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Character Profiles / Re: Salvatore // WIP
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>> Updated:

Physical Attributes.
Vampire's Culture.


Story(almost finished, 5k words now).
Character Profiles / Salvatore // WIP
« Last post by Lucid on December 06, 2017, 03:35:06 AM »

" The strength of the vampire is the one that people will not believe in him. "

Spoiler for "SAMPLE: The year of 1775. Boat sailing and stopping.":

The droplets of a fresh mint scent, mixed with aroma of chocolate and lavender, had startled its menace outside when the air was no more soaked in gray fog that twitched around the outskirts of the passage way mixed forest of the conifer content. Lank, gigantic woods mashed through like trolls, reminding of a real tale you could tell head on. It is worth to mention that the weather was rather magnificent, despite the peasants working with their fogged-up expressions that clouded the remainder of this "cloud 9" euphoric boost. Oh, and those sharply-drew clouds, thick-layered and pale as snow in the sky did not hide the beauty of this sagged up land that draught.
 It was a near-perfect portrait of how Kent totally looked like in a summarise, unlike in Madrid that crumbled with jacking-down rain and thunder strikes that sounded like drum kicks and countless yelps of woman moaning at a holiday: “UHHHHMMM!” – something like that. The boat has sailed ashore in a brick-made scape which flat-escalated onwards the hefty buildings that lodged in a poor environment of civilization - a figure with a black coat thrown over his shoulders leant in towards the poles that connected with the hip, his usual place where he spent the last remainder of hours keeping his grind it with the rest of the crew.
The stranger was not old, but his hair saturated in a white color which reminded of Alaska’s bliss, entrancing snow – the pale bristles curved in stripes throughout the pony tail of his that he had sagged up. Beneath the coat, the sinewy of a man, yet robust, had worn a brown sleeveless leather jerkin which was laced up at the neck and the shoulders. When he took off the coat of his, it dared in grace as it unfolded his high-posed stature and an orphic manner of his that trembled everyone in Boston to present their eyes on the giant of a man. He carried a sword and a pistol by the hip, but no one had another sword which was bristles in color of crystal – the one strapped across the back of his as if something was miscalculated which, strangely enough, reminded of the old story tales about the hunters. Or maybe it was just a design, articulated throughout?
The man flashed its sharp gaze at his surroundings commanding-like - as usual to check out the group one again; a cocky grin of his shoveled a youthful, yet experienced mug with slight scars across his eyes, the side of the jaw which bristled in a cross shaped form and a cut to his lower lip inducted that. It screamed right away that he was a fighter at heart with significant masculine proportions. You could tell that he was around twenty-five if not less, glitter inferno burning down in his eyes which had a charm to rise the morale of anyone who was weak-willed. Even the strong-willed would bend the knee to get the inspiration out of his physique, stature and so on that it was natural in many ways.

Physical Attributes

Name: Salvatore Castilla

Physical Age: 32.

General Appearance: Regarding his loose, yet robust that he expresses with, Salvatore is as lank as a giant feline. The man would be taller than 6'4 feet (around 193cm). Judging his body characteristics, he is sinewy lean and his tread is loosely energetic. The outer parts of his well-athletic development, as well as following his stature, he moves swift and noiseless as if he were inherited. His senses are peculiarly refined that adapts along with the sharp senses of his. Without the deerstalker cap of his that clips in stripes of brown with the base of black, his hair color is  snow-like. Personally, Salvatore is clean and dressed that kind of clothing that he would receive second-eyed looks before passing through the street. The cat-alike fission and his dark, gimlet eyes, slick nose and angular chin give his facial a determined expression that he will do the job to its fullest. The skin tone of his is pale, the brow of his - quite wide that pierces his stature thick, dark eyebrows that outline on each of the sides in a whisk of a brush. Salvatore is usually seen wearing a tweed suit or a grey coat with a deerstalker cap that drives attention to the outskirts. Being a fine individual in his home, he sometimes gives the salutation to his loose dressing-gown that connects with a banian.

Lifespan: He's close at hitting three centuries.

Defense Mechanisms/Strategies(how does one defend): If he were to get to a fight that would consist of CqC, the fellow would have some sense of using his techniques which consist from Muay Thai expertise. Either than that, if it would come to a strategy point, he would be acting in the state of defense before making a pit-point throughout the mind so he would flex off his target. That would go the same for most of the Wold of Darkness aligned races, but he tends to mind his own business and only give shit what is necessary to be.


Locomotion(how do he moves): He moves as if a human would. Yet, his walk is energetic and would give that expression which is determination.

Herbivore, Carnivore or Omnivore? A feat for blood, drink up.

Intelligence: High. He sides more to be of an intra-personal and inter-personal for his Clan.

Illnesses(any unique diseases that the vampire is disdained to?): So far? None.

Abilities: Mainly mages if he finds out the true source of them, then passing throughout the cycle of pyramid, it would be best to take out werewolves that he has utter disgust to them.

Problems (any problems that are caused by the species physical appearance/abilities): Find out for yourself.

Vampire's Culture

Habitat:Salvatore resides in a private haven, preferably a mansion with all of the trappings one might expect from. He would also have another residence that would slip a  moonlit balcony observatory and even more sinister oubliettes where vivisected “research subjects” slack down.

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, German, Japanese.

Beliefs Believes in his clans kin as well as the intention for better good and hierarchy purpose.

How does his clan think? The clan of his, more or less, protect each other and have a strict code that they must adhere for when getting on well. Trustworthy, logical thinking and a perfect example of respect gives their cultural belief a greater remedy of abstain.

Does he travel in groups/packs or alone?: He used to travel with his group after the permission from the chantry in Madrid, then before the start of World War I, he had the permission to strip off from being his sire's lapdog.

Jobs(what jobs are unique for them to work in)?: Everything that is suited for academical expertise, but being a scholar to a range of a detective is far from better than going to work as a taxi driver.

How does the vampire think and behave as a unity? He prefers to work alone, except when it is intended to work with his retainers of his fellow clan. When it comes to regulations and the pillars of ONLY Camarilla, he stands his strides and helps to maintain the order through, but not directly.

Other beliefs(any beliefs that are caused by a lack of knowledge, illusion or something remedied)?: Salvatore, as it would sound obscure, believes at the will of personal power and dedication through the rest of his walking path.

Aggressive or Passive fighting style?: He prefers using the both offensive and defensive tactics, that that would count that it is a hybrid, but no one shares perfect traits to both, so, wrapping this up: 30% offensive, 70% defensive.

Does he follow a personal code or something similar to it?: Yes, he does indeed follow a code, but you will need to find out for yourself.

Can he fight on his own?: Quite easily, but it depends on an opponent. Werewolves like Kenneth Vallon that he had heard infamous tales about him would pack quite a summary to the whole society.

Can he fight in a group?: It's always easier to fight in a group, but it also depends on WHAT KIND OF GROUP he will fight with. As an example, someone paired like Lawrence Everett would get him clearly ashed. He's not saying he is stupid, but he is making some wrong decisions.

Can he, alone, take on multiple opponents?: Let's discuss something here more resilient. If he were to fight Tychus Rodriguez in a full match that is based on Disciplines, he would have a better chance to win IF his reactions would be near-perfect as well as someone of a lesser opponent(for example, Taylor Knight). He would probably take them both out if he had his cards right. But, as past, it depends on his opponents.

Physical fighting skills: Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido.

Physical fighting style: Waiting for his opponent to wear off, reading him off and THEN making his first paces of movement. Later on, you will need to find out for yourself.

Weapons they're skilled with: A modern-day pistol(jointing from a simple Glock 17 to a .44 Smith Revolver).
 A bowie knife.

Signature weapon/attack: I'll give you one specific attack which he would use frequently - joint lock.

Character Stories / Re: New York Stories
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updated a little
Character Stories / Re: New York Stories
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It's really nice, keep it up.
Vampire Applications / Catherine_Van_Stryke ;; 8th ;; Lasombra
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Vampire Application

General questions:

1. What comes to your mind when the word vampire arises? What is a vampire in a human view and what is it from a vampire's own view? How different are standard folklore and World of Darkness vampires?

A vampire is a fictional, uncanny creature, more specifically a former human that went through the process of embrace. As such, the fledgling vampire is no longer able to consume food and drink any other liquid other than blood as a method to survive. Another term for blood is vitae and it’s essential for the vampire’s well being, the type of blood that the vampire consumes is also very important. The most common type of blood that the vampires consume is of course, the human blood which is also most widely available. Animal blood is also a choice (arbitrary or forced) for some vampires although its quality is subpar to human blood. Werewolf blood is the most potent but it’s also highly addicting meaning that its effect can backfire on the vampire if she is not careful enough. Once a human becomes one of the vampires, their body goes through a vast number of changes, some of which we have already listed but some of the other very prominent changes are sensitivity to sunlight and fire, immunity to drugs, illness and poisons. There are various myths surrounding the vampire’s existence like the ability to kill them with a wooden stake through the heart (this only paralyzes them until the stake is removed), that they don’t have a reflection in mirrors (this is true for the Lasombra clan as it’s their curse), they aren’t affected by garlic or running water. Once embraced, the vampire is introduced to the clan of her sire, inheriting the clan’s disciplines, powers and weaknesses.

2. What kind of consequences could possibly arise were a vampire be outed to the general public? What sort of action would be taken by various governments and the people? For this reason, do you think vampires should take the chance of coming out clean or should they rather stay hidden?

The consequences of a vampire being outed to the general public would have a very big impact on the vampire herself as well as the whole vampiric society. A scenario that we can easily imagine is if someone recorded a video of a vampire feeding on a mortal in an alleyway without the vampire noticing them. Shortly after this ends up on all websites and news channels that are watched by thousands of people every day meaning that you would be widely exposed and at risk. The government would probably activate their secret services who would attempt to track you down and dig below the surface of the incident. The Camarilla would immediately activate their propaganda machine that would try to whitewash the incident and make it seem like something else while running a bloodhunt in the background, trying to capture the vampire who violated the Masquerade and eliminate them. Other sects like the Sabbat probably wouldn’t care as much since they don’t uphold the Masquerade as strictly as the Camarilla but chances are that the crisis would’ve been averted by various bribes offered to the news companies as well as breaches of internet servers in an attempt to remove the video. The Masquerade wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t necessary to keep the Kindred society functioning, but since it’s very important, every vampire must do their best to remain unexposed.

3. What are The Traditions? Who enforces them and how do the vampires view it?

The Traditions are a set of customs and rules that exist in the Kindred society. Some Sects uphold the Traditions more than the others but even though not everyone holds to the Traditions as much as the Camarilla does, they still feel like it's necessary to have some rules that will keep everyone in place.  There are a total of six Traditions:


“Thou shall not reveal thy true nature to those not of the Blood. Doing such shall renounce thy claims of Blood”

It states that we should not reveal our race to anyone as it risks our existence. Masquerade plays a very important role to make sure that the Kindred  remain safe and hidden, that is why a breach of this tradition would most likely result in a death penalty.


“Thy domain is thine own concern. All others owe thee respect while in it. None may challenge thy word while in thy domain”

It states that the Prince is basically equal to a "sovereign" of his domain, he may do what he likes, he may ask for things and all but that's not the case now, Prince allows some of the authority to other kindred as well. Basically the words of the Prince are the laws of the domain.


“Thou shall only Sire another with the permission of thine Elder. If thou createst another without thine Elder’s leave, both thou and thy Progeny shall be slain”

If a kindred performs the act of embrace without taking the permission, the punishment for such act is death for both, the sire and the childer. That's mainly to control the kindred population.


“Those thou create are thine own children. Until thy Progeny shall be Released, thou shall command them in all things. Their sins are thine to endure”

It states that a sire is responsible for the actions of his newly embraced childer until he grants independence which is why most Sires keep a very close eye on their childer (doesn’t apply to clans like Brujah and Gangrel).


“Honor one another’s domain. When thou comest to a foreign city, thou shall present thyself to the
one who ruleth there. Without the word of acceptance, thou art nothing“

It states that a kindred coming to an entirely new domain must introduce themselves to the Prince of the domain as soon as possible.


“Thou art forbidden to destroy another of thy kind. The right of destruction belongeth only to thine Elder. Only the Eldest among thee shall call the Blood Hunt”

Blood hunt means that a kindred is wanted and he's being hunted by kindred for crimes he had committed. The punishment is obvious, final death.

4. What is a Clan?

A clan in the Kindred society is considered heritage that is inherited by the Childe upon their embrace. Their origins are thought to be descended down from Antediluvians who were the creators of the Clans. Not all the clans are the same, each clan possesses a different set of magical abilities called disciplines as well as various weaknesses that are unique to each clan. Some Kindred lack clans and they are called Caitiff (Camarilla term) or Panders (named after Joseph Panders, Sabbat term). The general knowledge suggest there are thirteen clans in total, there could be more clans but living in secrecy. These clans are:
Clan Assamite - they are known for their amazing hunting skills and are known for  notorious assassinations across the World, their origins were said to be in Middle East. They are known to do blood rituals and follow the Path of the Blood.

Clan Brujah - Once known to be new Aristocrat in the days before the Christ, but after Christ came they come to be great warriors who were sung in the myth and legends. But after the time passed by they became with very short fuse.

Clan Followers of Set - They worship the old ancient Egyptian god Seth and they denounced their belief that Caine was their creator and instead they believe Seth created them all. Their love for ancient artifacts are priceless and they’ll even protect it with their own life to save them.

Clan Gangrel - Prominent in their skillful disguise they often walk around the numerous cities as local animal resemblance, praying on people who take them to their homes. They’ve also mastered their discipline called Protean

Clan Giovanni - In recent years they usually became mobsters who racketeer the city their in, oftenly they don’t Embrace outsiders who are not part of their family. Rumors state that they command the dead.

Clan Lasombra - Noblemen who hold the darkness in their fingers commanding them whenever they want to do.

Clan Malkavian - Desperate ones who got consumed by the insanity and madness as they often speak about the End of the World and how Caine is going to kill them all.

Clan Nosferatu - It claimed to be one of Dracula’s clans but it’s far from it. They typically embrace downtrodden members of the mortal society, living underground and collecting information by using the Animalism discipline, controlling rodents and other pestilence.

Clan Ravnos - typically they are petty thieves who got embraced because of their dirty deeds. They tend to trick and manipulate the innocent into doing their jobs for them.

Clan Toreador - A clan of rich people who enjoy themselves more than the others, they are known to be kind and gentle but during torture they are very ruthless.

Clan Tremere - The sorcerers of the Kindred society who practice dark magic known as Thaumaturgy.

Clan Tzimisce - The most brutal of the clans, they manipulate flesh and bone. Causing ultimate pain to their victims before they kill them, skin them alive and use their bones for furniture.
Clan Ventrue - The Blue-blood royals who leads kindred society  and enforce their politics in mortal world. They cemented their positions as CEO’s and directors in mortal world

5. What is a Bloodline?

A bloodline consists of vampires connected by the same lineage, just like the clans however on a much smaller scale. Bloodlines are either completely unique from the 13 clans or are considered their derivatives. There are various methods that resulted in creations of bloodlines like mystical rituals that gave birth to Gargoyles and Kiasyd, flawed embraces, geographical distance and Diablerie of Antediluvians. Some clans weren’t always the way they are today, they started as a Bloodline and moved up the food chain or vice versa. Some got themselves into a better position by performing diablerie on other clan leaders while others dropped in power.

6. What sort of process is an embrace? What's diablerie? Why are both of these practices so commonly heard about? What's the view on these two?

The process of Embrace is when a vampire turns a mortal into another kindred by draining the mortal’s blood as they give them a few drops of their own, replacing their human blood with vampire one. This process is restricted by certain Sects and more freely used by others. The Camarilla forbids the embrace from happening without prior permission, while the Sabbat practice it more commonly to achieve superior numbers.The Sabbat’s ways of embracing their fledglings are considered savage in a way, while the Camarilla’s are less violent and more ceremonial in a certain way. Diablerie or Amaranth is a process of consuming other Kindred’s blood and it’s soul in order to become stronger. Camarilla strongly forbids this act, strictly upholding the Traditions and punishing anyone who does it by death.

7. What are the vampire generations? How far do they stray from the original? What are these generations? Does generation measurement exist within the society?

The generation represents their distinction from Caine, the creator of the Kindred. He Embraced three people who he trusted the most. Irad, Enoch and Zilah, each of them had their own unique way in which they were embraced by Caine himself. To Caine, Zilah was the most beautiful woman and he couldn’t resist to Embrace her, making her his first childe. Then came Enoch, a wise man who stepped down from his position as a ruler, allowing Caine to take his place. Grateful for this, Caine allowed his embrace. Irad was the last one who got embraced. After the second generation came the creators of Clans who are known as Antediluvians. The fourth and fifth generation continue their kind all the way up to the 15th generation. Throughout the years the lower generations became known as the Elders, while the newer ones are commonly referred to as Ancillae or Neonates depending on their generation.

8. What are the two notable Anarch Revolts? What sort of effect did they have upon the vampires?

Referring to the juncture of the conflict. There were two Anarch revolts that reign a great impact. The First Anarch Revolt or The Great Revolt as a metaphor; it was propelled during the epoch of The Inquisition. Clan leaders were thirstily dismaying their neonates to The Inquisition, until one day a Brujah by the name Patricia expressed her opinion on this matter during a Venture Council meeting where many of the Elders didn’t share her stand on this. However, Patricia held onto her beliefs and formed a group of rebellious neonates in order to get her message across to the elders. Despite suffering heavy losses in this war, she successfully performed diablerie on Hardestadt who was one of the key players in the opposition. It’s a fact that through history, revolutions always devoured their own children, this time was no different and the revolt in Spain was put down due to poor communication and lack of resources among the rebels. The fight continued in Italy and Romania where Antediluvians of clans Lasombra and Tzimisce where diableried. The rebellion ended in 1493 with the Convention of Thorns after which Lasombra and Tzimisce formed the Sabbat.

The Second Anarch Revolt started in 1944 in Los Angeles after a Brujah called Jeremy MacNeil killed the LA Prince with his group of Anarchs that claimed territory from Mexico to San Jose which they called the Anarch Free State.

Character creation:

Name:Catherine Van Stryke
Generation:8th Generation

Character Story:(Min. 1500 words)

 A cold winter brews around the small village in the middle of nowhere, peasants were locking their homes and preparing for the worst storm of their lives before they set a fire in the furnace as frostbite shivers down their spine. This was no common winter that most people would experience in their lives… the wind blew from the cold mountains of the Alps, families were preparing for the worst as the famine ravaged through the village. The settlers of the village were slowly losing the little to no food that they had as they ate all of their supplies, not saving any for the upcoming days that were a survival challenge due to the winter cutting through their bones. Harsh conditions forced people to relocate and search for a better place with more food rather than staying in this hellhole. In the midst of the winter, people were moving out of their homes, sacrificing themselves and their loved ones to escape the Cold Hell. Many on the journey died, no one was able to mourn them because of the sheer cold, capturing their faces and their bodies right before they’ve turned into ice sculptures. But one family was determined to see it all through, fighting day by day, having no idea what will they lose or gain in their path. A little girl was wrapped in old clothing as she tried to warm her almost dead body, breathing in and out as each breath was more chilling than the old one. Her mother desperately tried to warm the house but with no effect, she couldn’t do it. While not far away a man was looking at what’s happening in the house, staring with his eyes squinted with frostbite on his eyelashes holding the chopped wood in both of his hands while the axe was on his thigh. It was the girl’s father who was gazing his narrow look into the house while marching towards it through deep snow, carrying chopped wood in his hands as his axe fell on the ground and left an imprint in the snow. The front door of the house opened, followed by the cold wind that blew it’s way inside, extinguishing the weak, smoldering fire that was their only source of heat. A tall man entered the room shutting the door in a rush, he shifts his deep look towards his little loved one, sighing as the cold air from his lungs mixes up with the barely warm air in the house, he could see his breath as a cloud of smoke coming from his mouth before he finally warmed up.
As the man speaks he says: “Helena, why didn’t you keep up the fire with the old rags that we had?”

“But Hans, we couldn’t use them, we’re freezing here in this cottage.. we have no more wood to place in the furnace, I gave those rags to Cath..Catherine.”

“It’s alright, I brought more wood. We’ll start a new fire which will keep us warm until the end of the day, as for tomorrow we shall go and get more, for now, just start the fire again, I’ll go grab my axe that I left behind.”
As the man takes rest from all the chopping he's done, he takes off his boots with sheer pain and exhaustion, cleaning them from snow before heading out again. While in the meantime, Catherine’s mother tried her best to start a fire in order to keep her child and husband warm when he returns from outside. The man went outside once again to find his important tool which will help him survive the winter, as he embarked, the snowstorm started to kick in and the visibility was reduced to the very minimum. He went to search for it as he followed his footsteps back to the place he dropped it but it was harder for him to navigate because the storm created another layer of snow. After almost an hour, he finds the spot where it was lying but all he could see was that his axe was gone. He turned back, seeing a familiar sign on the tree, he glanced around himself, spotting a dark shadowy figure that approached him from afar. His eyes widened and his blood rushed through his veins while in his mind, a flashback of something that he’s done in the past occurred. The fear shivered down his spine as he ran back towards the house, trampling over and over a bunch of times. He rushed through the door, trying to regain his breath which he ran out of.
Catherine’s mother asked him:
“Hans, is everything alright? Did you find the axe?”
Hans pauses for a minute as he tries his best not to reveal a secret from his dark past that has come back to haunt him, he couldn’t tell her the truth about his concerns so he had to lie to her.
“I..I..I thought I saw a wolf and I ran away. I didn’t find the axe but we have a spare one, I’ll
cho..chop some wood tomorrow.”
Amidst the conversation, little Catherine finally warmed up a bit. She decided to interrupt them by directing a question towards his father.
“Daddy..I’m scared of wolves..please..please don’t let them come inside and eat me.
Don’t worry my little cutie pie, no one is going to come inside, I promise you that daddy is going to take care of you.”

“Okay daddy.. pinky promise.”
Hans extends his pinky finger as he shakes it with his daughter’s, making a promise.
“Pinky promise sweety.”
Hans kisses his daughter’s forehead as he tugs her in sheets, wishing her good night.
The night sets in motion as the snowstorm becomes stronger by each minute, reducing the visibility so the predators at night can hunt down their prey and enjoy ripping flesh from their body. Hans grew increasingly worried about the symbol that he saw carved in the tree, thinking to himself “How did this monster find me” or “Is he going to hurt my family like I hurt his”. Thoughts around Hans were unraveling on what could be the worst case scenario, what could happen to him or his family. The following days went on as Hans’ fear continued to suppress him while he constantly worried about the symbol and the man who came to hunt him down. The shadowy figure he saw will certainly want revenge on Hans for his past deeds.
Through the restless night, Hans was constantly thinking about his archenemy who he fought until the morning came with dark clouds over the sky. The next day arrived with new troubles as Hans thought to himself, slowly getting up onto his feet and walking around the house with unrest wondering if the shadowy figure barged in his house during the heavy snowstorm and harmed his loved ones. With a relief, he sees that his wife and child are safe, but the nervousness wouldn’t pass so easily and he asked himself: “For how long will they be safe?” before the unorthodox man does any harm to them. While the duos sleep was prolonged due to the harsh and strong snowstorm, Catherine’s father decided to look for this beast as he went back to his room to dress up and search for a forgotten weapon he left to collect the dust a long time ago. Having prepared his combat equipment, he set himself out to search for the unholy man and put an end to his inner struggle and be happy once again.
The man paused for a minute, continuing to search for a sword that was allegedly crafted by the God of War himself. He had a hard time finding it but in the search which lasted around fifteen minutes, he successfully found it. The armed man cracked the door about halfway, looking back over his shoulder while having in mind everything he loved and created. He stood on the spot for a minute, his mind interwoven with thoughts of his wife Helena and daughter Catherine. He confronted his fear and closed the door behind him before marching through the woods as dark clouds circled around the sky. “The blood of the monster will again be on my hands but that’s something I’m used to.” Hans thought to himself, acting like a bloodthirsty wolf whose hunger is rarely satisfied by one prey. War on his mind, hate in his heart and determination as his strength while he bravely walked through the forest not knowing that his foe has changed a lot since they last met. Fear and paranoia became his worst enemies at the moment, his heart was pounding like it wanted to get out of his chest. The shadowy figure lurked in the vicinity, seeing him struggle through the deep snow while he advanced further into the woods. The eerie sounds have filled Hans with more fear and tension than he already had in him, the creature of the Damned was playing games with him and it smelled his fear from a mile away. Marching like a proud and victorious soldier through his hometown, Hans was passing through the woods in the hope he finds the creature of the Night and end puts an end to its life, but the creature had a higher hand than Hans. As the deeper he goes into the forest he dares himself to enter what was then known as “Deep unknown” due to wolves and bears were living there but that meant nothing to him as he firmly decided to hunt the monster down. After hours of walking, his legs began to give in as each step felt like hot iron is pressed on his skin, forced by the pain to turn back and as he did the shadowy figure in its true form was right in front of him. The dead gaze of the monster pierced right through scared Hans’ eyes as the strength he had almost vanished at that moment, the monster slowly began approaching him while Hans’ tired legs and arms started to shake and his breathing increased dramatically. A deadly mix of emotions set in Hans’ head as the anger and fear became his prime instincts, a reminder of his wife and daughter swept briefly through his brain while his fear disappeared and anger substituted its place instead. With the loudest shout of his hunting life, he began to charge towards the creature while the pain inside was tearing him apart as he pulled himself together, enduring the pain until the point of collapse. The “Willow’s Shout” was released from Hans’ lungs as he got closer towards the creature of the Night. The beast was in his range as Hans swung his sword towards the large dark beast who appeared in front of him, smiling at him knowing that his pity attack will fail and so it did.. a stab into the monster’s torso meant nothing to him as he smiled and let out an evil cynical laugh at him for even trying to harm him.
Hans started breathing deeper and deeper in anxiety while the creature showed no sign of being hurt by his attack after which he takes the sword out, piercing him again but with very little effect. The beast would be laughing at Hans’ miserable attempts to harm him.

“You’re a tough one, eh? Your friend only managed to take a single hit before he died like a coward.”

The beast got infuriated by Hans’ words, using some kind of magic as long, thick black arms raised from the ground, pushing Hans into a tree, preventing him from escaping. As strong as he was Hans couldn’t break free, he felt like a war prisoner, getting squeezed by long black arms, panting from the pain. As much struggle as he's put in the breaking out, he failed, each new attempt was harder and harder as Hans lost his strength and will to try again as his weakened body is filled with pain caused by the shadow creature, exhausting himself beyond the limit. The monsters alleged hands were choking Hans harder by each second until the monster spoke out loud:
“You destroyed something I like and in return, I’ll take something that is yours.
You won’t be able to hide from me, wherever you go, I’ll be lurking in the shadows watching your every move and when the time is right I’ll harm your beloved family like you hurt mine.
I’ll let you go now so your wife doesn’t send someone to search for you and find your mutilated body.”
The man releases Hans as he eyeballs the dark creature, leaving the situation, not looking back once. Fear finds his way back into him as he sprints through the forest. With a sword in his hand, he runs back home like his life is on the line, and in one sense it is. After a stressful, exhausting marathon to his beloved home which lasted two hours, he finally arrived, slowly opening the door as he glances his look towards his wife and daughter who are having a breakfast. With a relieving sigh, he glances his look back towards the woods, not seeing a thing. He enters the house, joining the duo at the table, lying to his wife about how he just went for a stroll around the woods to get some fresh air. Without any doubt, she believed him. Hans briefly explained to his wife that it would be within their best interest to follow the other villagers in search for a better life in Vienna when the spring sets and when the birds start singing their delightful melodies. As the time passed on he grew worried about the monster’s words, thinking of the most gruesome way he’d harm him. He spent his days working around the house. First signs of spring have come and along with them, the desire to move away from this wretched place.. but little did he know that the monster constantly followed him wherever he went. A road that led to the capital of the powerful Austrian state mesmerized its travellers with fascinating views that they could appreciate. Reaching the gate of Vienna, the family sought refuge at one of the most known places “Gerbaught District.” This was one of the more common places for the middle and lower class. While the new family arrived at the outskirts, they settled down in a new home that the state gave them and where they’ll spend most of their lives. As little Catherine got older, she found new friends that were her age and who she had a lot in common with. Back at the cottage, she was alone, without anyone to play with. This was a new chapter for her, a fresh start. The village life for her was over, she started to adapt to new surroundings while her father worked day and night so they can afford to live a comfortable life in a city that was developing at extreme rates. The light sparkled in Catherine’s eyes and charmed her so much that she thought it was a fairy tale. Her father was working as a blacksmith in the district while her mother taught her how to cook and maintain the house, preparing her for the Habsburg royal court. Little Catherine was trying her best, pushing herself beyond limits, restlessly working around the house. She wasn’t playing with dolls like the other children, she was breaking her back with arms full of blisters. As she got older, her father managed to secure her a minor position on the Habsburg royal court, she was working as a servant. Lonely and often distant from the rest of the staff, she dreamed of a better life, a life outside of the small kitchen she was cooking in. Hope was the last thing that she never allowed to fade away while her imagination created utopical, imaginary images of herself with her husband who is playing with their children.

 Working day and night on the court she prepared marvelous dishes that had to be good enough to satisfy the high expectations of the royals. Any excess food that wasn’t eaten got thrown away,the staff wasn’t allowed to eat any of it. It’s questionable if the migration to a city brought them any benefits, her salary wasn’t sufficient to make their lives that much easier. The food she was eating was mostly shared with her parents, which wasn’t enough for all of them. After a while, she was still hoping that everything would change for the better, but she had no idea what she actually wished for. Catherine became a very beautiful lady whose job was a stalemate, working day and night was about to change for the worse soon. The old enemy of her father reappeared in an unwanted moment when there was a fight going on, lurking in the shadows, watching it all go down. Hans, tired and angered by his customers’ outbursts of anger, takes it out on his family, shouting and screaming, raising his voice at them even though they haven’t done anything. Exchange of bad words was flying across the room while Catherine got fed up with it, storming outside, attempting to calm down by taking a walk in the park, not knowing that this was a grave mistake for her. The scene in the house continued while the shadowy figure knew that this would be the perfect moment to set his plan in motion after so many years of waiting. Streets were empty, she was the only one on the street, overwhelmed with emotions as she tried to clear her head. Little did Catherine know that a man with a dark trench coat was following her wherever she was going. Catherine stops for a moment as she leans on the nearby building, taking a glance at the figure who stops and bops his head to the right, glaring at the young lady with a desire for killing her. Feeling uneasy of this man, she pushes herself against the building, trying to pick up pace and run away from him. Catherine’s paranoid look constantly turned backward while sprinting.. but the man kept up with her. She helplessly dashed away from the man as her heartbeat and breathing increased by each second. She ran as fast as she could to the nearest corner of a building, hiding behind it before she could place a palm over her mouth trying to control her breathing so the man doesn’t hear her. But he knew where she was, slowly approaching her while saying:
“I admire your attempt to fool me and run away, I really do Catherine. But you can’t escape me, honey. I will not harm you, I pinky promise.”
Catherine’s heart pounded stronger and stronger, her fear consumed her as tears slowly dragged themselves down her face, sobbing while she turns the corner to face the man. He wasn’t there. Catherine blinks a couple of times wondering if she’s starting to see things that aren’t there. Her mind must’ve been playing with her, she thought to herself, exhaling as she turned around, seeing him smile at her. A gulp was heard from Catherine while her eyes widened from fear and her scream rang through the streets. The man was right in front of her but he didn’t try to kill her, he moved his hands towards her waist as he pulled her closer to himself. She was baffled by his unexpected act, not knowing how to react to the situation.
He said:
“I’m not going to harm you, Catherine, you can calm down.”
Confused about who the man is and what he wants, she simply complies with his demands. He raises his left arm, running his fingers from Catherine’s temple, down to her cheek in a very passionate and romantic way. Still afraid of what could’ve happened to her, she was very cautious of the stranger. The stranger slowly leaned forward, kissing Catherine on her cheek. She was nervous and didn’t know what to do. She wanted to resist but hesitated because she never kissed a man. Fear turned into pleasant moments in just a matter of seconds, she went with the flow, letting the man take charge of her. The shadowy figure wrapped his hands around Hans’ daughter while kissing her. The tension between the duo grew as he moved down for the neck. Catherine was grappling her own hair, she never felt this much excitement in her human life:
“I’m so sorry that I ran away from you, I didn’t know what your intentions are. P..Please forgive me for it.”
The man says:
“It’s okay, you’ll see what I have prepared for you, Catherine. You’ll thank me for the rest of your life.”
Catherine leaned her head back, enjoying the wild thrill that she’s experiencing, feeling like she’s at the top of the world.
But the agenda of the shadowy figure was far more sinister than she thought. The man opened his mouth and sunk his sharp teeth into Catherine’s jugular vein, starting to deprive it of her own blood, falling in some sort of ecstasy. Catherine fell into trance, the excitement was far too much for her. He caught her body when she started dropping to her knees, carrying her in his hands towards his hideout. His house was enormous, filled with many decorations of the modern times like vases, sculptures, expensive furniture and other artwork. The vast house had its dark side which the monster was carrying Catherine into. His basement had a torture room to which Catherine was taken to and placed on what seems like an operating table, which had shackles strapped onto her both arms and legs while she was still sleeping before he went out and said:
“You sleep tight, you’re going to receive a gift from me really soon which you won’t be able to resist. You will be my childe, a new one since your father murdered my Progeny long ago.”
After he said it, he left the room to bring her something very special. After a few hours, she began to wake up and roll around just to see that she was chained up by the same man who kissed her. The monster shortly after brought in two other people,  they had bags over their heads, arms and legs tied with rope. The man smiled at Catherine right before she started to panic and scream alongside the other two captives who were desperately shouting for help, while the monster laughed at them:
“You’re all so desperately trying to get someone to help you, but no one is coming down here.
We’ll have a little family reunion right here before you all die.”
Catherine’s struggle attempt to break out went in vein as the chains held her down so she couldn’t move. The monster was laughing at her attempts to break out of the cold chains which were strapped to her wrists. He decided to unveil the two masked people who had bags over their heads. They were Catherine’s mother and father. Her eyes widened as she saw her own parents were the victims of this maniac, she cried and whined when she saw them, begging the stranger to take her instead of them. But the stranger replied:
“No Catherine, this my revenge on your father for what he’s done to my progeny..and I’m sorry to say this, but you are paying for his mistake”.
Hans glances at the monster as he says:
“This is between you and me you coward, leave my family out if it.”
The monster responds back:
“Now, now, now you’re going to watch how your daughter becomes one of us, and nothing you will do to stop it.
The monster approaches Catherine as he brushes his finger down from her temple to her cheek once again as he makes a statement which Catherine will remember for the rest of her unorthodox life:
“It’s time for your new life to begin, Catherine. After this, you’re on your own”.
Her heart was pounding as she was afraid of what could happen in a matter of seconds, while her father was screaming at the monster, cursing his existence.The man frowned a bit as he opened his mouth while leaned over Catherine’s neck, taking a short glance at Hans, noticing tears in his eyes, knowing he’s about to lose his child forever. His smile unravels his sharp teeth as Catherine with fear and panic tries to escape the death that is coming for her. Helplessly she fails to avoid him. The monster sunk his teeth into Catherine’s neck as she inhaled a large pocket of air, before succumbing to the rush, the ecstatic feeling runs through her veins once again. Her eyes slowly close by themselves as the blood of her own is being depleted. Amidst of the Embrace, Hans cries out to his beloved baby who is slowly dying from the creature of the Dark. Catherine’s life and blood have been sucked away by the creature as a revenge that Hans will never forget. Helena’s eyes sparkle while she refuses to believe her daughter has succumbed to Death. Cynical laughter rings through the house before he wipes his mouth with his sleeve. Rolling it back as he bites his right wrist, making the blood pour out of it. He opens Catherine’s mouth before placing his bleeding wrist above it when a few drops of viscous vitae enter her mouth, starting to circulate through her system. Monster licks his own wound as he releases Catherine from the restrains, leaving her body on the table.
Grave silence fills the room. In the upcoming hour, her parents were certain that she won’t come back to life as the undead creature who seeks blood to satisfy never-ending hunger. She viciously opens her eyes, digging her nails into the lining of the operating table. Her back rises up while her body is burdened by convulsions, truly a horrible thing to witness and certainly one that her parents were terrified of. Her body stops twitching and it seems like she finally found rest. That was until she propelled her body towards her father. Her movement was extremely quick and desperate Hans had no chance to defend himself. His daughter wrapped her slender legs around his neck before swinging her arms towards his chest which she easily pierces in a swift, rapid movement that instantly causes him severe bleeding and trauma. She rips the heart out and throws it on the ground before starting to suck on his aorta that was now widely exposed to her pleasure. This was an extremely pleasurable feeling, it was something that she never experienced before, she couldn’t get enough of it. The sacrifice that her father offered was also the one that curbed her inner demon, it was the ultimate sacrifice. She fell on the ground, looking up at her mother with eyes full of desperation. Bloody tears start coming out of her eyes when she eventually collapses on the ground.
She didn’t have much time to rationalize what just happened, as a matter of fact, as soon as she collapsed on the ground a loud, thumping noise approached her from the spiral staircase that led to the dungeons of the mansion. The door was soon breached by a posse of Alastors aligned to the Sect of Camarilla that had vast influence in the urban capital of Austria. They barged into the room, yelling: “Svidrigaylov! Where is he?” They stormed the room in a matter of seconds before turning their attention to Catherine that was still kneeling on the ground, staring blankly at the stone floor, covered in blood. The Alastor agents place Catherine into restrains upon investigating what just happened and start walking her outside. She turns her gaze towards her mother and barely utters: “Mother-..- I’m.. I’m.. sorry.” Not having the necessary energy to resist her captors, she complies with their orders, getting into the carriage.
After a prolonged drive caused by the difficult road conditions and the harsh winter, the carriage stops in front of a fairly large castle encircled by a tall fence with sharp pointy edges and an entrance that scarcely resembled Arc de Triomphe, except it was much smaller in size. The agents take Catherine out of the carriage and escort her inside where they leave her to sit in a waiting room of some sort. It was a white room, pristinely clean with many bookshelves arranged in a careful order and a conveniently placed piano in the right corner opposite of her. A pianist was performing a play that she didn’t know the name of nor was she really interested in music anyway. She stood up, walking around the room, briefly looking at all the literature available in the room before being interrupted by the sound of a large double door that revealed a room that looked somewhat like a typical hall with a throne on the very end of it. The guards invited her inside, closing the door once she got inside. The man that was sitting on the throne in his impressive clothes, with a cane propped up against his left hand, motioned her to come closer, speaking to her: “You’ve been brought to my court because it is within my authority to prosecute anyone who believes that it’s within their right to create progeny without my explicit permission, however since your case is a delicate one we will approach it as such. I understand that this is very confusing for you and that you seek many answers that your own sire has failed to provide you with.” The Prince lifts his cane up, giving a sign to one of his guards who nods in agreement to his order, whispering something to the guard next to him. After a short wait, a group of armed, tall men comes into the hall with Svidrigaylov with a leash around his neck, walking him to the prince like a dog. He was the person once known as the shadowy figure that caused so much burden to Catherine and her family. The guards set him into a kneeling position while the prince shift his look to Catherine, speaking: “This is your sire, he is a traitor of the Sabbat sect, plaguing our domain with actions indecent of the Camarilla, and since we finally caught him after all these years it would only be appropriate to dispose of him this very moment.” Catherine shifts her gaze between the prince and Svidrigaylov, looking at him with pure hatred and raging madness burning in her undead body. The prince turns to her saying: “You know what to do.” She takes a sword from one of the servants and approaches Svidrigaylov, hissing through her teeth: “Dinner is served cold tonight.” She thrusts her sword towards his neck in a swift, nimble movement that decapitates his head clean off after which he turns to ashes. “Good job Catherine, you’ve redeemed yourself for the actions committed by your sire. We are willing to offer you a fresh start within the Camarilla. Catherine had no other choice but to accept the offer that was given to her by the Prince, she had nowhere else to go.
Catherine honorably fulfilled her duties within the Viennese Camarilla, performing various tasks that were often life-threatening since she wasn’t a Kindred of a clan typical for the Camarilla, however, it also made her a prominent infiltrator within Sabbat’s ranks when the situation required her to be. Being a Lasombra in the Camarilla was a double-edged sword, the time it took to achieve trust from her fellow members was definitely longer than that of any other Kindred but once she did get it, they portrayed her as a valuable ally. She served for many years, eventually becoming a respected member of the city elite.
As the years went on, the 20th century knocked on the door, requiring Catherine to make some radical changes to her life. As Hitler rose to power, many Camarilla members were forced to leave Austria after Anschluss because of various prosecutions by the Schutzstaffel due to their political influence and activity in Vienna. The situation with Catherine was no different, she was released from direct service to the Viennese prince and left with an option to flee across the Atlantic to the United States of America as a refugee. She spent a few decades in New York, encountering numerous clans who were independent of the Camarilla and Sabbat forces. After her long stay in New York, she moved to Los Angeles, seeking a different playing field that would provide her with a more relaxing life. Satisfied by the situation in LA, she heard various stories about a small county densely populated by Lasombra and Kindred alike. Interested in these rumors, she set out on a search for this intriguing place.

Out of Character:

1.What kind of powers are you allowed to use in public? What stops you from using them?

Some powers are allowed to be used in Public while the others are not allowed to be used at all. Powers like Auspex and Presence are allowed to be used in public because they aren’t visible, meaning that they won’t violate the Masquerade. Mental powers are often used by Kindred in order to get something that they want without breaking the Masquerade. The Masquerade is followed by Camarilla and enforced in regions of their rule, while Sabbat breaks it and discourages its members to follow it. Breaking the Masquerade will result in punishment for your actions against it. Powers like Celerity and Potence are not allowed to be used in public because they can draw suspicion by mortals, raising doubts about what you really are.

2.Someone has discovered you. He's planning on making a statement within a week, you have all the time to prepare. What do you do? Consider consequences of every sort of action. Putting down more than one option increases your chances of getting accepted.

The first step would be finding out more about the person who’s seen me use my powers in public or in a private place. After identifying them, I would carefully observe their activities trying to find out more about them. Evaluation of their behaviour would be next, observing if they’re a possible whistleblower or a quiet type who’s keeping everything to himself. If the information leaked to his friends and they found out about me, I would utilise one of my disciplines in an attempt to erase their memory about the incident. The next step would be intimidating the person who found out about the incident to not tell anyone by telling him I’ll come for him and his family. If that fails, the option of removing his memories would come in play, unless the person who found out isn’t human, then a different method would be used, in most cases it would resolve in the death of the person who found out about my little dark secret.

3.An officer walks up to you and tells you to stay put, you are a wanted individual. In the struggle you both shed a good amount of blood, what could possibly happen in this scenario and how further can you avoid these dangerous encounters?

4.You mutter around town and notice a rather viscous looking hairy beast with claws stretching out of his arms. What could it possibly be and what could you possibly do about this?

5.You've been at the game for quite a while now. You are walking down a dark alley with your partner and three thugs come out of the shadowy corner, aiming their mundane weaponry at you. Should you be scared?

Mundane weaponry isn’t something that I should be particularly scared of, however it is something that I should definitely consider dangerous despite my ability to soak bullet damage rather efficiently. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I should engage the thugs in a head on fight just because I’m more powerful than they are as any use of disciplines or simply my superior strength and stamina would be enough to create suspicion. The smartest move would be to see what they want from me and grant them their wish because petty crimes like this don’t in any way justify a possible violation of the Masquerade. Situations like this can always be solved by legal means and the best option would be to allow the law enforcement agencies to deal with incidents like this.

6.Considering your bloodline or clan, what sort of job would you be good at? Make a priority job and a side job in case you need one.

The best job for Lasombra would be an advisor or a consultant

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? I've been playing on VWH for a year and half.

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.

Edward Tenpenny-Human (old character)
Freddy Tenpenny-Human (old character)
Lawrence Everett-Human (old character)
Elena F Galchev-Vampire (current)
Catherine Van Styrke-Human (current)

3.Do you understand that by taking part of this race, you can be changed by the race moderators (or even admins) for the most simple reasons? If you are to apply and get accepted, you are to follow the race rules to the fullest extent and upon reaching zero masquerade points, lose your character. Have you read all of this and understood what's your part? Yes I do

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):

5.If there is anything you would improve/change regarding the vampire race, what would it be? N/A
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Now that's a proper story
Character Stories / New York Stories
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Thematic Music

Part I: It's a dog-eat-dog world out there.
The city had been plunged into terror, Albert "Lord High Executioner" Anastasia was dead and his cohorts were out on the streets for blood. The fear of uncertainty had slowly started to seep into the fabric of every borough, twisting and perverting every-day citizens and hardened criminals alike. Nothing this destructive had happened in the city before.

53 series Cadillac parked up near a small motel across 45th Princeton Avenue. It was dark, the type of dark prostitutes and drug peddlers enjoy. Two men stepped out from the car and laughed their way to a room they had booked. One asked the other "What now John? Guineas from Bronx to Manhattan will tear each other up over this" John cackled and shook his head, he lit up a Red Marlboro and soothed his friend's nerves "You think they gonna care? The money we're making from this piece a work is nothin compared to what those shmucks will be making after they hear about Anastasia's passing. Gambino, Castello and Vito, all those pricks couldn't give a rat's ass about Anastasia. They're gonna love this, I tell ya."

The room they booked was a mess, a total disaster. Empty bottles were everywhere, discarded racks of newspapers and dirty dishes laid on two tattered beds and the smell, oh god the smell, it was awful. They sat down for a quick coffee fix, unable to speak, uneasy and frightened. They were tense, they had just murdered the great white shark, after all. From a deadbeat cop to the precinct commander, all of New York was searching for them, they either wanted to break their knees or send their unholy asses to the can. John had previously served three years, he knew what it was like to be on the mainline, he didn't want to repeat that nor did he want to be tortured by a man whose name ended in a vowel. He was first to break the silence, trying to get the ball rolling. He asked his dear friend for a favor "Hey Mike, mind getting me buttered toast from the kitchen?" he exclaimed with a slight hint of fear in his voice. Mike looked at John funny "Why don't ya get it yourself you lazy prick" he gawked at him. John drew his firearm in an unexpected move, catching his friend off guard. Mike froze, he couldn't believe his eyes, for the first time over a five year long partnership, he was staring at the wrong end of John's gun, the end usually reserved for their common foes. He was scared and confused, even angry a little "W-w-what are you doing John! Fuck! Hey man, C'mon!" He pleaded with his dear friend, sulking and moaning to him. "Had to make it difficult huh? You fucking worm. You just had to ruin my plan huh?" John scoffed and fired his weapon twice, striking Mike in the head. The room once again fell silent - no more pleading, no more sulking. Mike's soulless body was hunched over, leaking blood on the floor, giving the whole room a sort of Avant-garde decor, real messy and red. John was quick on his next move. he collected whatever he found useful and bounced. Just like that, he left. No remorse or feel of nostalgia, none of that crap. He might have been unphased and remorseless but he wasn't stupid. Before leaving, he covered his tracks real good, he didn't even take the car him and Mike had stolen three weeks ago.

A week later, hotel manager found Michael Skokowski's body or whatever was left of it, neighbors were complaining about the foul stench coming from next door. When local county cops got to the crime scene, they didn't even bother, Mike had a prior so they just made up some random story about a "drug deal gone wrong" and stamped the case shut, they didn't care. John Bernstein was never charged, not for Skokowski's murder or for Anastasia's.

Part II: The Borgata.
Little Italy was booming. Immigrants old and new sold their merchandise on the neighborhood market, young boys played pranks on each-other and grandpas had gathered in the park to play chess, domino or any other game they could get their wrinkled old hands on. They only spoke Italian and only smoked Nazionali, a cigarette brand from the old country. Everyone had somewhere to go and something to do, the American Dream was all theirs for the taking.

Perhaps, this is why no-one had noticed the sit down that was taking place on the main street. Two emissaries were arguing in Little Nicky's Deli, cussing up a storm in front of unwitting customers. Nick Indelicato didn't like this one bit, he didn't want the two parties to collide on his piece of property, the property he had tirelessly worked to maintain for years. Each emissary had an army of bodyguards backing them. They all looked suspicious in their big suits and fancy hats. Most of them, if not all, seemed to be reaching for something, they were always looking out for one another, waiting for an ambush or an unexpected drive-by. An occasional squad car that passed by made everyone very anxious too, it was a dangerous situation that could have erupted at any minute. One of the emissaries was none other than John Bernstein himself. The guy he was arguing with was a short, girthy looking fella. From his demeanor, you could easily tell how much of a stereotypical gumba scumbag he was and how little he cared for John or his men. John wasn't very fond of the fat Italian either, he understood how deceiving and traitorous he was and how little he could trust him. John was ready though, he had stacked his team with all the top shooters Jewish community of Lower East End, Manhattan could provide.

The "peace talks" dragged on for hours. Shouting would increase and decrease every five minutes. John and Carlo's emissary weren't quite ready to kiss and make up just yet.
"If I can't deal in the Bronx then where the hell am I suppose to deal? Are ya nuts Frankie? Are ya fuckin' nuts!" John yelled quietly, his eyes were sparkling with rage. He was a mess, a zombie from all the sleepless nights. He couldn't wait to get this over with, to go on with his business and most importantly, his life. "Did I say that John? Did I? Deal with the blacks or the wetbacks in the Bronx, we don't care. I just want you n your boys to make sure that none of your poison ends up in our neighborhoods, neighborhoods WE live in. Can't you get that through your thick fuckin skull, huh?" Big Frank answered nonchalantly, moving his toothpick from one side of the mouth to the other. Frank had the upper hand, he was a captain of a major crew and he had the backing of the Commission. He could have wiped John and his crew out in a split of a second. John was aware of this, he knew he couldn't beat the "old man Gambino" in a straight up war, he knew he had to compromise and give in to Frank's demands, any other way would have led to bloodshed. Putting his pride aside, he shook Frank's greasy hand that day and sealed the deal for his own sake "I'm glad we could come to an understanding, John. The old man's really happy for what you did with you know who. This is his payment" Frank blurted out, wiping sweat off from his fat face.

After a while, the gathering dispersed, two groups effortlessly blended in the masses, leaving Little Nicky's for good. One second they were there, the next second they weren't. When the cops came sniffing, nobody knew who they were or what they were doing, obviously.

The deal was simple: Gambino Borgata would leave the drug trade for good and let Bernstein's gang of hoodlums and degenerates take over for a small monthly fee. John was essentially agreeing to become Carlo's proxy but he had no other choice, this was a deal he couldn't refuse.

Part III: Murder Inc reborn, Kosher Nostra and the French Connection.
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And just like Hilary Clinton she's out of the image.
Character Profiles / Re: Mrs. Lockhart
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Looks like Hillary Clinton
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I won't accept anything but 10.000$
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