Author Topic: (23/10/1995 - 26/10/1995) Task Force 202 Operations  (Read 1731 times)

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(23/10/1995 - 26/10/1995) Task Force 202 Operations
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NASA has confirmed that sightings of multiple shooting stars were actually satellites orbiting the Earth which were due for decommission, the satellites were knocked out of orbit in a controlled fashion where they landed harmlessly into the ocean, teams were dispatched to recover the wreckages and return them for full disassembly. NASA have assured that there is no cause for alarm and that these crashes were specifically organized.

Unreported: Task Force 202 has been tracking Technocracy controlled satellites in the orbit of Earth that can be used for surveillance and orbital strikes and thus worked with NASA to bring down these satellites, although at the same time keeping NASA on a need-to-know level due to the risk of Technocracy intervention which was successfully blocked.


Task Force 202 declared full scale combat operations against a hidden terrorist group nicknamed the "Technocratic Union", it is unknown what this terrorist organization does but it has been reported that their extreme use of stealth and lack of insurgent tactics have contributed to their lack of detection so far, however with the aggressive intelligence gathering of Task Force 202, they have finally managed to piece together some key locations that these terrorists are operating from and have begun to deploy in full scale in these areas, the locations have not been disclosed due to security reasons. It has already been reported that naval warfare has also taken place and that Task Force 202 ground forces have engaged the enemy at their bases of operation.

The following events would remain unreported in mainstream media:


The Black Spiral Dancer Hive of the Thrashing Serpent near Giza in Egypt was destroyed by a major Task Force 202 assault, the Hive was first softened up by air support before ground troops moved in to clear it out, the pack that occupied the territory was completely wiped out within a matter of hours of constant combat, any underground tunnels found were collapsed using low yield explosives.
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Re: (23/10/1995 - 26/10/1995) Task Force 202 Operations
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*While eating in a Bar in Bone County  he heard the word "Task Force 202" from the news making him stop eating for a while and focus his ears and eyes to the TV*

"Those S.W.A.T guys again... Atleast they are not sitting like ducks in their HQ... How about removing the corrupt cops on PC as a next mission that would be great."

*Raises his left hand to call the attention of the waitress and gestures for her to come near him*

"One more order of Ham and Egg please."