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Big M - Lenny
« on: April 19, 2017, 06:49:34 PM »
** The track starts with Rondell speaking to the listeners **
I know I been out da rap game for a few years now, niggas. But y'all gotta hear dis shit.

** A beat starts up **

** Rapping begins at 34 seconds in **
A'ight, lemme tell ya a tale of a nigga named Lenny. Never knew his dad, an he neva had a penny.
Relied on 'is mates, when he neva had many. He had a brotha called Jack, an a sista named Jenny.
Yeah, dey lived rough on the block. Jack was servin' 10, an his momma on the rock.
Jenny made a daily wage from suckin' on the cock, went around and sold herself, waiting on the docks.
Lenny got bullied in school for bein' poor, kids would pick on Lenny soon as he walked thru' the door.
It got to the point he didn't wanna live no mo', but the letters from his brother, brought him up from down.
Even tho' he knew his momma was addicted to tha brown, and 'is sisters probably somewhere gettin pinned to the ground.
Lenny always dreamed of movin abroad, but this is a dream he could never afford...

* There is a break for a round 30 seconds*

Now Josh is in a maximum security prison, an he gonna have to get comfy cuz it's whea he be livin.
For the next 10-12 he be livin in hell, right now he probably goin' nuts in his cell.
When Lenny was young, he used to wear his brothers clothes, put on his pants... they was touchin his toes.
He used to climb all the time, clothes fulla holes, his mom was gettin' in debt, over gettin loans.
What yo' know about doin' baths with a kettle? He had a bike an it only had one pedal.
What yo' know about the leccy man knockin' on yo door? Leccy on the fiddle so he lyin on the floor.
What yo' know about police runnin' through yo door? Runnin to the toilet, just to flush the raw.
Them sundays you was eatin' on a fat roast, Lenny's starvin, eatin' sugar on toast.
He had a bath once a week, usin' no soap, he used to hand wash his clothes, nigga no joke.
The clothes tha he wore, wasn't always clean. Hand washed white tops, dey be lookin' cream.
Neva had no money, neva had a bean!
Then he told himself 'I'm not livin' like dis', then 'E introduced him to the white shit.
Then Rico introduced him to the right piff, then Nico introduced him to the right bitch.
The fiends call his phone when they comin down. He does it for himself, he ain't a runaround.
2 for $50, white to the brown.

** Another break **

Man, he was gettin' up early just to serve dem, ya hear the milk man, ya hear da birds chirpin.
He goin straight never see him reversin, see the haters hatin but he know he would hurt dem.
He got the best of shit an he's certain. No time for the bitches, he always workin.
Takin' over areas, he was turfin. Momma gettin hurt so the feds are lurkin.
He neva thought about what he was gettin into, you can't judge him you don't know what he's been thru'
Show disrespect and you'll get somethin' in you, sit on his ass and make money like a king do.
See him street fightin on the roads, like akimbo. Or see him gettin onit on the weekend with a bimbo.
* Shorter break this time *

*black youths are heard in the background cheering* Hell yeah, nigguh. Big M back in this sheit! Red County alllllll day, nigga.

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Re: Big M - Lenny
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**Andrew cruises around San Fierro in his brand new Phoenix, bumping raw tunes as he'd hear the song. He'd pull up at his record label, turning off the ignition as he'd listen to the rest of the song**

**Jackson peeks through the window of the abandoned house he takes refuge at, peeking around the street. Meanwhile there's radio playing in the background softly of the song**