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Title: My Story Part 5: Vengeance
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Was lazy to make  part 5 since I got banned. But, people wanted a part 5. So, here it is.

After a failed escape by Kate and Ahmed, he ends up on a bed in the shelter's hosptial with heavy injuries....Kate is missing....

                            ''You thought escaping is easy........''
Victoria said with an angry tone while looking at Ahmed.
Ahmed woke up on this sentence....trying to answer her  but he failed..
''You will never escape.......'' She said.
She grabbed Ahmed's  arm, whispering in his ear: Nobody...*breathes*....can escape this shelter.....While I'm managing it.....
*She releases Ahmed's arm*
''We are going to find your insurgent friend......Kate.'' She says.
She tightened her grip afterwards, saying: Where is she? She probably told you...
''I.....I don't know....'' Ahmed answered her hardly.
''Yes you do! I'm sure that she told you!'' She said with an angry tone.
''I don't know.....I don't know.....'' Ahmed answered her hardly.
''You wanna play the hero, eh?'' She said.
She slapped Ahmed with all her power  to the point that he started crying.
Ahmed couldn't handle the pain so he told her what he knows....
''Alright...*Sobs*....I'll tell you what I know. She told me that one of the teachers will be waiting for us on the other side of the wall in a car at night'' He said.
''Did she tell you her name?'' She said.
''No....'' ''Are you sure?'' ''Yes, I swear....''

                                     Two Hours Later

Victoria rushed into the room with a cigarette in her hand and grabbed Ahmed....

''You're lying! You're hiding something!'' She said.

''No, no, no, I told you everything!'' He said.

''They asked that teacher about what you said, she doesn't even know a girl with the name Kate!'' She said.

''I don't know what you're talking about! I told you everything!'' He said while panicking.

''You're hiding something. And you're going to spit it out!'' She said.

Victoria burned Ahmed's left arm with the cigarette, he unleashed a very loud scream and started crying.

''Don't cry , you Little Bastard. Now, tell me. Where is she?!'' She said while holding his neck.

A nurse entered the room and released him from Victoria, Victoria left the room afterwards.

''Nobody escapes me! NOBODY!'' She shouted while leaving the room.

After that incident, the nurse left as well, leaving Ahmed alone in the room, crying.

''They found Kate....''

Justin said while sitting on a chair next to Ahmed.

''Where?'' Ahmed said.

''In a hospital, car accident.'' He said. ''They'll transfer her back here.''

''I can't imagine what they'll do to her.....something worse than what happened to me?'' Ahmed said.

''Worse? What happened to you was just a joke.'' He said.

''A joke?'' Ahmed said.

''Yeah, a joke. She once hanged a kid from his feet on the roof for not following orders.'' He said.

''What's her story?'' Ahmed said.

''Her husband divorced her, her attitude with the kids was like hell...'' He said.

''Well, that was a good move from him.'' Ahmed said.

''Justin, it's time to go.'' Joyce said after entering the room.

''Yeah, okay. See you later, Ahmed. '' He said.

''Bye.'' Ahmed said.

                           Two Months Later

Ahmed began to feel better, he  removed the splint from his leg and he was transferred back into The Dorm Rooms.

''Usually, kids sleep on  the tone of music. But we sleep on the screams of Kate....'' Ahmed said to himself.

10:00 PM, Hallway

Ahmed was cleaning The Hallway with Justin. Justin was coughing and sneezing real hard.

''You okay?'' Ahmed said.

''Yeah...*coughs*.....I'm okay.'' Justin said.

''You don't sound okay, you should go to a doctor.'' Ahmed said.

''No, no, I don't need a doctor...*sneezes*'' He said.

''Well, as you wish.'' Ahmed said.

Twenty minutes later, Justin was sneezing and coughing harder.

''Alright, you must visit the doctor. I'll go talk with Victoria and ask her.'' Ahmed said.

''No, no, no, no, no, not her, please. She won't care.'' He said.

''No, I'll go and talk with her.'' Ahmed said.

Ahmed walked to Victoria's office and entered it.

''What do you want?'' She said while looking at him with disgust and her make-up in her hands.

''Ma'am, Justin is sick'' Ahmed said.

''Who's Justin?'' She said.

''He's my room mate.'' Ahmed said.

''And how did you know he's sick?'' She said.

''He's coughing and sneezing real hard.'' Ahmed said.

''Ah, just some cold, forget it.'' She said.

''But, he needs a doctor.'' Ahmed said.

''A doctor.......why would he need a doctor for some cold? You're overreacting.'' She said carelessly.

''I'm not overreacting, he's sick!'' Ahmed said.

Victoria stood up and grabbed Ahmed.

''Now listen to me, Little Bastard. Your friend has some cold, no big deal, now get the hell out of my  office!'' She said with an angry tone.

Ahmed left the office and went back to Justin.

''What did she say?'' Justin said.

''She didn't care at all...'' Ahmed said.

''What did I tell you? Well, at least there's someone who cares about me.....'' He said.

''Yeah..'' Ahmed said.

''I'm okay, don't worry....*coughs*'' He said while barely smiling.

They both finished cleaning and went to the bed.

                            One Day Later

Justin wasn't waking up, they were all sitting around him trying to wake him up. Joyce entered the room and noticed that Justin's temperature is very high. Ahmed begged her to take him to a doctor and she did.

''He has a late Pneumonia...'' Doc said to Victoria and Joyce.

''Well, any hope of curing him?'' Victoria said carelessly.

''Very low chances......Two days is what's left in his life..'' Doc said.

''Mhm, thanks for the help, Doc.'' Victoria said before leaving with Joyce.

''Two days and I'll lose my only friend......Nothing will be left for me in this life...

''So, what do we do now?'' Joyce said while speaking with Victoria in the end of the hallway.

''Call his mother....'' Victoria said.

''Yeah, alright.''

Ahmed was surprised that Justin had a mother....''Who would leave his child in this hell?'' He said.

                     Two Days Later, The Dorm Room

Ahmed was sitting next to Justin, waiting for him to wake up while crying......And he woke up.

''Justin!'' Ahmed said while smiling.

''Hey, Ahmed....*Coughs*'' He said.

''We shouldn't have left you like this...'' Ahmed said.

''It's not your fault....It's Victoria's fault.'' He said.

''Yeah....You didn't tell me you had a mother.'' Ahmed said.

''There was no need for that.'' He said. ''She wasn't up for taking care of a child without my father....''

''I feel sad for you....*Sniffs*'' Ahmed said.

''I know.....I have one wish right now........I want to see her.....My only mother....'' He said while holding Ahmed's hand, crying.....

Justin slowly released Ahmed's hand, closing his eyes while Ahmed is crying..

''Don't leave me here....*Sobs*...Please....*Sniffs*'' Ahmed said.

After this incident, a woman rushed into the room, hugging Justin.

''Justin, no!'' The Woman said while crying. ''I shouldn't have left you here!''

Ahmed was looking at her while crying........''Who....*sniffs*...Who are you?'' He said.

She kept crying......''I'm his mother!'' She said. ''Don't leave me, please!''

You were late.....'' Ahmed said  before rushing after Victoria.

"He died because of you!'' Ahmed shouted at Victoria while hitting her.

''I'm going to make you pay for this!'' She said after dragging him to the basement.

Victoria trapped Ahmed inside the basement while he's crying....

                              Six Years Later....

       ''After a very long time in this hell.....It was time for vengeance....'' Ahmed said.

The only thing Victoria cared about is keeping the garden beautiful, they were bringing a new, delightful fountain, they are going to place it tomorrow.

Ahmed was cleaning the kitchen with a boxcar full of cleaning components. The Worker went to take a leak and Ahmed took this opportunity to steal a kitchen knife.....He went to Victoria's office.

''*Sighs deeply* What do you want?!'' She said with an angry tone.....

''I'm here for justice, Honey.'' He said after withdrawing the knife.

He grabbed her while she's trying to defend her self, but she failed....

''This is for Justin! This is for every single  day I've spent in this shit hole! This is for every child you've killed!'' He said while stabbing her to death...

After killing her, he cleaned the room for any evidence and dumped her body into the boxcar, walking out.

He saw another worker and took a look on his ID. It was the worker that raped him when he was a child.....

''Where are you going, Kid?'' He said.

Ahmed kept starring at him.....Then he stabbed him to death as well before cleaning the hallway and dumping his body.

Ahmed took the boxcar to the fountain, he took a look inside and started digging with a shovel.

While digging........He found a skeleton........

''That's probably the girl that disappeared years ago.......Victoria killed her and dumped her here...'' He said.

Ahmed dumped both bodies next to the skeleton and hid it under the dirt.

The next day, the workers came and placed the fountain, both bodies were hidden under the fountain with out any evidence.....Victoria and The Worker were missing.......Both cases were closed due to lack of evidence........Ahmed studied medicine in college and met with Sarah......She found out that he's the kid who was hiding behind the curtain, listening.....(Check Part 1)

        ''Now, it's time for Mister Ocean and his family......''

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