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Title: World of War.
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His sire released him. Alex left the house, heading towards the streets. Long and tiring walk for Mortals, but regular walk for Alex made him reach his destination. Big buildings were surrounding him. His eye catches someone in alley. Alex finds it as opportunity to satisfy his hunger. He approached the guy, attempting to grapple him. The guy muttered something in weird languange. Alex's body became uncontrollable, as he was lifted up in the air and smashed to the wall several times, to one, to another. He felt weak due to wounds, and as long as the guy released him, he falls onto his knees, coughing out blood from wounds he took. Guy with supernatural powers runned off forward in another direction, turning to the left. Alex barely stood up, as he shouts: "..-Wait!", running towards him and seeing that direction he went to brick wall that is impossible to jump over. Looks like, he disappeared. Alex turned in another direction, as he finds another guy, carefully observing his clothing and condition, making sure he is not another one. He kicks his feet into motion, slowly approaching the guy and ambushing him, performing a grapple onto his body, raising his face closely to the back of his neck. Person wasn't unable to do anything. Alex detracts fangs and sinks them into his neck, feeding onto his blood, consuming it. During that process, he scanned the area around, looking around to avoid witnesses. He finishes feeding, licking the mark and sealing it, dropping him down on the ground. He rehabilitates from wounds, heading towards the sewers, finding some box and coming inside of it, he closes his eyes, entering a comatose state eventually.

Title: Re: World of War.
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