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Stephen of the Fangs
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“I ask nothing of you that you should not want to give for Gaia. Stand with me and She may yet be saved!”

Names: Stephen Demyan Hoechlin.
Date of birth: 01/12/1979.
Place of birth: Peterborough, Canada.
Auspice: Galliard.

Galliard is one of the five Auspices under which a Garou may be born. Represented by the Gibbous Moon, the Galliard sings the soul of the Garou. They are the voice of the People, calling them to battle and inspiring them to greatness in life and in death. They are also keepers of traditions, carrying the lore of tribes all the way back to the beginning.

Nature: Competitor.

The Competitor takes great excitement in the pursuit of victory. To the Competitor, every task is new challenge to meet and a new contest to win. Indeed, the Competitor sees all interactions as some sort of opportunity for her to be the best – the best leader, the most productive, the most valuable or whatever. Corporate raiders, professional athletes and impassioned researchers are all examples of Competitor Archetypes. -Regain one point of Willpower whenever you succeed at a test or challenge. Especially difficult victories, may at the Storyteller’s discretion, allow you to regain multiple Willpower points.

Demeanor: Celebrant.

The Celebrant takes joy in her cause. Whether the character’s passion is battle, religious fervor, foiling her rivals or reading fine literature, it gives the Celebrant the strength to withstand adversity. Given the chance, the Celebrant will indulge in her passion as deeply as possible. Unlike the Fanatic, the Celebrant pursues her passion not out of duty, but out of enthusiasm. Crusaders, hippies, political activists and art enthusiasts are Celebrant Archetypes. -Regain a point of Willpower whenever you pursue your cause or convert another character to the same passion. Conversely, lose a point of temporary Willpower whenever you are denied your passion or it is badly lost to you.

Tribe: Silver Fangs.

The "Alpha Tribe" of the Garou Nation, the Silver Fangs are traditional rulers and war leaders. These noble Garou are known for their physical beauty, courage, and honor. Sadly, many younger members of the tribe suffer from odd quirks -- absent-mindedness, mild hallucinations, somnambulism -- nothing overtly psychotic, but noticeable nevertheless. The powerful history of the tribe lays a heavy burden on the shoulders of its members, and many are too proud to ask for help. The plight of the Silver Fangs epitomizes the tragedy of the Garou in general. Although proud and outwardly strong, the Fangs suffer from diseases of the spirit and mind. Inbreeding and harano have weakened the foundation of the tribe, and although they strive to set things right, it may already be too late.

House: House Unbreakable Heart.

Ambassadors and emissaries for the Silver Fangs they are often the middlemen between the tribe and the rest of the Garou nation, located in Canada and the Midwestern United States.

Camp: Renewalists.

Home to the tribe's "young Turks", the Renewalists advocate the integration of new ideas and, perhaps, new blood into the tribe, to stave off stagnation. For obvious reasons, the Renewalists do not get along well with the Royalists

Totem: The Falcon.

Falcon is a strong and noble spirit. He has a great insight into the hearts of the Garou, holding honor and dignity paramount. Falcon guides the Silver Fangs with strenght and confidence, commanding the utmost respect from spirits and werewolf alike. With the popularity of the falconry among the wealthy elite, Falcon keeps a close eye on the human nobility, helping the Silver Fangs insert themselves more easily into this privileged community.

Ethnicity: German-Russian.
Race: Werewolf.
Hair colour: Blonde.
Eye colour: Blue.
Height: 190cms.
Weight: 81kgs.
Glabro Form:
Spoiler for Glabro:
Crinos Form:
Spoiler for Crinos:
Hispo Form:
Spoiler for Hispo:
Lupus Form:
Spoiler for Lupus:

Parents: Alive.
Siblings: One sister.
Relationship with siblings/parents: Well mentained.
Martial status: Single.
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual.
Children: None.
Is he religious: Gaian.
Does he smoke/drink: No and yes, often.


- Eliminate the Wyrm minions that he encounters.
- Become a respected Elder.
- Lead his own pack.
- Build a family.
- Master a lifetimes work of Howls.


[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: Distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Dislike: Distant, avoiding.
[ooo] - Neutral: No judgement yet, just met, no thoughts about person.
[ooo] - Good opinion: Appreciation, like.
[ooo] - Close friends: Admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.
[ooo] - Romantic interest: Love, adoration.

Zachariah Novak: "Seems to be a good person; he deserves the rank he posseses. I hope that my expectations will match reality, although only time knows it." "He has helped me, and I appreciate it. I can consider him one of my friends now."
Selene Vitalis: "A decent Fury, good to have around. Once again, a decent person, nothing more to say about her."
Jonathan H Heller: "A strong one of the Get, I respect that."
Aaron White: "I still have doubts about you, but there's the future that will most likely make it all clear."
Bjorn Stark: "The first impression is that you like fucking around, a lot. Prove yourself useful and that might change."
Random Kitsune: "How foolish of you to roam the town shifted; I hope you will learn from your mistakes."
Marcus Portbelly: "I am not aware of his race, yet he seems overconfident about his capabilities. Something is strange with this person."
Sophie Bloom: "Alike her friend, she is a mistery for me for now, and that shall change someday."
Daniel Henderson: "A young one, which has a lot to learn. He needs the guidance I am willing to offer."

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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Life is awesome without lying.

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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I like it, hope you add more stuff

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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Mori mă.
Nice cp.

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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a gayan

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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Good CP

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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Cancer but nice ;)

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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Brandon Gagnon

Spoiler for characters:
Brandon_Gagnon, Olukayode_Mombeshora, Adam_Andrewsson, Alisa_Sokolovsky, Abdul_Kader, Alexis_Alves, Zhen_Fu,
Allard_Brown, Muhammad_Ahmed, Bo_Shen, Katsurou_Kurosawa, Kenshin_Mitsoku. just found something ridiculous

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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slightly updated some relationships and photos of his forms

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Re: Stephen of the Fangs
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Good cp, I really thought it said "Stephen of the fags"