Author Topic: The new Seth. [W.I.P]  (Read 462 times)

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Re: The new Seth. [W.I.P]
« Reply #30 on: June 08, 2018, 07:17:09 PM »

Well, thank you Mephisto. Seth has 6/10 taint, and I will get him more  ;D.

Oh shit, here we go again.

So Jeffrey, after all this time I have spend with YOU, YOU dare to speak this bullshit to me like I have done something bad.

It isn't bullshit, everything I said was true, along-side with what everyone else commented, but you "dare" "talk shit" to me and not poke on Raven or Heller just like your boi Mephisto.

Want to really feel bad for the characters you have made?
Oh well.
Lets begin with your  Yasuo Sight, so, you have always roleplay a "badass" hitman (using a hunting rifle as a sniper xD) and even dared to talk shit IC and OOCLY to elder vamps such as old raven, Marmaros and Studos.

cant barely read any of this, it's all gibberish.

And you talked shit to shapeshifters with 5 rage like me, Skeeper, Mephisto and more more more. And all of this was IC.

Don't really remember talking shit to Skeeper or ever seeing Mephisto as a shapeshifter character during my time, but even though you are talking about the time where I was basically a newbie, and had no idea about anything lore-wise at least, I still doubt I'd "talk shit" to Skeeper's 5 rage character, you its possible, considering you hanged out with my human character all the time, which was your only choice, considering your shapeshifting character was TAINTED and your roleplay was bad to the point of getting kicked out of the Red County Cartel and even vampires didn't want to use you.

You beg me in pms and skype to join your militia with my vasha like a little child begging for a candy.

Legit never happened, I'd flat out jump in front of a car then to beg you to join anything remotely connected to me.

Back IC
Yasuo begs Vashus to join Militia
Vashus finally decides to join
Vasha lefts the server for 15 minutes
Yasuo dies 7 times in that time.
Vasha joins back
Yasuo takes Vasshus with him on a big adventure
Raven finds Yasuo
Raven gang gang bang bang Yasuo
Vasha is mocked and beaten for nothing
Vasha gets a little frustrated on raven gang gang
Yasuo gets abducted again for some more sexy time
Vasha decides to try and save Yasuo, but at the moment he arrives raven gaang gang gets sexy with vasha too and vasha dies.
Yasuo does more autistic shit with no plans to stop, so vasha buys a bronze pack and never returns

cant barely read any of this, it's all gibberish.

Back to  ooc
You made more chars who had the same fate.
I dont   remember ur chars name on that time with Natalia in the house, where we found out u know about supernaturals and Natalia decided to give you the honor of being split in two and feast upon by Seth's sadistic manners.
And you never came back on that char when I am online.

Oh boy, back to his demonic 17year old were-snake.
I'll just clarify this scene was fast as I can if anyone things its even remotely true.
In that scene Natalia wished to speak about Minato to ensure that the masquerade wasn't breached, all you did was budge in because you had nobody else to roleplay with(for a good reason obviously) during the scene I had to leave due to reasons I cannot recall at the moment but its irrelevant due to the fact you tried to "store me inside your stomach" me and Natalia continued the scene afterwords considering the only crucial character at it, were her and me.
We solved the scene without any fighting and it was over, which I clarified to you over a hundred of times yet you fail to mention this in your little rant, and I'm not online on Minato most of the time due to having divorced parents and not having SAMP on the PC at one of my parents's home, not because you are online.

Now, dont get me wrong bud, but u have to stop picking on  everyone, when YOU need to FIX your chars,

I have no need to try and cover up how bad Yasuo Sight of a character was, but if I'm not mistaken Seth is your main character and your current one, while Yasuo Sight is a one year old dead character which I no longer play on.

Not picking on anyone, just sharing my thoughts, while you are simply mentioning the time where I was basically a newbie in attempt to display me as a bad rp'er and keep the attention off of yourself.

Which Is pretty useless, considering I actually have a ss of your "deadly assassin Nagah" roleplay

even Rudy  made fun of you. How does that feel?

Rudy pointed out that Yasuo Sight is just a imitation of a fictional character, but hey, considering you find criticism bullshit and this being made fun of, what do I know?
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Re: The new Seth. [W.I.P]
« Reply #31 on: June 08, 2018, 07:42:15 PM »
Even i roleplayed alot better hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Can we copystike xinius?
Cyka blyat
Vwh rp wise a botch reflects many things. Viruses start scrying everywhere, arma.....uhuhm...roses start the toxicity.....Shan's comeback..Some animal type rav...uh hmmm. People think they are some leader type person here. In short if you join here you are done.

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Re: The new Seth. [W.I.P]
« Reply #33 on: June 14, 2018, 02:05:40 AM »
please stop.
he's a tainted were-sneak, he never drowned, or maybe he was drowned to death by Takeshi who knows

If you are here to be toxic and try to look all cool and shit, I suggest you get out, and maybe learn how to read maybe? :D

Hey bro calm down all I'm saying is you are trying yo represent this 17/18 year old were-sneak as this demonic creature from the deep sea, when in reality its a donated character that was sexually harrassed by a Garou so he went on to being Tainted just like, hmmm every other Gaian character you had for a extended amount of time?
hey bro calm down if you're going to label every donated character as some basic, simple chars then where's your roleplay sense? Let the guy roleplay his own character the way he wants. You shouldn't fuck around with his concept in any way rather than the IC way. If he likes tainted gaians, let the guy play tainted gaians, what's your point of saying out that he had all those characters?
 It looks like you're trying to express your frustration that was gathered up when people was making fun of your John Wick shit (Rudy included) by /trying/ to make fun of other player's characters. pathetic lmfao

OT: You need more taint to look like that but if that's your goal then it could be achieved anyways. GL with the character.
At least someone's trying to roleplay heavy taint.

Considering you are labeled as this

See Mephisto that kind of mentality is how you became known as one of the worst vampire RPers in the history of the server (and also got banned like 3 times and tried to lie your way out of each one lol)

I don't think you should involve yourself in any thing Mephisto, considering your history, you defending someone just makes them seem worse.

Also I found it "
" that you have this bravery when it comes to talking shit to me, but you wouldn't even poke at Heller or Raven.
When I poke raven I use his discord otherwise I'd get banned here.
When I poke helle-... he my Bro.
U used one of Jack's comment to back up your words? Hahahahaha