Author Topic: Resistance is Futile.  (Read 374 times)

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Resistance is Futile.
« on: August 13, 2018, 11:39:50 AM »
A group of loners, intellectuals and overall people who wanted some peace and quiet united.
The constant combat and the smell of blood and death was enough for them. Whether they were a vampire, werewolf, kinfolk, ghoul, mage? It didn't matter, what did matter was mutual understanding of one another.

They were happy. Creating plans together, attempting to improve their community, the future seemed bright, but little did they know someone was coming for them.

Combat prioritized vampires were feeling bored staring at each other in the streets, each one of them antisocial, unable to form a proper English sentence, they grew bored. Combat was fun, death and violence is fun. Unless they were inflicting emotional and physical pain onto someone, they weren't enjoying their miserable "unlife".

The small town named Palamino Creek is where this group of loners, and quote on quote intellectuals resided, seeking to enjoy themselves in their little chats, fooling themselves as if they can avoid the bloodshed. They never really quite understood, once you aren't human anymore, well even if you are one, you can't avoid it. Resistance is futile.

The small group of combat prioritized Arabian Brujahs attacked the loner group in Palamino, raiding them, stealing their valuables. No words were exchanged, but broken English sentences were given to one another during the process...

Resistance is futile, combat is inevitable.
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