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Changelog / Re: 1.10.0c ~ 1.11.0
« Last post by GoDChild on December 10, 2017, 08:52:06 PM »
uh that's amazing
Vampire Applications / Re: Natalia_Aqua ;; 10th;; Brujah ;; Diablerie
« Last post by Lirbo on December 10, 2017, 08:27:35 PM »
At his first penalty Henry had a spar with Tychus which is known to be a powerful elder which is known as the Prince today. The deal was that if he wins Tychus he's free to leave. During the fight it was not clear who's about to win and Henry led the fight for a while as well, this way they assumed he's a powerful kindred who's a good potential to diablerie

edit: expanded the story a bit and elaborating about the spar they had which made everyone impressed by Henry's skills.
Vampire Applications / Re: Natalia_Aqua ;; 10th;; Brujah ;; Diablerie
« Last post by Rudy on December 10, 2017, 05:16:39 PM »
How did Natalia know Henry is of lower Generation?
Character Profiles / Re: Warren
« Last post by Angels And Demons on December 10, 2017, 04:19:42 PM »
If you didnt submit to another vampire, and been made his bitch, it would be a pretty good character.
But because of that I give it a 2/5 personal rating.

Character Development
Vampire Applications / Natalia_Aqua ;; 10th;; Brujah ;; Diablerie
« Last post by Lirbo on December 10, 2017, 03:07:50 PM »
Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires?
When the word Vampire arises I think about creatures who posses the curse of Caine, the one who killed his own brother and therefor got cursed. Caine was the first vampire on earth, he was the one who embraced second generation which embraced the third generation, also known as the antediluvias, 13 people who stands at the top of each clan that is known today. The vampires kept populating on earth and the higher your generation the further you are from Caine's blood, in other words the weaker you are. Vampires need to drink blood in order to live, they do not breath, they don't need oxygen and their heart does not beat. a Vampire could be slightly stronger than a human or a killing machine, it all depends on their skills, age, luck and what not but it mostly depends on their disciplines and generation. A human might see a vampire as a horrible creature which might look ugly (such as those from the Nosferatu clan) or wearing a cape and black leather boots like Drakula, wandering at nights only and sleeping in coffins, a useless leech that was made just to harm humans and kill them by draining them from blood.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?
Vampires should definitely stay hidden from the mortal eye as they might operate against the kindred society once they found out about them, they might look at them as selfish creatures who just harm the humanity and has a lot of advantages on them due to their supernatural powers. They might try to capture them or perform experiments on them which could definitely lead to their final death and what not. Government can try to take them down, shoot them to death, destroy their bodies or even force them to embrace specific individuals. Such things could lead to the end of the kindred society or cause drastic changes and bring a lot of pain and misery to the kindreds.
That's why the Camarilla was made in order to protect the Masquerade and make sure the kindreds would remain safe and underground.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it?
The traditions were made by the Camarilla and being enforced by them.

1. The Masquerade: "Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood."
The Masquerade should be protected, Masquerade breach could lead for a blood hunt.

2. The Domain: "Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy domain.
Respect the domain you're being at.

3. The Progeny: "Thou shall only Sire another with the permission of thine Elder. If thou createst another without thine Elderís leave, both thou and thy Progeny shall be slain."
Do not embrace without an elder permission, doing so will result a penalty of death to the sire and the childe.

4. The Accounting: "hose thou create are thine own children. Until thy Progeny shall be Released, thou shall command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure."
You are responsible for your childe and you would pay for his mistakes until you release him.

5. The Hospitality: "Honor one anotherís domain. When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the one who ruleth there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing."
Honor the domain owner you're being at and represent yourself when you come to a foreign domain, if you're rejected to stay in the domain you're not allowed to wander there.

6. The Destruction: "Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine Elder. Only the Eldest among thee shall call the Blood Hunt."
The permission to kill a kindred (final death, ashing) could be given only by an Elder.

4. What is a Clan?
Clans are kind of "families" of vampires, each clan has it's own kind of people and they're mostly acting the same and sharing the same thoughts, ways of life. In addition each clan comes from another antedeluvian and sharing the same disciplines. I'd list here some of my favorite clans: Brujahs are short tempered thugs that sometimes would prefer to use violence to solve their problems. They're being triggered easily and having extreme physical powers. Toreadors for example are more gentle, they're connected to the mortal world more than any other clan, they are very sexual and they love art and beauty, In addition they're one of the clans that stick to the Camarilla the most. Assamites are mostly coming from the Middle East and they're known to be assassins, silent killing machines who likes to diablerie. Gangrels are known to be people who likes the nature, they can even shape into animals and communicate with them and Malkavians are known to be crazy people who can freak out people by controlling their mind, these LOVE dangers and living on the edge.

5. What is a Bloodline?
Bloodlines are just the same as clan, they share common weaknesses and disciplines, however they do not claim themselves to be related to a specific antedeluvian. they have parent clans and the share similar disciplines and powers and mostly suffering from the same or similar weaknesses. Samedi for example are related to the Nosferatu clan, they're both suffering from ugly appearance (permanent 0) and they may never raise it. However Kiasyd are related to Lasombra but they're suffering from iron which deals to them aggravated damage just like silver to werewolves, they also have a chance to frenzy out of it.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two?
The embrace is a process of creating a childe, the kindred suck a human to his last blood drop then he transfer some of his blood to the human, this process turns the human into a kindred, the generation of the kindred would be higher by one than his sire's generation (e.g the sire is 5th generation, the childe would be 6th generation.). This process must be approved by an Elder, otherwise it would be a break of the third tradition which would lead to a penalty of final death to the sire and the childe by one.

The diablerie is a process of lowering generation. This is strictly forbidden by the Camarilla and known as Cannibalism.
To perform a diablerie a kindred would have to suck another kindred that is a lower generation than him and make him suffer his final death, this process shatters the humanity of the diablerist kindred and tainting his aura for certain years making it to have black veins.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society?
The generation of a kindred defines how far they are from the blood of Caine, the lower your generation the closer your blood to the blood of Caine, the stronger you are and the higher your capabilities. Lowering generation is possible by a process named Diablerie which I mentioned above how it's being done.

Generations Table:[/u]
1st. Caine.
2nd. Irad, Enoch and Zila.
3rd. The Antediluvians (13 people).
4th - 5th. Extremely powerful kindreds from the times of Metuselah.
6th - 7th. Powerful ancient kindreds, mostly elders and princes.
8th - 9th. Neonates, regular kindreds.
10th - 12th. Weak blooded kindreds who mostly rebel and side to the Anarchs because they're sick of being manipulated by the Camarilla.
13th - 16th. Thin blooded kindreds, they're almost humans, they're being hated among the kindred society most of the time due to their high generation and stupidity.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?
Anarch revolt is a definition of a period of time that many young kindreds rebel against their Elders because they're sick of being manipulated by them and just being used and not respected just because they're being young. Thinking they were made to become tools and just to please the Elders, this led to two anarch revolts that can't be ignored. the first one is also known as "The Great Revolt" which happened in the 15th century and the second anarch revolt which happened in the 20th century.

Character creation:

Name: Natalia_Aqua
Age: 20
Clan/Bloodline: Brujah
Generation: From 12th to 10th

Character Story:(Min. 1500 words)
A short while after Natalia moved to Palomino Creek she found a new Japanese girlfriend named Touka, Touka was really special to Natalia because she was a kindred, beside to the fact that she was a Brujah which made them even more suitable to each other. Touka used to be asexual when she met Natalia, however Natalia managed to show and prove Touka that she's not truely asexual and she managed to drag her attention. After a while their relationship turned into a quite serious one and they were almost like any mortal couple.
Unfortunately Touka always used to be an extreme hothead person who likes it all flames and spice around her, liking to get into fights with people or taunting them for fun. One day she had a fight with some folk around, just the daily route of ruining other people's day and she started to brawl with him just for the sports, after she managed to almost wreck him as there was one homeless guy who joined to help the guy he helped him by grappling Touka, she obviously managed to take them both down but then another guy arrived, a 8th generation Gangrel who decided that Touka should suffer to her final death for hurting a homeless. he grew his claws and a serious fight began between the two. Henry eventually managed to take Touka down and slayed her to ashes with no permission of an Elder. Natalia heard about it from a friend of her named Melvin, a tainted werewolf who observed the fight, however it was too late when she arrived Touka was already ashed, suffered her final death by the claws of Henry. She tried to seek after him but wasn't there anymore. Natalia fell into an agony, pain and misery as Touka was the closest person to her in the world. She wanted Henry to be executed so badly so she took this issue to the local Elders so they can help her out in that case and deal with Henry. After a long meeting full of discussions they decided to punish Henry by blood bonding him to Taylor, another Brujah kindred. The point of this would be that Henry will suffer till his last day as a slave. However before the penalty began they had a kind of a deal with Henry, They got him to the mansion in order to have a spar, the spar of his freedom, if he would win Tychus which is known to be an ancient Gangrel Elder he would earn his freedom, otherwise he would have to serve his penalty. The fight was really close... the impossible almost happened and Henry almost managed to take out Tychus, however Tychus' tough skin eventually managed to shatter Henry's knife, Tychus used the opportunity and took advantage on Henry as he managed to take him out. After the spar Henry got blood bonded to Taylor. it have been a clam month with no signal for Henry until one day Natalia had a bunch of guests in her house, a lot of vehicles parked in front of it which made her house to draw a lot of attention. Suddenly two unexpected guests popped into her house without even knocking, two kindreds of the Gangrel, Christopher X Vaz along with the infamous Henry. Natalia didn't mind mister Vaz at all, however she had to ask Henry to leave her haven as he's not welcomed there. Henry got mad and left the house after telling Natalia she's rude, it have been about two minutes after he changed his mind and rushed back into the house while still carrying the "shame" of being evicted. Natalia had to ask Henry to leave again as she doesn't want his presence at her haven. This time Henry didn't listen to Natalia and decided to ignore her, he grew his claws in order to intimidate and show majority, he got to the kitchen while Natalia was following him and keeping to tell him to leave and conceal his claws as there was a human in the house, it was Lilia.. Natalia's daughter which she decided to adopt after finding her in an alleyway with ripped off clothes and searching in trash cans for food. She told him to stop his actions immediately or it would not end well for him. Henry started losing his patience since he got offended from Natalia evicting him from her haven in front of so many kindreds, a fledgling telling him to fuck off and trying to tell him what to do with his powers... Eventually and unexpectedly Henry decided to try to claw Natalia's face in order to end her for the shame she caused him, Luckily she had Jacques, a 10th Generation Toreador to push her away right before she got clawed. After realizing that he has no chance against so many kindreds at once he just jumped through and shattered the window of the kitchen. Natalia felt again agony and misery after recalling what he have done to Touka and now he try to do the same to her... In her own Haven... She took this issue back to the Elders and this time it looks like the punishment was taken seriously, it was a blood hunt. Almost every kindred in town that is related to the Camarilla knew that if they see Henry they should immediately report it to the local Elders. After a couple of days Henry was stupid enough to show his face at Folnkirk, the place where the kindreds fighting tournament occured. As he popped up he got staked and was brought to the mansion where he was brought into Torpor. The Sheriff, Shayara Laylah a 8th Generation Assamite demanded to leave him in this condition while being in torpor and asked Natalia to escort her along with Henry to Noctis Island where he should meet his final death by getting exposed to the sun. However Shayara's plan was slightly different, once they got him to the roof Shayara used her powers to command Natalia to diablerie Henry. Natalia pulled out her fangs and started sucking Henry's blood until he faced his final death.

Screenshots were taken by Shayara:

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them?
You're allowed to use whatever you want unless it's detectable, for example using supernatural speed, running faster than a car or punching like seven times in less than a second and other stuff that could be suspicious and drag attention. Nothing actually stops you from using your powers in public, you can do this if you want, however you're breaking the masquerade which could lead to penalties that would be handled most likely by the Camarilla, could also lead to final death.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted.
Well there could be endless options.
If you posses the powers to reshape memories you would probably go for it as the first option as it would be the easiest option.
In case you do not posses such a power you can always ask for a help of a friend.
If you can't find someone there is another option to ask the help of the Camarilla, ask them to send someone to clean your mess, however you will probably get a punishment later for your mistake.
Another option is to ghoul the secret holder and grant them immortality, that could be an option as well which kindreds use when they are lack of options.
Well and there is always the final option to spill their blood and bury your secret, it happens mostly when the kindred ran out of options.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters?
Entering a fight with the law enforcers could lead to serious masquerade breaches, you better just surrender and serve your time properly instead of getting into a fight, first of all the police have a simple device called "r-a-d-i-o" which could get them backup, the spit two words into it and six cruisers full of armed policemen arrives, you should avoid any fight with the police department, at all cost, think about a situation that the police shoot you down after you tried to fight them back, they pull triggers into your body and you're dealing with it like Rambo. Also if they manage to take you down they would get you to the hospital first, the paramedics would check your pulse and stuff, you're clinically dead after all, what would you say when you wake up? Also if they get you to your final death... you're just ashing... this is an obvious masquerade break, not that you care about it after your death but still a masquerade violation. A kindred is blessed with eternal life, simply serve your time and get over with it.

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this?
That's probably a werewolf, could also be a kindred that posses the Protean discipline, you better just get away from it and avoid any attention, do your best to keep low and report it to the local Elders, they would pass it forward and would deal with it. You're a kindred after all you don't want to draw attention around and obviously not to fight it, the lower your profile the safer are you.

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared?
Guns could definitely be deadly and you better stay alerted, however kindreds deal the damage quite easily. You should definitely be careful and just neutralize the thugs, you're a kindred after all, a human shouldn't be a big deal for you although they have guns. take them out, whop their asses and teach them a lesson, taking their clothes wouldn't hurt too.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one.
Your job should fit your personality, everything should work as long it seem to be legit after all...
My character for example is a Brujah, and she's a personal trainer and a professional boxer, she uses her physical talent to teach others how to get stronger, she's definitely having a job that fits he clan and her personality. Discharging her energies and nerves through sport.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay?
I joined this community at June 2016, however I took a long break after quit raging from getting cancer from the rolling system and facing difficulties to understand it until November 2016 then I played a little bit and left again, I came back at June 2017 and got into it really hard, tried to do my best to understand to rolling system and eventually I got it. since then I'm playing without quitting.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Angelo_Castello, Tommy_White, Natalia_Aqua and Jake_Hunter.

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part?

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):
Spoiler for Hidden:

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be?
Skin for Obtenebration form.
Changelog / Re: 1.10.0c ~ 1.11.0
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I am completely
Demon Applications / Re: Magnus_Hall [Annunaki]
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I got forgotten? :(
Character Profiles / Re: Warren
« Last post by Vagabond on December 10, 2017, 05:01:44 AM »
If you didnt submit to another vampire, and been made his bitch, it would be a pretty good character.
But because of that I give it a 2/5 personal rating.
5/5 from me because he actually roleplays something interesting instead of a cliche Brujah that wants to fight and man handle everyone.
Character Profiles / Re: Warren
« Last post by Jeffrey Gain on December 10, 2017, 04:54:06 AM »
If you didnt submit to another vampire, and been made his bitch, it would be a pretty good character.
But because of that I give it a 2/5 personal rating.
Vampire Applications / Re: [Richard_Green] - [10th] - [Brujah]
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Can I please get a reply on this app?
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