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Triat: The Wyrm
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Like a snake crawling up your spine
You got a feeling that you can't define
You got no ideas and you got no time
Cause there's a crack in the sidewalk
Come the rains and come the floods
Wash away our flesh and blood.

1. Introduction

The Wyrm writhes unseen, in the darkness and the light. It's coils encompass the world. Wrapped in it's slick, scaly embrace, the world slowly suffocates and dies. Gaia gasps in pain as the disease eats away at Her. It is growing and none know it. None but the Garou, Gaia's last defence against the corruption and decay. They are Her warriors, Her defenders. Only they can hope to turn the tide of entorpy, to combat the Wyrm. For this, they must rage. The Wyrm is rarely seen, for it lurks beneath the surface of the things it corrupts. Only a few occupy the ability to sense it, for this requires a deep relationship with it. The Garou have this link through their rage. The dark seed inside allows them to discover the Wyrm in all it's aspects. It gives them the rapport they need to sense the manifestations of the Wyrm, to seek them out and combat them. It is their rage which strikes terror into the minions of the Wyrm. The Garou can turn the dark anger seething inside them, anger that's stoked by the Wyrm, against the Wyrm itself, thus fighting it with it's own weapons. However they must never allow this seed to take root, they must not water it with false desires and evil thoughts, lest they become it's servitors. Once freed, the urges of the Wyrm cannot be bound. They must be destroyed.

The Wyrm gains power and strength through the corruption and contamination of forty purposes and ideals. Philanthropy turned to greed, peace to violence and love to hate. All these specified traits feed the Wyrm, therefore the Garou must guard their borders from without and within.

2. The Primordial Beast

The Wyrm's anger and frustration are primal forces. It's coils reach out to ensnare all into it's corrupting embrace. Those it touches feel it's madness as if it were their own. All who are touched by the Wyrm know it's rage through the frenzy. The Beast, dreaded by vampire and werewolf alike, is a primal legacy of relationship to the Wyrm. The Beast is the Wyrm, but it manifests in many forms, as do the Wyrm's fratcutred personas. Just as the Wyrm is bound by the Pattern Web, the Beast is bound by mortal consciousness. These chains cannot fully restrain it, but neither can it escape. When it's rage becomes too great, it lets loose a roar, which is the frenzy. The Beast is awake in the Garou. Although their rage is a manifestation of Gaia's pain and anger, the Wyrm has corrupted even Gaia's anger, and the Beast rampages through the Garou. The plight of the werewolves is to remain pure even as the seed of the Wyrm sprouts within them.

3. Wyrm Taint

It is important to realize that Wyrm-taint is the taint of what is, in Garou cosmology, the ultimate force of entropy and corruption. A Garou who becomes Wyrm-tainted has became infected with the very essence of the Wyrm. This is not merely getting splashed with bane ichor, or falling into a mud puddle or even getting touch of the flu. It is more like become infected with cancer. If left untreated it will continue to grow and eventually be fatal. Victims of the Wyrm taint should exhibit symptoms of the corruption they bear: they ought to be reluctant to be checked for taint and they should begin to show subtle signs of corruption. As can be seen the ability to taint creatures with it's very essence is one of more nasty weapons in the Wyrm's arsenal, therefore it is not something that can be tossed out lightly. So is wiping the Wyrm Taint of someone it is also not something to be done and taken lightly. Cleansing Wyrm taint isn't like giving them a bath to wash some mud off. It's like cutting out a stubborn cancer. The Rite of Cleansing is the Garou's surgical procedure, it shouldn't be easy. It ought not be entirely pleasant and above all it's not always successful. The Rite of Cleansing can fail, however it can still be re-attempted but more ritualists must re-group and gather.

When a Wyrm creature dies, it's Wyrm-taint dies with it. If a bane or a fomori was killed, it is mostly not needed to perform Rite of Cleansing on the corpse and then burn the remains. Some people might want to do this, but it's technically just a waste of effort.

However there are still rare and extreme cases where the Wyrm taint may stay with the body even atfter it's death. In these cases the Rite of Cleansing is justifiable. However to not waste effort, most Garou usually make sure that the object/person/place holds Wyrm within before cleansing.

4. Fangs of the Wyrm

The Wyrm has many minions spread throughout the Tellurian. In the Realm there are many who are eager to sell their sanity in return for the powers granted by the Wyrm. The Wyrm has wrapped it's coils tight around the world, using it's minions as soldiers of corruption and destruction. The Black Spiral Dancers are among the most fearsome of these dark servitors. Many, many Garou fear to speak of the Dancers, lest their voice attract the Wyrm. The tale of their corruption, however is still told. It is too important to be forgotten around the Grand Moots, when guards are set against the marauaders of the Night, the Galliards, Moon Dancers - begin their tale of the Dance of the Black Spiral which tore a tribe from Gaia's womb.

4.1. The Black Spiral Dancers

4.1.2. History of the Black Spiral Dancers

Spoiler for Hidden:
The story begins long ago, during the Roman occupation of Britain. The Romans were halted in their northward marc by the fierce Picts. On the border of Caledonia, the Romans built a wall to defend their line. Hadrian's Wall. The border between the Weaver of Rome and the Wyld of barbarian Picts. Rome was slowly becoming corrupt, eaten away inside by dissension, all in accordance with plans of the Wyrm. Many of the Cainites (Malkavians most) who controlled aspects of the burgeoning empire were tools of the Wyrm, and their actions furthered it's goals of destroying the Wyld. The campaigns against Gaul and Britian were meant to pin the Wyld-aligned humans firmly under the Web of Rome. There were many Garou ammong Celtic Tribes, however especially the Fianna, the Get of Fenris were populous among Goths. Nonetheless, the Roman army inexorably swept North. Even the struggles of the Garou did little to turn the tide, for many among the Romans legions were fomori. Eventually, the march was halted by one Garou tribe, the White Howlers and their Pictish Kinfolk for years they held the hordes of Rome back and a long cold war ensured. The Wyrm, however, had ancient strongholds among the heaths and moors of Scotland. A few fomori and vampires were able to sneak past the White Howlers' defenses and reawaken these caerns. Once the caerns were reactivated, Moon Bridges summoned creatures from Beyond to raze the countryside, harrying the White Howlers and their Pictish people. But combat wasn't the only thing these monsters delivered unto the Picts. Banes slyly possessed the Kinfolk and began to breed with them. The next generation of Picts were stunted, bestial men and the generation after that even worse. While the rulers of the tribes were of the pure blood, and remained untainted, their race was dying. The White Howlers knew they had to act or else their kin would perish. A powerful pack went forth to raid the deep pit which was the most potent of the Wyrm's awakened caerns. The events that followed became known to the Garou through the last survivor of that pack, Cororuc. Coruruc was later brutally slain and devoured by his own packmates after their corruption in that caern - a corruption which transformed them into the Black Spiral Dancers. Most Garou do not know how the pack was corrupted. They know that the White Howlers were yanked into a dark pit by the inky black tentacles of the Wyrm, only to emerge in their insane incarnations. The Black Spiral Dancers themselves believe that their First Pack was dragged into a Moon Bridge by Beast-of-War itself. The pack was hurled into Malfeas, the dark realm of the Wyrm, and forced to walk the Black Spiral Labyrinth. When or how this Labyrinth came to be, none know. Some believe it was constructed so the Wyrm could lure Garou to it and force them to walk it, thus ensuring their corruption. Others say it was used for other purposes and only became the special property of Black Spiral Dancers after the White Howlers first danced it. Regardless, the pack returned but no longer were they White Howlers, they b ore marks of corruptions on their skin and fur, now mottled and green and glowing with balefire radiance. They wore the Brand of the Wyrm on their foreheads and all Wyrm creatures still live in the caern bowed down before them. They soon killed most of their former tribe and forced the remnants to succumb to them. The Black Spiral Dancers never returned to the surface world. Although they occasonally emerged to attack the Fianna Garou, their former allies. Instead, they lurked below, building massive tunnels in the Earth, knowing full well that they would need them in future service to the Wyrm. Thus the Black Spiral Dancers came to be.

4.1.3. Black Spiral Dancers Society

The Black Spiral Dancers name their septs Hives. They also divide themselves into packs, as do other Garou. A Black Spiral pack is formed with some purpose in mind, as are all other Garou Packs.

Mating and relationships between Black Spiral Dancers are common, although actual love isn't. They accept their Metis as equals, since a large percentage of Black Spiral population is made up of them. Metis from other tribes are often tempted to the Wyrm through Black Spiral promises of equality.

Because of this acceptance of incestuous birth, Black Spiral Dancers take considerable prdie in their lineage, tracing their heritage back through many generation on both their mother's and father's sides of the family. Many metis thus have the Past Life Background, and can channel their direct ancestors through them. Occasionally, a strain of the pure-bred Pictish tribes is born into the Black Spiral Dancers, though always from a homid birth. Once in a very long while, a White Howler pup is born to Kinfolk. These Garou have no tribe to initiate them, and often wander the world alone in their shapechanging misery. Occasionally they find other Garou, and are adopted into another tribe, but for the most part they are tracked down by the Black Spiral Dancers and impressed into the tribe. These few, the only Pure Breeds they have are revered , given the greatest gifts and groomed to be elders.

Black Spiral Dancers wear talismans made of various metals, colors, jewels and designs. These ornaments denote the Black Spiral's rank, family background, Hive and pack. Some Black Spiral Dancers are ronin, but they are treated equal to all other Black Spiral Dancers unless they have been proven guilty of turning away from the service of the Wyrm. Those that turn traitor are killed on sight. Black Spiral Dancers maintain close Hive-to-Hive relations. Since they are much smaller in number than their enemies, they find it necessary to stay united. Because the Black Spiral Dancers often rely upon the tunnels that lace the underworld, they must maintain good relations lest they destroy each other. The rites used by the Black Spiral Dancers are the same those used by all the other tribes. There are, however two of their own which are of real importance. These are their Rite of Passage, called Dance of the Black Spiral and Rite of Transmogrification (A later dance on the Black Spiral). These two rituals are important because they maintain linkage between the Black Spiral Dancers and the Wyrm.

4.1.4. Black Spiral Moots

The Black Spiral moots are always held underground. Usually any Wyrm-serving creatures that live below the Earth are invited to the moot. Black Spiral Dancers moots are similar to the moots of other tribes, though they are dark and sinister in comparison because of the other strange creatures within often attend.

4.1.5. Beliefs of the Black Spiral Dancers

The Black Spiral Dancers' beliefs are quite different from those of the other tribes. The main difference between their beliefs and those of other Garou is the side from which they observe things. The Black Spiral Dancers accept the same basic spiritual dogma as all other Garou, that of the Triat. They believe in the Weaver,  the Wyrm and the Wyld. However, Black Spiral Dancers do not believe the Wyrm to be evil. They know better, for they have looked into the heart of the Wyrm and have seen it's truth. Black Spiral Dancers see themselves as servants of the Wyrm. The Wyrm is a necessary force to contend with the growing strength of the jealous Mother, Gaia. They believe the Wyrm is their Father. According to Black Spiral doctrine the Wyrm is still the force of balance and is merely tring to offset Gaia's own unbalancing of the cosmos. Toward this end, the Wyrm must destroy the Wyld, so the Weaver can spin a web of balance. To achieve this end, the Wyrm uses it's many servants, such as Pentex. Together with Pentex and the Black Spiral Dancers are trying to save Gaia by destroying some of the life on her. Only in this manner can Gaia survive. Her environment must be restored to balance through the destructive gifts of the Wyrm, and only through utter domination by the Wyrm can the balance be maintained.

4.1.6. Pits of the Black Spiral Dancers

Pits are the equivalent of Caern in the other Garou tribes. They do vary greatly, many of them are hellholes filled with toxic waste, rotting  carcasses and blazing pyres. Others are quiet, labyrinthine tunnel systems carved from solid rock. All tend to be tainted by the Wyrm, especially near their dens. The places within the Pits where the Black Spiral Dancers do live.

The name Pit comes from the term used by the First Black Spiral Dancers of Scotland. Today the name Pit is applied to all Black Spiral caerns, regardless whether they are underground or not. In fact, many of the Pits are actually on the surface, but even these usually have a number of tunnels in the surrounding area. Most of the Black Spiral Dancers have become huge tunnel complexes. Since they were outnumbered nearly 10 to one by the other Garou, the Black Spiral Dancers decided that the only safe way to travel was underground. Now the Black Spiral Dancers Pits form intricate webs of tunnels all across the globe. They are usually patrolled, but not overly so, since the tribe cannot spare many of it's members. Usually this task falls to the oldest and youngest members of the Hive. The others are usually involved in supporting the Pentex or destroying the Garou on their own.

If an individual other than a Black Spiral attempts to use the tunnels, she's obligated to understand the Pictish glyphs because all the directions are written in this language. Due to this reason, almost all Black Spiral Dancers have learned the tongue and writing of their ancestors. The only modern-day language that is even related is Basque. In addition, it is an interesting fact that Black Spiral Dancers still mark the Hives and their personal territories with urine. One never knows what will be found within the tunnels of the Black Spiral Pits. Hideous, Wyrm-created beings often lurk about, along with occasional traveling Black Spiral and even a few Unseelie faeries. On the other hand, it's possible to travel the tunnels for days without meeting a soul. Black Spiral Dancers have their dens located near the entrances to their Pits, usually just far enough inside that they cannot be seen or heard, but close enough so they can get out in a hurry if needed. Some Pits even have modern conveniences such as televisions and microwaves, which they power by tapping into the underground power company conduits. They embrace what technology has to offer, unlike most other Garou.

One very important chamber within any Hive's Pit is the Wyrmhole. This is not a powerful, gaping Wyrmhole that is filled with Banes, but is instead a small glowing pit in an otherwise empty chamber. This pit is called the totem-hole. Within the totem-hole is a potent Bane. The Bane has been bound to the spot as the Hive's totem. The Ban eis given enough power from the tribe to manifest itself on the proper occasions, such as during the Dance of the Black Spiral.

The Pit contains many hidden chambers, secret doors, spy holes, traps and other security devices. Some Pits even have locked door which allow access to only leaders of the Hive (With the exception of the occasional Ragabash) .

The Pit is a sacred place to the Black Spiral Dancers. It is their sanctuary from the world above. They use it to provide safety, but also provide privacy.

Few outsiders who are aware of the Pit tunnel systems are usually killed. Even Pentex and the Sabbat do not realize what elaborate structures the Black Spiral Dancers have developed.

4.2. Usage of Banes

Due to the strong ties between the Wyrm and the tribe, Banes often serve the Black Spiral Dancers. Banes are used in a number of ways. The more powerful Banes, ones reaching the level of Incarna, are sometimes used as totems, for either packs or whole Hives. Banes provide their supporters with the same basic Gifts that other totem spirits provide to other Garou packs, septs and tribes. Black Spiral Dancers who serve a given Bane-totem are considered it's /bastards/.

There are three categories of the Bane-totems: totems of Corruption, totems of Cunning and totems of Strength.

4.2.1. Bane Totems:

4.2.2. Totems of Corruption

The Bane-totems of Corruption are the Banes that have long served the Wyrm in spreading        corruption as if it were a disease. They are insidious creatures and are totally evil. Of all the Banes, these are the ones most likely to spread the taint of the Wyrm through homids. They warp the emotions of all thinking creatures. They are the Bane-totems that symbolize what the Black Spiral Dancers feel in their black hearts.  The Bane-totems of Corruption give their bastards the abilities to understand and manipulate the emotions of their victims. They may also reward their bastards with points in Rage.

4.2.3. Totems of Cunning

The Bane-totems of Cunning are potent Banes that use the power of the Wyrm in subtle ways to increase their own personal power. They are highly intelligent and tricky, but they rarely take any overt action. They award their bastards with understanding of the mind, knowledge of strategy and Gnosis. However, these Bane-totems are not dependable. When they do aid their bastards, it is usually when least expected.

4.2.4. Totems of Strength

The Bane-totems of Strength are most likely to aid Black Spiral Dancers in battle. Unlike the other totems, they are not afraid to commit their own personal power, which is usually great, to the service of the Wyrm. They gift their bastards with Rage, physical strength and fighting ability; they may even manifest themselves to do battle in the physical world for them.

4.3. The Dance of the Black Spiral (Rite of Passage)

Black Spiral Dancers undergo a very unusual rite of passage. Until the age of adulthood the metis pups of the tribe live within the Pit. They are taught the ways of their ancestors, their language, their history, and their beliefs. They are considered useful, but they may be killed without reason by any member of the Hive. This seldom happens since the tribe needs as many members as it can get, but if it does, no one acts against the murderer. Black Spiral Dancers who reach the age of adulthood, when they make the First Change, are brought before the Hive's totem-hole. Other Garou besides the metis are captured shortly after their first transformation. Even though they  were kidnapped only a few days earlier, they must stand as equals to the Black Spiral metis pups. At the totem-hole, the pups witness the enactment of their tribe's story by the Hive's Galliards and whoever else is needed to play a role. Once they have been shown their history (some of which the metis pups may already know, but some of which has probably remained hidden from them), they are led before each member of the Hive for judgment. Any Hive member who wishes has the right to destroy them before they go any further in the ritual; if they are allowed to pass, however, they will not be harmed without good cause. Those that survive the judgment of the Hive must then be accepted or denied by the Wyrm, by dancing through the Black Spiral Labyrinth. This is a spiraling circle on the floor of the cave, seemingly composed of shadowy tendrils that emanate from the totem-hole. It is a shadow of the true Black Spiral Labyrinth in Malfeas, summoned by the Black Spiral Thcurges. As they dance through the loops of the circle, the pups are tested by Enigmas, Banes and other entities. They are subjected to horrifying visions, and at some points they are actually transported to the Umbra. If they survive and reach the center, they gaze upon the face of the Wyrm. If their hearts do not seize with terror, their minds shatter. They then wander back along the path they came. As they retrace their steps, the pups-no-more are indoctrinated by spirits and given the skills and Gifts necessary to survive as Black Spiral Dancers. When they exit the spiral, they will have a semblance of sanity, although it is but a bulwark set against their lunacy. Those who survive are welcomed into the tribe as full members. Many of the new members gain awesome insight into what they perceive as reality, but many more start to suffer from their insanity, and are unable to maintain their new identities as Black Spiral Dancers. A newly "created" Black Spiral Garou must roll her Willpower versus a difficulty equal to her Rage. If she succeeds, she does not gain any Derangements. If she fails, she suffers a horrible Derange-ment, perhaps even multiple Derangements. If shebotches, she goes irrevocably insane. If she gains five or more successes, she gains special insight in the form of a free Gift (Level One).

4.4. The Naming

A Black Spiral receives her name as soon as the Rite of Passage is over. When she wanders off the twisted path, mad from her ordeal, the first syllables she utters are interpreted by the master of the rie as a name-form. Thus, Black Spiral names come in odd forms, mere syllables strung together, such as Gamush, Hang-gaal, Obobo, etcetera. A name is thus the first brand of the new Black Spiral's madness.

4.4. Renown and Rank among the Black Spiral Dancers

The Black Spiral Dancers have Renown and Rank. However, theirs are not compatible with those of other Garou. The Black Spiral Dancers do not recognize the Rank and Renown of other Garou, nor is their own recognized by the other tribes. Black Spiral Dancers gain Rank and Renown just as do all other Garou. However their Renown is of different types: Power, Cunning and Infamy. While the Black Spiral Dancers' Rank and Renown are not recognized by the other tribes, they are recognized by some Sabbat and all members of Pentex. To rise in Rank, a Black Spiral Ahroun needs 50% of his Glory to be in Power, a Philodox needs 50% in Infamy, and a Theurge needs 50% in Cunning. A Galliard needs 30% in both Power and Cunning. A Ragabash can have any combination.

4.4.1. Power

The Black Spiral Dancers respect those who possess power. They see power as a necessary tool. It is not evil or good, it is a tool. Black Spiral Dancers respect a skilled master of power: one who is not afraid, one who tries to gain as much power as possible, and one who is effective in the service of his chosen cause, namely the Wyrm (though it could be the pack, Hive, or Pentex). Power is more than brute force, for it represents the limitations of the individual. Renown in Power is ultimately illusory. Power Renown is based more on others' perceptions of an individual's power than said individual's actual power. It must be noted, however, that it is very hard to gain Power Renown among the Black Spiral Dancers for long without being able to back it up.

- Power Creed
I shall crush my enemies.
I shall improve myself at all expense.
I shall never refuse a challenge.
I shall use my power to the greater glory of the Wyrm.

4.4.2 Cunning

The Black Spiral Dancers greatly respect Cunning. It is a mark of understanding. It represents wisdom about Garou and homid nature. Those that are cunning are to be feared and respected. They may not be as powerful as some, but they effectively use what they have through surprise and trickery. The Black Spiral Dancers even apply this Renown when used against themselves, although the one seeking Renown had better succeed or he will instead be scorned (loss of Re-nown).

- Creed of Cunning
I shall hold to my word only while it is to my benefit.
I shall know my enemies.
I shall know myself.
I shall turn everything, every situation, to my advantage.
I shall never give foreknowledge of my actions.

4.4.3 Infamy

The Black Spiral Dancers represent the force of Corruption and they respect it. They believe corruption goes hand in hand with strength. It is the tester and toughener of power. All who possess power, to whatever degree, are tested through corruption. The weak fail, at the cost of their power. The degree to which a Black Spiral has managed to spread corruption and destruction is maked by her Infamy Renown.

- Infamy Creed

I shall serve the Wyrm and aid it's minions.
I shall destroy the homids.
I shall destroy the Garou.
I shall rend Gaia to make way for the Wyrm.
I shall spread corruption.

4.5. Black Spiral Litany

The Black Spiral Dancers no longer hold the Litany of the Garou tribes, for the Black Spiral Dancers are no longer part of Garou society. They have thus developed their own Litany. This not the same as the Dark Litany of the Wyrm although some Black Spiral Dancers know it as well. The Black Spiral Litany details the rules binding the Dancers own separate culture. It is the Dark Litany that is observed when dealing with other forces of the Wyrm.

Quote from: Black Spiral Dancers Litany

The Black Spirals have rejected the Litany of the Garou; the Song of the Spiral raises the fallen White Howlers to the level of monarchs in a ruined kingdom. The world is their playground, their den and their keep, so long as they follow the rules their Litany sets for them. Adherence to this dark Litany grants them access to the vast power of the Wyrm's Gifts, justifying their evil, turning it into a vile religious edict. These are the chains that the Spirals are happy to wear.

Serve the Wyrm's Will -- This is His Age

The Black Spiral Dancers have an obligation to promote the Wyrm's work upon the Earth, but they vary on this, the first and foremost tenet of their Litany. The Princes of Ruin maintain that they have discharged their duty under this edict already, and that the war for the Apocalypse is over. The Wyrm won. They believe they serve the Wyrm simply by being the monsters they are meant to be.

A majority of Spirals holds a more active interpretation of this tenet, however, believing that in return for the Gifts and other spiritual power the Wyrm's servants grant them, they owe the Dark Father some degree of worship and obedience. Belief of how much they owe the Wyrm varies among such Spirals. Some Spirals simply attend Hive moots and partake of tribal rituals, devoting most of their time and effort to their own desires. Others are full-blown fanatics, glorying in their role as the earthly avatars of the spiritual embodiment of ultimate destruction.

Beware The Territory Of Another

As with the Garou, the Spirals recognize their individual rights to claim and hold territory. Spirals respect this tenet almost universally. The tribe is in constant danger of Garou attack, and frequently engaged in invading and defiling Garou caerns, and would not survive long if its members didn't respect one another's dominions. Spirals show such respect with the typical rituals, with visitors howling to announce themselves and being accepted or rejected as usual. The Spirals take it a step further, informing nearby hives of the approach of any threats they might be aware of.

The Spiral Awaits Those with Open Eyes

The Litany commands the Garou are to accept an honorable surrender. The Black Spirals have no such injunction. They give their conquered foes a chance to look into the Spiral Within -- the darkness in their own hearts -- and see the truth of the pointlessness of their struggle. Beyond despair, the physical Black Spiral awaits, ready to take the Garou to a place beyond pain.

It may surprise some that the Spirals do not always summarily dismember and devour Garou who surrender but do not submit. Long ago, the Black Spirals learned that such actions deify the ruined Garou, elevating them to the status of martyr. Such empowering myths drive their enemies' rage, making them implacable and dangerous, whereas releasing a broken and beaten captive creates a general horror in the Garou populace. Each Garou believes that they will go down fighting; none wants to believe that he or she will be the one who breaks and falls to her knees in surrender.

Moreover, the Garou tend to lose trust, faith, and respect for one the Spirals threw back, seeing him as a seed of corruption, a traitor, or worse: an example of spiritual failure.

Respect The Strength Of The Mighty

Like the Garou, the Black Spiral Dancers have a rank and renown system to separate the alphas and omegas of a pack. Spirals give due respect to packmates who have distinguished themselves in the eyes of their fellows, for such commendations suggest a greater closeness to the Wyrm. In practice, this rule exists to minimize the occasions on which a young Spiral provokes an elder werewolf into ripping her heart out.

The First Share Of The Kill For The Greatest In Station

As with the Garou, the strongest among the Spirals gets the primary claim to the bounty of any conquest, be it choice of territory, choice of treasure, or choice of mate.

All That Is Not Forbidden Is Permitted

The world belongs to the Black Spiral Dancers. Anything not forbidden by the Song of the Spiral is allowed and even encouraged. This tenet, and the one that follows, form the cornerstone of the philosophy of the Princes of Ruin.

Notably, the Black Spiral Litany features no moratoriums on eating human flesh or mating with anyone a Spiral wishes to. The Spirals make much of this element of the dark Litany when they take captives. As a result, more than one Garou has defected to the Wyrm's tribe in the hope of pursuing forbidden love without censure, willingly blinding themselves to the degrading atrocity that love soon becomes in the coils of the Wyrm.

Indulge Your Desires -- This Is Your World

The Wyrm has supplied the Black Spiral Dancers with hungers, passions, and desires, with the expectation of their vigorous fulfilment. By sating these urges, the Spirals feed the Wyrm within. This is the most elemental form of communion the Black Spirals have, and the one that looks most like freedom to Garou who feel their own Litany closing in on them like the walls of a cell. It is also the tenet the Princes of Ruin stand on when challenged on their derelictions.

The Veil Shall Not Be Lifted

The Black Spiral Dancers dream of a time when they might cast off the Veil and bring a new Impergium to the world. However, before the world can accept the ascendancy of the Wyrm's wolves, it must accept the death of Gaia and the pointlessness of struggle. Only when the skies are black and the cities are silent except for screaming, will humanity be ready to look upon the face of the God it has fed so well and made so mighty. Until then, the Black Spiral Dancers must lurk and fear the rousing of humans, who might gather with fork, flame, and silver and, by hunting and slaying werewolves, deny the Wyrm's power on Earth.

Suffer Not Thy People To Tend Thy Sickness

As with the Garou, but with a more selfish bent; many of the Spirals do not consider themselves "at war" in a general sense. Therefore, they do not waste time on the wounded or the daunted, and are far more willing to throw away the lives of packmates. Conveniently, they usually cite some weakness or physical or mental failing to excuse the decision.

Note that this is not a tenet that excuses murdering Spiral children, or killing someone who has broken their leg, or has taken ill but might recover. The Spirals will generally nurse and harbor those who have a strong chance of recovery, particularly if they have proven themselves strong in the past. Rather, the abuse of this rule surrounds some legitimate claim to weakness in a particular Spiral's character, in which infirmity becomes grounds to eliminate a wolf who might have otherwise remained to weaken a pack. Such abuses, along with several tactically reasonable cullings, occur less frequently due to the widespread belief among Wyrmish fanatics that madness is a divine blessing of the Wyrm, rather than a form of infirmity.

The Leader May Be Challenged At Any Time During Peace

Like the Garou, the Spirals recognize the absolute necessity of a hierarchy to keep the pack safe. This includes a routine, violent changing of the guard to ensure the dominance of the pack. However, many Spiral alphas keep their packs in sustained states of active war footing, much to the disgust of the Princes of Ruin, while many more have begun to operate in very loosely allied packs that might share a single territory with clearly divided boundaries, roles, and duties, but with each member acting as his own leader. In such associations, an alpha directs the pack when it works together, and directs his packmates in an overall agenda for their territory and their association, but otherwise leaves each packmate to pursue his ambitions autonomously. Such associations have been finding greater and greater success and popularity in newer generations of Black Spirals. A few packs have gained enormous prestige for rotating Garou members in and out of their operations without the Gaian werewolves realizing who or what they were associating with until they found a claw in their back or the Spiral Within opening in their hearts.

The Leader May Not Be Challenged During War

This tenet describes situations in which violence is imminent, or during actual combat. Many Spirals vigorously pursue a stance that individual battles do not indicate that the tribe is embroiled in a larger conflict for the fate of Gaia, that war is over and done. They consider any conflicts with the Garou purely temporary, local matters, even when they initiate that conflict. As a result, efforts to refuse challenges indefinitely, citing a state of perpetual war, work much less frequently for Black Spiral alphas than for Garou warlords.

Take No Action That Violates The Security Of A Pit

Spirals follow this tenet almost without fail, as it highlights the paramount importance of a Pit to a hive's survival. The Pit is the home of a Black Spiral Dancer, his sanctum and his place of power. The Spirals cannot win without their Pits and they cannot live without their Pits, and they treat their Pit's location, nature, and information about its core spirit as their greatest secrets. Pack leaders often set the rules to protect a Pit's safety. Those who compromise a Pit find themselves branded as traitors and hunted as prey.

Source: Werewolf Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition - Book of Wyrm.
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