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I see. This is denied, a 6th gen potency can't skip a gap from 9th to 7th, he'd need to be a Methuselah at the very least.

When you re-apply in a week, optimize and compress your answers and story. The bigger it is, the longer it'll take for your apps to be checked. Huge walls of text that barely scratch the surface only demonstrate your paraphrasing skills. Consider this a PSA for the future.

As for your diablerie story, while decent - the act itself seems rushed and ambiguous. Add more as far as the emotional and psychological aspect of your development goes.
Vampire Applications / Re: Isaac_Wylcoff ;; 7th Generation ;; Brujah ;; Diablerie
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The target aka Sheriff was a 6th generation elder who served L'Fontaine loyally due to the good friendship that his Sire had with him. When his Sire was ashed, he was taken in by L'Fontaine who despite being behind the murder continued to manipulate him and alter his mind to have him serve even more loyally. L'Fontaine generation is 5th. A very old ventrue from Britain posing as French royalty. The preparation was role-played IG over the course of my characters presence. Most people close to my character icly knew his intentions. The story regarding the attack and diablerie was not role-played IG but made up to fit in and progress on my character development.
Wtf is that wall of text do you think im immortal or smth...

What generation did the target have? Was this rped in-game?
Character Profiles / Re: Alexander 'The Priest" Solokov
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added some relationships
Character Profiles / Re: The Armored Pirate is Back!
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Welcome back ;)
Character Profiles / Re: Damon
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damon > stuart without his weed
Character Profiles / Re: The Armored Pirate is Back!
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Loved roleplaying with you!
Character Profiles / Re: The Armored Pirate is Back!
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Character Profiles / Re: The Armored Pirate is Back!
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Welcome back!
Vampire Applications / Isaac_Wylcoff ;; 7th Generation ;; Brujah ;; Diablerie
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires?

In my mind, when the word vampire arises I am instantly reminded of a living dead creature that sustains itself by hunting mortals and leeching them off of their blood with the help of his newly found predatory instincts. As presented to us by modern series, books and other forms of entertainment, vampires have been presented to us as immortal creatures of the night who bask into the newfound (un)life that they have. This is mostly what they are viewed as by other real life humans as well, mainly because that's how modern society depicts them. When the term 'vampire' is brought up to or by other people, said creatures are also usually depicted as monsters that have been summoned through demonic powers or by demonic entities corrupting the corpse and inhabiting it in due time. Although this statement is far-fetched, it still bares some truth. The vampires are not Satanís spawn, but rather a combination of events that may have lead them to being turned by their sire. Simply put, their own choices have lead to them being embraced even when they assume that they haven't done anything to deserve it. To some extent, it is always the fault of the one that has gotten turned because of drawing such attention to themselves. But those are just my thoughts on how humans may see sampires - Unholy spawn of the devil sent to terrorize humanity.

The way a vampire sees itself depends on a variety of factors. Their clan, their sect, their backgrounds and generally any information from their past or present may shape the vampire's thoughts of itself into what they may see themselves as. Some vampires see themselves as predators who bask in the blood of innocent victims whereas others simply see themselves as survivors in this day and age. A simple example of how vampires see themselves can be taken from the sect known as Sabbat. These vampires (unlike the Camarilla who are the complete opposite), tend to show off their dominance over humanity and refuse to hide in the shadows. They put their might on display openly and belittle humans as if they were merely cattle for them, which is also true to some extent. A character that hails under the Sabbat may as well see them the way it's sect see's them or the way their sire has taught them to see the world, but at the end of the day it's all up to how the character is meant to be portrayed by the player. There have been instances where a member of the Sabbat would turn against their brethren and remove themselves from their ranks and at times, politics altogether, going Independent. However, this is merely one example out of many.

Moving on. The way folklore depicts vampires and the way they are presented to us in cWoD is not all that different. Although in folklore it is said that all vampires suffer from the same weaknesses, this is far from the truth. It comes as no surprise that vampires shreek in terror and loathe sunlight. But that is just about the only thing they share when it comes down to weaknesses. A Vampire's weakness in cWoD comes from their clan. These weaknesses were given to each clan by Caine himself, who was utterly revolted at them for their transgression. Although some vampires may bare the traditional weakness to garlic or running water, these may simply be flaws that an individual vampire has instead of the whole vampire race as a collective. Vampires are not repulsed by crosses or by religious and holy items that are brandished to them (unless they're Baali in which case they're going to be affected), unless of course the carrier of these items has True Faith. In this case, a vampire should be cautious and do what they can to be out of the items immediate proximity. In mythology, stories tell of a Vampire's immense physical prowess when compared to a human being. As mentioned before, mythology speaks about a variety of things that a Vampire can do, including shapeshifting into a bat or another animal, command others (including animals) and even survive decapitating wounds. This may be true, but a vampire's source of power comes from their disciplines and each vampire's clan has a unique set of disciplines that are specifically designed for them. Not every vampire can survive the claws of a werewolf, not every vampire can move at superhuman speed (Celerity) and not every vampire can share the same shapeshifting powers as another. Just as their weaknesses are not mutual, neither are their powers (although they could be learned in time with the proper guidance). Some disciplines are more common whilst other are extremely rare and exclusive to the Clan that they fit correctly.

To wrap it all up, vampires are generally seen as predators and monsters by humans and are generally labelled as monsters that prey on them for their blood. Vampires may see themselves as monsters, survivors, saviors and so forth, generally depending on their background and character development. Although there are some similarities between folklore and cWoD, there is still a minor difference which sets standard mythology apart from the cWoD lore that the actions of our characters take place in.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?

Being discovered as a vampire may cause an uproar in human society. First and foremost, humans are known not to be trusted when it comes down to keeping secrets, with a handful of them being an exception. If the general public ever had the slightest indication that such creatures exist then they would become extremely frightened and would go to extremes to protect themselves and those they care about. Such an uproar in human society could bring forth the attention of the government which in turn could lead to massive slaughters and even an all out war between humans and vampires at some point. There are specific groups who have tasked themselves with hunting down all forms of supernatural creatures that threaten humanity and may be eventually be the demise of the character that has been outed as a vampire to the public. They could also be a risk not only to themselves but also to the society in which they live amongst, whether they wanted to have such attention raised to the race itself or not. Whether or not a vampire character should come out and openly brag about his existence as a supernatural being is down to the character, as I have mentioned in the answer above. It depends solely on their background and the way they were developed. A kindred of the Camarilla may prefer to keep hidden and mindle among humanity whereas a Cainite of the Sabbat would rather put his power on display, openly.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it?

The Traditions are known as a set of fundementel rules set into place and are meant to be followed by Kindred society. It is said that they were handed down by Caine himself although some Vampires simply deny his existence.

First Tradition: The Masquerade
'Thou shall not reveal thy nature to those not of the Blood.'

The First Tradition clearly indicates that vampires are supposed to remain hidden, even if it is in plain sight. This means that they are restricted from performing actions that may somehow hinder their ability to blend in among humanity successfully in the future and are urged to think twice before doing anything stupid.

Second Tradition: The Domain
Thy Domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy Domain.

The second tradition covers the basis of one's domain. The domain is known to be a vampire's hunting ground and their very own territory which they have rightfully (or wrongfully) earned in one way or another. This rule states clearly that the domain is the owner's concern alone, as is the safety of it. Those who walk upon it are urged to show proper etiquette and treat the domain's owner with respect. The one who runs the Domain and has claimed it as their territory has the final word in everything and their choices may not be challenged by others.

Third Tradition: The Progeny
Thou shall only Sire another with the permission of thine Elder. If thou createst another without thine Elder's leave, both thou and thy Progeny shall be slain.
This Tradition states that in order to be able to pass on the curse of Caine down the line and create your own childe, you must be given the permission of the elder that rules the domain. If an elder is not present then one may seek for permission from the oldest person that resides in their domain, although this is usually not seen as a valid means of getting approval. If one were to create a childe without the permission of an elder, as stated in the quote, they'd both be killed.

Fourth Tradition: The Accounting
Those thou create are thine own children. Until thy Progeny shall be Released, thou shall command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure.

This tradition clearly states that once you've gotten the permission to create your own childe, you are held responsible for it and their actions. Whatever they do will come back to haunt you, be it good or bad. Creating a childe of your own is a huge responsibility and once it's been done it is not to be taken lightly. It is the equivalent of raising a child and quite possibly, worse.

Fifth Tradition: The Hospitality
Honor one another's domain. When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who ruleth there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing.

It is safe to say that this tradition covers for the safety and assurance when it comes down to the security of one's domain. This tradition was put in place to both show etiquette and some form of culture among kindred society as well as ensure that the safety of the, making certain that it is not put at any risk by unwanted people. To put it simply it is considered a great gesture to introduce yourself to the one in charge of the Domain (Usually an elder, but things run differently at times especially on Anarch domains), who then decides whether or not to allow the one performing the introduction access to his hunting grounds or not. If permitted, they may hunt freely without any backlash.

Sixth Tradition: The Destruction
Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine Elder. Only the Eldest among thee shall call the Blood Hunt.

This tradition covers mostly the telltale murders that take place within the race itself due to inner conflict. It was put in place to prevent such acts and to keep final death off the table unless there was a dire need for it. Only the elder (or eldest, depends on the situation), may choose whether or not to 'ash' someone. The elder (or eldest) may call upon a blood hunt as well.

4. What is a Clan?

The term Clan within the society of vampires refers to a group of vampires that share common blood whose source can be trailed back to a common ancestor from the third generation which is usually considered the elder of it unless they have been diablerized by their childe or perhaps another vampire, in which case they'd be replaced by them. There is a total of 13 Clans.

Brujah - A Clan of former philosopher-kings that has been deteriorating throughout the ages. Although older Brujah maintain a similar outlook on life as their Sire before them, the newer generation is problematic and chaotic to say the least. The fledglings that were mentioned just now are usually considered trashy punks, rebels and rogues. 'Rabble' is a nickname given to them by others because the word represents the clan very well - "Disorderly mob". They are most prone to frenzy due to their inability to control themselves. Other than that, Brujah are social vampires and usually bask in being the center of attention.

Assamite - This clan consists of the children of Haqim. Silent and deadly, especially with their unique discipline known as Quietus, they are the right person for the job when it comes to assassination. They collect blood for their Clan-Specific rituals which eventually draws them closer to the aforementioned Haqim.

Gangrel - Masters of Protean. They are bestial and feral to some degree. They are the closest to the Beast and as such, when they enter a state of frenzy they are left with a what they call "Mark of the Beast". This mark presents itself in animalistic features being grown, usually temporary but may sometimes end up being permanent. The type of feature that is displayed depends solely on which animal the Vampire in question is most 'attuned' to.

Followers of Set - Setites are known for their thirst for knowledge. They tend to stay in darker places than other Kindred in order to protect themselves from the Sun by which they take double the damage, including other sources of strong, shining lights. They are masters of a unique discipline known as Serpentis and have also been called the 'Snake Clan' because of their mastery over the aforementioned discipline.

Giovanni - The Giovanni are a controversial clan to say the least. These in-breeders are known for their wish to keep it all 'in the family' in more ways than one. They are very picky when it comes to the embrace and choose only members from within their own family or if proven worthy, a close and damn good associate. They are masters of Necromancy and are known for their usage of dead corpses to guard their havens. They also have strong financial standing due to their influence growing in that field ever since the renaissance. Their 'Kiss' is nothing to be taken lightly as it brings nothing but agony.

Malkavian - The Malkavians have always been labeled as extremely insane and obscure within Kindred society. This clan has been fractured by madness and each of its members are never able to be sane again. There are clan variants which may make the madness lesser. Such is the case with the Domination Malkavians who were fortunate or unfortunate enough (depends on how you look at it) to have their unique power of Dementation replaced with Dominate. This clanís greatest weakness is the insanity that follows them everywhere and that they are truly broken beyond any repair.

Nosferatu - This clan bares a disfigurement of their appearance. Now truly being shadows of their former selves prior to the embrace, this clan's weakness has also become it's greatest strength. Not willing to breach the masquerade or even be seen in public as a literal monster, the Nosferatu have remained in the shadows and gathered information through their usage of Obfuscate and a variety of other disciplines that help their cause. They are not to be underestimated. A good Nosferatu will know everything about you before you even knew they existed. Their knowledge and espionage makes them a great ally and a formidable foe who can expose all your secrets and true desires and use them against you within a moment's notice. It's unnerving, to say the least.

Lasombra - The Lasombra are proud nobles and the founders of the Sabbat. They display great etiquette and are masters at bending shadows to their will, manipulating the dark matter that they are. This truly puts them at a great advantage. They lose track of how they look, however, as they may never cast a reflection. History says that a lot of Lasombras would have their portraits painted just to remind themselves of how they looked.

Toreador - This clan enjoys their unlife to the fullest. Usually the closest to humanity (including their own rating), these creatures of the night enjoy the sensual pleasures that the world has to offer. They are drawn to physical beauty and show great appreciation for art in all its forms. They are even masters at it themselves. Their clan weakness is that they can be lost in the beauty of certain arts. Toreador antitribu suffer the same, but with displays of violence instead.

Ravnos  - This clan is usually considered to consist of nomads. Members of this clan are also considered to be tricksters, thieves and so forth. This isn't far from the truth. In fact, due to their inherent clan weakness, members of this clan are all criminals who have either done something illegal regardless of how big or small the crime may be. They are masters of Chimerstry, which is their clan specific discipline.

Tremere - The Tremere are known as the blood sorcerers within the society of vampires. Formerly members of the Order of Hermes and members of 'House Tremere', these individuals have gotten their powers by drinking from the blood of the seven elders before becoming vampires themselves. They basically invented vampirism in a bottle. Due to this, however, they are more susceptible to blood bonds which serves as their clan weakness. Regardless, they put Thaumaturgy to great use.

Tzimisce - Known as the Fiends, a nickname rightfully earned for their gruesome acts of fleshcraft, the Tzimisce are cold, calculating and extremely distant from humanity. They enjoy disfiguring others in order to practice, marveling in their screams and cries in the process. They originate from Slavic lands mostly. Their clan weakness states that a Tzimisce may not slumber unless they have at least two handfuls of soil from an area they've found extremely important as a mortal.

Ventrue - Also called blue bloods, the Ventrue have been around for quite some time and are without a doubt, one of the most proud and royal clans that has existed up to date. The Ventrue value history much more than any other clan and usually bask in the pleasure of showing said history off to prove that they are worthy of being in a position of higher authority than other clans. Other clans, such as the Brujah usually refer to the members of this clan as snobs, whereas others may outright call them tyrants. Whatever the case may be, this clan suffers from its own unique weakness. Due to their royalty and great taste especially in rare things, they may feed on a specific type of blood or from which source. The choice is given to the player portraying that character.

5. What is a Bloodline?

A Bloodline is a term used when referring to vampires who share a common lineage which usually trails back to a mutual sire, grandsire and so on. What sets them apart from regular clans is usually a tiny detail which may seem more valuable than most think. They have their own distinctions from their parent clan, be it their weakness, disciplines or in some cases both. To put it simply, think of a bloodline as a mini-clan put into another clan. Thus the usage of the 'parent clan' term earlier.

The Assamite Bloodlines are: Assamite Antitribu , Bedouins, Courtiers, Shango, Sorcerer and Vizier caste;

The Brujah Bloodlines are: Brujah Antitribu, True Brujah and Osebo;

The Caitiff's only known bloodline and one affiliated to the Sabbat are the Panders.

The Cappadocians were once the parent clan from which the Giovanni were considered a part of until their ascension through diablerie of their Antediluvian Cappadocius from his very own childe, Augustus Giovanni who then succeeded it and whose clan stood on the throne, thus becoming the parent clan of the following: Harbinger of Skulls, Lamia, Mla Watu, Samedi and Pisanob.

The Followers of Set also referred to as Setites have Daitya, Serpands of the Light and Tlacique.

The Salubri consist of the Antitribu, Baali, Wu Zao and Nkulu Zao.

The Toreadors are separated into Ishtarri and Toreador Antitribu in terms of bloodlines.

The Gangrel have what may be considered the largest amount of bloodlines. They are: City Gangrel, Greek Gangrel Country Gangrel, Marine Gangrel, Ahrimanes, Anda, Akunanse, Noiad, Lhiannan.

The Lasombra consist of four bloodlines and they are as follows: Antitribu, Angellis Ater, Kiasyd, Xi Dundu. It is worth noting that Angellis Ater may no longer exist under the Lasombra and has instead been merged with the Baali bloodline and are now known as Azaneali, which may be considered a bloodline within a bloodline.

The Nosferatu consists of the Nictuku, Antitribu and Guruhi bloodlines.

The Malkavians consist of theAntitribu and the Dominate Malkavians which came into existence as a blood line as a result of the Great Prank.

Although the Tremere were once considered a bloodline created by magi from the aforementioned House Tremere by using the Tzimisce blood, the founder of this bloodline has soon after managed to diablerize the Antediluvian known as Saulot and has had this bloodline raise to the rank of an official, fully fledged Clan. The bloodlines that they carry now are their Antitribu and the Telyavelic Tremere.

In turn this has left the Tzimisce with the following bloodlines: Old Clan Tzimisce and Naglopers. The Clan still remains despite having their Antediluvian diablerized by the founder of House Tremere.

The Ventrue have two distinctive bloodlines and they are: Danava and the Ventrue Antitribu.

However, there are some bloodlines that have emerged from a single or multiple clans. Their exact origins cannot be pinpointed yet and only speculations may be made until solid evidence is found. They are: Blood Brothers, Bonsam, Bushi, Gargoyles, Maeghar, Nagaraja, Ramanaga, Daughters of Cacophony and Children of Osiris.

There may come a time when more bloodlines come into existence, but so far these are the only ones that have been officially noted down.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two?

The embrace is a mystical process of transformation from a mere mortal into a vampire. The embrace is something only Cainites can do when it comes to recruitment and/or passing on their legacy. The process of the embrace goes as follows:

First, the individual that is being transformed must be drained of all of its blood. This act is usually an intimate experience commonly compared to sex and the likes. Once the soon-to-be-childe is drained of their blood, their sire will give them a small portion of their own blood which will instantly transform them into a new childe. The rebirth is known to be of great enjoyment and may be the greatest pleasure the Childe may have felt. Perhaps the last one other than the ecstasy from feeding. The childe is usually born hungry. It is common for a newly born vampire to enter a state of berserk frenzy due to their inexperience on how to deal with the Beast within, especially when in the presence of blood. Vampires are known to degrade almost instantly upon embrace and the hours that follow are usually full of painful burning from within them, signifying that the body is undergoing the process of death and is disposing of all the unnecessary waste within the vessel. The new childe may take some days before they begin to display the effects of the curse. The embrace is usually instant, except in the case of thin-blooded vampires, where it can take up some time. In my opinion, the embrace is an essential part of a vampire's life as it not only carries on their blood to their childe but also carries on their legacy. It is also a means of survival for the race. This may be just a few of the reasons it is a practice that has been so commonly heard about. A characters view on this act may vary depending on their past and their experiences throughout their life. Some may favor it whilst others may not. Some may lack the ability to perform it and find it to be a missing part of their life, whilst others may not. As stated before, this depends on both the characters past and future development plans set out for them.

Diablerie (also known as Amaranth) refers to the act of drinking another vampire's blood to the point of final death and draining their very essence, their very soul into their own. This act is akin to cannibalism among humans. The diablerist's humanity is in jeopardy at this point and is reduced. The amount may depend on a roll or what the storyteller deems to be a worthy amount. The diablerist is marked by black stains onto their aura which may remain for years and even centuries. Some diablerists (especially repeating offenders of this act), have been noticed displaying certain properties of their victims, which leads others to believe that they are now either truly a part of them or that they may at some point take over the host. There have been recorded events in Cainite history where some elders have survived that way. This practice is favored by the Sabbat. Assamites have something akin to this and is referred to as the 'Hearts Blood'. Through the usage of their unique discipline, Quietus, the Assamites have managed to find the very soul within the heart which manifests itself as black, thick liquid, isolating it and having it preserved for diablerie at a later date if need be.

The act of diablerie is (in)famous because of the rising power hunger within the society of vampires. Everyone wants to survive and if that means growing powerful by digesting the very essence of someone of more potent blood (and thus, lower generation, closer to Caine), then they'd take the chance most likely. The act is favored by Sabbat vampires and is enforced by them. The way one sees the act of diablerie may vary, as stated before, depending on the character that you or another player may be attempting to portray.

The way both of these cases are seen is up to the creativity of the player in the end.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society?

The generation of a vampire is an indication of how long the 'distance' is between themselves and Caine, the first of the Damned. With each new embrace made, the potency of the first vampire grows thinner due to the mechanics of the Embrace.

The First Generation of the damned was Caine. He was banished after he had killed his sibling, Abel. For that, he was shunned by his father Adam and was cursed by God to forever walk the earth as an individual who is unable to die and witness everything he cares for wither away due to old age. Now that he has been marked, Caine had wandered the darkness alone and quite possibly fearful of what fate followed him. While roaming the lands of Nod, he encountered Lilith. Amazed by the fact that he possesses some form of unique power, she takes him in. In due time the two become lovers. In time and after a fair amount of pleas, Lilith decides to share her power with Caine. After he had taken a sip from her blood, he was visited by three angels, each one presenting Caine with a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of God. He refused their offers and for each angel that he had rejected - a curse was cast upon him. He was cursed to bare a weakness to fire as do all generations below him, vulnerability to sunlight and the eternal gnawing of the creature from within that will continue to thirst for more blood. Once a fourth angel came forth and offered him a way to redeem himself and receive mercy from God (known as Golconda), Caine becomes empowered and gains a large variety of disciplines. He leaves Lilith and continues to wander the lands of Nod alone, which may have been God's intention in the first place since he was cursed to forever be alone and see everything in front of him grow old and wither in due time. This is merely some insight on Caine's origins and may not be the correct one when it comes to In character details, considering that there's a large variety of stories that depict him in another way.

The Second Generation consist of the childer of Caine. They are considered to be mythical beings and the sires of the thirteen antediluvians that make up the other clans. There is very little information about them and they are mostly considered to be legends by certain vampires and sects (The Camarilla), just like their sire, Caine.

The Third Generation, unlike their sires are considered to be real. They are the thirteen vampires that belong in this generation and each of them are the founders of one of the thirteen Clans. It is never stated how many others have been turned and that information has been left unknown. For what really matters in this case are the antediluvians that have survived the flood that God has sent over them by using their wits fast enough to slumber underneath the water in order to hide from the sunlight. Although they may exist it is highly unlikely than they walk the earth. It is more likely that they are in a state of slumber known as torpor.

The Fourth and Fifth Generations are known as the methuselah's. They bare a great amount of power and it may almost be measured up to the standards of their sires. Although some do lay in torpor just like their sires, others have brushed away the thought of it and have found a reason to remain active. Those that have not been able to brush away the call of torpor have fallen into a state of eternal slumber, stasis of sorts, but would awaken eventually, even if their rest lasts a few centuries. Their blood is quite potent and they have the ability to use advanced Disciplines. But with great age and power come a few drawbacks to which these generations may be prone to.

The Sixth and Seven Generation lack the potency of blood that the antediluvians had, but are slightly closer to the methuselahs potency. It is logical that their blood is somewhat thinner than that of the Methuselahs, whom they originated from in the first place. Despite this, however, many of them are considered elders of vampire society and are not to be taken lightly as they have quite the arsenal at their own disposal.

The Eighth and Ninth Generation may be young but the blood of Caine still flows strongly within their veins. This gives them a significant edge over those of lesser blood potency than theirs. They are well balanced beings when it comes to blood potency and age. They are nowhere as powerful as those of higher blood potency than theirs and as such, they tend to sire a vast amount of childer to overcome such a disadvantage.

The Tenth and Eleventh Generation are a collective of young vampires which have been created within the last few centuries, mainly after the 14th one in which the generation above was created. Despite being young, these vampires still carry fair blood potency which gives them an edge over others.

The Twelfth and Thirteenth Generations are referred to as fledglings and neonates within the the Cainite Society. They are very far apart from Caine and although their potency of blood isn't as strong as those of lower generation they still remain formidable foes if they are guided in the right path and properly trained. Humans would stand no chance against them provided the vampire played its cards right.

The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Generation is a group of what the others call 'thin-blooded' vampires which are believed to be the signs of Gehenna peeking around the corner. They are at a heavy disadvantage when it comes to other vampires and are often loathed and regarded to as expendable. There are some groups within sects such as the Camarilla's scourges that deal with these 'pests'.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?

The First Anarch Revolt was sparked during the time period in which the Inquisition was active. It is said that the elders of the clan were willingly sending their neonates into battle and sacrificing them to the Inquisitors as if their young were cannon fodder. A Brujah known as Patricia (later known as Tylor) expressed her thoughts on the matter to Hardestadt and the other elders, insisting that they must take up arms and battle the mortals. However, her notion was rejected, valuing the Masquerade far more than their young. It was without a doubt that Patricia felt betrayed by her own kind and in return, formed a resistance composed of her fellow Brujah. She assaulted Castle Hardestadt and although she suffered great casualties, she managed to successfully diablerize Hardestadt. As soon as the news of this elders' defeat had spread, other Brujah took a book from Patricia's books and attempted to diablerize their sires. The young rebelled against their elders and hated them for their ability to simply allow them to die in battle against their foes without doing anything else to help them. These rebels called themselves Anarchs, declaring their rebellion against the laws that were supposedly left by Caine. There were skirmishes being fought, first of which started off in Spain. The notion of having younger Cainites coming together in order to rebel against their elders were news that spread fast. This is what drove the creation of the Camarilla, but in turn, also empowered the Anarch Movement on two other fronts through the rise of two historical campaigns performed by the Anarchs in both Italy and Romania.

The Italian Front was moved to Italy when Gratiano De Veronese joined the Anarchs with the intentions of killing his Sire, Lasombra. Gratiano De Veronese had made allies at some point in his life with some Assamite and with their help, he launched an attack on the Castle of Shadows in Sicily in which Lasombra remained in a state of torpor. With the help of his Assamite allies, Gratiano had managed to stage a coup, making others believe that it was Montano, Gratiano's brother who is launching the assault on Lasombra. This attack resulted in the Lasombra being plunged into destruction, falling apart from the inside. Those who remained instantly joined the Anarchs whilst others sought to remain Independent.

The Romanian Front was another campaign that took place within the boundries of Romania. Once news of the Lasombra being crushed and that their Antideluvian was now dead, another campaign was set into motion, this time with the intent of taking the Tzimisce down. Lugoj lead an Anarch Army and began invating the properties of Tzimisce Lords, showing no mercy to those who were not willing to convert to the ways of the Anarchs. The moment he managed to convert Lambach at the House of Tabak was a turning point for this campaign. Lambach had given away the location of the Tzimisce Antediluvian and soon after the Monestery of Sernog was stormed in search for him. It is said that Lugoj had diablerized the Antediluvian with haste and celebrated their victory. Little did they know that the Antideluvian of the Tzimisce had placed a decoy in his place and used it to kill Lugoj as the battle ensued, eventually using fleshcraft to make himself look like Lugoj and had faked his own diablerie. In this manner he was able to take Lugoj's leadership.

The Convention of Thorns marked the end of the rebellion. This was a peace treaty made between the leaders of the Camarilla, the Assamite and the Anarchs. The date this event took place on is October 23rd, 1493. Although this treaty did not seem to run well with everyone, especially the Anarchs of the Lasombra and the Tzimisce, rejecting the Convention as a whole. In turn, they formed the Sabbat and a reasonable amount of members from other clans followed them.

The Second Anarch Revolt took place on December 21st, 1944 in Los Angeles. Following the beating of Jeremy MacNeil. Having tolerated the Anarchs for some time, Don Sebastian who served as the Domain's Prince under the Camarillas influence, had finally blown a fuse to their ruckus and had Jeremy Macnail beaten. As a result, Jeremy MacNeil had his Anarchs scout the havens of local elders over a period of six weeks and finally launched an attack. Don Sebastian was ultimately killed and the Elders that were fortunate enough not to meet the same fate had fled the city, marking a strong victory for the Anarch Movement. The movement then continued down to San Diego and attempted to liberate San Francisco. Although they were repelled by the Prince of San Francisco known as Vannevar Thomas, within those three months they had made claims on a wide amount of territory. The region became known as the Anarch Free State.

Character creation:

Name: Isaac_Wylcoff
Age: 300
Embrace Age: 34
Clan/Bloodline: Brujah
Sect: Anarch Movement
Generation: From 9th to 7th

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000)

After parting ways with Isabella Riago, his Sire who also happened to be both his childhood friend and lover for two centuries, Isaac Wylcoff decided to walk his own path and follow his own road. Following the events of the Second Anarch Revolt in which both him and Isabella had taken place, a bounty was placed on both of their heads. Worried for both her safety and his own, Isaac attempted to convince Isabella that turning their political views in favor of the Camarilla would somehow preserve their unlife and perhaps in due time give them a chance to redeem themselves. Disgusted by the thought of serving Tyrants, Isabella scolded Isaac and a fierce argument broke out. It soon got physical but it ended as abruptly as it started. Not willing to follow her agenda, Isaac left his Sire's side and sought a way to redeem himself. Knowing that New York was still under Camarilla rulership, he made his way there. It didn't take long for him to be discovered. News had spread of his arrival almost instantly but no action was taken. That is mainly because Isaac is an individual who was well known for his respect towards the Traditions. He made his way towards the Haven of the Prince, escorted by the Sheriff of the Domain. Once there, he properly presented himself and made his intentions clear. Although skeptical at first, Matthew L'Fontaine decided to give Isaac a chance. This new chance that was being given to him was shrouded in secrecy and deception but due to the powers of Dominate and Presence, both of which Isaac was at times under the influence of due to his lowered willpower after his departure from his Sire. He was given a small apartment that not even a homeless person would want to live in. But he made use of it and made it his own personal space in which he can be safe. If you can even consider such an existence safe in the first place. For about ten years or so, Isaac has been in constant service of this Prince. He used to work with James Burke, a fledgeling that did not know the ways of the society that he was dragged in. Isaac took it upon himself to tutor James Burke and treated him as if he were his childe rather than friend. Things went well and each job was successfully performed by both men.
In the early 1900's Isaac was contacted by the Sheriff of the Domain directly. He was informed that James Burke had defected and ran away from the Domain. It is said that he was more willing to be an Anarch than to serve the so called Tyrants. As if that was not enough, he was soon informed that one of his closest allies at the time, Tatyana was killed by none other than Elijah himself. Angered by both the defection of his ally and the death of Tatyana, Isaac takes on the task of murdering this target. However, once he comes close enough to the haven and walks through the doors, through the powers of Presence, Isaac is soothed and was suddenly willing to listen to Elijah before any fighting took place. He was informed of how the Prince of this Domain was a corrupt one and had framed him for the murder that his Sheriff had committed in order to keep Tatyana quiet and being rendered unable to ever speak what she had found out. This is when Isaac realized that he's been lied to and used by the Ventrue. After being sent on various tasks that others would consider suicidal, finding out that you were merely expendable was not a comforting thought. Elijah offered Isaac tutorship in exchange for his services. Having no Sire to train with and looking for an individual who might have some more knowledge to offer, Isaac accepted, although reluctantly. Elijah was an Anarch just as Isaac was. He knew Isabella and has worked with her in the past. This is what prompted him to take Isaac under his wing in the first place. Taking into consideration the effects that certain mental disciplines may have, Elijah urged his new student to stay out of the Prince's vicinity as well as that of his Sheriff. Being both obedient and careful, Isaac made sure to keep the contact between him, the Prince and the Prince's people to a minimum. Eventually he got so distant that the Prince became suspicious. There were a few visits to Isaac's small haven during this time, some of which were done only to make sure Isaac has kept his mouth shut when it comes down to the jobs and tasks he had performed for the Prince. This was done mainly because most of them were of high risk and were extremely shady. Although Isaac now knew the full extent of the Ventrue's power and how wide-spread his tyranny was, he kept a low profile and made sure to follow their rules in order to keep himself alive. The fact that Matthew L'Fontaine was the very same Ventrue that was responsible for Isabella being deflowered by a Lasombra Ghoul as a child did not make it at all easier for him. He burned with the desire to simply reach out and kill him. But even if he'd be able to do it what good would it do when he also wants to live to tell the tale? Dead men tell no tales after all. After a few years had passed, Isaac's work for the Anarchs kept on going in secret. Thanks to Elijah's connections and due to his influence within the Anarch Movement, Isaac was taken back in although only a handful of people knew. He kept the guise of the Camarilla on, pretending to be one of them for both his own sake and that of those close to him. Feeling uneasy in the Domain of New York after being given a pardon for his crimes as an Anarch in the past, Isaac decided to leave for Red County. He needed a peaceful, less populated place to plot his revenge.
Following his arrival in Red County, Isaac Wylcoff has begun establishing new relations with the locals. Finding out the identities of most of his kind as well as meeting old allies from times long gone, Isaac's influence grew stronger. Emerging himself into the darkness of the depths of the Collective lead by the mysterious Raven, Isaac grew to see the bigger picture and since being exposed to such sights, his perspective on life changed. Agreeing to the plot of his ally, and with the help of Corey J. Blackmore and Alain Bouregard, The Covenant was formed. The ideals of the Covenant were simple. Leave your political views behind and come together under one banner in which the voice of the Blood would be heard. Things started off smoothly and everything went well at first. With the help of the Raven who supported Isaac from the shadows, firm dominance was established over the Domain. The Shapeshifters were kept in check, the Vampires were all working together without taking into consideration the stereotypes that they were taught to believe. Everything was just fine. Matthew L'Fontaine's people would visit Isaac from time to time and make sure he's not spreading any information around that he shouldn't be. This was all fine until one night, around 3AM, a few Brujah of the Camarilla were sent to kill Isaac because he was both a liability and as mentioned before, was expendable in their eyes. When confronted by them Isaac attempted to make them see reason and explained how they were being used in the same manner that he was. But alas, their feeable minds could not comprehend the context of his words and mindlessly attacked him, instead. Perhaps they were Dominated. Perhaps they were blood bound to the Prince by force. One may never know. Whatever the case may have been, Isaac and his allies from the Covenant were forced to slay them. Over the course of six months, the period in which the Covenant was the most influential despite the losses it had sustained - One of them being the death of Corey J. Blackmore and the other being the disappearance of Alain Bouregard, multiple attacks were staged by L'Fontaine in an attempt to shake the very foundation upon which Isaac's faction was built. However, with each loss that L'Fontaine had sustained, Isaac's faction grew stronger.
Everything was going well at first, but the loss of the Raven is what drove Isaac into a state of sorrow. He was griefing the loss of one of his closest friends and his mind deteriorated over time. He slowly began detaching himself from humanity and started to care less and less. His only coping mechanism at the time may have been Heather Gaunthier, who by some miracle had kept him sane enough not to do anything stupid. Chats with Lord Dragonus indicated that Isaac may be of potent blood but his potency was not good enough to sustain long-term survival. This raised many ideas but mainly brought up the topic of diablerie which Lord Dragonus seemed to encourage. Skeptical and somewhat disgusted by it, Isaac brushed the thought of such an act underneath the rug and kept it there. He kept leading the Covenant until it's bitter end which was followed by a lot of ashes being scattered. Said ash belonged solely to the ones looking to overthrow Isaac and claim the Domain as their own. Kraven, an Anarch Elder noted Isaac's actions and soon informed him that an Anarch Elder would be making his way down to Red County. Finally dismissing the guise of the Camarilla upon his arrival, Marcus Nadler and Isaac Wylcoff proclaim the Domain to be a Free State under the banner of the Anarch Movement. This brought in a variety of other allies and spread his influence further. Being given the position of a Reeve (even though it's a trial to see if he fits the position) has brought in a lot of benefits for Isaac. These benefits included a vast amount of weaponry as well as support from other Anarchs. His lust for vengeance grew stronger as did his desire to murder L'Fontaine. After refining his knowledge on the discipline known as Presence, Isaac used it to summon his most trusted allies. Although it did take some time for them to arrive, Isabella Riago, Elijah Parks, Azroar Wylcoff and their individual broods made up of Cainite followers and Ghouls alike came with them. The four of them sat down together in the Mansion's dungeon and began plotting their attack. Once they had formed a stategy, they began working out the flaws in it and made sure they had backup plans ready. Once they felt everything was in order they had their people armed and ready to fight. Three heavily armored vans were brought in, courtesy of Elijah Parks. The vans were able to fit six people into each. They made their way to New York, prepared to carry out the long awaited assault.
It didn't take long for news regarding their arrival to spread and reach the Prince, regardless of how secretive they were. They were aware of this as well, so they made haste to capture him whilst he was still in his Haven. Their arrival was greeted with charging goons and gunfire. A fierce battle took place on the front line of the L'Fontaine Mansion. Isabella lead her own brood and had them cover Elijah and his men as they advanced through the incoming crowds. Azroar and his brood of Gangrel used their shapeshifting mastery to overcome obstacles in their way with ease, making sure that Isaac and his loyal servant Matthew Kings could get inside and secure the area. Although they sustained a few losses, they somehow managed to push through the front gates and infiltrate the Mansion. They were a force to be reckoned with and the Prince knew this well enough. In order to save himself, he ordered his Sheriff to hold the line and with the usage of a hidden tunnel left behind by a Nosferatu who had used the Mansion as his Haven in the past, slipped from their grasp unnoticed. Isabella and her brood had the exterior of the Mansion secured, keeping any unwanted Cainites from either coming in or coming out. Elijah's men stood alongside Isaac and Azroar's brood and met the Sheriff and his posse head on in combat. The physical prowess of this Sheriff and his men was not to be questioned. The Sheriff alone was strong enough to take down three of Elijah's men with ease. Although his posse was fairly strong, they stood no chance against the unified might that the Wylcoff 'siblings' possessed, though. Elijah was shocked by the losses of his closest allies and even his own childe and nephew, Jason Parks. This drove him far more vengeful, especially since he was already thrown into the frey and was heated by the constant combat. Lunging at the Sheriff with what seemed to be a deadly blow, he was met by nothing else other than Mist (Smoke and Mirrors, Protean), his attack going right through the silouette that was the Sheriff. He reappeared seconds after and impaled his claws through his chest, ripping his heart out and instantly killing him. Elijah Parks, Isaac's mentor was now a pile of ashes. Barely being able to control himself, both Isaac and Azroar attack the Sheriff. After fighting for an extended period of time and suffering a great deal of injuries, the Wylcoffs were the Sheriff's match. He was put into a state of torpor. Overtaken by grief and detached from his own sanity due to the loss of his mentor, Isaac sank his fangs into the Sheriff and began draining him to the point of Final Death. However, he did not stop there. He continued to drink from him, absorbing the very soul of the bastard that was currently the source of his grief. Azroar did not get involved and allowed him to continue. He made sure his ally was covered during the process of Diablerie. Once done, Isaac was unable to control the influx of sensations that went on through him. He was already on the brink of frenzy after Elijah's death and comitting the act of diablerie was a push over the edge for him. Due to his injuries, Azroar was unable to contain Isaac alone and therefore had Isabella and her people get involved. Knowing to keep their distance from Isaac whilst he's in such a state, they used their weaponry to put him down. Although it did take them a long time to make him submit and quell the beast from within, they had finally managed to do it. He was taken away from the mansion that was now scattered in both ashes of Cainites and corpses of Ghouls, taking him to safety so he could recover in peace. Isaac's blood ran through his veins with higher potency at this point, extending his capabilities by a great deal. It was without a doubt that the Sheriff was the Childe of a Cainite that carried extremely potent blood and that was shown by Isaac's increased physical prowess during his frenzy. What was to become of Isaac after all that had transpired thus far is unknown, but the thought of what may happen in the future can be both joyful and unnerving at the same time. It is without a doubt that the act of diablerie now marked Isaac's aura with black streaks and detached him even further from humanity. Only the future will unravel the outcome of his actions.

((The story is mostly composed of in-game events, with the exception of the act of diablerie and some NPCs and tasks being put into place as background elements that stem from Isaac's past.))

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them?

Generally speaking, all vampires are allowed to use whatever powers they deem worthy when it comes down to survival. However, it is commonly known that vampires are secretive creatures and unlike certain individuals or sects from their society, they tend to keep themselves hidden well among humanity. In turn, they are restricted from using certain powers in public as a risk of being exposed. In VWH-RP powers that may freely be used in public are mostly social and mental ones such as Dominate and Presence. What stops vampires from using their powers in public other than the risk of being exposed is the risk of bringing unwanted attention to them and a loss in Masquerade Points. If they are all depleted, the character is going to be permanently  killed off after an IC Blood Hunt is called upon them or through other means such as dying at the hands of a supernatural hunter. Generally speaking, in terms of VWH gameplay and mechanics once the Masquerade Points reach 0, it results in an instant character kill.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted.

The usage of mental and social disciplines is what comes into play here, as do a few backgrounds. I would personally attempt to kidnap the individual or have them come to me through the usage of Presence 4: Summon and keep them quiet for some time after Entrancing them with Presence 3: Entrancement. I'd use the time I have to find someone who may be able to assist me and wipe their mind. In my case, it'd be someone like Abel Rosewood who is a good at using the Dominate discipline. If I was left with no other choice, I'd have the human ghoulified if I am given permission by the Elder. If not, I'd be forced to kill the human being and risk losing a point of humanity in the process, provided I failed a degeneration check.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters?

If the situation called for combat and my character's life is at risk, provided the officer would not back down and continues to fight my character especially with the usage of items that may be otherwise considered lethal, I'd seek to somehow render them unconscious and not have them murdered outright. You have to take into consideration that backup may be on the way while you two are fighting and if you kill an officer who has potential backup coming that could easily be a witness to your crime and outnumber you and murder you on the spot. I'd try to be fast enough and have the officer taken away and held prisoner until I find a way to reconstruct his mind, be it through Dominate or by altering his emotional state and to some point his race, having him serve me as my ghoul. If neither case worked, I'd have him taken away and either killed in secrecy and risk degeneration or release him. It would depend on the IC scenario mostly and other factors that can be experienced in game. If I were able to somehow use Presence on them before the fight even started, then I'd do exactly that, try to talk my way out while employing said discipline's powers as well. The outcome may vary from each encounter and as mentioned before, may employ a lot of other factors that may change the outcome in some way or another.

It's relatively easy to avoid such scenarios. Don't be dumb enough to perform crimes in the open and keep yourself hidden in plain sight, mingle and make sure your nose is clean at all times. Secrecy is key to avoiding such matters. The easier way to avoid anything of similar nature is to be a respectful citizen and abide by the law.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this?

It is without a doubt some sort of Shapeshifter. Let's presume that it's Garou. A single vampire may pose no match to that shapeshifting being and would most likely be torn apart without a proper plan of assault. If the creature is causing trouble for an ally or is posing a threat to them or someone significant to my character, then I'd spring into action against it and try to help them out as much as I can. If the creature has nothing to do with me both directly and indirectly, then I'd most likely turn around and go the other way, minding my own business.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared?

Fear should always be there especially when it comes down to being both outnumbered and out-gunned. In reality, every being is at least startled by the sight of such weaponry, growing alert at once. If they are mundane creatures who are looking for money, then it would be easier to simply give them a few wads and have them walk away. If they persist to cause problems, then I'd try to talk my way out of it and employ Presence while I'm at it. However if I fail to do that somehow and things escalate into me or my partner being threatened, then I'd have to depend on my physical prowess and take them down with the possible help of said partner. It's a risk that my character would be willing to take if someone he was close to was put in danger.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one.

A soldier would fit him nicely, some sort of marine perhaps. Bodyguard isn't a bad option for a side-job and neither is being a bounty hunter.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? Three Years or so. I don't recall exactly.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.

Jonathan_H_Heller - (Garou)
Farkas_Renatus  - (Garou)
Matthew_Burton - (Garou)
Damien_Ashton - (Garou)
Frank_Howells - (Human)
Ryan_Dereon - (Vampire)
Isaac_Wylcoff - (Vampire)

I apologize but I've forgotten the name of one other character. One was a 12th Generation City Gangrel and was later on namechanged into Ryan_Dereon, following her CK.

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part?

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):

Isaac Wylcoff:

Spoiler for Hidden:

Frank Howells:
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be?:

The way certain clans are played in game and how their characters are portrayed. I could say the same for some of the Sects too. There's a fair amount of vampires that are simply there and do nothing, not even develop their character, so in a way I'd look to improve on that and have them develop their characters further by exploiting their character's flaws and storytelling events as I've done in the past. Although there are just some characters that cannot be helped.
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