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Basic Information

Name: Diana Alissa Ashton
Age: Fourteen
Place of birth: Washington DC
Nature: Caregiver
Demeanor: Rebel


Etnicity: Caucasian
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5.4 feet (1.65m)
Weight: 52 kg


Mother's name: Unknown
Father's name: Unknown
Brothers: Austin
Sisters: None
Children: None


Hobbies: Singing & Acting & Photography
Likes: Coffe, biscuits, cats, nature and chitchat
Dislikes: New York in daytime and sunlight coming through the windows in the morning
Fears: Death, being abandoned again

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Re: Diana
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To see the face of immortality, you must leave the human world
This fire, these woods, the wind in the branches overhead,
This is the true world, the Motherís realm,
The seat of the immortal, the heart of our world.
The Weaver spins a gilded web, and strong, but it is false,
Ephemeral, when placed against the branches or the flames.
Steel and glass give brave assurances, but only viewed against our
fragile flesh.
Inside that flesh, inside ourselves, is immortality.