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seeker of the moon
« on: October 08, 2017, 03:59:31 PM »

"Life is a banquet and most poor bastards are starving to death."

"Hey brother!
There's an endless world to re-discover!
Hey sister!
Know the water's sweet but blood is thicker!"

Basic info

Nams: Kyle Steward.
Nicknames: Seeker of the Moon, Apprentice, Stew.
Date of birth: 4/08/77
Place of birth: Los Santos, San Andreas, United States.

Nature: Cavalier
You are as bold, intrepid, valiant and fearless as you need to be to complete your duty. You are the hero who tries to live up to glorious ideals and codes of justice. By protecting that which is good, you seek to preserve the society that made you what you are. If your Nature is Cavalier, and your Humanity ever falls below four, you have to choose a new Nature. You probably hate Deviants, though you may not always recognize them.

Demeanor: Survivor
- Nothing stops you. Hardened by previous ordeals, you’ve developed a sense of self-preservation that keeps you going when lesser souls surrender to the odds. You’ve got little patience or sympathy for people who won’t do whatever it takes to endure hardship. “Shut up and step up or get the fuck out of my way” is your motto. Other folks might not make it through, but their weakness won’t lead to your death. Perseverance is your defining trait. You do what you need to do with what you have to work with. Obstacles are just logistics, and excuses never healed a broken leg. Your weakness, though, is a profound Callousness. You’ve shut down so much in order to keep going that folks often wonder if you feel anything at all

Affiliation: Traditions, Verbena, Seekers of the Moon


Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Human
Distinguishing features:
- He smiles a lot.
- His hair.
- He has several visible tattoos.

Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Height: 184 centimeters
Weight: 75 kgs.

Appearance: He has brown hair that's usually all messy, obviously not took care of. His body features are prety muscluline, clothing seems to be every-day one. His dark brown eyes tend to wonder around, kind of examing his surroundings, while his face often has a touch of stubble as a lack of interest in shaving too often. He sometimes apprears to be bored. To those who sense it, his aura burns with amazing and supernatural clarity with brilliance all around, burning in some sort of a rythm with other colors.


Parents: Robert and Eva Stewart
Siblings: Edward, Henry, Robert, Nicholas, Eloine, Jamie.

Relationship with siblings/parents: He has excellent relationship with his parents, who were his mentors too. He has many siblings, and he loves them.

Close people:
Marital status: Single
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Children: One, he doesn't where she is, though..


Does he smoke?: Yes.
Does he drink?: Sometimes.

Is religious?: He has faith in the Old Gods, but he doesn't worship them too often.
Aware of supernatural presence?: Aware.

- His magick
- Friendly
- Combat
- Physical aspects

- Too serious sometimes       
- Laziness

Behaviour: Kyle is relaxed and calm most of the time, you could talk with him and is mostly open minded. Trying to avoid trouble, and protect those he love. Willing to try all kinds of new experience, from jumping from the cliff to hanging out with vampires. He could seem weird with his thinking about sex, but he mostly keeps it to himself unless such conversation is brought up. Again, open minded and could spend time with any of the Traditional mages, and humans. For now his behaviour with other night-folk is kind of balanced, without any anger and hatred.

Paradigm: Creation is Innately Divine and Alive.

The world, perhaps even the universe, is a living entity. That entity is either part of Divinity or else is Divinity itself. Gods and monsters exist, as do pain, horror, and death; that’s cool, though, because in the end good things come from all the suffering. Death sustains life, life gives way to death, and the whole thing is a cycle that perpetrates itself in an ultimately beneficial way. Magick flows from an understanding of that cycle and your place in it as an agent of change. Everything, perhaps, has the potential of magick, but most beings never realize it. Best recognized as a common perspective among Verbena, Dreamspeakers, Euthanatoi, Ecstatics, and other grimly affirmative mages, this model stresses pragmatic acceptance mixed with wild joy. Certain takes on Kabbalism gravitate in this direction too, with Creation as the infinite embodiment of ineffable God. Minus the god part, this paradigm has a scientific analog in the Gaia hypothesis, which insists that Earth is a living, vaguely sentient biomass. Certain Progenitors embrace this idea, especially in the 21st century, when that biomass appears to be fighting its human infection. Unlike the Gods and Monsters paradigm, this belief system essentially says that there is a point to the madness if you look at the Big Picture and accept that what we perceive as pain and horror are merely ripples across a larger spectrum of life.

- Witchcraft
- Blessings and curses
- Blood and fluids
- Bodywork
- Bones and remains
- Dance
- Drugs and poisons
- Elements
- Eye contact
- Group rites
- Rites
- Offerings
- Sex and sensuality
- Runes
- Weapons
- Sacrafices


- Reach higher understanding of the Art of Blood.
- Make a wonder.
- Avoid trouble.
- Get a job.
- Save those you love.
- Live life to the fullest.
- Try out new experiences.
- Meet a nice and loyal girl.
- Start a family.
- Find his daughter.
- Settle up in Red County.
- Make a safe house for him and his kind.
- Visit all four Seasonal Realms.
- Wonder through deep forests of Summer Realm.

- - - -
[ooo] - Enemy: Dislike, distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Impartial: No relation, ambiguous ties.
[ooo] - Friendly: Like, love, adore.
- - - -

Stuart - ''One of the best people in whole Red County. You're always there for your friends, and confront your enemies when need be. You're a strong pillar of our society.''

Katarina - ''Don't get too lost around, careful. ''Your anger for Edward showed me your other side, and hell' I'm impressed.''

Kai - ''I appreciate your efforts, I hope this will work. But sometimes you simply can't change someone. But I promise, I'll give my best.''

Amena - 'Your Ways are not the best ones. We had to save you through centuries, so you don't get lost. Remember that when you tell me next time what I am and what I'm not. But still, you are family.''

Eddie - ''When I met you I thought we could get along. Now I see you are simple minded freak. But still, I hope you realise your mistakes one day.''

Opinions about:


Akashic Brotherhood: "Disciplined warriors that focus on balance of mind and body. There's so much to do rather than meditate for days. Focusing too much on perfecting the mind, might lead you to forgeting the body. "

Celestial Chorus: "Let's forget the past."

Dreamspeakers: "You walk between the worlds. You, as tradition, raised from the Aeduna. And you are our closest ally in the Council. "

Euthanatos: Just... too much killing. [font]

Hollow Ones: "See you..."

Order of Hermes: "We both know what was done in the past. But we live in the present."

Sons of Ether: "What you are trying to achieve now using your machines, my people have achieved hundreds of years ago."

Virtual Adepts "Not many of Verbena can stay in the same room with VA's. I find them rather.. interesting. I feel some of them are lost in this new Burning Ages. Simple minded."
Cult of Ecstasy: "Cultists are crazy about pleasure of life, but not so open for downsides of it."

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Re: seeker of the moon
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 04:07:03 PM »
Very nice

You are roleplaying a 15 year old god, who has the "Smooth(3pt. Merit)" saying: "You. Leave, Now."
The only reason you arent perma-banned is because people feel bad for you, considering you donated so much for the server, In order to be a 15 year old vamp, who intimidates people more then the mafia itself. Wohoo!

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Re: seeker of the moon
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21, has a kid, doesnt even know where it is, good going

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Re: seeker of the moon
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21, has a kid, doesnt even know where it is, good going

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Re: seeker of the moon
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21, has a kid, doesnt even know where it is, good going
looks realistic lol
an unresponsible young father

btw I think I saw that guy in a movie before. Ain't he some kind of a creature with three eyes and puts smth to make them two?

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Re: seeker of the moon
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He actually got one eye in that movie.

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Re: seeker of the moon
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Nice CP !

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Re: seeker of the moon
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Nice CP.

Spoiler for Hidden:
List all of your personal accounts. I'm banning them all.

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Re: seeker of the moon
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seeker of dicks

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Re: seeker of the moon
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noice, keep it up
Life is awesome without lying.

when u get reported by yasuo sight who does not even roleplay the effects of the curse caused by vasha and he goes on calling others ''mg bullshit''

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Re: seeker of the moon
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He looks like he's growing grass on his head instead of his hair
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Cijeli dan je gledo kako diler gudru valja, niko nije smio cinkati Heroinskog Kralja.Svi su znali kako levat dila losu robu, komsija se zezno i zavrsio u grobu.Njega priveli su ovde nece lezati ni dan ima skupe advokate pa ce odmah ici van.Sudija ga pusta da se brani sa slobode, dokaze da skloni i svjedoke da izbode

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Re: seeker of the moon
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He looks like he's growing grass on his head instead of his hair

That's when you know he's Gaian

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Re: seeker of the moon
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