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Kevin Foster
« on: October 12, 2017, 12:18:05 PM »

Spoiler for Hidden:


Full Name: Kevin Foster

Nicknames: Kev.

Nationality: Canadian

Place of Birth: Canada

Affiliations: Fisherman

Languages: English and Russian


Weight: 78 KG

Height: 190 CM

Skin Color: White

Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Age: 25

Tattoos: None


Smoke cigarettes? Yes.

Drug User? Yes.

Drinks alcohol? Nope.

Is religious? No.

Knows about supernaturals? He knows about vampires yes.


-He Doesn't give up.

-His Firearms and Melee weapons.

-His Friends

-His Fist


-He can't control himself when someone insults him or his dead mother.

-He suffers from Addiction to smoke.

-He has no patience for standing around and waiting.



-Losing a fight.




-Martial arts.



-Drive new cars.



-Retard people.

-Fighting Women.

-Wasting time.

-Silly jokes.



[000]In Progress.


Master the Martial arts.

Become an Expert driver.

Revenge from the assholes who attacked him.


-How to perform Spinning kick and Snake step.

-Knowledge in Martial Arts Maneuvers.

-How to be an Expert Driver.


Parents: Father: Thomas Foster(Unknown), Mother: Amy Anderson(Dead)

Relationship with Parent's: Kevin hasn't met his father but he relationship with mother was good.

Siblings: None

Marital Status: Single

Sexuality: Straight

Others: N/A

[ooo] - Enemy/Hate: Must be Dead.

[ooo] - Dislikes: Just get the fuck out from my life

[ooo] - Neutral/Just met: No Judgement yet.

[ooo] - Friendly: Sympathetic, valuing.

[ooo] - Close friend: admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.

[ooo] - Romantic interest: Love, Adoration

Kurt Nygaard: Fuck you Asshole!!

Lloyd Weylin: Fuck you too!!

Tychus Rodriguez: Fuck you!!

Lillian Vienuxpont: You too!!

Alex William Parker: Asshole!!

Bjorn Stark: You are going to pay for this asshole!!

Seyama Hideyori: You just had sex with an underage girl and trying to kill me because I recorded that I trusted you at first but for now you are not welcomed in the house.

Doughlas Mackinaly: You are a fuckin bitch too!!

Aaron White: You better stay away from me Bitch!!

Chasty Simmons: Asshole!!

Kristopher Santos: Another asshole in the town Great!

Yasuo Sight: I trusted you, but aiming a gun on my face is wrong bitch!

Tommy White: Well fuck you asshole!

Elizabeth Beckett: How the fuck did you get a fire from your hands?Like what the fuck?!

Kevin Rudolf: Well you disrespected our cartel so Rest.

Alan Matthews: Fuck you and your jokes!

Chris Stewart: Rest bitch

Vincenzo Terranova: You too!

Patrick Snow: It was really easy to kill such a motherfaka like you.

Nathan Murray: Fuckin Bitch.

Touka Akiyama: Well go fuck yourself.

Hakura Fujimoto: Thanks for trying to save me.

Robin Nico: Maybe

Mcgor Andrew: Didn't get enough time to know you for now.

Mason Freeman: Still don't know you.

Vladimir Saikov: Don't know you yet.

Garret Kenney: Something is wrong with you but whatever didn't get enough time to know you.

Gabriel Scarletta: You were a friend to me but i don't know what happened to you dude.

Seth Watts: Good friend.

Jeffrey Maxey: Thanks for helping us really..

Natalia Aqua: Thanks for helping me a lot of times already.

Jeremiah Wallace: Old friend from old Gang

Stuart Pot: Good guy.

William Bradford: I like you too.

Arther Andrew: Rest dude..

Nicholas Hunter: I like you friend you were helping me a lot in the Cartel.

Sasha Maykov: Respected.

Reginald Banks: Rest, missed you friend, I still don't know how did you die.

Grigor Kaloyanchev: Respected Boss!

Lucas Hunter: Thanks for helping us i won't forget it.

John Carlos: You are funny dude i like you.

Nikolai Kotov: You are one of my best friends i Love you, didn't want to know that you are g-...

Edward Harris: You are my brother from another mother i Love you.
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Oh ye

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Re: Kevin Foster
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2017, 12:23:10 PM »

Seyama Hideyori: You just had sex with an underage girl and trying to kill me because I recorded that I trusted you at first but for now you are not welcomed in the house.

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Re: Kevin Foster
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Addiction to smoke? That's hardcore yo

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Re: Kevin Foster
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Very nice.

Too many relationships, none is forgotten. Too many enemies as well, neat.
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Re: Kevin Foster
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Nice CP, keep it up.