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Alain Beauregard
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Alain Beauregard

"Love will save you from the black night and the lightning and the ghost,
And love will save you from your misery, then tie you to a bloody post,
And love will save you from the hands that pull you down beneath the sea,
Love may save all you people, but it will never save me."

Theme Song:


Name: Alain Beauregard.
Aliases: Wanderer, Traveller, The Hooded One.
Race: Vampire.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Gender: Male.
Date of birth: October 28th, 1832
Age of Embrace: 32
Current Age: 166
Nationality: American.
Home Town: Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Occupation: Photographer/Artist.
Affiliation: Camarilla.


Spoiler for Hidden:
The Visionary is strong enough to look beyond the mundane and perceive the truly wondrous. Visionaries test accepted societal limits, and seek what few others have the courage to imagine. The Visionary rarely takes satisfaction in what society has to offer; she prefers to encourage society to offer what it could instead of what it does. Typically, society responds poorly to Visionaries, though it is they who are responsible for bringing about progress and change. Philosophers, inventors and the most inspired artists often have Visionary Archetypes.

Demeanor: POLTROON.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Meeting trouble (or anything else) head-on is the tactic of fools and optimists. The sensible way to deal with trouble is to deny it a target. While some people might accuse you of sticking your head in the sand, they do have to admit that it has remained on your shoulders for quite some time, and looks like it will continue to do so indefinitely. You never confront what you can evade, and never face anything unless there is no other option. Courage is not high on your list of virtues, but then the line between courage and folly is virtually nonexistant to your eyes.

Personality: PLOTTER.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Everything you do is planned. Very little springs form you spontaneously. Your plans are often long and involved, sometimes extending beyond the lives of the mortals involved in them. Details must be exact, for you believe any deviation could bring ruin. You try to plan everything in your life; each thing you do must accomplish something in the greater scheme. Deviation from routine, however, is bothersome, not traumatic. You are organized, not deranged. You tend to be neat and precise in everything you do.


Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Skin color: Pale.
Hair color: Dark blonde.
Eye color: Olive.
Body type: Athletic.
Height: 1.81m.
Weight: 79kg.

Distinguishing characteristics:

1. Both arms are doned with various artistic black rose tattoo's.
2. If you can look past the shades and hood, you'd find him as a very attractive individual.
3. Always carries one-strap backpack, rarely leaves the house without it.


Bad habits: None.

Religion: Hates it.

Supernatural Knowledge: He is supernatural himself, so yes.

Strenghts & Weaknesses:

1. Not very honorable combatant. Will not fight fair if he can get an advantage over his opponent.
2. Strong willed individual that places art and knowledge above all else.
3. Very attractive and charming, women just can't resist him. Even guys have a hard time resisting him.
4. Has a silver tongue. Charisma is oozing out of him, as he has a great way with words.
5. Not very courageous, he will most likely run away if he is over-powered.
6. He loves the court intrigue, and it's quite often lethal results, once the plot thickens.
7. Can't stand werewolf's stench, and avoids them whenever possible.
8. Loves interacting with humans, and would never hurt an innocent. He feeds only when necessary.
9. Cannot sire any childer due to his mutated blood.
10. The mutated blood prevents embrace, but gives him magic resistance. Of course, he knows nothing of this.

Approves: Art, History, Hiking, Flirting, Socializing, Learning, Photography, Painting, Seducing, Etiquette.

Disapproves: Ugly paintings, Ignorance, Werewolves, Fire.

Social Status: Single.

Marital Status: Never married, but had many lovers, some of them still weep as they await for his gallant return.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Mother and Father: Yngvar & Elsa Beauregard. (Both deceased)

Siblings: Every kindred is his sibling.


Spoiler for Hidden:
Preserve and create beauty/knowledge whenever possible, and above all else, survive. He has been to many domains, but the red county surprised him, as he couldn't believe how disorganized the Camarilla is here. Some kindred couldn't even tell him the leader of the domain, and he spent the whole week searching for any high ranking representative. Camarilla has been his ally ever since he was sired, and he would like to give something back to the cause by becoming the Justicar, if there's none right now of course. He would like to have the power to arrange for the Conclave (Biggest social event in the Camarilla society), and talk about the issues and address them accordingly. The Camarilla is losing it's grip on this territory, while the disappearance of our elders is worrying, we do not have the time to wait for their return, action must be taken and order restored.

EDIT 1: The Elders were gone, but with a good reason... They were quelling the rebellion. I do not understand the full details but it seems that the usurpers are dealt with. It is a sad thing to see fellow kindred spill blood of their own kind, and for what? Arrogance? Lust for power? The need for conclave is no longer required, therefore the Justicar is no longer required, the Camarilla lives on...

1. Find a place to stay within the Red County. - COMPROMISED.
2. Present yourself to the domain leader. - DONE.
3. Try to avoid werewolves, as long as possible. - FAILED.
4. Create one piece of art that will be remembered forever. - IN PROGRESS.
5. Find the high ranked Camarilla representative in Red County. - DONE.
6. Become a Justicar within the Camarilla. - ON STANDBY.
7. Arrange the Conclave and hear what other kindred have in mind. - ON STANDBY.
8. Uncover the location of your lost sire Gloria Wylde. - IN PROGRESS.
9. Previous safe haven was compromised, find another one. - DONE.

[>>>] - Enraptured by their beauty.
[>>>] - You are... Beautiful, in many ways...
[>>>] - Admired and respected.
[>>>] - Friendly attitude.
[>>>] - Acquaintances.
[>>>] - Ugh... Disgusting.
[>>>] - I'd stick to the shadows if i were you, ugly creature.
[X] - Died/Was killed.
[G] - Gone away.

Ronald Murdock - He is... Disgusting and vile creature. Very loyal on the other hand, and quite resourceful for a mortal. No chess game can be won without pawns, and this may proove a long game indeed. He could be useful.

Angello Castello - Young and foolish, as he is blinded by the power, and easily seduced by it. Yet i consider him a strong ally. Much battles await this one... For better or worse.

Voltaire Savage - You offend my friends in every turn, yet you spring into action when i extend the same courtesy. Had i known you better, i'd say that you wanted to provoke me? You are wise in some regards, and i respect some mutual views we share, but diplomacy is not your thing,  give Shayara the lead. At least she can be reasoned with.

Steven Leonard - You are the first kindred i've met here, and i appreciate your help.

Shayara Laylah - The domain holder of Montgomery, and maybe the leader of the Anarch movement? I have nothing but respect for Shayara, but some of her choices are... questionable. She could be the snake in the grass for all i know, but i will give her the benefit of the doubt, as she has not harmed me yet, even if she had countless chances.

Elizabeth Macker - Talked with her once, in the presence of others. Maybe next time we will get to know eachother better. Until next time...

Daniel McBrooks - Not exactly sure what to think of him, but he prooved useful as he gave me the phone number of the high ranked Camarilla representative. One step closer in finding my goal. He prooved useful in the end. I just hope the number is still in use.

Meridil Clearwater - You can be useful, as i know that you can get any weapon. I'll have you in mind for any future needs. The fact that you are a shapeshifter bothers me... But i will give you the benefit of the doubt...

Deputy Boone - He seemed like a good man, and i will keep my eye on him for now. I am sure he can handle himself but... No harm shall befall him, not if i can help it.

Patrick Snow - I was speeding.

Maria Delgrasso - You are beautiful, but so much work. I don't care about your sob story, please stop crying when i am around, it's very bothersome.

Vanoss Amphibia - Local idiot i presume...?

Bella Santiago - She is young and beautiful, but must learn to pick her fights more carefully.

Aaron White - You approach me with warnings and threats like a little sick puppy growling and barking, yet when confronted, you tuck your tail between your legs and run... I thought you had a death wish, but you are actually very wise to leave, since you kept your life, for now... You've earned my respect, and i will watch you closely.

Samantha Martinez - When i tried to read your aura, you started clapping towards me. How could you know? Although i failed to percieve it, you failed to keep your existence hidden, haven't you... FALLEN ONE.

Taylor Schwartz - Congratulations! You are the first person in the red county that i have bitten. It is never as sweet as the first time, and i hold a special place in my heart for you little one.

Kurt Nygaard - After long and troublesome search i have found him, and finally made contact with the Camarilla. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance Sheriff.

Lloyd Weylin - Your majesty... I thank you for your kind words. If the need arises and you require me, i will help the cause to the best of my abilities, just give your word.

Florence Rackham - I do not exactly know what to think of you, but i do like the way you approach people. Here's hoping you'll approach again sometime.

Samantha Burrows - Yet another rose plucked from the earthly garden. Your beauty knows no bounds, but neither does your lust... It was a pleasure, truly.

[X]Garret Kenney - The first werewolf that didn't attack me, it was quite the experience. He may be tainted, but i'll keep a close eye on him.

Alexander Wolf - Another tainted werewolf. What happened, did they start breeding when i wasn't looking?

Natalia Aqua - After all the time i have put into her, after all those countless months of teaching, talking, trying to get it into her thick skull... I even gave her "THE TOME"... It feels like nothing more but a huge waste of time. I feel as if she hears but does not listen. She has her own little world, where she is the main character, if you cannot be with her, then you are against her. If you try to protect her, then you "offend" her. Such a child.

Nameless - Just take off the mask and show yourself already, you are not in danger. I don't know what your politic view is, but i do believe you are with the Camarilla. You have my respect.

Eliga_Alba - The fallen one that seems to be friendly. I don't buy it Jack. Time will tell of your schemes, and i have all the time in the world.

Touka_Akiyama - She seems like a smart person, too bad her hot-headedness puts her in a lot of troubles.

Mason_Freeman - Let me be perfectly clear...  I don't like your jerk-off name, I don't like your jerk-off face, I don't like your jerk-off behavior, and I don't like you. Jerk-off. Your constant provocations will not be tolerated, and the fact that you attacked me for no reason, TWO TIMES, won't be forgiven. You disgust me...

Rebecca Delaney - Another kin that left the county all of a sudden... A shame, i had hopes for her.

Kimberly_Kavanaugh - I don't trust her. I don't trust her at all.

Nikolai Kotov - You are pretty good fighter. Maybe next time you'll even win, who knows? What also got my attention is your quick thinking, and the fact that you are not affected by the so called "honor". It was a pleasure to spar with you, and if you ever seek a rematch, i'll be there to accept it.

Garrett Ellis - Punk ass little bitch.

[X]Garret Wakefield - A sabbat... Right in our midst... It was a pleasure to take off your head. I'd keep it as a souvenier, but it ashed too quickly.

Blake Wakefield - I hope he is not related to the other Wakefield that i ashed. Still... The boy does seem like he is. He is a constant threat to the masquerade, if he turns up on the radar as a sabbat... He will join his brother, or cousin. or whatever Garret Wakefield was to him.


Camarilla - Ever since i was sired, the Camarilla was my ally and a friend. I will not forget that friendship and kindness, and i will always uphold the laws that govern our kind. And as my sire before me, you have my everlasting loyalty.

Anarch Movement - I don't exactly care what you do, and i will not meddle in your affairs, as long as you do not hurt other kindred. We have a common enemy, we should work together, not divide and squabble amongst ourselves... To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best.

Sabbat - Fucking waste of unlife... A shame. Wish i could change your mind, but i gave up on it long ago.

Garou's - You do not want me as your enemy. Stay away from me, and we'll get along nicely by not knowing eachother. Here's an idea... You stay in your forest like the animals you are, and we'll stay in civilized areas, agreed? It's a win-win situation. Think of all the ass sniffing you'll do to eachother. Exciting stuff!

Humanity - I love the humanity, and i would never hurt them by my own choice. My kin thinks of them only as food, but there is more to them than that. If only they could see what i see...

Mages - I don't really know what to think of them, most of them don't give a damn about vampires or any other race. They do protect the humanity, and that is why i respect them. But either way... i'm not sure if there are any mages in Red County? I've met none so far. There are mages here. But they are not what i expected them to be... The ones that i've met are... Idiots.

Demons - To be perfectly honest, i am afraid of their power and avoid them every chance i get. They are not to be trifled with.

Shapeshifters - Some werewolves consider you their kin. A friend of my enemy is my enemy, is it not? Not all of you are bad of course, some can be persuaded and talked with. That is commendable.

Hybrids - I do not really have anything against you, it is not your fault for what you are, and everyone has the right to live. You have nothing to fear from me, as i can be reasoned with. But be mindful of others, as some would not share my opinion.

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Re: Alain Beauregard
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Nicely done.

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Re: Alain Beauregard
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Nice CP!

A new place to steal the format from :)

Pwp bby!
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Re: Alain Beauregard
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is this a fuccboi?

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Re: Alain Beauregard
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Nicely done.

Thanks man!  ;)

Nice CP!

A new place to steal the format from :)

Pwp bby!

It's not that great, but feel free to do so. xD

is this a fuccboi?

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Re: Alain Beauregard
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Nice Cp GL

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Re: Alain Beauregard
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New master of format??  :)
Spoiler for Characters List:
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Re: Alain Beauregard
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Nice Cp GL

Thanks dude, love you! <3

New master of format??  :)

I don't think i can ever reach such heights, Leon is irreplaceable in that regard. ;D