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Character Profiles / Re: Oliver 'Kid' Whitestone [WIP]
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i cant get over the fact that the faceclaim looks like felrow irl
Mage Applications / Dustin_Tusk | Arete 1 | Avatar Rating 5 | Orphan
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Mage Application

General Knowledge:

1. What is a Mage? (100 words min)
A mage is a human being with additional abilities that were granted by an ulterior amount of understanding. Essentially, humans dabbling with the world and it’s understanding can manage to get benefits from it, and some have managed. A mage contains all the human flaws, merits and whatever comes in between, but he can control the universe through magick. This type of magick varies in a lot of different ways as each and every human has a different understanding of the world. So when it comes to mages, their control over the world is drastically different.
Each human in the world has a potential to awaken and become a mage but in order to do that they must /awaken/, and so with that name they are branded Sleepers as their code word. Once a sleeper becomes a mage, he or she can alter the world with their pure will, their motivation to succeed and place a mark on this world, higher than any mortal would ever dream of.

2. What is the awakening? (250 words min)
Now that we established what a mage is, we can continue to the process a sleeper (a human) becomes a mage. The awakening process is nothing physical, only mental. It is a pinpoint in that human’s life that makes him rise to tranquility, a better understanding of the world through other meanings of achievement. The said person who is awakening will now see everything different, with a more extreme point of view. As I said before, a mage is a human with all its flaws and merits in tact, as well as his or her point of view. With that in mind, the mage now will see the world in a certain /lense/ that fits his understanding. We call that his foci, his paradigm essentially pours the information of the /true world/ into his human mind and processes it in a way only he could understand. For example, the paradigm I went with “Everything is a illusion” will drive the now awakened human to believe that the world is a giant show. A facade sitting there, waiting to be plucked, twisted, shaped and turned into a different reality, something more real.
The process in which a human can awaken can vary, it can be very painful, unnatural and basically mind breaking, or it can be a good night’s sleep. A sleeper can be on his deathbed, with one thought replying in his mind “To not let her be alone in the world”, and just like that, with that pure motivation and willpower, the once sleeper can be triggered into a better understanding of the world. Although some can consider it a curse, it is still waking up the normal human (the sleeper) to a world that is sometimes covered in darkness.

3. What is an Avatar? (150 words min)
An avatar is a term used for the other ulterior guide of the mage. The avatar is the one “spilling the beans” for the human in the awakening process. It is the first face he sees once the curtin drops. The avatar is the guide for the human, and like any guide they can all vary. Some believe the avatar is the inner-genius of the mage, some believe it is a guardian angel sent from the heavens above to serve and protect the mage from all cruelty. No matter what you think, at the end of the day the avatar is there for you, and to help your processes this. Of course, in game terms the avatar also serves as a certain “fuel pod” for the mage, surging him with quintessence (The liquor of the world), helping the mage boost his world shaping abilities.
The type of “mentorship” you will get out of the avatar will change depending on how one awakens, personality of the mage, and what kind of motivation drives him to success.
We don’t all know what really drives us to succeed, but a mage can rely on his avatar to know about it. Some people need a bit more of a kick to it, a harsher driving motivation, while others learn by being fed with a silver spoon.

4. What is an Avatar's essence?
An avatar’s essence is what basically “runs” the avatar - Personality, goals, merits, flaws and so on. Although it is not human, it is still holds human traits. The avatar essence can be split into 4 groups, with each group containing a different type of mentorship, guidance and behavior of the avatar.

Questing - The questing avatar will drag the mage all over the world, to seek, to find, to discover it’s secrets! You can basically balance it out with an alter ego type of indiana jones, but in a more ephemeral way. He will chase your goals with you, guide you to them as you both venture off into the sunset. Although it may be tough at times, this type of avatar essence is usually stuck with the stereotype of the “road junkie”.

Primordial - Such an avatar essence is usually the “dark” one in the family, but it is not always true. The primodial avatar will try and take the mage to the core concept and understanding of the world, and yes, sometimes it involves doing unnatural and unfaithful things, but the core concept of this essence is not entire evil.

Dynamic - The dynamic essence is usually the common one, the “face” of the group, the extrovert going to parties and taking drugs in order to bring his mental capacity to the next level. The types of mages who bare this essence usually are more in tuned with their emotional feelings, making them drive forwards with them as they go on.

Pattern - The smart one. Well at least it tries to be smart. The avatar will mostly likely appear as hints, guideances that are more precise and carefully thought our, more apathetic but effective to the mage. Usually mages who bare this avatar essence are more closed with themselves, but almost always think they are better than most.

5. What is a Mage's Resonance?
A mage’s resonance is the left overs of the expelled magick that has been used. Each magickal ability has a certain key code implemented into it. A correspondence user will cast a barricade around him, and a different correspondence user will see that some “leftover” trail of magick in front of him. This is hidden to the sleepers, but it is also partially hidden to the mage who does not hold the knowledge of it yet. Each resonance has the same “template” of the avatar, basically splitting into 3 group, and within those groups they split again into the spheres.
Entropic - Destructive, usually tinted black and corrosive. This is usually held by Primordial avatar essence mages.
Dynamic - Active and vibrant colors, usually held by Questing and Dynamic essence users.
Pattern - Cold, stable, harmony, usually held by Pattern and Questing essence users.

6. What is the Paradox? Why does it exist?
Paradox is the “stop” sign for the mages. They have the ability to shape reality into something entirely different. To something colder, darker or event more vibrant and colorful. With each use of their abilities they are struck down with a force of nature, beyond the understanding of the mages, so they just named it paradox. This force, controls the balance between doing and achieving. A mage can attempt to bring down that building, but since he has done it in a unnatural way, a way that can’t be explained to the human sleeping eye, he will be struck down by paradox.
The paradox in the mechanics of the universe is usually divided into the understanding of when it happens. If you go around, casting perceptions, then essentially the only thing you changed is with yourself, so it wouldn’t affect the world, and so it has nothing to “correct”. If you go around burning bushes and making something think that bush is god, talking to them, then the world will strike you with a big “Stop that” as it were.
Of course we can get into coincidental and vulgar magick, as well as if the mage succeeds with witnesses, without, or botches his roll altogether. All of this is a mechanic that is explained in the book so I don’t want to go there.

7. What do you believe a Mage's purpose in the world is?
A mage is created for the sole reason of doing whatever they want. The mage after it is awakened can basically act like a god (if the paradox won’t strike him first) and go around wreaking havoc upon the world, but that isn’t usually the way it rolls. A mage is driven by his motivation, his end goal, his ascension. Now although no one knows for sure it exists, some still believe that driving to an endless goal like saving humanity will grant them a higher ranking in life, and possibly a second awakening.
A mage and his avatar will do whatever they deem worthy as their goal, and continue to pursue it with whatever they can to achieve it.

8. What would a Mage's hobbies be? Justify your answer. (150 words min)
As we established, a mage is a human being. Each and every human may have different kinds of hobbies like day drinking or chess, some mages can even take it further. Think of raising the stakes once you are out binge drinking from bar to bar with the ability to control your alcohol tolerance at free. A mage can essentially also keep it on a “cooler” side, and do as they deem worthy of their time. Sometimes, the hobbies change after the awakening and they are more driven to the avatar essence they now hold, so a pattern essence mage would most likely hold a more sense of “work is my hobby” type of situation, while a dynamic holder would be more of a party goer.
My character, Dustin, although he loves his work, and saving lives is his virtue, his true hobby is to play music. Anything to do with drums and guitars is more than enough to get him going. Playing music, listening to music, is his whole true world, and his truest desires usually come out after a long session of jamming.

9. Are Mages fighters or scholars? Why do you think so? (250 words justification)
A mage can be a fighter or a scholar or both. There is nothing tying him down to do only one thing. Of course a mage who doesn’t hold any type of “attacking” abilities will usually refrain from going into battle, but he can always be the strategist, making no fool to war, to being a fighter. A mage can also hold those fighting properties but decide that it is too much for him, and instead hold a book in his hand and study the wonders of ascension and how to get there in easy steps.

A  mage is a human being with all their merits and flaws. A mage does what a mage wants to do and nothing can hold him down. If the mage wants to become both a fighter and a scholar so be it, most abilities combine the two, and usually if you are missing one part you can always gather the other.

Dustin will be more of a scholar than a fighter. It would seem rather weird to send the medic into battle, but sometimes a pissed off medic can do the trick, and usually that is way more scary than your daily barbaric shouting his war cry as he mows down enemies with ephemeral axes.
Dustin will stay behind the lines of the battle and plan things ahead, he would be more of the politician, the face of whatever operation he deems to run. He will continue with his daily goals only to forever steer away from battle, as he deems it not necessary.

Name: Dustin Tusk
Age: 31
Starting Arete Rating*: 1
Affinity Sphere: Spirit
Starting Spheres (You may allocate up to Arete Ratingx2 dots at character creation): Life
Avatar Essence: Questing
Avatar Rating**: 5
Affiliation (Tradition, Technocratic Convention, Craft, Nephandi/Marauder): Craft - Orphan (No ties to anything else)
Paradigm: Everything’s an Illusion
Practices: Dominion, Medicine Work
Instruments (minimum 7 Instruments)***: Music, Meditation, Social Domination, Symbols, Prayers and Invocations, Thought-forms, Books and Periodicals, Animal Mask (Unique; Spirit).
Spoiler for Hidden:
Unique instrument -
Dustin was given an otter shaped mask by Takeshi once he joined forces with him. He wears that mask as a symbol of friendship, and a symbol that drives him to a goal only he can achieve, or so he thinks. The mask is a great leap in his understanding of the world, and it is the very essence that drives him forwards.
Character Story: (Min. 1000 words)

I always thought it was strange that Jeremy was attuned to a different channel per say. He used to tell me how he felt the tumor grow and move inside his body. But I only took that as a sign that his ticket was due.

When I moved to Red County I just thought about doing my job and just enjoying the time away from a Godspell my parents always threw my way. Only to discover I ever got closer to the maker. Once you touch theology, it will never leave your side is what my father always said, never believed him until that night.

The night before I met Takeshi I dreamt of Jeremy. He wasn't in his bed this time like he was usually. We were just sitting on a rock, watching the sunset, but something felt so surreal.
"It's nice you know? ... To know that there is where to go to after you pass.", I just nodded, feeling fine with the whole moment.
"We just phase through and through.. but Dustin, when you wake up, remember this moment. You have to promise me to never forget this instance.", I was going to say something, but it felt like a facade. But, as I /caught on/ I just woke up. I shook my head and continued my day. I then met Takeshi, he was intriguing back then, he really stood above everyone else, shining like a beacon. But, nevertheless, he was a very strange person at the time. And so time passed and eventually, he and I had a talk about theology. He showed me what he can do, what can be done and basically spilled the beans that god is no longer with us like the world is an abandoned museum of masterpieces gone wrong. And I truly believed him. But then I asked myself "what is it all worth then? What do mortals do here other than stand as an achievement of an otherworldly celestial being? Being put on a viewing cabinet in a lonely house, surrounded by other failed experiments."
I continued my life, ever pondering about our theological importance in the world. Heck, I even opened a blog about it to see if anyone has answers for some of my questions. A lot of atheists showed up, but no one gave a clear answer. And so I continued my search.

Time passed once more, and again I woke up to something strange. Stranger than my dead brother speaking as if he is alive. It was a human tall otter. To be honest, I can't even explain it. And lo and behold it spoke. "I know... An otter right? That is otterly mad..", I sighed. This must be of my own making. "Yes, this is your own making. I am not to blame that you made me look like a Star Wars character with the ability to throw puns. But you know what? For the sake of disbelief, just come grab a chair." As he said that, a chair appeared. And then a table, food, and candles. Somehow we changed from being near a lake into being in a log cabin, lit by candlelight, but at this point, I thought it was just a lucid dream so I went on with it.
He just sat there eating human-like, with a fork, a knife cutting into a steak (which begs the question what the hell was he eating?) but his facial expression was serious. "Dustin. Do you know what is going on here? And no this is not a lucid dream. Stop /going with the flow/ and actually think for a moment by yourself. Why on earth are you here.. With me… Eating steak?” For some reason, all I could think of is the talk with Jeremy, and how it felt very off.. very elusive. "Yes... thank God we are both smart.. and by God I mean the man who left us all to rot in this facade. Because we have no one else to thank for our intelligence", "So I am speaking to an otterly mad version of myself?". He chuckled, I must be crazy I deemed. "But aren't we all crazy? Isn't life as a concept such a crazy thing? It involves a mind well enough to think of things and make then a body that can move on its own, and a conscious decision whether or not to kill someone. To see the spiritual otherworldly side of it.
I chuckled. Not because it was funny, but because he was finishing my train of thought. "Yes, I am you. And you are me. But I am a version no one can see. Not even someone with enhanced abilities like your new found friends."
Huh... This is a strange feeling, my own consciousness has finally broken and began making sense of it all. We continued to sit and talk, but it felt forced. Fake. Illusive. The world itself though started feeling weird as it was going by.

These dreams kept pursuing me. Slowly ever growing frequent. Heck, I wasn't even tired, I just shut my eyes for a moment as I was working on a patient and he appeared again.
"So you named me yet? Otter-man? Really? I thought we could do better. Pain in the ass? Ok. you know what? That was almost insulting. But you know damn well why I am here... the world needs you? Oh no no no... it's you who needs to understand the world. Me, Otter-man, am here to guide you through a complex process.", The dreams were all basically like this. Otter-man speaking to himself because he kept reading into my thought process, but I got used to it.
"Life, the realms, your sweetheart maker Takeshi, are all connected to this false entity. The universe is a toybox as you know it. But did you know you could control it? This place. This being that you are can only mean one thing..."
"That I can become whatever I want?"
"With limits my dear new friend. See? I told you that I am not annoying."
"Well, you get my seal of approval..."
We both sighed, we are pun masters stuck in a fake realm.
"So what is real?" I asked.
"Whatever you want to believe in. Your choices, your own body, friends, theology. Although this is verging philosophy.."
So what do I do now? I thought to myself.
"Just. let go of your shell now. Be selfish, enjoy life. Give life, take life. Never be afraid. But most importantly is you need to /wake up/."

For a moment I felt like an out-of-body experience just rushed through me, as if I saw myself in a third perspective but I never understood it. As it ended, I just stood there in the middle of the forest. Have I slept walked all the way here? Could it be that weird feeling from before? I couldn't be certain, but it did feel strange. The trees. The air. Everything was different. I did miss Otterman, he was nice, he was real deal, but this forest now? This is a joke laughing at my face.
But the forest was odd, as I said. Various entities grew closer to me. They were ephemeral, as I could see through them. But I knew things aren't right, I did not get the same feelings of tranquility as I got in the dreams, so I did what any /sane/ person would do - I ran.

Since that moment, I could sometimes see and hear things that weren’t there. I went to investigate. I remembered the big trees I ran through from that dream, it was the forest on the edge of the town. Walking there I could sense those same ephemeral beings as before. Nothing too rash, but this was different. I kept going there every day, but it even pursued me at home. I came to the conclusion that I am no longer a proper human being. Although my anatomy has not changed, and my glorious sense of humor is still intact, my very process of thinking was changed. I am now more focused on the unseen rather than the things that are in front of me now. The whole realms Otterman was talking about was also with the same feeling of a facade. An illusion that is there, real enough to endure and see, but false enough to not sway me otherwise.

Imagine this, the dreams kept coming for the coming days, I learned much. The world Takeshi knows is one I know now. The abyssal plains are closer to our reality than anyone else knows. The wolves, the vampires, it is all connected. The life and un-life are what the Otterman kept talking about next. "What if there is a limit to the human body that can become limitless?"
"What do you mean? Should a human even pursue such a place? If the universe is already a toy box that is broken but hung as a prize, it would be best not to meddle with it.". He nodded, but he spoke once more. For some reason, we moved into a classroom and he was in a teacher's uniform. But at this point I can't question anything, it is my own mind playing these tricks in order for me to understand. "Life and un-life are all connected. the world Takeshi spoke of is one basic level before the plane we know and see now. As you see mortals, humans, and shifters, they are all possessing a simple form of a complex living plant. They have needs and wants, and whether or not they can control it, their vessel changes and adapts. Like Jeremy, some either fail to adapt or releasably, change for the better. Take a coal and sharpen it into a diamond as they say."
"How do I get from here, to there? Practice? Using the force?" I chuckled referencing to movies, but at this point me and my inner-genius were already friends (I mean, what is there not to like about yourself?), referencing anything to each other and already knowing where it came from and why. He nodded. "The force can be a good example, but I think it's more about getting the feel of it. Jeremy felt it. The tumor in his body, and so can you. You can perceive medically anything, a dying cell can be more than a guide, and soon, you can make it into a living one. With all our medical background, the one thing doctors in the human world do not understand is that this vessel goes beyond the natural understanding of the man. You need to see the world as it truly is, only by that means you can do it on your own."
He was right. I needed to try this on my own. To feel life, not as a doctor, not as a human, but as a newly awakened self.
I went to the edge of the forest, and I looked down on a newly formed sapling of a tree. At first, I couldn't see much of a change. I was still stuck in my own mental blockage. So I sat down near it, and I focused on its other form, it's ephemeral form. The spiritual form of the plant can sustain for its surrounding energy, although it is not a sentient being, it still works on that level of a plane, and so does life. I looked at the plant once more, this time with the understanding that it's on the same level of the rest. This soon-to-be tree will wither. For some reason I could see it's weakness, starting to spread. The bigger trees around it must be blocking its source of light, so it wouldn't grow anymore.
I dug up the sapling and eventually planted it in my backyard.

This is but some of my many to come adventures, but if I am guided by my inner-genius, I smile towards the future this time. The world might be fake, but I am real.

Out of Character:

1. Can you use any power in public?

Yes you can, but it always depends on the purpose of what you are using, and how much of it will “break the world”. Of course, an awakened mage wouldn’t want to curse another sleeper with the knowledge he bares, therefor he wouldn’t burn someone in broad daylight, breaking the illusion of their daily lives, but a mage can go around casting on himself a better perception that can help him control his abilities better. Or, he can go around discerning with Entropy who is a liar, and with life who is sick, and with time to always know what time it is. A mage can throw a fireball, but he doesn’t want to get more “heat” on himself than he already has. Living in the world of darkness as a mage is already dangerous, as many things are hunting you down, the last thing you want to do is to break that facade of being a normal human being, while someone else tries to hunt you down.

2. When and where is it safe to use your powers? (100 words min.)

Everywhere and anytime. But again, it depends on what you are doing and when. You can change the weather around you, making it storm and sending a hurricane towards your enemies, but you will have to take into account all the paradox that will come at you, and all the “bad guys” that will hunt you down for doing such a feat. The /best/ place and the /best/ time to do so is in your home and alone. The less witnesses around you the better, besides, who wants to show the world his botched attempts at lighting a candle with his forces sphere?
You can go around in your personal chantry, or laboratory and do it as well, making it a safe haven when you cast around your stuff without the paradox hanging over your head, but where is the fun in that?

3. What would drive a mage into using his powers? Justify your answer. (200 words min)

Depends on the situation. Sure the mage can use his powers to do some cool card tricks, masking the mind of the unknowing, lying to them about the current state of politics to get a better stance in his social circle. But a mage most usually bring out the “big guns” when he is fighting for his cause or for his life. If he sees his friends in danger, he would go out of his way to help them out, depending if it is a gun fight or just a argument on the streets. The mage would also go around protecting himself with barriers and other enchantments just so he is safe from the outside world.

It all depends on the mage, the scene, the mood, the faction, and sometimes the essence of the avatar. So if the mage is angry and just wants to punch a tree, and sometimes that tree is a harassing vampire going around being annoying, the mage will go and punch it if nothing stops him (like for example his avatar’s essence). A mage with pattern essence wouldn’t usually go around punching people if he doesn’t have to, as he would rarely be angry.

4. Why is it important for a Mage to keep his secret unrevealed? (100 words min.)

The mage alters the world, and within that world is not only the mage. There are others alike him, and those others might want to harm him or join him. Outside of the mages you have so many other races, including the sleepers, the normal human beings living their daily lives. A mage would naturally want to strive to keep the illusion covered for the human beings, as I said before, even if a human has the potential to awaken, sometimes it is best to do it in a dream rather than a fight on the streets that looks like it came out of a movie full of CGI.
A mage also strives to keep his identity safe for the sake of his own personal life, as I said, some people just want to hunt you down, and the best thing to stop that is to not show your true potential.

5. What would you do if someone found out about your secret? (Min 100 words)

I would mostly go around screaming in confusion because that is a big mistake. After it settles in, I would try and find a civil way to make that person think it was all an illusion or befriend them. If it were a supernatural being, that I could be friends with, then all is well. If it were a human being that was at the wrong place at the wrong time I would go about finding someone to erase that moment from their mind.
If all else fails I would keep the said person quiet. Since Dustin is a medic with an abundance of influence on people, he can tell the local psychiatrist to drive the human into a mental ward, never to be heard of again. Or if it were a supernatural that will do him harm, he would end his existence if need be.

6. What are the factions in the world of Mage: The Ascension? What role do they have in the Mage society?

So we have here basically 5 factions: The Traditions (council of nine), The technocracy, The nephandi, the marauders and the crafts. Each of these factions have their own goals and potentials, and depending on the storyline the game follows, so does their stance.
The traditions are perhaps always labeled as the “good guys”, those who strive to protect humanity from all harm and bring it to ascension with them by showing them the art of magick. They are very friendly and welcoming, and sometimes even the wiser choice than the rest. But depending on the situation so does their stance. The traditions are split into 9 sub-factions, each of them representing the seat of a sphere.

The technocracy are labeled as the “bad guys”, those who will wipe your mind of your past self and make you a soldier. Although they also want what is best for humanity, and they are also the bigger faction of the 5, they will tend to do things in a more strict way. Here as well we have sub-factions each of them having their own purpose in the company. Their main goal is to keep magic hidden away from humanity as best as they can, and eventually eradicate it. To them magic is just technology that isn’t accessible to the rest yet.

The nephandi are the more forceful bad mages that exist, trying to harm all and do all with vulgar abilities. Usually, they are tied to madness as if it is a close friend, but these mages are indeed powerful for their fearless mindset, truly finding each of the chaotic explanations of reality as it is.

The marauders are mages that have spent a lot of time doing so much magic, accumulating a lot of paradox that threw them into a constant state of quiet. A state each mage fears to endure as it is maddening. It is best to stay away from these beings.

The crafts are mages who are standing neutral from the rest, they want what is best for them. Of course you have sub-factions for this faction as well, but no one is pressuring you to join anything. A mage’s cause is his own in this world, pushing him into a “boy band” will not make him better.

7. Present the reason for why the Ascension War took place. (Min 300 words)

The war of the ascension is basically between the two major factions - The technocracy and the traditions. The technocrats want one thing and one thing only, to make magic disappear. There is no need for such a thing in our world as only technology is what will advance humanity in a harmonic and faithful way. Magic to them is something of past, something barbaric that can only bring harm to humanity. To add to all this the technocracy strive to have control over the world and its inhabitants.
On the other side of the ring we have the white knights, the opposition - The traditions.
These mages are the opposite of the technocracy, they strive to release magick for all of humanity in a well mannered way, making the “evolution” of mankind their way. They believe that in order to achieve that ascension all of humanity must be at least on the same “level” of awareness of the true reality. They also oppose the technocracy for the fact that they are being hunted down by them, killed and eradicated. They want to stop that madness before it spreads even more.

In a more general mannerism, the big fight between all 5 factions is indeed the opinions about everything, the disbelief about concepts that are sometimes hidden to the other, or they just simply do not want to accept it in any way. Imagine this, a bunch of political parties all striving to the same goal (to better your country) but all want to do it their way. One would want to be peaceful with everything around them while the other wants to erase them from the map, thinking it is the only solution to do so. That is how the technocracy and the traditions are. Although, the traditions are smaller in numbers, they still bare a blight on the technocracy, being their number 1 rule to hunt these said mages down wherever they can.

Player Information:

1. For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? September 2014.

2. Make a list of your current and past characters.
Dustin_Tusk (Current) (Human) (Active)
Andrey_Stanislav (Human) (inactive)
Dex_Ember (Werewolf) (inactive)
Nick_Angus (Human) (inactive)
Suzume_Lee (Human) (inactive)
Roy_Smith (Werewolf) (inactive)
Dolev_Dangoor (Human) (inactive)
Solomon_Etheridge (Human) (inactive)
Andrew_Adam (Human) (inactive)
Kai_Rivera (Mage) (inactive)
Gabriel_Esben (Werewolf) (inactive)
Chris_Fisher (Werewolf) (inactive)

(Names in white can be checked, the rested were NCed).

3. Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time? Yes.

4. Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
I included only acvitity for Dustin Tusk as it is my main account, the rest are inactive.
Spoiler for Hidden:

The month of 01/2018 I was having surgery done, so I was missing a few hours of actiivty there. But even without that I believe I have the sufficient amount to apply for this.
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Character Profiles / Re: Oliver 'Kid' Whitestone [WIP]
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- Added a story in Roleplay Section
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Vampire Race Guides / Re: Overview: Clan Toreador
« Last post by K3im4 on May 18, 2018, 02:30:22 AM »

fuck toreadors tho XD
meh toreadors are dope
just like natalia

what, natalia aqua is a brujah  ???
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