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Kol Nadler
« on: November 19, 2017, 07:13:03 AM »

General information

Name: Kol Nadler
Nickname: None.
DoB: 20/8/1062.
PoB: Greece.
Path: Feral Heart.
Nature: Deviant.
Domeanor: Monster.

Companions: - TBA
Servants: - TBA
Associates: - TBA
Total Battles: 2.
Wins: 2.
Losses: 0.

When your unworthy life is at risk every single day, you start to forget the meaning of why you were brought here in the first place. I have been searching for that meaning in the darkness I fell into and failed many times to find it, Loneliness consumed me and I damned to walk alone for ever while watching my back from what I used to call brothers, they hunt me now, I am servant of darkness and mother's enemy, there is no going back now.
Centuries passed, I am still alone, No light was found.
A werebeast? A predator of the night? I shall be both, I never asked for this only forced to be on this path.
Mortals, for centuries I've seen them being slaughter by Gaia's warriors and disappearing during night when the predators are out disguised like mortals themselfs.
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Re: Kol Nadler
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Liked the char when you first made it, just as I like it now. Let's see you develop this far, bro. Good luck!
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Re: Kol Nadler
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