in the depths of the stone.

 To create a Chimera Gem, one must bind a spirit of dream or one of Cuckoo’s brood into the stone.

Spirit of Tracer
Level Two, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
This fetish is a human hair suspended in an iron ingot. When the wielder activates the fetish and concentrates upon a specific spirit, the ingot pulls in that direction. This fetish only works for tracking spirits.

 To create a spirit tracer, one must bind a predator spirit or a spirit that has the Charm: Tracking into the ingot.

Level 3 Fetishes
Spoiler for Hidden:
Level Three, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
This tiny piece of a Bane is wrapped carefully in cloth and worn as an amulet. When activated, it causes all malevolent spirits to react to the wearer as if she were a kindred soul — a wolf in Bane’s clothing, as it were. If the wearer takes any action against her “fellow” Banes, the guise is broken immediately. These fetishes cannot fool Incarnae or mightier spirits.

 To create a Baneskin, one must bind a parrot- or mockingbird-spirit into the skin.

Beast Mask
Level Three, Gnosis 8
Spoiler for Hidden:
This fetish takes the form of a carved mask depicting an animal. When donned and activated, the werewolf assumes the form of the animal the mask represents. The character gains all the characteristics of the animal (flight, gills, heightened senses, etc.) but cannot use her regenerative powers nor change into other forms until she removes the mask.

 To create a beast mask, one must bind an appropriate animal spirit into the mask.

Level Three, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
The d’siah, a knife with a flint blade curved like a crescent moon, is the signature weapon of the Silent Striders. Its sharpened outer edge is used for slashing attacks, while the trailing point can be used to thrust and tear on the return stroke. Because this knife takes skill and training to use properly, the difficulty to attack with it is 7. It inflicts Strength damage. The war spirit bound into the blade, usually one of Cobra’s brood, is somewhat more discerning than spirits usually bound to klaives — a d’siah does aggravated damage only to Wyrm-tainted creatures(use the same guidelines as the Gift: Sense Wyrm) and any type of spirit.

 In addition, after a successful strike, the Strider can activate the d’siah to drain a point of Gnosis from her opponent (or a point of Essence from spirits). Because this requires a Gnosis roll, the werewolf cannot use this ability of the knife on the same turn she spends Rage for extra actions.

 The greatest strength of the d’siah is directed against the Striders’ greatest foes: Egypt’s vampires and their snake-like minions. The cobra-spirit in the blade lashes out violently against its tainted reflections, inflicting
Strength +3 aggravated damage.

Fang Dagger
Level Three, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
These daggers are always carved from the tooth or tusk of a great beast. After striking an opponent, the werewolf can activate the weapon, causing it to “bite” deeper into the wound. This doubles the number of successes on the damage roll, before soak. The damage is aggravated.

 To create a fang dagger, one must bind a snake-spirit or a spirit of war, pain, or death into the blade.

Partridge Wing
Level Three, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
This fetish is made from the wing of a partridge bird, its feathers all completely unbroken and white as snow. The joint of the wing has a golden ring fastened through it, and hangs from a long golden chain. To activate the fetish, a werewolf must concentrate upon a memory that she wishes to remove from her mind, and then swing the partridge wing around herself counter-clockwise three times, letting the tips of the feathers brush in a circle around her on the ground. Memories of another human or Garou can also be swept away in a similar fashion, by dragging the feathers by the chain in a circle around them. This fetish is rarely used on Garou and should never be used without permission, but has come in very handy for restoring Delirious humans to their calmer states.

 To create a partridge wing, one must bind a spirit of water or forgetfulness into the wing.

Phoebe's Veil
Level Three, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
This fetish is a small, golden pendant in the shape of a half moon. These fetishes are usually worn around the neck, held by a strong leather thong. At night, when the pendant is activated, the wearer vanishes completely for one minute per success. Neither mundane creatures nor spirits nor technology may sense her in any way except touch. The veil remains drawn until the time expires or the pendant is removed.

 To create this fetish, one must bind a Lune, a chame- leon-spirit, a spirit of illusion, or a spirit of shadow into the pendant.

Sanctuary Chimes
Level Three, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
When activated, this miniature tubular bell emits chimes into the wind. No spirit may materialize within 100 feet unless invited to do so. This fetish usually protects caerns or the homes of pregnant Kinfolk. One activation lasts for a full day.

 To create sanctuary chimes, one must bind a spirit of protection or a turtle-spirit into the tubular bell.

Sun Whip
Level Three, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
This exotic fetish takes the form of a bullwhip with small nuggets of gold bound into the coil, weighted with a large nugget in the tip. The creator’s tribal glyph (or occasionally family crest) is carved upon the base of the handle. When activated, the weapon glows slightly and erupts into either sunlight or flame upon making contact with a vampire. The whip does Strength + 4 aggravated damage against vampires, and Strength + 1 lethal damage against everything else. The difficulty to strike with it is 7, regardless.

 To create a sun whip, a spirit of flame or sunlight must be bound into the whip.

Wind Whistle
Level Three, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
A single, long blow on this whistle will summon a freezing cold wind, laced with snow. It will cover the tracks of the werewolf using the whistle, and his pack if appropriate, while chilling the bones of any pursuers, costing them one die from every roll while they continue to pursue the owner of the wind whistle. The effects of the whistle last for one hour.

 To create a wind whistle, a wind elemental must be bound into a whistle carved from the bone of an animal that died of the cold during the winter months.

Level 4 Fetishes
Spoiler for Hidden:
Level Four, Gnosis 8
Spoiler for Hidden:
A highly difficult fetish to make, requiring thousands of differently colored feathers, a feathered cloak can take years to create, but the end results are spectacular not only in function but in form. Properly made, the cloak shows a dazzling array of different colors and patterns, and it is said that gazing on one for three days without wavering in one’s attention makes it possible to see the road of life itself in the pattern of feathers. This may or may not be true, but what is certain is the spectacular effect the fetish
provides: The wearer can fly.

 When activated, the wearer can rise above the ground and travel horizontally at speeds equivalent to her running speed indefinitely. The flight is not perfect, however. The wearer cannot travel both horizontally and vertically at the same time, and vertical travel is considerably slower, progressing at walking speed. Finally, the entire experience causes a great deal of stress upon the body. For every ten minutes of flight, the player must roll Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 5). If the roll fails, then the pain from the stress has become too intense and the wearer needs to land and rest.

 The feathered cloak is a full-length cloak that remains wrapped around the body, even during flight, and is bound with a bird-spirit.

Level Four, Gnosis 5
Spoiler for Hidden:
Lesser versions of the mighty Jarlhammers, these one- handed hammers are potent war fetishes in their own right, and the signature weapons of the Get of Fenris. Forged of silver-laced iron, an ironhammer inflicts Strength +2 aggravated damage; Garou can soak these wounds, as the silver content is overwhelmed by the iron. A werewolf may hurl an Ironhammer up to 10 yards for every point of Strength; the hammer returns to its rightful owner after each toss.

 To create an ironhammer, a spirit of war must be bound into a mighty hammer forged of silver-laced iron.

Level Four, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
The signature weapon of the Garou Nation, klaives are fetish daggers of a singular design, made to be used in Homid, Glabro, or Crinos form with equal ease. Klaives are rare weapons made from the purest silver, treasured and passed down from hero to hero. A werewolf who carries a klaive loses one point from his effective Gnosis rating, thanks to the silver. A war-spirit is usually bound into the klaive, allowing it to inflict aggravated damage even to non-Garou foes.

 Pulling a klaive on another werewolf is considered a grave action, for a klaive duel is almost always to the death. Nonetheless, such duels have always been dangerously common, and this practice shows no sign of abating even in the Final Days. Elders complain that too many of these sacred artifacts are in the ranks of reckless youths quick to use them for mundane tasks or to spill kin-blood; young werewolves argue that too many klaives are kept hidden away
for rituals and great quests, when they could be better put to use against Black Spiral Dancers and other foes.

 The difficulty to attack with a klaive is 6, and it inflicts Strength + 2 aggravated damage. Werewolves cannot soak this damage unless in their breed form.

Labrys of Isthmene
Level Four, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
A labrys of Isthmene is a massive, double-headed war- axe dedicated to Isthmene, the Gorgon of battle. A signature weapon of the Black Furies, the weapon is designed to be wielded two-handed, but may be effectively used with one hand by any being with Strength 6 or higher. Attacks made with the labrys are difficulty 7, and do Strength +4 aggravated damage. Activating the fetish grants access to the Gift: Spirit of the Fray for the rest of the scene. The fetish will not function for a male Garou of any tribe.

 To create a labrys of Isthmene, one must bind a spirit of war into the labrys.

Monkey Puzzle
Level Four, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
This amber talisman contains a single human hair. When activated, it causes all humans viewing the werewolf to believe her to be a normal human... regardless of the form she wears. However, the fetish doesn’t mask her actions — tearing out someone’s throat simply becomes the act of a cannibalistic lunatic rather than a werewolf. This fetish’s effects last for a day.

 To create a monkey puzzle, one must bind a ghost, a spirit of illusion, or a trickster-spirit into the talisman.

Spirit Whistle
Level Four, Gnosis 8
Spoiler for Hidden:
When activated and blown, this ivory whistle emits a wailing scream that causes great pain to all spirits within the werewolf’s line of sight. Any spirits present must roll Gnosis and beat the fetish’s activation
roll, or be compelled to flee from the scream. The power of this fetish is directional; spirits behind the werewolf don’t have to roll Gnosis.
 To create a spirit whistle, one must bind a screech-owl spirit, a spirit of madness, or a spirit of discord into the ivory whistle.

Personal Umbral Digital Application
Level Four, Gnosis 8
Spoiler for Hidden:
The Glass Walkers have, on occasion, a compulsion to create devices that could best be described as “cute,” and most would argue the PUDA more or less fits that category. This is because most people have not been subject to the devastating array of forces that the PUDA can bring to bear.

 Effectively, the PUDA is a digital platform with a bee-spirit bound into it. In the past, this fetish took the form of palmtop digital assistants or powerbooks; modern iterations of the fetish are generally cell phones or digital tablets. This bee spirit creates a hive file structure in an Umbral space around the device, which can store and organize various rites before completion and then “execute” the rite at a later time. The Glass Walker simply has to use the PUDA to “record” the rite in some fashion, such as with a camera application. When finished, the rite does not have any effect, but (if successful) is then stored in the PUDA and can have its effect come to pass with the click of a touch-sensitive pad any time thereafter. Each activation can execute one rite, but if the roll fails, the rite is lost. If the roll for the rite depends upon outside factors, then all rolls are made when the rite is executed rather than when it is first performed to be stored.

 The following rites work with a PUDA: Rite of Cleansing, Rite of Contrition, Rite of Binding, Rite of the Questing Stone, Rite of Talisman Dedication, Rite of Becoming, Rite of Spirit Awakening, Rite of Sum- moning, Voice of the Jackal, and Rending of the Veil. At the Storyteller’s option, other more obscure rites may be compatible as well.

 Each rite stored on the PUDA requires some spiritual energy to be preserved, which is taken from the Glass Walker using it in the form of a single temporary point of Gnosis. This Gnosis does not restore in the usual manner, but is returned the moment that a rite is successfully ex-
ecuted. If the execution fails and the rite is lost, the Gnosis goes with it, but may be regained in the usual fashion.

 On top of all this, the PUDA also works as a normal digital device.

Unbroken Cord
Level Four, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
This appears to be a length of hemp cord knotted and braided into elaborate patterns. Lengths vary, but there will usually be enough to make necklaces, belts, etc., for an entire pack. When the pack leader wishes, she may spend one Gnosis point and share one of her abilities, such as a Gift or skill, with any pack member. She can only share with as many pack members as she has current Gnosis. One use for this is to share skills or abilities; another is to aid pack members by giving them the leader’s Rage or Gnosis. The effects last for one scene.

 To create an unbroken cord, one must bind a unity-spirit (such as the spirit of a flock of birds) into the cord.

Level 5 Fetishes
Spoiler for Hidden:
Grand Klaive
Level Five, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
These mighty blades are the klaives of the most legendary heroes. Carrying one of these immense silver swords costs a Garou two points from his effective Gnosis rating. A war-spirit is usually bound into the grand klaive, allowing it to inflict aggravated damage to non-Garou.

 Grand klaives are very rare and usually tied to specific Garou lineages, especially among the Silver Fangs, Fianna, and Shadow Lords. Besides the usual war-spirit, a second spirit — such as a fire-spirit that might add extra soak dice against fire when the klaive is activated or an ancestor-spirit that might provide extra dots in an Ability such as Occult or Survival — is usually also bound into the grand klaive. The secondary spirit rarely minds sharing the fetish with another, as grand klaives represent the pinnacle of honor in the eyes of Gaia’s warriors.

 The difficulty to attack with a grand klaive is 7, and it inflicts Strength +3 damage. Werewolves cannot soak this damage except in their breed form. Werewolves, especially young ones, who possess a grand klaive attract the attention of the mighty. Elders often question the audacity of a youth who dares to carry such a sacred weapon, while his peers may covet the power and attention.

Level Five, Gnosis 6
Spoiler for Hidden:
These mighty two-handed hammers are the pinnacle of Get craftsmanship. Like the lesser Ironhammers, they are forged from silver-laced iron and cooled in the blood of freshly slain enemies; however, the Get bind spirits of war and silver alike within. Each hammer inflicts Strength +3 aggravated damage; the damage counts as silver damage, and is thus unsoakable to Garou. Only a werewolf can throw such a weapon accurately, and only to a distance of 5 yards for every dot of Strength. Whenever a blow from a Jarlhammer slays its target, the hammer resounds with a powerful thunderclap, announcing to friend and foe alike that another enemy of the Get of Fenris has fallen.

 There are seven of these hammers; some are wielded by powerful Jarls, while at least one has been lost. • Each one has its own name and secondary power: Forge-Crusher blazes with fire when activated, and inflicts an additional health level of fire damage with each blow.
• Grinding-Tooth can smash any stone into powder, obliterating a cubic foot of rock or concrete with every strike.
• Spear-Chaser flies three times as far as its siblings when thrown, and the thrower never suffers any penalties for range.
• Troll-Eater pulverizes bone and smashes armor; opponents lose one die from all soak pools to resist its damage.
• Bright-Arm shines with the light of sun and moon alike; opponents who rely on sight to target opponents lose two dice from their dice pools when attacking its wielder.
• Hag-Talon is fortified against the magic of enemies, granting its wielder three additional dice to any Willpower roll made to resist mind-manipulating powers.
• Pain-Eagle leaves wounds that throb with agony; those wounded by the hammer suffer double the usual dice pool penalties for their wounds.

Level Five, Gnosis 7
Spoiler for Hidden:
Soothsay Runes, Tarot cards, crystal balls, divination bones — this fetish has almost as many names as
forms. When activated, the runes show the caster a vision of what is to come. The number of successes on the roll should determine the degree of truth in the vision, and the Storyteller, based on how complex the reading is, should set the difficulty. Visions touching on the Apocalypse tend to be extremely complex and difficult to interpret.

 To create any divinatory fetish one must bind a spirit of time, dream, enigmas, or wisdom into the tools.

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great tutorial
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Not too shabby. Good job specifying these are the fetishes in WtA 20th only since there are more in other books.
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