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Spoiler for Homid:

"And if she faintly glimmers here,
And paled is her light,
Yet alway in her proper sphere
She's the mistress of the night.

Basic  Information

Name: Sings-to-the-Moon (Chloe Kavanagh).
Age: 4 (Twenty-seven).
Place of Birth: Silveanorra Forest, Ireland.
- Slieveanorra Forest is situated in the rural north of County Antrim, Northern Ireland, near the villages of Corkey and Newtown Crommelin. It is named after Slieveanorra [mountain of the tail/ridge]. The Battle of Aura took place on the surrounding mountain Slieve-na-Aura.

Nature: Caregiver.
- You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on your stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.
Demeanor: Advisor.
- An Advisor knows deep down that her sense of the way to do things is correct and most people will understand it to be so, given time and the right guidance. She can’t force them into seeing her way, however. Others have to seek it out for themselves when they’re ready. When people become aware of the nightmares that lurk in the world and realize their lives have been lies, it’s only a matter of time before they seek direction. Once they ask, the Advisor is more than happy to guide them along the true path.

Affiliation: Fianna.
- Grief and joy, love and war, life and death — life is a series of contradictions, and the Fianna embrace them all. The Tribe of Stag are passionate Garou who exult in the pleasures of the flesh as well as the more abstract delights of a song well-sung or a battle well-fought. Their philosophy is far from a shallow “live in the now” concept, though. The Fianna are prominent lorekeepers and bards, fascinated with the history of all tribes as well as their own.

- The Fianna trace their origins back to Western Europe, where they had a particular fondness for the Celtic peoples. They stress this cultural identity perhaps more than most other tribes do; members aren’t as prone to marry outside Celtic descended bloodlines, and they prefer to adorn their weapons and fetishes with knotwork representative of “the old days.” They endure plenty of old rivalries with other European Garou that challenged their borders, as well as the Uktena and Wendigo, who were their enemies during the European migration to the Americas. The Fianna try to be generous and forgiving where these rivalries are concerned, remembering but not making too much of it - an attitude their rivals rarely share.

Camp: Children of Dire.
-  The Children of Dire are the primary Fianna protectors and defenders of the wild places of the world. Made up entirely of Lupus Garou and Kinfolk they are sparse these days, when the influence of the Weaver has spread unhindered throughout Gaia; but in the farthest reaches of the world, where the Wyld still reigns supreme, there you will find the Children. They look after places where two legs could not traverse, and they seek out and protect the Lupus Kinfolk that are growing rarer in the world. They are much like the Whispering Rover Camp though, in that they never really have a place to call their own; and for Lupus, who feel the pull of territory more so than the other Breeds, it’s a hard life.

Totem: Stag.
- Stag is an ancient spirit of respect, far older than the Fianna who claim him as their totem. An embodiment of masculinity and the unrestrained power of nature, Stag has both light and dark sides. He gives the Garou their affinity with nature, and he teaches responsibility towards humans. He is also the master of the Wild Hunt, running wild until much blood is spilled in his name. Children of Stag can’t refuse to aid fae creatures and spirits when asked. They must also respect their prey at all times, including performing a Prayer for the Prey after every successful hunt.


Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Race: Garou.
Breed: Lupus.
Auspice: Seer.
The sickle-shaped crescent moon grants the gift of insight. The Theurges are the mystics of the Garou, closer than any to the Umbra and its denizens. They peer deep into the shadowed recesses of the spirit world, and are tasked with dealing with the secrets they find there — one way or another. Some call these seers the daydreamers of the werewolves, and many do seem to be a bit detached from their brethren. They can see and hear things that others cannot, as if they live half in the world of the physical and half in the world of the spirit. For all her alien solitude, though, the Theurge holds an important place in any pack. Without her, the werewolves would forget the spiritual side of their nature. They might wander lost and blind if they did not have her visions and dreams to guide them.
Rank: Adren.
- Those that reach the Rank of Adren have taken on major responsibilities within their sept. They hold most of the positions of consequence, such as Warder, Master of the Rite, and Gatekeeper (among others). Challenges for this Rank should be designed to weed out those who can’t act quickly or think on their feet; these are, after all, the future leaders of the sept and the tribe. Very few Garou pass their Adren challenge the first time.

Allegiance: Gaia.
Hair colour: Black.
Eye colour: Green.
Distinguishing Features: Sings-to-the-Moon has a feral nature, as it is mostly seen of her. She is mostly seen in her Breed form, a distinguishing feature to her being her shiny black fur. Her presence is soothing yet her general behaviour weirds out those who are not used to the ways of the wolf.

Height: 5'5'' (165.09 centimeters).
Weight: 134lbs (61 kilograms).


Parents: Green Fang and a wolfkin.
Siblings: Six pups.
Children: None.
Relationship with parents: Good.
Relationship with siblings: Good.
Relationship with children: N/A.
Marital status: Single.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.


Does she smoke?: No.
Does she drink?: Rarely.
Is Religious?: Gaian.
Aware of supernatural presence?: Aware.


[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: Distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Dislike: Distant, avoiding.
[ooo] - Neutral: no judgement yet, just met, no thoughts about person.
[ooo] - Good opinion: appreciation, like.
[ooo] - Friendly: sympathetic, valuing.
[ooo] - Close friends: admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.
[ooo] - Romantic interest: Love, adoration.

Selene Vitalis: "I have just met you and there is not much I know, yet I'm willing to learn more of you. You appear to be stern and confident.



Fiends of the night that feed on the blood of the two-legged, nowadays, some of them have gotten as far as to feed on our brothers and sisters. Enslaving the mundane, they've come to gain control over much more than one would know, they're everywhere. An unlife full of cold, a mask they wear in their day to day life, dead walking bodies, nothing more. Gross creatures that shouldn't walk the eath.


I haven't come to yet talk to any of them, they have however shown how narrow minded they are. They might be powerful, but they fail to use their mind, to put their abilities to their best of use. Willing and unwilling servants of the Wyrm, they seek chaos, and not once has it happened for them to slaughter our fellow Garou.

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."

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Hello there female~~

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