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William "The Geist" Hughes
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The Good

"It's full moon tonight..." - said William, while holding his wife Karen in his arms. Everything about that night was indeed magical. The moon, the street lights, the reflection in the lake... It was quite the sight, expecially for the two young couple in love. As they walked through the park, William and Karen would talk about their plans. They wanted to concieve the child, but Karen just couldn't get pregnant. William was the local doctor, a good man, a kind man... Everyone looked up to him, and he made the doctor work fun. He loved kids, and he worked as a volunteer at the orphanage, taking care of the young ones, teaching them neccessary things. he was like the only father figure they had. Karen, his wife worked as the nurse. This is how they met, at the hospital. Not exactly the everyday place to meet your future wife, but a stroke of luck happened and they eventually fell in love. William would donate blood almost every day, simply because he wanted to see her, to be with her... Karen was shy at first, but she saw his interest and decided to ask him out on a date. On that date, he would impress Karen with his charisma, humor and wits... She was falling for him, and he fell for her beauty, her kindness and intelligence. They were a match made in heaven... They would eventually get married, but even after 8 years of marriage, Karen just couldn't get pregnant. Karen thought about adopting a child, but William wanted to continue his legacy, he wanted a son. And as every married couple, they would argue, they would fight, and eventually they would start hating eachother. William would be working double shifts just so that he can pay the bills, while Karen was fired from the hospital. Even so, he still managed to volunteer at the orphanage, and give a monthly check to them as a help. Every time he'd come back home, Karen would avoid him and lock in her own room, not even greeting him back from work. He knew that his marriage was failing, but he wanted to try and save it. Next morning as he went to work, Karen would stop him and kiss him with passion, saying how sorry she is for acting like a child... She wanted to let him know that she still loves him, and that she appreciates the work he's doing. William would hug his wife Karen, feeling as if the great burden was lifted from his shoulders. That morning, William was late for work. For obvious reasons of course, he had sex with his wife for the first time in years. He felt rejuvenated, younger, and he had that happy-go-lucky attitude with every step he made. He finally fixed his marriage, but started losing concentration at work, which got him fired. His job was quite important one, he was a doctor, a surgeon, he needed to be focused on his work, not his private life. Ironically enough, before he got fired, his last patient was a pregnant lady.

William: "How do you feel today Miss Green?"

Green: "Tired, doctor Hughes... Very tired. This child simply won't come out yet apparently. But at the same time, i am afraid of labor... This is my first child..."

William: "Miss Green, i assure you that everything is going to be fine. You are in good hands. Just let the nature do it's thing. Have you thought about the name for the child?"

Green: "If it's a boy, we'll name him after you doctor William. If it's a girl... Patricia. After my mother, who passed away a couple of years back."

William: "I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I do hope it's a girl, since i knew your mother. She was a kind woman, she deserves to live on through your child."

Green: "Thank you doctor, and i hope that god blesses your wife, and give you the greatest gift of all..."

William: "I hope so as well Miss Green, but Karen can't... She can't get pregnant."

Green: "All in due time doctor, i'm sure you'll have your house filled with little Patricia's and William's!"

William would chuckle, as that would lift his spirit a bit. As he went home, Karen would be waiting for him at the doors. She would jump into his arms hugging him, before telling him the news... "William, i'm pregnant..."

The Bad

William would light up from happiness! His wife was finally pregnant! He was so excited, he didn't even know what to do, so he wrapped his hands around Karen while looking her straight into her beautiful blue eyes. The passionate kiss would erupture between them, celebrating the moment they are currently in. That day was beautiful, but the night was magical... William and Karen would talk almost all night about their future child. The name, how will the child look and who will it resemble more, what school will the child go in... Everything was already set into motion. But as the morning came, William would get up from the bed and get dressed. The phone would suddenly ring, as both of them would have a puzzling expression on their face. William would pick the phone up...

William: Hello, this is Hughes residense, how may i help you?

Gregory: Ah William, listen... Good morning. I'm afraid i have some bad news for you. Miss Green has lost her baby. There was some problem yesterday that you overlooked...

William: No, i checked everything as i always do, she was fine. How is that possible?

Gregory: I'm not sure what you did last day, but she's here crying her guts out over the loss of her child. The umbrical cord was around the baby's neck William... You know what that means.

William: I cannot believe this, hold on Gregory, i'm coming over right away! This cannot be happening...

Gregory: Don't bother William, you've been absent while working for too long, i've decided to find a replacement for you.  Consider yourself fired... I'm sorry.

William: What?! You can't fire m-..

The phone on the other side would go silent, as William would start bashing his own phone out of anger. Karen would run towards him in order to calm him down, but she would just fall onto the floor as William would push her, storming out of the house. He would try to go inside the hospital, but the security working at the gates was informed not to let him pass. He would eventually give up, and go home... After 9 months, a baby came into the world. A girl named Patricia! William wanted a son, but he was happy to have finally seen at least one of his child. Ever since he got fired, he was working as a travelling salesman, going from doors to doors and selling products. He had no time to volunteer at the orphanage anymore, and his paychecks that were somewhat supporting them ceased to arrive at the orphanage mailbox. He had a wife and a child now, they were his everything, the only thing of value he has left. He worked day and night, just to get enough money to pay the bills. Karen became a housewife, taking care of her child, and the whole house as William was out working. She never complained that he is never there to help her, because she knew how hard he tries to make ends meet... One day while selling the vacuums, a couple of thugs would drag him into the alleyway and beat him up. They would take all the money that he made that day, his vacuums and his car. He called the police but they just couldn't do anything immediately, only promised to do their best. The police gave him a ride home, and he would silently get inside his house, not wanting to wake up little Patricia and his wife Karen. Normally, he comes from work a lot later, but circumstances forced him to come earlier that night. As he walked into the bedroom, he saw Karen with another man. That man was Gregory... His boss from the hospital. Karen would jump away, rolling the sheet around her body, while looking towards William with shame, while Gregory would raise his arms trying to calm him down.

Gregory: Hey Will... I..-

William: Oh hello there Doctor Gregory, long time no see?

Gregory: Will, i'm s..-

William: Oh yes! I'm glad to see you too. Were you in the neighborhood? Decided to drop by? See how your old friend was doing?

Gregory: You know th..-

William: Perhaps fuck his wife as well? Since you already fucked him out of his job, why not just fuck the rest of his life?

Gregory: I love h..-

William: Don't say it Gregory, i am warning you...

Karen: IT'S TRUE! You are never around William! Gregory has been sending me money secretly just so that i can feed Patricia!

William: Not now Karen... I am talking to our guest...

Karen: Fuck you William! I HATE YOU! You ruined my life!

She would start pushing and punching William while he just stood there looking at terrified Gregory. He wanted to hurn him, he wanted to hurt him so bad... And he did. He drilled a hole in his skull with his hunting rifle. The sheets that were wrapped around Karen were soaked in Gregor's blood. She would scream out of fear and panic, and admit everything to William.

Karen: You... I don't even know you anymore... You always thought it's my fault we had no children, but it was you... You are hollow William. Patricia is Gregory's child! WHY DID YOU KILL HIM?! YOU MONSTER!!

William didn't say a single word, he just turned around towards the baby's room. He looked at Patricia for one last time before choking her to death. Karen would of course try to defend her child, the instinct that every mother has, but William would just shake her off... "You will watch this, whore!!" - said William as he took the life of an innocent child that did no harm to him... Karen would see her dead child, and that would break her spirit. She was unable to cope with reality, as she just slided down the wall, staring at the distance. William would kiss Patricia's head before turning towards Karen...

William: Isn't she beautiful? She will stay forever young now. All thanks to me... Would you like me to do the same to you? Oh no, no, no... I have a better idea! My dear wife, you were the best thing that ever happened to me, let me show my love and affection towards you...

He would grab Karen by the hair, as he would slam her onto the ground. He'd take the baseball bat, and hit her all over the body, but not the head of course... She didn't exactly struggle, she was mentally unable to understand what is going on... She kept repeating "Patricia, Patricia..." - That didn't bother William however, he bashed her to death with his baseball bat. She screamed her child's name as she was taken out... William would drop the bat after she was dead, and of course, make it all look like an accident. The police drove him back home that night, and he had a perfect alibi... He explained that he found them like that when he arrived home. They couldn't pin the murder on William, as he took every step to make it look like Gregory killed his wife and child. He would put Gregory's fingertips on the bat, and Karen's fingertips on the rifle. He walked away free and murdered 3 human beings...

The Ugly

His killing spree didn't end there, throughout the years, he became more calculative, manipulative, and he used his surgeon skills to kill those who deemed worthy of dying to his hand. He became a monster... Worst part is that he realized that himself, at one point, he wanted to make amends for what he did, and went to a church. His pastor recognized him and gave his most sincere condolences... William wanted to confess everything to a priest, so they went to a confession booth...

William: Forgive me father, for i have sinned and all that...

Priest: It's in human's nature to make mistakes my son, what is your sin?

William: I'll get straight to the point... I beat my wife to death and choked my own child. I killed Gregory as well.

Priest: William... You can't blame yourself for what Gregory did...

William: No, no... I'm not blaming myself, i did the right thing. She was a whore, and he was jealous. They deserved to die. Shooting Gregory right through his stupid skull gave me more relief than your false god ever could.

Priest: What are you saying William...?

William: Look padre, i already told you i ended their lives. What's so hard to understand about that? I just... I just want another chance to talk to Karen now... To hug her and forgive her... To listen to her... To understand what have i done wrong... I want to see Gregory again... To embrace him as a brother once more... I want to see little Patricia grow up into a beautiful woman... Have her own kids...

Priest: *stays silent, obviosly terrified of what he just heard*

William: I'm just fucking around Padre, i'd do the same if i could. But hey, you want to know something else? I actually enjoyed it, that's the fucked up part.

Priest: It is not my place to judge you William... But you are a monster... I wish you eternity in hell for that...

William: Right. But you first. *shoots the priest in the head, killing him on the spot!*

He'd place a hoodie over his head, and leave the church. He was a man of science, so he somehow managed to create a strong enough bomb to burn the church down. He was quite proud of his achevement, as he kept his killing spree going... He got old, but the experience he picked up through the years made him very dangerous individual. He would eventually move from his hometown. His new place of residence was "SACRAMENTO", a place where young up-and-coming detective would wait eagerly for his chance to proove himself. Ryker was indeed special person, he seemed to be the only one who had strenght, will and courage to go after the "Geist". William would recognize his talent, and decided that he is going to be his next "test subject". He wanted to break him, to do the same thing he did with his wife Karen. Eventually, he found out Ryker's phone number, and gave him a call...

Geist: "Hello Ryker, i hear you're looking for me? Would you like a chance to save a few lives then?"

((Just wanted to make a short story on the Geist, and give people a clearer picture on the serial killer that's hounding Ryker. I'm aware it's not exactly a great story, i simply invoked my powers and pulled something out of my ass, slapping it on the forum as a story for Ryker's nemesis. Every feedback you have will be appreciated. if you have any suggestions i'd like to hear them as well! Keep it wet!))

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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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Quote from: Mage The Ascension 20th Anniversary
“We suffer because we believe we’ll suffer; if and when we adjust our attitude, the world spills out its blessings upon us.”

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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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I like it, except the part where the Priest goes all Detroit like, wishing someone hell, kinda dumb asf, but everything besides that was awesome.
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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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That's it, I'm crawling down a hole for protection. I won't come out unless you say please!

Great thread mate!

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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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"I wish you eternity in hell" Priests dont do that...

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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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"I wish you eternity in hell" Priests dont do that...
In WoD, they might do that.
Nice story.

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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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"I wish you eternity in hell" Priests dont do that...
In WoD, they might do that.
Quote from: Mage The Ascension 20th Anniversary
“We suffer because we believe we’ll suffer; if and when we adjust our attitude, the world spills out its blessings upon us.”

Christopher Travis - Quinn Claymore - Samuel Herbert

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Re: William "The Geist" Hughes
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Wtf that was a nice story