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Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Xinius on October 21, 2017, 05:59:47 PM »
y'all do know that most tainted werewolves worship gaia still right? the triat and gaia are two very different things

Mr.Wolf choose to fuck Gaia and her bullcrap. Is that good? :D
Character Profiles / Re: Emily
« Last post by Explosively Savage Arrow on October 21, 2017, 05:11:16 PM »
The fountain of youth
Demon Applications / Magnus_Hall [Annunaki]
« Last post by Lirbo on October 21, 2017, 05:10:48 PM »
Demon Application

General knowledge:

1. Write a definition of what a demon is according to you. (200 words minimum)
Demon is an ex angel their second name is 'Fallen Angels', the angels were created by god and were made in order to help out the humans, however they were not allowed to reveal themselves to the humans, some (actually many) angels believed that if they would reveal themselves to the humans it would be much easier to help them and also way more effective, eventually many of those angels including Lucifer who basically led it, sinned and revealed themselves to the humans although they were not allowed to, that made them to fall from their grace. God decided to punish those angels by creating the Abyss and prison them to there as a punishment for their sins, the fallens' sanity slowly started to scratch and they became monstrous and evil due to their experience at the Abyss. As the Sixth Great Maelstrom rages across the kingdoms of the dead, cracks have appeared in the walls of the Abyss and that allowed some of the demons to escape from the abyss through those cracks. However once they escaped the Abyss slowly pulled them back since they do not belong there, means that they couldn't stay as spirits and they had to take a human body as a host to avoid getting pulled back.
In addition the demons are kinda 'splited' into 'factions', the demons faction depends on their wishes and intentions, some of them are waiting for mercy from God, some of them are trying to search after Lucifer, some of them just wanna destruct any creation that was made by God in order to 'revenge' for sending them to the Abyss and such, it all depends on the fallen's personality.

2. What do you believe a demon's purpose in the world is ?(100 words min.)
Well as I mentioned before, each fallen can have his own purposes on this world, it really depends on their faction and each faction has another goal, for example the Faustians wish to turn the humanity into corrupted and evil and basically make them to rebel God while the Cryptics are trying to search for information such as their fall and imprisonment. Raveners are the ones who believe they lost and they believe there could be no worse so their only intention is to cause massive destructions in order to rebel as much as they can and try to get it into an Apocalypse. Luciferians wishes to war God once again once they'll have the opportunity to - when they'll have an advantage over them and Lucifer would be back. There is another unique faction called Reconcilers, those are the fallens that wait for God to have a mercy on them, they are kind to the humanity and acting just like normal angels although they have lost their grace.

3. What would a demon's personality be like ? How would it differ when compared to an angel's ? (150 words min) ?
Demon's personality would be far away from angel's personality due to the things that they have experienced, the fallen angels were sent into the Abyss which is known as Hell while the normal angels haven't experienced anything like this at all. Being at the Abyss disrupted their mind and changed their personality that they have turned into a completely different thing. The personality of the fallens that managed to escape from the Abyss got reshaped even more than the normal angels' personality, they have taken over a human's body as their host and once they have done so they have got their host's emotions and feelings. They are feeling stuff that they have never felt before such as anger, fear, happiness and so on, things that a normal celestial doesn't have. So basically when you are trying to compare between demons to angels the demons posses human traits and awful memories from their experience in the Abyss while angels just stayed at God's side with their grace.

4. Do demons possess any human traits ? (100 with a justification)
Demons DO posses human traits (at least if they have escaped the Abyss and took a vessel) because once they take over the human's body they would start feeling their host's emotions and memories and basically they would just 'continue' the life of their host, at first it would probably shock them due to the fact that they have never experienced before anything such as emotions and feelings since Celestials just doesn't have it, but after a while they will learn how to live with it and the personality of their host would seep to the demon's personality and slightly change it after a while.

5. What do you know about Sebettu? (100 words min)
Sebettu is an inclusive name of the seven houses of the angels, each angel belong to a house was made in purpose to help the humanity in another way, the Namaru is the first house that was created and basically they're like the 'Leaders', the second house is Asharu which are the angels of the firmament and they're basically creating lives, third house is Annunaki which are the angels of the fundament and they are the ones who shape earth and make it a beautiful place that fits the humans to live at. Neberu are the angels of Spheres and they created the other planets and taken care of the flow of the time. Lammasu are the angels of deeps, their job is to take care of the seas and it's creatures. Rabisu are the angels of the wild, and they are taking care of the shapes of life on earth (bodies, flesh etc). Halaku are the last house and they're the angels of death, they are quite different from the other houses since they are making sure that creatures would die at some point... It's purposes are to make sure there would be space for new life.

Character developement:

Name: Magnus_Hall
House: Annunaki
Faction: Ravener

Character Story:(Min. 2000 words specifying his purpose and how he escaped hell.)
Magnus was born in Sweden at 1977 to a poor family, Unfortunately to Magnus he was always beaten by his father since he was a little child, Whenever he did not listen his father took out his belt and hit him in the face, this behavior at home from his parents reshaped Magnus' personality and eventually led him to be shy and close minded at school. He was always shy and afraid to talk to others, due to that Magnus never had friends and he was ostracized at school. However Magnus always preferred to stay there instead of going home because he knew that once he would get home his parents would send him to his room and will not let him out until dinner because they didn't like that he was interrupting them. Magnus had another issue at school, he could barely listen to the teachers because he was busy with thinking about what would happen once he would get home, if his father would beat him up again? if his mother will give him food or will just throw him back to his room until dinner or would just give him the remains from their food? That led Magnus to be a bad student, he did not focus at all and that caused him difficulties at doing his homework. The worst part of it is when he did not do his homework at all because he didn't know how to do them and his teacher was calling his parents. Whenever they heard that Magnus did not do his homework they used to smash his head into the wall and kick his spine. As Magnus reached to 12 years old his parents decided to send him to work, this way they won't have to see him and he would make them some money. He started working at the local farm, he was collecting the corn and got $1 per working hour which counts to be nothing compared to a regular job, beside of the fact that he worked his ass off the whole day under the blazing sun. Magnus' parents told the farmer that he was working for to do whatever he wishes with him, to make him to work by force if it's required. The farmer didn't really give a shit so he started torturing Magnus as well when he picked corns that were not fresh yet or if there were rotten corns that he missed and didn't throw them to the trash. The most tragic thing that happened in Magnus' life was when he was 15, his parents got drunk and they started fighting, it ended up that his mother shot his father then tried to go for Magnus as well, but he managed to escape and he got shot only at his leg. Magnus escaped to the wood and eventually he found a small hut where an old crazy man lives. The old man taken care of Magnus but he demanded a payback. Magnus had to sexual pleasure the old man, he refused first but the old man raged and pulled out a knife and told him that in case he won't pleasure him he would cut his leg even before it cures itself. Magnus had no choice but to agree to the sexual abuse in order to save his leg. 2 months afterwards Magus was already able to walk so he decided to run away to the city Arvika so he can maybe start a normal life. He packed up some clothes from the old man's hut and ran away at night when the old man was asleep. Once he arrived to Arvika he had to find himself an occupation so he can start making some living money, however nobody wanted to take him due to his appearance and behavior, he was stinky because he didn't have a shower for a while and also his clothes were ripped off beside of the fact that he was so silent and shy. Kind of anti social as well due to his past, He got used that nobody give a shit about him. He found himself alone in a cruel world. Until one day he found Marta a 16 years old girl who was in the same condition as him. Marta was addicted to drugs and once Magnus saw her he instantly fell in love, he took a deep breathe and decided to go to and try to talk to her. God only knows how he managed to get her love with his lame social skills. Marta told Magnus that she have got something to cheer him up. Magnus accepted it blindly since he didn't know what Heroin is, she injected it into his arm then they went to an alleyway and had sex. Marta was having sex around to make some money to buy the drugs, however she still was in love with Magnus. With the passing time Magnus found himself slowly getting weaker and falling to a drug addiction. They were together for 5 years using drugs together, after a while Magnus started pickpocketing people in order to get some cash so he can get them some drugs and eventually one day Marta died out of overdose. Once Magnus saw that he freaked out and didn't know what to do since Marta was the only sunshine in his life, the only one who gave him hope, the one who he truly loved. His heart shattered into million pieces and he passed out in an alleyway faithless and feeling lost like his whole life crushed on him at once, the only thing he wanted was to die.

In the meanwhile there is the story about Even...

Even was a regular angel that was created by God to the Annunaki. Once the idea about revealing themselves to the humans popped up Even supported it and thought it could be a great idea because it would be much easier to help the humans if they do know that the angels do exist so their beliefs would be real and not just a doubt. Even revealed himself along the the other angels to the humans and due to that they were punished for their sin and were sent to the Abyss which is known as the Hell. Even's sanity started to scratch with the time in the Abyss and he was extremely mad and all he wanted was to revenge and rebel God for sending them into the this place just for trying to support him to improve his creation into something better. Even noticed the crack in the Abyss walls that were caused due to the Maelstrom and he decided to try to escape the Abyss from the crack.
It crazy when he managed to escape, no one of them believed that such a miracle would ever happen, escaping their eternal prison.

Even found himself in the middle of Sweden as he feels that the Abyss is pulling him back and he won't manage to last long as a spirit in this world. He started searching for a vessel, He found Magnus laying on the ground weakened and feeling like he wants to die, so weakened and faithless. Even quickly took his body as a vessel. At first he was overwhelmed due to the emotions he experienced. Since celestials have no emotions and lust. It was the first time he ever felt such things, in addition he completely forgot that he is a fallen angel and he just thought that he's a mere human. After a while he started to get visions and he slowly recalled that he's not just a mere human, he's an angel that lost his grace. He even managed to recall a tiny bit of his powers, they obviously were a lot weakened, Even slowly managed to recall his horrible experience at the Abyss and slowly started to fill himself with hate and lost his humanity shreds. Basically all he wanted was to revenge God for sending him them into the Abyss. He hated everyone and had no mercy, all he wanted was to rebel God and to make sure he would destruct his creation, this feeling just drove him insane and filled him with hate and misery. However he knew that if he would just start a massive destruction around he might find himself as in uncomfortable situations so he started doing it wisely. Getting closer to people and gain their trust and then betray them at the most unexpected time. First of all he tried to get himself a job somewhere so he can have some cash, however nobody wanted to accept him due to his appearance... He had some dirty ripped off rags on him so basically he looked like a homeless which was the truth in a matter of fact. Eventually he decided that he doesn't want to depend on anyone... Especially not on the living mortals. so he rented a boat and started fishing, this way he can have food resource and also sell the rest. In the period he worked as a fisherman he got to meet George; the person who rented him the boat, he decided to try to get to know him so maybe he can start causing him some damage due to his hate. He started smelling around to see who is he, where he lives, he even got to meet his family that lives at George's ex-wife house and got to know the people around him including his friends. Eventually he found out that George is taking loans from the black market in order to expand his business and buy more boats including one Yacht and that he has no insurance on them. Even kept playing it cool with George and waited for the moment that he would get the Yacht. He waited for the night to come and he went to the pier when nobody was there then he started spilling fuel all over around the boats, burned it to ashes and quickly got away from the scene, He went to spectate at George's house, he waited for the moment he would get a phone call or something to head over there to give information to the police. Eventually after an hour of waiting George got a phone call of the police telling him that his boats are burned to ashes and he's requested to head over to give them the required information so they can start an investigation. Even waited for the moment George will leave the house and get to the pier so he can use the opportunity that nobody's home to burn his house as well, this way he would cause him even more pain. At the moment George saw that his boats are gone he knew that he would be in big troubles, he owe a lot of money to the black market and he can't pay them back because his company is gone so he has no income, also he can't sell the boats due to the fact they're no more. Once he got back home and saw that his house was burnt as well, at that moment couldn't hold on his feet. He fell instantly on his knees, knowing that a lot of troubles incoming and eventually he passed out due to the overwhelm since he was left with no job, no place to sleep at and a lot of debts to the black market. George obviously tried to hide so maybe he can save his life but they found him after a while. Eventually the guys from the black market found him and got him and his family to be laboratory rats for illegal researches.

After George's business went total loss Even decided to start his own business and stick to his true nature; blacksmithing.
He used the money he earned from the fishing to by rent a small place with a basement at the middle of the city to start his business, he used to forge the weapons and the tools at the basement, and sell them at the store itself. Slowly with the time he started to be famous around, the best blacksmith around the Arvika. One day a random initiator named Jacob was impressed from Even's forging skills that he decided to offer him to work with him, he said that he's looking for a partner that can blacksmith for long. He has a business in Red County that used to have many costumers but after the current blacksmith retired he couldn't keep the business working so he had to close it after many failed attempts to find a new blacksmith that can forge and fix stuff like the previous one used to do. Even thought it could be a great opportunity to move there because he can cause a lot more damage in small counties since many people know each other which means one person can lead to the other and that has a potential to cause massive destructions around by getting people murdering each other and what not. Beside of the fact that he can probably success a lot more there with the business thing and get himself some nice cash since Jacob's business used to be a lot more successful than his and also he told him that many people are waiting for the business to have a comeback. Jacob offered him that he would take only 15% of the profit of the business and in addition he would get him a place to live at.

Even saw this offer to be a great opportunity to get forward with his plans and also would ease him the process of taking care of his self economy status and even it would get him a nice place to sleep at instead of sleeping on a sleeping pad that is placed on the floor inside of a store basement. He packed his stuff and moved with Jacob to Red County. When they arrived Jacob told Even that he would get him a room in a small motel that is located at Palomino Creek until he would get him a nice place to live at next to the business...

Out of character:

1.Can you use any power in public ?
You can use anything that is not visible to the eye, however nothing actually stops you from using powers that ARE visible to the eye in public, but you should no do it since it could be visible to the mortal eye and that probably won't end so good and could lead to deadly results.

2.When and where is it safe to use your powers ? (100 words min.)
Well the best places to use your powers would obviously be places that mortals can't reach to or places that mortals doesn't know about such as Folnkirk, using your powers over abandoned places would be okay but still dangerous since there always might be curios humans who came to investigate the place. The worst place that you can use your powers is in the middle of cities, downtown etc... where there are tons of humans that would find out about your powers. Demons got an apocalyptic form that overwhelms most of the humans and making them to pray to a divine agent and forget everything afterwards, however the strong willed individuals might be less affected. It's safer to use your apocalyptic form in public when there is an individual such a Crinos which makes almost all of the humans to run away and forget about everything, only the extreme willed individuals might resist the effect of the Crinos.

4.Why is it important for a demon to keep his secret unrevealed ? What could happen if his secrecy was compromised? (200 words min.)
Many bad things could happen once the secret of a demon is revealed, A demon should keep his secret to himself. However it's impossible to hide it completely, since there are always people who can find out about you even if you don't show your powers around such as specific kindreds, hunters, mages and the list goes on... Once a hunter would find out that you're a demon they might try to hunt you down. Hunters probably know that demons can't be exterminated just by killing their vessel since demons are spirits which means they can just take another host and come to revenge so they might try to kill the spirit as well... About mages.. yeah maybe it's not their job to hunt you down just like the hunters but some of them might not like you because you have hurt their beloved ones or they see that you're monstrous or something, basically those can destroy you as well because their powers are not just physical which means they are able to hurt the spirit itself and not just the vessel. About humans... humans might just be afraid of you and some of them might drive insane and will have to pass through years of psychiatric treatment, however the willed ones who seek for power and that has some occult experience might try to search for your name which is definitely dangerous, once they have got your true name they might try to summon you and they would be able to try to bind to you. Once they have done that they can control you and use you to their own intentions. In addition whoever got your true name can try to send you back to the Abyss which is extremely unwanted as well.

5.What would you do if someone found out about your secret ? (Min 100 words)
There are serval options when somebody finds out about your secret, the best and the most popular option is definitely to kill the person who knows about it. There is also another option which is to reshape the secret holder's memory and make them to forget about it. However you would most likely need somebody to do it for you, it could be a kindred who posses the Dominate discipline, however you still owe one to the one who helped you. Another option is to manipulate or convince the person that is holding your secret to keep it for themselves, however this option would be the worst since somebody can extort the truth out of them. Even if the secret holder is a strong willed individual there are still ways to extort the secret out of them by using truth drugs or supernatural powers that would just force the individual to spit out your secret.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? I have started playing at November 2016, however I left the server because I felt this is too much for me and the rolling system is cancer and I had attitude problems along with immaturity and after a few months I decided to give it another shot and I eventually managed to learn how to use the rolling system properly and I found out how fun could be this system along with the existence of the supernaturals. And I understood the importance of following the rules in this server, I came with my shit attitude from the previous server I was playing at since that used to be my habit because my previous server had corrupted admins and tons of rulebreakers.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Angelo_Castello, Tommy_White, Natalia_Aqua, Jake_Hunter

3.Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time ?

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.Post the Activity Log for each of your current accounts:
Spoiler for Hidden:
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Lurker on October 21, 2017, 04:56:35 PM »
y'all do know that most tainted werewolves worship gaia still right? the triat and gaia are two very different things
Only spirals worship wyrm as their true "god"
that's not true either lol

they still worship gaia. they think that the wyld is the bad guy in the triat, and that the wyrm is gaia's only salvation.
shut the heck up white boy, leave your bigotry at the door, okay? only good vibes here, leave a positive message or get the heck out, okay?
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Dielan on October 21, 2017, 04:39:50 PM »
y'all do know that most tainted werewolves worship gaia still right? the triat and gaia are two very different things
Only spirals worship wyrm as their true "god"
that's not true either lol

they still worship gaia. they think that the wyld is the bad guy in the triat, and that the wyrm is gaia's only salvation.
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Kerdav24 on October 21, 2017, 04:01:49 PM »
y'all do know that most tainted werewolves worship gaia still right? the triat and gaia are two very different things
Only spirals worship wyrm as their true "god"
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Dielan on October 21, 2017, 03:16:23 PM »
y'all do know that most tainted werewolves worship gaia still right? the triat and gaia are two very different things
Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Lirbo on October 21, 2017, 02:53:04 PM »
not bad, just make the font a little bit smaller since it's a bigass one
Character Profiles / Re: Gabriel Scarletta
« Last post by Hades on October 21, 2017, 01:40:29 PM »
Keep it goin.

I'll try my best Jackie Chan.

merherr where's caelin!!!!!!!!

OP: Pretty nice character profile, when I had the honor of rping with you for the first time I could not help but think that he felt like a good bradly cooper, and I was totally right! I love it. I love rping with this character, he's pretty badass :)

I'll add Caelin, but i forgot her last name, was it Stonebrooke? And i also enjoyed RPing with you my man! 10/10, would allow you to run on the street again, just to draw out the sniper.

this gret cp.


Natalia Aqua - I hope you find peace in death, that you never had in life. Actually fuck that, you can go burn in hell for destroying my equipment! Fucking vampire... [PK]


Character Profiles / Re: Mr.Wolf
« Last post by Lurker on October 21, 2017, 01:38:50 PM »
damn yo, this is a proper character yo
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