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Character Profiles / Re: Stephen "Sings-The-Tales" Hoechlin
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You need to update dem relations fam, Damien's outdated af.
Character Profiles / Re: Vinak Nadler
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you've been using that same last name for years, you're off your barnet
Character Profiles / Re: Calvin Belfort
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still the best mage around

not a mage.
Character Profiles / Re: The God of Death
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True that, I want to know the story behind this killing machine.
Character Stories / Re: The First and Last Attempt
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Can't wait for part two.

part two of what?
Character Stories / Re: The First and Last Attempt
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Can't wait for part two.
Character Profiles / Re: The God of Death
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Werewolf Applications / Gunnhild Vigdis | Cliath | Children Of Gaia
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Werewolf Application

General knowledge:

1. What does the term werewolf mean?

Werewolves are refereed to as Garou, they are Gaia's creatures and with it they are given the power to change shape and forms. They are known as shapeshifters and have the power of rage and gnosis. They were created for the purpose of being mighty warriors to defend the innocent and earth in a sense. Gaia as the goddess is still a mystery to most but she does exist and the garou as well as fera acknowledge her as their true god. Overall, that's what a werewolf is.

2. What is a werewolf's way of seeing the world? Why do you believe that that is their vision of the world?

It depends on the werewolf in reality, there is no one outlook in retrospect. Tribe heavily influences the views of the werewolf as well. Most tribes have a vivid view of defending the innocent in a way. They intend to go offensive against the wyrm, they are the embodiment of evil in their case and they make sure to assault them.

This is their vision on the world as Gaia is their creator and they know that they have been created for a soul purpose and that purpose is to fight the wyrm.

There are many other ways of how werewolf view the world but this is one of them.

3. From where do you believe a werewolf's power comes? How can a werewolf learn a gift?

Gaia, itself in a way. Rage and Gnosis is the centerpiece of their power that makes them whole and brave warriors. Rage is a physically enhancing power that speeds up and buffs up a garou, they are able to pick up cars with enough strength and run at car like speeds with the rage.

Gnosis, it's compared to being like magic to the magi. Gnosis lets them activate different sorts of powers.

To learn gifts, the werewolf must enter the umbra to find spirits and ally themselves with them and learn from them. The umbra is a spiritual world which you can enter by stepping sideways as they call it. It's a world where you meet spirits and must find them and they can carry much knowledge and might even share it with you, that's how you learn new gifts.

4. What does the term auspice refer to? How does an Auspice influence a werewolf? What auspice have you chosen for your character and why? How does it influentiates your character?

Auspice is what moon phase the garou is born in, such as being born in the full moon is Ahroun.. It heavily influences a werewolf as it pretty much sets their role they have in the society. Ahroun are strong in Rage but quite weak at using Gnosis for an example.

Gunnhild was born on a full moon, referring to an Ahroun, he will be a warrior for his tribe and will be maintaining the peace. It will make my character battle-tested in a sense and will always be ready for a fight when his hand is forced.

5. What does the term breed refer to? What difference is there between the breeds and how are each of them seen in the garou world?

Breed refers to the birth of the garou, such as homid,lupus and metis.

Homid means that both parents were human, Lupus means one parent was a werewolf while the other wasn't, Metis is when both parents were werewolves.

Each one effects the strength of their forms, Metis for an example is quite strong in his lupus form instead of his homid form where he faces social difficulties.

Homid is seen as a weak breed due to not having been born a wolf itself but is still not treated as badly as the Metis.

Metis are seen in the worst light, they are usually the most disrespected due to deformities in the metis as both parents being werewolves.

Lupus is seen as one of the msot balanced ones out in the societies and relatively regular.

6. Explain the first and second War of Rage, what happened in it, who fell victim to whom.

The first war of rage occurred due to the fact of jealousy and ignorance. The garou attacked the fera due to the fact that they wanted to be seen as greater in the eyes of gaia herself. Gaia created other shapeshifters that were called fera and there were many different types such as were-spiders and the corax. In this fighting, it left the wyrm spreading sadly and due to this war distracting the garou to fight among themselves over selfish reasons and pride.

The victims were the fera, the garou easily outnumbered them and they are the reason why most fera are low in numbers or extinct.

The second war of rage was related to the first one of course and happened in Americas to destroy the remaining fera residing there, the European tribes slaughtered them. The camazots were killed by the shadowlords.

Character development:

Name : Gunnhild Vigdis
Age: 34
Breed: Homid.
Auspice: Ahroun.
Tribe: Children of Gaia.
Rank: Cliath
Beginning Breed Gift: Apecraft's Blessing.
Beginning Auspiece Gift: Falling Touch.
Beginning Tribe Gift: Jam Weapon.

What's your character's tribe? How was growing up among their culture? How did it shape your character's personality?

Gunnhild Vigdis would come to find the "Children Of Gaia" right after his first change. He growing up in their culture has shaped him in a different light. Gunnhild would be influenced to be a lot less hot-headed as a Ahroun due to the practices of their culture. He'd be a lot more open to mercy and a more peaceful way than just drawing his knife out at the sight of wyrm.

Gunnhild does not have any ill thoughts towards any Metis or Lupus. He's very relaxed due to the tribe but defending his tribe from any threat is still a priority as he cares for that with all his heart.

His personality has for sure with no doubt been affected by his tribe and for the better.

Character Story:(Min. 300 words; Max. 3000 words)

Gunnhild Vigdis was born in Gavle, Sweden on 8/7/1959. A simple time back than for him, he never knew his parents as his mother died in birth and his father fell to disease while he was still an infant. He'd be living with his uncle and aunt and their kids.

Gunnhild Vigdis wouldn't be treated the best in the household but that didn't discourage him as he noticed that his cousins were way-treated for more and cared of. He'd still love his uncle and aunt as if they were his real parents and did not have any ill wishes to anyone.

Gunnhild was always the tallest out of the children in their small rural area. They had a small school with a class of twelve kids. He was quite outgoing, he also had the kindest heart. His life would be pretty stale until he made a friend that was named "Hugo". He treated him like a brother and they would go to each others house and what not, It'd be a typical friendship.

At the start of his teenage years, everything would change as he'd be going to take a bus to go to high school. This is the first time he'd see so many people in one place. At the start of the year he'd get made fun of for wearing the same clothes everyday and it'd sometimes get to him. Instead of trying to get different clothes, he went up to the next guy to make fun of him for it and he gave him a punch to the face. He'd get into a rough fight between himself and another kid. After this he'd get expelled as he permanently took off some of his teeth.

He'd be expelled and no other schools would accept him, his uncle and aunt grew resentment for him as he'd be costing them. Gunnhild decided to leave and live with his friend Hugo.

A nightmare occurred and he had visions of blood, a lot of blood. tensions and blood lust for the majority.
It was reoccurring as well, he told Hugo about it and he was pretty alarmed for his sanity.

At this point, Gunnhild was experiencing his first change, one night the nightmares got so bad he shape shifted and frenzied, the screams from the house were very loud that night.
He'd wake up in a puddle of blood, of his own making, surprisingly back in his uncle's home. upon his dead body.

He'd get up shaken up as he'd be naked as he gazes down on him. He took a look at his hands as they'd be bloodied. He gazed at the body at disgust and shock for a few minutes before he checked the whole house to see everyone massacred, he decided to wash himself up and he'd put on some new clothes, running out the house to go back to his friend's house. He'd see the same bloodshed at his uncle's house.

He stared upon his best friends dead body, unable to fathom the hatred he felt for himself or what beast could do such a thing, confused-. he took his friends bike and rode into the forest.


Out of character:

1.Are you allowed to roleplay tame wolves in this server? Why do you think it is prohibited? You're not allowed to roleplay tame wolves as It'd be very unrealistic as there'd be garou as well so it could viciously attack you.

2.Are you allowed to shapeshift in public places? Why is it dangerous to shapeshift in public areas? What OOC punishments could you suffer?

You're allowed to shapeshift in the public but it's highly warranted as if someone takes pictures or catches you in tape, it'd be lifting the veil. You may be killed off by your own kind even if they see that you have lifted the veil too many times and understand that you may unravel werewolves to the whole society and it'd cause the government to come in.

3.What could happen if you ventured into the town while in your wolf form? Why isn't it a good decision? If you were to go as a werewolf in town, why would you do it?

It'd be really very dangerous to do such a thing, you might get shot by a rifle at first glance as they might think your dangerous and the only reason you would want to do it if it is to save yourself from chasing enemies but it'd be at extreme circumstances such as your own survival.

4.Give an example of a good reason to shapeshift in a (more or less) public place or venture into town while in your wolf form.
 If you get attacked by multiple men, it'd be perfectly logical to shapeshift into crinos form and the humans would suffer delirium and you'd take out the enemies as you do and return back to the forest.

5.While in your wolf form, do you have to roleplay fear of weaponry? Justify your answer.

You always have to roleplay fear of weaponry, if you see someone with a shotgun you don't want to get to close and you'd most likely retreat unless you have full assurance you could take him out before he gets a shot at you but roleplaying fear of weaponry is a must.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? A span of 4 years.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters. Nicholas Leonor, Bronn Wyther, Lyron Walker, Draven Wolf, Fahim Leone and Gunnhild Vigdis.

3.Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time if you fail to follow the race rules/roleplay your race properly?

Of course.

4Post a screenshot (embedded with code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):

Spoiler for Hidden:

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the werewolf race, what would it be? Nothing really.
Character Profiles / Re: Calvin Belfort
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Nice one.
Character Profiles / Re: Calvin Belfort
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still the best mage around
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