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*There should be posters scattered around the walls of Palomino Creek*

    Building the Bloodsport since 1996

    For the first time in history of Red County...
    A boxing tournament!

    Here in this tournament, boxers from all around the County should gather to face against each other, proving that boxing is a sport.

    The tournament will be held in Red County Boxing Association head quarters, The All 12" Gym.

    In order to take part in this tournament, you would have to complete the following format

    Fill the format and send it to All 12" Gym mail box (( reply to this topic )) and you will be taken for consideration to take part in the tournament.

    Each participants are not required to pay, it's completely free.
    There will be slot for eight fighters to join.

    1st Place - $380
    2nd Place - $240
    3rd Place - $120


    1. LITTLE LADY CLOTHES STORE - The one and only clothing store in our County.

    We are currently looking for sponsors to fund the tournament. Whoever interested in sponsoring the tournament, may call 15505.
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    Re: Red County Boxing Association - Boxing Tournament - Registration Phase
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    *Bo walks towards the gym, he notices the poster which is at the door. He would then nod twice, walking inside the gym, speaking:*.

    Rad, you have done a good work. I will be joining this tournament.

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