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[Advanced] Role-play Guide
« on: December 31, 2014, 10:20:06 PM »
Advanced Role-play Guide
This is not supposed to be an objective guide on what role-play is; this is like idealism. Itís my thoughts on paper, on how you can improve Ė how you can become a better role-player.
Itís for everyone to read and be inspired as they please.

This guide will for obvious reasons not cover everything. However, it will and should cover the most essential things.

Side note: So earlier today, I was looking at The Triat thread, when eventually after a fairly heated argument Nico locked the thread, and commented that my Role-play wasn't up to perfect standards, and after some deep thought I asked myself, "Well, I generally write large /me's and try to be detailed, Where am I fucking up?"

I spent a long while just contemplating about as much, and then began to do a bit of googling, and found this source of gold. All credits go to the original author, I'd hyperlink but that might be considered server advertising, but I digress.

Either way, upon reading the thread, I found myself looking at Role-play in a newer way, even tho' I've been Role-playing seriously for little over a year, I found that this guide brings into mind certain aspects that I'd ignored, or simply had never came to mind. I feel like this is going to improve my own role-play even if just barely, that's a difference nevertheless.

I hope other people can take the time to read, and take this into account.

Role-play, what does good role-play require?

This is an often discussed question - yet I find it really easy to answer - so that I shall do.

There are a few things youíll need in order to be able to be a good role-player. Those things include following; You need to be able to use English very easily - you also need to be able to type fast. And when you're typing fast, you need to be able to know what you want to write - you need to know your character and situation - how to handle it. In order to do that - you must have a really good imagination along with patience and maturity. All this is of course only possible when you are completely aware of the game mechanics and rules.

That being said, let's take a look at some of the game mechanics - and how people use them.

There are two game mechanics that we are going to talk a lot about, those are; /do and /me commands.

Let's have a scenario to differ between doing bad - and doing really good.

From bad - to good:

Objective: You drive a sultan and you want to park it at the sidewalk on the right.

First attempt: You turn to the right - crashing into a pillar that results in your vehicle being stopped. You exit the vehicle and run toward your final destination.

Second attempt: You slow down slightly - since you're going to park your vehicle. You park it nicely at the sidewalk.

* Yuuta Saji turns the key.
* Yuuta Saji raises his right hand toward the key, twisting it softly inside the ignition.
The sound from the vehicle fades out; the engine has been shut down. (( Yuuta Saji ))
* Yuuta Saji sighs lightly - looking in the mirror checking for vehicles on the road behind him.
Yuuta is able to see the right lane on the road - no vehicles are noticed by him from his angle. (( Yuuta Saji ))
* Yuuta Saji reaches for the door, swinging it open with his legs following - exiting the vehicle.
* Yuuta Saji turns to the door - bending down just sufficiently to lock the vehicle with a turn of his key.

You turn to the door - and do an animation (example: /Washhands.)
*Click, click* - The vehicle has been locked. (( Yuuta Saji ))

Some people donít write anything, some people write more than above Ė itís a matter of taste and is just to statue an example of the possible difference.
That being said, we can now state following;
How fast you can type equals your possible role-play, to some extent. (If you are slow at typing - you can't type as much.) Though, you can still be a very decent role-player without typing much, just by stating the most important things as you role-play.. However, personally itís essential to role-play that youíre being quite exact in your actions. Instead of saying that youíre ďtaking somethingĒ then I would prefer that you mention: ďRaises his right hand a bit, extending it toward the Ďobjectí grabbing it.Ē Ė Here we know which hand you use, where it moves and how it moves. I often tend to ask people in the ď/doĒ command which hand they are using when they perform such actions, quite more joyful Iíd say.
You must know what you are typing. (If you donít know what you have to type - you can't type as much relevant to and in your situation.)
I could go along with all the terms I have mentioned. However, please recall them by yourself.

That was from 'Newbie' to 'Experienced' situation - we will use that again, but later. I want to state some things about the stages of RP first. These stages are not really accurate, since I don't know how fast you type, but letís have a look at the idea:

Stage one: Speak.
Stage two: /me.
Stage three: /do.

Let me show you one single situation going from stage one - to three.

The situation: Two men meet each other - one is asked his name.

Stage one:

Masahiro Saji: Greetings, sir.
Masahiro Saji: May I ask of your name, please?
Yuuta Saji : Certainly.
Yuuta Saji : Saji, Saji Yuuta it is.

Stage two:

* Masahiro Saji looks at Yuuta Saji - slightly nodding at him in an attempt of getting his attention.
Masahiro Saji: Greetings, sir.
* Masahiro looks at Yuuta Saji with are more calm facial expression Ė smiling.
Masahiro Saji: May I ask of your name, please?
* Yuuta Saji nods respectfully at the man - making a polite facial expression.
Yuuta Saji : Certainly.
* Yuuta Saji clears his throat slightly.
Yuuta Saji : Saji, Saji Yuuta it is.

Stage three:

* Masahiro Saji looks at Yuuta Saji - slightly nodding at him in an attempt of getting his attention.
Do I get your attention? (( Masahiro Saji ))
Yes - I look up from what I was currently doing. (( Yuuta Saji ))

Masahiro Saji: Greetings, sir.
* Masahiro looks at Yuuta Saji with are more calm facial expression - smiling.
The smile was short - but very certain. (( Mashiro Saji ))
Masahiro Saji: May I ask of your name, please?
It was said in a very calm tone. (( Mashiro Saj ))
* Yuuta Saji nods respectfully at the man - making a polite facial expression.

Yuuta Saji : Certainly.
* Yuuta Saji clears his throat slightly.
Words are spoken sudden - yet still calm. (( Yuuta Saji ))

Yuuta Saji : Saji, Saji Yuuta it is.

Some tips and tricks for RP situations:

If you are standing somewhere, anywhere... And you OOCly notice a man sneaking up somewhere behind you. Please for the love of god don't just turn around. Unless the person has given you proper reason to notice him, then just keep in character.

Do this instead:

You're standing somewhere randomly.
You OOCly notice the man;
Do I notice you? (( Yuuta Saji ))
Not yet, Iíve done nothing that could have made you take notice of me. (( Man ))

When you deal money, count them;

* Yuuta Saji offers the bag to the man.
* Noob Skin accepts the bag - throwing it into the van.

/Pay Noob_Skin 435.
Noob Skin: (( Hey, that's not enough, the deal was 5k! ))
Yuuta Saji: (( You didn't count them, don't metagame. ))


* Yuuta Saji offers the bag to the man.
* Pro Skin accepts the bag - Opening it, looking at the content.
How much does it look like? (( Pro Skin ))
About 400... (( Yuuta Saji ))
* Pro Skin looks up at Yuuta with slightly annoyed face.

Pro Skin: What's this?


How I define some RP terms.

The best role-player is not necessarily a person who is perfect at it, but never does it.
I believe that those who stay IC the longest and do a good job staying IC are good role-players.
There are two parts of being a good role-player: Being good at role-playing - and - being IC all the time.

If someone never went OOC and was IC all the time, then he would be a better role-player then me if I didn't role-play at all.

If you truly want to become a good role-player, then behave like one.

When youíre using the ď/doĒ command, please refrain from using the old ď/do S/FĒ . Itís honestly as low as it could possibly get within role-play. You need to expand.
ď/do Does anything prevent me from doing this?Ē Is a lot better.

Weapons are something most people canít live without, and I canít blame them. However, I do blame those actually only clicking the left of their mouse button when it could have been role-played instead.
A good role-player does not need to kill people, script-wise.

No matter what you are, Gang, Mafia, Cop. If someone annoys you really much. What do you do? Kill them?

Have you ever thought about using your skills as a role-player and role-play with them instead? I can show you one single situation.. It takes a lot of time to make it here on the forums, so you better appreciate it.

The situation: A man punches you lightly.

Instead of pulling out your spas and killing him;

* Yuuta Saji jumps toward the man with his easily triggered aggressive reaction - trying to hit him in the face with his knee.
It was very sudden - did I succeed hitting you? (( Yuuta Saji ))
Yes - I didn't see that coming. (( Man ))

* Yuuta Saji tries to kick him in the head - trying to knock him out.
You hit me in the head - I am knocked out. (( Man ))
Considering the damage to your head, will you be able to remember I, who knocked you out? (( Yuuta Saji ))
No. (( Yuuta Saji ))
When will I wake up? (( Man ))
One minute after I am gone. You will experience pain, but no serious injuries. (( Yuuta Saji ))

Death is something that happens rapidly, all over the server. Itís also a very annoying and stupid thing to role-play. I would tell you never to kill people, but injure them instead, and make sure they donít remember the episode.

This can also be used if you have robbed a man. Instead of killing him - RP knock him out or likely. (Even though robbing shouldnít be done too often, but you get my drift.)
It is much more fun to RP than just clicking the left of your mouse button till one's HP reaches zero, you will learn that.

Another thing I want to mention.

For the love of god - stop power-gaming.

Some people say power-gaming is forcing role-play, that is not the most accurate explanation.

You are in fact allowed to force people to role-play, but what there is meant, is;

You're not allowed to decide things in /do or /me about other people without them having a chance to answer in /do about it.


* Yuuta Saji steals the manís wallet - taking a few buck from it. Power-gaming - he does not have a chance to answer - letís give him a chance, shall we? Look here;

Is your wallet on your pocket of your jeans and can I see it? (( Yuuta saji ))
Yes. (( Man ))
* Yuuta Saji tries to sneak up behind the man.
Do you notice me? (( Yuuta Saji ))
No. (( Man ))
* Yuuta Saji tries to take the wallet with a swift move.
Do you notice me taking it? (( Yuuta Saji ))
Yes - It's very obvious since I have a chain in it. (( Man. ))
* Yuuta Saji sighs.

Additional information
These are tips from me, things I would recommend if youíre trying to become a good role-player.
Firstly, I would like to criticize the way many people perceive the server. This is mainly for you to get a good idea of what not to do, and to realize something as well.
On a role-play server youíre supposed to play with the ambition to constantly interact with other players in-characterly. Unfortunately, many people consider the server, not as a role-play server, but as a PWN-game.
So, what exactly is a PWN-game?
There are a lot of PWN-games. To give you some examples;
Counter Strike, League of legends, Guild Wars, SA:MP DM-servers and World of Warcraft.
The things that these PWN-games have in common are; people who play it only care about ĎPwningí this means that they only care about money, stats and killing people.
This is the main problem on our server; people confusing it with a PWN-game.
There are a lot of people on our server, the majority actually, who confuse our role-play server with a PWN-game. They only care about their stats, money, weapons, house, cars and killing people. They run around Los Santos trying to earn money in some way or another. Try to have a look at the advertisements, they all look like this: ďSELLING [E] Bullet VIP Color Gold Rims, SMS ONLY Ė contact xxx xxxĒ. Try to ask yourself which vehicles people want to have. You will find out that they are only interested in having fast cars with good handling and even better if it has gold rims or what is likely. . .

So, how can you be different from them? How can you become a good role-player who values the correct things? Here is a little guide for your start.

The character
Think through who your character actually is.
When, where and why was your character born?
What is or was his family like, how was he raised and in what culture?
Whatís the personality of your character, what does he value?
Does anything special occur that means a lot to your character before he comes to Los Santos?
Where is your family while being in Los Santos?
Does your character actually really want to do anything illegal?
What are his ambitions?
Itís considered good to use a more Ďnormalí skin over skins that doesnít fit your role-play. If youíre American then you shouldnít use the woozie skin. You get the drift. Good role-players tend to use very common and normal skins that fit their character best possible.

Where does your character live?
Does your house actually fit the situation of your character?
Itís often considered best to just have a very common house, with a lot of role-play facilities, instead of having a huge mansion that doesnít make sense.

Is it really realistic for your character to actually have a gun? And a vest? If you really want to have a gun on you, I suggest using a desert eagle or SD-pistol. Itís in my opinion really stupid to run around with weapons such as M4 and Combat Shotgun. Using a vest should also be avoided since you donít walk around with one all the time.. If at any point of time.
You should in all role-play situations avoid using guns. Guns can be used in a role-play, but role-play situations without the use of guns is really something we lack. If you really need a weapon, try to see if you can use melee weapons instead. And to get back on the weapon topic; do you ever notify people around you that you have a vest on, an M4 and Spas on your back? I donít think so. And even if you did, it wouldnít spare you..
Donít walk around with a vest, just because you want those extra 50-100 HP. Vests are almost never used for its sole purpose, and therefore I encourage not using them. (Unless you know youíre about to get into a role-played gun-fight, but really, donít walk around with one 24/7.)
Should you get into the unfortunate situation in which bullets are fired then please try to act realistic. In any case, then you should look for cover, then wait for a moment to shoot. Do not try to dodge bullets by walking sideways or running around. Running over to your opponents cover and shooting him is also really unrealistic. Take cover. Shoot when there is a good chance you wonít get hit. Take cover again.

What vehicles is it realistic for your character to use? Personally, I think itís extremely pathetic to use the Ďbest carsí. I prefer using, what I would call, role-play cars such as a sadler, sabre etc. Use the vehicle that fits your character and its role-play. Using cars such as Sultan, Cheetah, Turismo and Bullet, etc is just stupid. Personally, I drive an Alpha. Back when I role-played Ďgangsterí I owned a bike and a lowrider.
When you drive around San Andreas, please remain on the right lane Ė with a reasonable speed. Donít crash into people. Itís rather obvious. Donít do it. Drive slowly, just like you would in real life. Donít take short-cuts, donít drive on the sidewalk, donít ram anything, donít do what you wouldnít do in a car in real life. It really doesnít matter what you role-play Ė people donít drive retarded.

This is something that is quite important to me. Itís true that you can be a decent role-player without staying good friends with the LEO. However, I do to every inch suggest staying as good friends with the LEO in your role-play as possible. It is really something that increases your role-play experiences all over. After I realized this I started to never use illegal weapons, drugs and likely. ( Using those things is retarded in the first place for a mob, if used all the time. However different if role-playing a gangster. ) Letís just set up the scenario, when were you last pulled over? It might not fit your situation perfectly; however it does fit the situation of the majority of the server. People refuse to pull over. This is a really huge issue for the LEO and their role-play. Every time the LEO tries to pull one over, they get shot at. Some people even try to suicide or make themselves die in a shoot-out, if they canít kill the officers. Itís extremely pathetic behavior, unacceptable. The reason is quite obvious though. The reason people donít pull over, or role-play with the LEO in general is because they are afraid to get arrested. First of all, getting arrested is also a part of the role-play. Itís not a punishment; itís a normal part of role-play. That being said, there are a ton of ways to avoid it without doing something as retarded as killing yourself or the officer. The number one reason for these occurrences is what I have said already. Itís the fact that people consider our server a PWN-Game instead of a role-play server. They have crack, pot, weapons and materials on them all the time. This is a huge obstacle when it comes to role-play with the LEO. Therefore, I suggest you never have crack, pot, weapons or materials on you unless you have a good reason for it. Through-out my time as a role-player I have had some really fortunate and amusing times with the LEO. There is really a huge difference between not being able to role-play with the LEO in a positive way, than having the feeling that youíre forced to do something stupid in order to get out of your unfortunate situation. Every time the LEO sets on the sirens to pull over another vehicle they do, can and will expect that vehicle to drive off as fast as possible. Itís really much more fun to actually pull over and actually try to interact with the Leo in a positive way, role-playing. All in all, just make sure you wonít get busted if the officer wants to frisk you. Try to remain clean for long periods of time and only have illegal things on you should you need them. Itís really stupid to always have illegal things on you. In most situations, they wonít even consider frisking you if you comply in a realistic way. Stop the car, do as the officer asks you to and you will be just fine.
I have seen a lot of people assisting the criminals, in either case; making life hard for the LEO. Itís sad how everyone takes the chance to shoot officers, even when the situation does not involve them. I greatly encourage role-playing with the LEO instead of just shooting them or doing something likely.

Something that should be quite obvious, just like so many other things; you need to behave. There are so many stupid things you can do, so I am not going to mention all of them. However, I will give some examples of what I have seen people do on the server, things you should avoid doing. If your aim is to be a good role-player, then itís quite important you donít Ďfuck aroundí. The main rule is to never do anything in-game if youíre extremely bored, to the extent where you start to do random things. Iíve seen a lot of people taking out their guns, shooting a few objects, cars and walls. Iíve seen people jump from the roof of a car to another. I could make tons of examples of how people being bored affects their character in an extremely stupid way, ruining role-play for other people around them. If youíre bored, then log out Ė take a walk for go into a PWN-game. Donít let it affect your character. If you still havenít gotten the picture.
Donít: Sprint, jump onto objects as umbrellas and bushes, shoot objects or anything, drive differently, run around in circles, kill a cop Ė you get the drift.
Instead, you should try to stay in-character for as long as possible, all the time. Thatís what itís all about. Everything that happens around you, let your character recognize it; let him or her respond to it in a natural way. Try not to run all the time, but instead walk. Test your own patience a bit.
Itís pretty obvious what you should do, and what you should not.

Creating role-play
Creating role-play is a really interesting topic actually. It seems to be something that is rather difficult to do, seeing that we may lack role-play on the server. However, itís something extremely simple, it doesnít really require too much. As I have explained carefully already, the reason for our lack of role-play is because of those people who consider the server a PWN-game and not a role-play server. Apart from that, itís only a matter of things that I mentioned in the start of this post Ė things such as patience and actual will to start to role-play.
There are two kinds of role-play terms I use.
1) Event. What I call Ďeventí is what many other people call role-play. They sit around OOCly and then at some point, they decide to actually role-play.. An Ďeventí is when someone takes the initiative to do something out of the ordinary. Itís when you gather a group of people so that you can role-play something together. It can be anything, from a meeting to a roll-up in an enemy territory. In NGRP many people only experience this kind of role-play. They use most of their time to enjoy the server as if it was a PWN-game, and then do some Event-role-play once in a while.

2) Base role-play. The base role-play is when you are in-character and role-play small things, interacting with people around you, no matter what situation youíre in. Itís basically just staying in-character best you can. The more base role-play you experience, the better. Even though you may believe youíre doing it all the time, double it up a few times Ė and weíre close. Iíve only met extremely few persons who can actually do this at a good level.
I really hope you appreciate the guide - I hope I mentioned something you found useful. I know that I did not cover everything - but I did mention some things.

Role-played advertisement
As you may all know, there are quite a lot of ways to advertise. There are currently three ways. I will mention all of the methods below and how to use them correctly.

1) The normal 30 second "/ad [Text]" method.
Using this advertisement, you can reach out to the entire server and its players. Here you can with a limited amount of characters write an advertisement. I will make some examples of both bad and good ones.

These are bad.
"/Ad SELLING [E]Sultan [G]Rims offer! [SMS] Only! "
"/Ad Selling 100.000 [Mat]tresses! [SMS only!] "

Please refrain from making advertisements with the only objective to earn money. The point in this server is not about earning money, but role-play. Use the advertisement system to enchourage role-play instead. Do not advertise that you sell a huge load of a random object or product, if you wish to sell materials; it is metagaming as you take advantage of the fact that you OOCly can't buy anything else thatn materials in high amounts.

You should only use this for short notifications. However, if you wish to use this system correctly, do as below.

" /Ad The Excellent Taste opens at 20:00 this evening, Idlewood's favorite. "

2) This is the second best thing that you can do. It is talking to the San Andreas News. You would want to meet up with them in a good and role-play manner and see if it is possible to have them either broadcast and/or advertise your merchandise or interview you.

3) This is the best thing you can do. It is visiting the in-character section of our forums. Here you have no limits to your creativity. You can advertise merchandise, your facility and many other things. At first, it can be a little hard to use it. However, once you got the drill, it is the best way to advertise in a role-play manner.

I will give you an example of one of my previous posts, which is an advertisement for my in-character role-play facility.

*This announcement consists of one sheet only, its tick material makes it rather resistant to its environment, therefore not being torn apart to simple damage such as rain.*
*This announcement can be seen a lot of places, such as all around the eastern part of Los Santos as well as in the central parts of San Fierro. It is nailed to fences, piles and buildings in most cases, however, it could also be found in small piles. You may cross your ways with this anouncement by being on the internet just as well.*

Akita Resort is located in the central part of San Fierro, Queens. Not only solely because of its outstanding, extraordinary and therefore attracting facilities, it is perceived a prominent example of a wonder-place in which everyone has a first-class experience, but also because of its responsible, dedicated and respective managers as well as employee who maintain the entire complex.
By driving north, up the road, you will have the complex on your left hand. Its Asian gates as well as its decoration represents its natural as well as welcoming environment and atmosphere.. The front side of the hotel, entrancesí to different facilities are already in place, such as our little casino in which a lot of time is spend with and without customers, having a very enjoyable time just interacting with one another in all sorts of games. Should you want to make your way in here, it is perfectly alright to park your vehicle in its driveway.
Should you have further interest in either staying at the resort or simply wanting to experience the fullest of our facilities; you will need to contact its management, who are present doing the day as well as night. After the extension of the development of our project, we have received an increased interest in usage of the pool, bar and grill facilities on the western side of the complex. It is now complete and it is possible to spend a fine day with these facilities at any event you may want to celebrate there.

*Longer down the page, a note about employment is visual to you.*

Are you obsessed with the Asian culture or perhaps even an Asian yourself? Have you educated just recently and now looking for an exciting place to stay to gain experience in the field of work? Are you a positive, hardworking as well as flawless person who would like to work at a prominent facility such as Akita Resort, at which you will meet and interact with a lot of people?
If any of your questions is answered above, in your quest of finding your next employment, Akita Resort may just offer your sufficient needs, if not more.
However, not anyone can work at Akita Resort.
There are some requirements that you will need to meet, should you want to work here. However, they tend to be quite different from what you may be used to by working elsewhere. Here at Akita Resorts, we value the Asian culture, so youíre required to appreciate it just as well. Should you not be familiar with it before coming here, you certainly will after staying here.
The position that is open, as of now, is the Tsume. It is a rather tough job, which only hard-working people can endure. The Tsume is not someone who works at one location or facility only, but actually someone who is expected to have some good overall knowledge when it comes to service as well as maintaining the entire complex. This means and indicates that it is expected of the Tsume to have a very friendly, welcoming, mature, respecting and inviting personality. Along with the positive character, youíre, as said, required to learn quickly.
Specifics on the job will be discussed and shown during the job interview. However, you can expect a lot of privileges as well as very promising wages, should you be that lucky person to get the job.

*No contact information is given.*

As you can see in my post, some of it is in a red/purple color. This has the same effect as our "/do" has in-game. I use this to indicate where other players can see what is written in my post, my advertisement.
Advertisements for vehicles and houses should be placed there as well, in best role-play manner and with the creativity possible.
If you make a this advertisement on the forums, you can make a shortcut to that site using this site: www.Dot.Tk You can can shorten the URL and change it to something realistic so you can use it in-game. Just like I made one for my advertisement:
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Re: [Advanced Role-play Guide]
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2015, 02:04:18 PM »
Most of this I agree with, but some points I really dislike.
You don't need to spam animations and overly complicated /me's every second to be considered a good roleplayer. You need a character that makes sense and you need to play in a way that makes sense. You need to mention the important details in a /me (for example that you're withdrawing a gun from your waistline), if you want to mention how you reach for your waistline and wrap your fingers around the handle of the colt, that's fine, but that doesn't make you a better RPer. It makes you a better writer, if anything.

Another important aspect of a good RPer is that they stay IC for as much as they can. Good roleplayers don't troll or break character, they act the way their character would act, not the way that is most profitable for them. This is the difference between RP2Win mentality and just a normal roleplay mentality.

If you are standing somewhere, anywhere... And you OOCly notice a man sneaking up somewhere behind you. Please for the love of god don't just turn around.
TBH that's pretty much BS, unless someone has RPed sneaking up on you and you decide to acknowledge their roleplay. People IRL have spatial sense, hearing, we often look around idly. In game, if it were first person, you wouldn't have any of that, except maybe hearing. Everyone has the right to roleplay their character the way they want, as long as it obeys the laws of common sense and the rules of the server.

EDIT: Not done ranting.

I do wholeheartedly agree with the killing viewpoint. Most people have conscience and morals that keeps them from murdering other people for the smallest things. Even if someone tries killing you, the first reaction should be to run away, not to retaliate.
About knocking someone out though, that rarely happens on purpose and they VERY rarely lose memory because of it. Don't use that as an example.

Your definition of powergaming is something I don't agree to. I much prefer describing my action out full and then letting the opposing party react, rather than lead the RP up to there with 10 lines of questions and text. Much faster, but requires people who aren't RP2Win.

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Re: [Advanced Role-play Guide]
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2015, 03:02:18 AM »
Taken into account everyone's comments and I'm going to remove the animations bit. I agree, it isn't necessary and I guess people could remove the effort in animations and instead put it into writing skills.

Going to modify the post in a bit, after I finish my homework.

EDIT: Modified the post.
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