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Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
« Last post by Simon on June 10, 2018, 12:06:59 PM »
ripping off league of legends characters this is new
Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
« Last post by $hadow on June 10, 2018, 11:27:30 AM »
Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
« Last post by Skeeper0 on June 10, 2018, 10:30:35 AM »
nice way of spending 6300 BE
Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
« Last post by Leon. on June 10, 2018, 09:41:35 AM »
forgotten yes
Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
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Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
« Last post by C. White on June 10, 2018, 06:59:57 AM »
mm nice format bro
Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
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Character Profiles / Re: The Forgotten One
« Last post by $hadow on June 10, 2018, 06:21:39 AM »
Is that Pyke
Character Profiles / The Forgotten One
« Last post by Jeffrey Gain on June 10, 2018, 06:11:33 AM »

"Dead men tell no tale, or so they say..."

Theme Song:

Basic Information:

Name: Paxton Morrow.
- A name which he stole from the note he found on himself, the first theft he ever made...
- A nickname given to him by the people he was and is associated with, don't have a lot of them though

Demon from the Deep
- A nickname given to him by the witnesses of his killings, he never cared much about them anyway.

Age: Three centuries old, a bit more.
- He was in eternal sleep for three centuries, and has awakened one year ago, thirsty for vengeance.

Appearance Age: Early twenty's.
- He was Embraced in his prime, perfect for hunting.

Place of Birth: Unknown.
- For whatever reason, Paxton has no memory of his child-hood, up to the day where he became a Pirate.

Nature: Rogue
- Only one thing matters to the Rogue: herself. To each his own, and if others cannot protect their claims, they have no right to them. The Rogue is not necessarily a thug or bully, however. She simply refuses to succumb to the whims of others. Rogues almost universally possess a sense of self-sufficiency. They have their own best interests in mind at all times.

Clan: Gangrel.
- Always felt a strong connection to animals in general, so Gangrel is give or take a solid Clan for him.

Generation: Curiosity killed the cat.
- No but seriously, it did.

Run While You Can


Skin Color: White.
Hair colour: Black, although he's bald.
Eye colour: Blue.
Race: Vampire.
Camarilla, for now at least.
- He has a bit of respect for their Traditions/Rules, at least for some of them for now..

But They Never Rest


[ooo] - Death: The person is dead.
[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: An Enemy soon to be dead.
[ooo] - Untrustworthy: Keep your distance, and I'll keep mine.
[ooo] - Neutral: Whose side are you on?
[ooo] - Friendly: You're on my side...
[ooo] - Close friends: People I'd once again die for.
[ooo] - Love: Corpses shouldn't feel such emotions.

o Dan' - "Its good to see a old friend ey, you also got me my first wagon.. Thanks lad."

o Heather the Demon - "Although you seem friendly, your soul existence terrifies me and I hope the day I have to face you in battle, I die quick.."

o Lilia - "I may look like the monster, but inside you are the one people need to be terrified of."

o Brad - "An Abomination taking interest in a corpse, you disgust me."

o Heather of the Gangrel - "You seem like you understand my point of view, thanks..."

o Isaac "Man of Steel" - "Although our images of being a Vampire differ, you are on my side."

His Story:

Quote from: Unknown

Paxton's story begins when he woke up on a Pirate ship with no memories of who he is, or why he's there when he was only twelve years old. He is taken in by the Pirates at the ship as Shark Bait, a worker they have who is to be paid the least amount of goods.

Soon Enough, young Paxton proves himself to be the best Harpooner the crew has ever had and seen, and is quickly administered as a important part of the crew which also provided him with the full payment of goods as a official Pirate.

Plundering, stealing, fighting, it was all very familiar to Paxton, and to be frank with ya' he was a natural at it. But of course as time went on and Paxton grew up to be a twenty four year old Pirate in his prime, they ran a bump in their little trip.

They captured British Sailors, and they managed to escape during night time, they upper-handed Paxton's crew and Paxton's Captain was shot off the ship. In attempt to save his Captain and escape, he leaped into the water where an unexpected turn of events happened.

Paxton's Captain suddenly had fangs, and soon enough they were located in Paxton's neck, which led to Paxton passing out and being embraced while submerged in water. Which granted him many physical flaws making him look like a monster who's beast rages inside of him.

Paxton fell into Torpor, and as the centuries passed by, he was found on an unknown island just near Red County, where a man named Jason awakened Paxton with fresh and sweet blood. Later on Jason explained to Paxton what he is, and how he found him. He also tutored him on about how to take advantage of being a Vampire and that its not all bad, although Paxton didn't listen very much about that.

After some time passed, Jason showed the local map to Paxton due to him not being able to stay at his mansion very long; he needed to move out. And he did, Jason also assisted Paxton with getting to know the supernatural crime rings, where Paxton became a blade-to-hire in order to sustain himself in the area he picked, Red County.

Roleplay Scenes:

After getting information regarding a man who refers to himself as "Captain Jack" Coincidence, I think not. Paxton ventures towards a construction site which is currently under Jack's property in hope to find more information about this individual, who just might be his Sire that he despises so dearly.

Paxton heads to the construction site by using the recently bought car, which he learned to use pretty quickly due to its usefulness.

After arriving at the entrance, he is greeted by a guard, who once flashing a light at Paxton, notices his bloodied and over-all torn clothing, so he draws for his gun and combat begins but soon enough ends, due to the guard being a mere human who's courage couldn't face Paxton's Monstrous appearance up close.
After the Guard was taken care off, Paxton ventures into the construction site where he sneaks around using the mist to his advantage, so that he may get to his target.

After seeing his target, Paxton swiftly gets to him still not being seen by anyone, listening to his conversation which he is having over the phone, as he pulls his target, the suited man onto the ground, covering his mouth with one hand while threatening to kill him with his other with the usage of Feral Claws.

Paxton silently interrogates his target but he gives no information and responds to Paxton's threats by calling for help and by attacking Paxton with a weapon of his own.

Paxton suffers some lethal damage from the unexpected attack, but manages to kill his target afterwords. He cripples him with the usage of Feral Claws, takes his weapon and then sucks him dry using his fangs,  in order to sustain himself with blood, which he'd then use to shift into his Wolf Form, before the workers arrive.

After shifting into Wolf form, the workers arrive, seeing their "boss" seemingly dead, they rush to his side, shouting at the wolf in order to get him away from the body. Paxton immediately leaves the construction site, getting to his car in order to escape the scene.

tried c.white's format, don't sue plox
Application Center / Christopher_Travis [RCSD Application]
« Last post by C. White on June 10, 2018, 04:55:06 AM »

Red County Sheriff's Department
"Dedicated to Order with Steadfast Loyalty and Unrivalled Valour."

OOC Questions

Spoiler for Hidden:

Name and age: Ahmed - 16 years old.

Your country and GMT: Egypt, GMT+02:00

What does "RP" stand for and explain what it is:
RP stands for roleplay, which's a game mode where the player plays on a specific character which can be completely different than his actual personality.

What does "PG" stand for and explain what it is (provide examples):
PG stands for Powergaming. Powergaming is forcing roleplay onto other players or performing an action the player's character isn't capable of performing.
I.E. John is a human being who resists Vladimir's dominate effect after the discipline has succeeded, although the discipline is irresistible unless eye contact's broken.

What does "MG" stand for and explain what it is (provide examples):
MG stands for Metagaming. Metagaming is the usage of gained IC knowledge through OOC ways to gain IC advantages.
I.E. Jane's getting mugged in an alleyway and /pms John to help her, who calls the police for the situation.

1. Personal Information

Full Name: Christopher Travis.
Date of Birth: 3rd of June, 1973.
Gender: Male.
Telephone Number: Will be updated as soon as I obtain my phone.
Main Address: Room 21, Motel of Palomino Creek, Red County.

2. Basic Requirements
Delete as appropriate below to answer the questions.

Driving License: Yes.
Firearms License: Yes.
Previous Experience: Yes.
Criminal Record: No.

Player Level: 17.
Donator Package: Bronze.
Race: Hunter.
Admin Record - Post a screenshot at the bottom of your application.

3. Essay

3.1 Tell us some things about yourself (150 words min):
Christopher Travis, that's my name. I was born back in New York, North East of here. Wasn't quite the place but it's home after all. Back there, I studied at Brooklyn Law School after pursuing my interest in law enforcers since I was a kid. Also, I would consider it a way to follow my father's steps since he was a Corporal in New York Police Department.

My interest grew further with the help of my father who taught me the usage of firearms and got me interested in getting a firearm license to practice along with my study. Before I managed to graduate, became a part of the New York Police Academy where I managed to know more about the system and situational decisions. After a few years of experience, I've moved with my partner down to the Red County in order to serve its citizens after the dropped activity in the Sheriff's department.

3.2 Why should we pick you instead of the other applicants (150 words min):
Being diplomatic and a man of empathy, I'm capable of making situational decisions and work under heavy pressure and unwanted circumstances. My friendly behavior with both other deputies and civilians tends to reward me with a reputation which assists me taking care of situations and ending conflicts with minimum casualties. Along with my interest in both enforcing law and the usage of firearms, I'm sure I'll be capable of serving this country and protecting its citizens. I'm sure I will be a useful asset in the department.

Each applicant filled this document has their own quality. Some of them are better than me, while some of them are worse. But something I'm sure about is it's definite that no one is going to regret giving me the badge. Through years of experience, I've got in multiple situations and scenes which taught me a lot when it comes to making decisions and acting up in a situation.

3.3 How do you imagine yourself after one year in the department (100 words min):
I imagine myself as a deputy of a high rank, perhaps a Sergeant, and a man of great reputation among ranks and civilians. A deputy who has done more good than the mistakes he has ever done. I imagine myself as one of the assets which helped turn down the crime rate in Red County and surely a deputy of even more experience than he already had. I'd imagine myself capable of taking care of any type of situations without stutter nor trouble due to my increasingly decent experience of six years of service through diplomatic means or lethal conflict.

Signed 22th of August, 1999,
Christopher Travis.

Spoiler for Admin Record:

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