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The Troubles
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The Troubles
August, 1994
Somewhere in the United Kingdom…

The night had barely begun, the last of the sunlight could be seen fading over the horizon as darkness covered the continent. Rumour had spread that the local Camarilla had been pulling strings in just about every aspect of the city, down to businesses, government, police and military. With the ongoing conflict between British and Irish forces, tensions were very high and military forces were stationed everywhere, no doubt these men were unwittingly pawns of the Camarilla, perhaps to keep the unruly Anarchs in check and ward off persistent hunters, any violent conflict could be twisted by the controlled media and passed off as a skirmish or a terrorist attack; however, any and all sects within the city were a lot more cautious with their activity, as Nosferatu informants had spotted an infamous face in the typical areas of interest, bars and nightclubs and the like.

Keri Ann, a relatively young Toreador, yet not young enough to be considered “wet behind the ears” sat down in a booth, away from the dance floor, at one of the many nightclubs in the center of the city. What was she doing here? She was a messenger of Erich Rose, the Prince; he had charged her with ensuring that all the local Kindred loyal to the Camarilla knew exactly what would happen should anyone let any secrets escape, that they should all keep their heads down and be extremely careful about what they do, lest they all be endangered. Unfortunately, this warning was not as simple as sending out a mass email, many Kindred were more disconnected, yet ultimately still a risk if they were not warned. The Prince was so adamant about this that he wanted to speak to his underlings in person, to some this seemed incredibly dangerous and contradictory to the point, but the Prince had faith that no one outside the Camarilla would be any the wiser regarding this arrangement.

Keri looked around the nightclub, she had done her best to blend in, wearing typical party-goer attire and giving herself a rather attractive look, as if her intention was to look for a good time, rather than being out on business, she had even bought herself a drink for that extra authentic look. A man made his way over to her booth, performing some sort of jive to the music and reaching out a hand, beckoning her to dance with him. Keri recognised this person, it was the Kindred she had arranged to meet, she had expected him to be waiting for her, but it didn’t matter either way; what mattered was the disconcerting greeting he muttered to her over the music filling the nightclub.
“We need to go elsewhere.” He said, with a rather concerned expression on his face, although it was difficult to take seriously while he was mid-dance. Keri took a quick look around, she couldn’t see any sort of threat, but she thought it best to not stick around and wait, she nodded, acknowledging what he said and they both began to subtly move their way toward an alternate exit, taking the front door seemed far too obvious.

They both made their way out onto the high street, walking among mortals who were exploring the city’s nightlife. Keri took a glance behind her, she saw a figure shadowing them, it was almost like he wasn’t trying to hide the fact that he was shadowing them. Block after block, they kept moving, they had plans to go to either one of their havens, at least if they were followed there, they could make use of their inhuman abilities, but they needed not prepare a fight as they had shaken their tail. They both felt relief as they saw no more of their mysterious follower for the remainder of the night.

Two nights later…

“Good evening, I thank you all for attending this evening, as this is a matter of great importance.” The Prince started, standing on the small stage of a community center, typically closed at this time of night but being a Prince allows one access to many resources. Gathered in the room were a few Primogens, several Barons that controlled the outer suburbs and many other Camarilla loyal Kindred, Keri included. The hall was hardly packed full, but there were approximately twenty to thirty Kindred scattered around, listening to the Prince’s speech.
“I’m afraid that we have a matter of security that needs tending to. As you should all know, I have ordered that you all keep your activities to a minimum. Tonight, I will explain and reinforce my inclination for doing so.” The Prince continued. Keri was sat in the front rows, almost like a teacher’s pet to the Prince, but before he had the chance to begin making his point, he was interrupted by the rupturing of the building as carefully placed explosives were detonated, destroying structural walls of the building and causing it to collapse right on top of the meeting. There was barely any time to think, let alone try and escape; any who weren’t killed in the initial blast were crushed by the rubble coming down on top of them. By the time the chaos ended, the whole community center was nought but a pile of rubble, an eerie silence filled the area, only distant traffic and music could be heard from busier parts of the city.

Watching from afar, Jack Lewis and several other Inquisitors observed their handiwork unfold, making sure to watch over the scene for several minutes to ensure that absolutely no one who walked in left the incident. It was all over from the very moment Jack had identified someone who had known about the meeting, yet never spoken a word about it, delving into their mind for information was a simple task, no secrets could be hidden. After that, it was as easy as calling upon Inquisitors from the local cenaculum to assist in rigging the building during the daylight hours, and the vampires would confidently walk into their demise, thinking they were concealed within the night.

“Police are investigating a bombing on a local community center, while no one was injured, it is thought that the IRA had plotted to sabotage the building while it was in use, it is also speculated that the intended plan failed when the explosives detonated prematurely during the late hours of last night.” The news reader announces as one of the main local headlines, before moving on to the next stories of the new day.

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Re: The Troubles
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A story from Jack? Since when?

Looks decent. The part with the prince reminded me a lot of the opening to VtM:B.

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Re: The Troubles
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thats pretty good, didnt expect you to write stories

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Re: The Troubles
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He once mentioned he writes, so wasn't surprised. Best of luck.