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House Rules
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Picking Up Where You Left Off (M20 core book, p.537)

The maximum number of rolls you can make during extended rolls (Rituals are not affected by this rule) is equal to the sum of your permanent Willpower Trait and your Arete divided by three ((Permanent Willpower + Arete) / 3) and rounded down. A character with a Willpower rating of 6 and an Arete rating of 2 could make 2 rolls ((6 Willpower + 2 Arete) / 3 = 2.66 rounded down to 2).

Magickal Difficulty Modifiers (M20 core book, p.503)
  • Spending Extra Time - You cannot drop the difficulty by more than 1 for each effect/rote by using solely this modifier.
  • Hypernarration - No, "/me takes time to cast the effect" doesn't give you a -1 difficulty for spending extra time. Anyone that tries to cast something with a half-baked /me won't be able to use the benefits of the difficulty modifier rules.

Base Damage or Duration/ Optional Dividing Successes Rule (M20 core book, p.504)
  • The two charts below have been houseruled and the damage has been capped to 16 health levels. (8 successes, or seven successes for Forces Sphere attacks).

Slipstream (M20 - How Do You DO That?, p.67)
  • Quote from: M20 - How Do You DO That?, p.67
    So long as the mage doesn’t overdo it, this Effect remains coincidental.
  • Investing 3 or more successes into the effect strength is considered "overdoing it" which means the effect becomes vulgar. This is more of a guideline than an actual house rule.
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