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Gabriel Scarletta
« on: April 29, 2017, 06:55:58 PM »
Gabriel Scarletta, best mechanic in Red County and beyond!

*Gabe working on a car*

Spoiler for Hidden:
Theme song:

General Info:

Full Name: Gabriel Scarletta

Aliases: Gabe, Gearbox.

Date Of Birth: 25th July 1974.

Nationality: American

Home Town: Liberty City

Occupation: Ex-Mechanic, Currently unemployed.

Race: Human

Nature: Loner
Spoiler for Hidden:
Even in a crowd the Loner sticks out, because he
so obviously does not belong. Others view Loners as
pariahs, remote, and isolated, but in truth the Loner
prefers his own company to that of others. For what-
ever reason, the Loner simply disdains others, and this
feeling is often reciprocated. Criminals, radicals, and
free thinkers are all Loner Archetypes.

Demeanor: Survivor
Spoiler for Hidden:
No matter what happens, no matter the odds or op-
position, the Survivor always manages to pull through.
Whether alone or with a group, the Survivor’s utter
refusal to accept defeat often makes the difference be-
tween success and failure. Survivors are frustrated by
others’ acceptance of “what fate has in store” or will-
ingness to withstand less than what they can achieve.
Outcasts, street folk, and idealists may well be Survivor

Additional Info:

Drugs: Stopped smoking weed, just recently. Actually he stopped consuming any kind of drug, as soon as he realized that there are monsters under his bed.

Alcohol: Has fully stopped consuming the alcohol. He needs sharp mind if he is to protect unaware humans.

Religion: No. He is Agnostic. He'll believe it when he actually sees it. After some events, he is believing in higher being. He needs Him now, more than ever...

Aware of supernaturals existence?: Yes, he is aware of the supernaturals.

Likes: Cars, Fixing cars, learning about the new technology, firearms, reading, street racing, weed, jokes, making friends, girls, business.

Dislikes: Bullies, Illiterate people, racists, homophobes, fighting, cocaine, when people ask him to fix the Faggio.

Social Status:

Marital Status: Single.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Family members: Laina_Krueger (mother - deceased) & Antonio_Scarletta (father - unknown)

Siblings: Nathaniel_Scarletta (brother - alive)


1. Become the best mechanic that you can be. - DONE.
2. Earn money to buy some high-end computer equipment. - IN PROGRESS.
3. Stop using drugs, and gain control of your life. - DONE.
4. Train your psychic phenomena up to the next level. - IN PROGRESS
5. Protect humans from vampires, as best as you can. - ALWAYS IN PROGRESS.
6. Hide your powers, no one needs to know about them. - ALWAYS IN PROGRESS.

Character progression:

Spoiler for Hidden:
Gabriel arriving at Palomino Creek, 1 year after Layla's death.

Gabe parties hard at Reggie's Pawn shop:


Gabe gets stabbed, and taken to a hospital:

Gabriel learns of supernatural existence, as he holds Heller:

Gabriel talks with a vampire, after burning her house. Didn't end well for the vampire.

Gabriel learns of his psychic powers for the first time:

Gabriel trying to master the telekinesis ability (BOTCH.):


[III] - Asshole.
[III] - Disliked.
[III] - Neutral.
[III] - Friendly.
[III] - True Friend.
[III] - Sex only, no emotions.
[III] - Love.
[PK] - Player killed.
[X] - Dead.

[X]Layla Cooper - (IC secret)
Spoiler for Hidden:

Do you remember how it was before, after everything we've been through Layla? I remember long ago when i first saw you, we were both merely kids, not more than 7 years old. I was constantly bullied by other children, and no matter how much beating did i take, you were always there to pick me up, dust me off and give me hope. As we grew up, we also matured and shared our first experiences. You grew jealous when i had a crush on someone, and so did i when you talked about your crush. I remember how i always wondered what lays beneath your clothes, and if your alabaster skin was as white and unblemished as your face. We grew apart once we started going to high school, but nonetheless, the distance couldn't separate us, we would always find a way to contact one another. It was a tough time for both of us, being separated for so long from eachother, and every moment felt like millenia. When i think of that time, it gives me pain and i do not want to go back there ever again. But after long 4 years, we finally finished high school, and were reunited in your father's workshop. I was dressed in a millitary suit, awaiting my combat training, and you were wearing that blue jump-suit with oil stains which you loved so much, you always wore it, and always had the gift for technology, and i felt like i learned a lot just by spending time with you. But even with that type of clothing, you were more beautiful to me than any other woman. I would allow universe to die just to preserve you, you were more rare than you realized... And as we rushed towards each other's arms, we both knew that there's something more than friendship between us. After you know someone for so long, you get to realize how they feel just by looking or listening to them talk. We were both shy, but we finally kissed and admitted to us and everyone else that we are in love. Ah yes, our first kiss... Within the shadow of a beautiful chesnut tree, the kiss that would make the gods themselves jealous of our love. We also engraved our names, you thought it was romantic, and i thought it was such a cliche but it liked the idea too, secretly. I remember when you gently leaned in and kissed my warm lips, and how they pull apart and take shaky, shallow breaths. We were unable to contain ourselves anymore, as i held your head in my hands and pulled you into a fiery and passionate kiss. I remember your touch, as you worked your way around my body, feeling each crevasse, each line along my physique... For the first time in my life, i knew what's worth living and fighting for. The next years that we were together felt like heaven. I woke up every morning and felt happy because i knew i would be with you. Walking was easier, talking was entertaining and everything else that i did was moved by your love and passion. You were trully one of a kind. And what can i say about sex? It was... Unlike any other i ever had. I remember how we talked about names for our kids under the sheets, and how we made plans to save up and buy a house where we can live together and raise our children. We had a lot of plans my love, but plans are fragile things and life often dashes expectations to the ground. The birthday party that we made for you when you were turning 21, will haunt me forever. Everyone was celebrating, talking, having fun, we were sitting on a sofa, while in each other's arms, as you suddenly lost conciousness. I was fighting for our country, i was shot at, stabbed at, almost got blown up as well, but i never was more scared in my life when you lost your conciousness. We packed up and took you to a hospital, where they diagnosed terminal cancer. Uncurable. They couldn't even tell how much time you had left. I cannot find the words to describe what i felt once i heard the doctor, i was shattered to the core, denying that such thing could happen to someone so beautiful and smart like you. I remember seeing you in a hospital bed, smiling at me as i entered to see you. You did not cry, you were not afraid, you were just smiling as i walked towards you. I felt that your blue eyes could color the night sky. I could see the reflection of a man i once knew in your eyes... his name was Gabriel Scarletta, and he died when Layla Cooper passed away. I still remember her last words, even at the end she was always optimist, hugging my head as i tried not to cry on her chests. She suffered a lot before cancer took her, but in the end, she kept talking about children we'll have and the beautiful house we'll own, as if she was trying to confort me. With a tear in her eye and a smile on her face, she meekly said, "I just want you to always be happy, take care of yourself Gabriel, and take care of Karina. I just wish she would be here so i could tell her that i love her too". I was never the same after that moment... Only a mere shell of what a man once was. I still love you Layla... And i still wait for the day to see you again. In this life or the next...

[X]Connie Griggs -
Spoiler for Hidden:

Connie Griggs. The person that made me realize not all monsters are evil. Evil may have created her, left its mark on her... but evil never ruled her. When i started this whole monster hunting business, i never exactly cared about them nor their opinions, i just saw them as... Monsters. She made me see the error of my ways, she made me see the grey area. I always believed that there is a constant battle between the light and the dark, where balance is kept. Truth is, i was wrong this whole time. Connie did not choose to be the ghoul, she was forced to be one. She was just a pawn for some sick fuck to toy with. She deserved better than that. She deserved so much more. When i met her, she was always acting tough. This is how it all began... We fought on the street. She broke my nose, i body slammed her... And little by little, we started growing some fucked up feelings towards each other. I did not know this at the time, but one vampire tried to hang me while i was unconcious, Connie was there to save me from him. She was one hell of a gal... She saved me for unknown reason, and just left afterwards. It didn't take long for us to meet again, as we started fighting. I never felt this kind of emotion towards anyone except Layla. As she stabbed me in the leg, i couldn't help but feel we are a pair destined for eachother. So i knocked her unconcious, tied her up and took her to the desert, just to see if she will ash. At that time, i didn't know about ghouls, and i thought she was a vampire. She kept screaming and clawing at me the whole time, i had to knock her out for like 10 times before she finally regained some sence. As soon as the sun came up, i called up Drake to ask why is this particular vampire not ashing on the sun. AND THERE WAS THE HARSH TRUTH. Her beauty was something special as well, and she knew how to use that to her advantage. People say cute girls are dumb, but i beg to differ. She was smart, she manipulated everyone, and everything. Hell, i think she even manipulated me as well, but i simply can't be mad at her for that. I am the one who killed her after all... Her closed eyes, and tears rolling down her face as i aim at her head with an AK will haunt me as long as i live. She kept calling me names, how i betrayed her, how she regrets saving me... To be perfectly clear, i regret that as well. Had she not save me, she would still be alive. As a ghoul yes, but she would still be alive. There would be a chance for her to redeem herself, and actually fight the darkness. Instead... The ones who claim to be the "good guys", killed her. I killed her. And as soon as i kill that prick who shot my friend, i am done with this hunting business. Maybe some vampires deserve to walk free among us, maybe some do not... Who knows how long have they been around us, or what their origin is, all i know is that humanity is fine, and it will continue to be so, even if there are no more monsters. Sometimes the true monsters are us... Humans. Rest in peace Connie, and forgive me...

Elena F. Galchev - I hope i satisfied all your needs. Pow chika wow wow!

Serghei Bran - Still waiting for you to come back dickhead.

Keith Marshall - You too, where the hell are you? I hope Bran didn't convince you to come with him back to Vice City?

William Bradford - Fucking cocaine addict. You need to learn how to drive too.

Nicolas_Hunter - I'm surprised you didn't tattoo the pirate flag on your ass instead.

Reginald Banks - Started as my dealer, ended as my friend. Rest in peace bruh. It was a real surprise to hear that you had heart attack on the street, and no one came to help!? [X]

Sasha Maykov - You're a'ight i guess. You ALSO need to learn how to drive, like goddamn, that Elegant has seen more shit than millitary convoy passing through the enemy lines.

Ikkaku Fujikawa - Keg?

Akira Kimera - She totally wants the D.

Grigor_Kaloyanchev - No idea what to think about this dude yet, gave me a free weed tho, so that's nice of him.

Alexander Wolf - Yasuo told me you died trying to get something that's not possible. You always were an idiot. Rest in peace.

Yasuo Sight - God damn it...

Alexander Mega - Old neighbour and friend, disappeared without a trace. Like what the fuck?

Nienna Hawke - Uhhhh... Hi?

Abbadon Gonzalez - This dude makes me scared when i am around him. Must be that magnificent beard or something.

Kevin Foster - Sorry i almost shot you, but can you really blame me?

Jacob_Ivarsson - Cocaine addict, racist, sexist, and the list goes on... Good and reliable worker though. [X]

Miroslav_Medici - Greedy, selfish, aggressive motherfucker. Thank you for killing yourself. You did us all a favor. [X]

Alissa Morgenstern - Fucking bitch thinks she deserves my respect. Tried to act tough and use brute force to earn it too. Funny how she lost respect instead of earning it.

Daryl Hardy - He is quiet, i like him. He doesn't have delusions of what he is and what he does. He's alright in my book. Great sense of humor too.

Lukas Blank - He was with me in my time of need, he is a true friend.

Ashuramaru Fuujimoto - This dude threw me out of the ring. Twice. I don't even know why did i fight in the ring against him. Twice. [X]

Stuart Pot - This guy is the embodiment of chill. Namaste! You knew about all that shit, and you hid it from me mayne! Partially i understand why you did it tho... You don't learn about this shit every day.

Olivia Amberwood - Saved my life at the parking lot. Literally. I owe her big time. Friends! And stop calling me a pedophile, i'll get jailed!

Monica Lopez - I gave her a chance to work with us, i taught her as best as i could, i never cared about her past, i never really cared about her quitting either, and what does she do? She asks me "How's Layla?". No idea how she found out about her, but i don't ever want to see Monica again.

Karina Beaumont - I do not hate you Karina, despite what you think of me. I consider you my family... The only family i have left.

Daniel Frost - A magician that gives money to people so that he can mindfuck us later on. I like him!

Saria Aerendyl - Stupid bitch.

Alana Medhurst - Regular bitch.

Jeremiah Hrannar - Fucking hell, this dude punched his way into being my friend. To be specific, he KO'ed me on the parking lot and drove a Quad over me. Then he ran around the town, carrying me, as he looked for someone to give me medical attention, THEN he dragged me into the bar, and gave me permission to drink whatever i want for free, THEN we went to a "drug factory" which was supposed to sell us drugs, THEN... *rambles on*

Natalia Aqua - I hope you find peace in death, that you never had in life. Actually fuck that, you can go burn in hell for destroying my equipment! Fucking vampire... [PK]

Seyama_Hideyori - Jackie Chan, is that you?!

Jake Hunter - We shared weed together, we bled together, we fucked bitches together, we fixed cars together, we survived apocalypse together... We are also way more inteligentER than the government. I got your six pardner.

Jonathan_H_Heller - We are two different people, two different worlds even. Yet we have one thing in common, and that "one" thing can bring our worlds together. "The most dangerous man is not the one who has nothing left to lose. It is the man who has one last thing left to fight for." Now that you've shown me what this world really is... I feel like as if i have a new purpose...

Abel_Savu - Thanks for the hat dude! I really needed to wipe my ass. You're a life saver. I shot you through your head boi, and you survived! Took the AK bullet like a true champ! [PK]

Emily_Bloom - I like yo style!

Matthew_Thomas - Dude, what the fuck..?

Nikolai_Kotov - He aigh't. Heard he rolled with the Butcher and Pchela too. How can you be so calm all the time tho?

Jacob_Houghton - We started talkin' a bit, and he seems like a decent dude.

Garrett_Ellis - Sorry for throwing you in the river, as well as pissing on your face while you were trying not to drown. I'm also sorry for shoving a dildo in your mouth. I'm also very sarcastic when i apologize to people. WORTH IT!

Lucy_West - You hurt Heller, and i'm gonna hurt you as well. A lot.

Niko_Brown - You always make fun of me and all that, but i consider you a good friend nonetheless.

Caelin_Stonebrooke - Goddamn kid... We almost died just to get those shitty dog tags back... If she died in that sniper fire, i would've never forgiven myself...

Flavien_Gilles - Eh, he's pretty cool to hang out with. Can't shoot the gun for shit doe.

Alexander_Parker - Learn how to drive the fucking van.

Requis_Olajuwon - *Nods, as he gives an army salute.*

Alexander_Bennet - Not a bad guy for a psychiatrist, he seemed to be very formal and his voice seemed soothing. I guess that's what makes a successful shrink. Hope he drives more safe from now on.

Minato Takahashi - Thanks for the free money sucker!

Lilia Mayes - I hope you turn towards science kiddo, get a good job, run away from this acursed place. There's still hope for you.

Rad Dillion - Stop telling people how your name sounds like "Rat". It doesn't. It fucking doesn't.

Stephen Hoechlin - A person that tries to be good, but lies on every occation.

Selene Vitalis - ...

David Wimbleton - I thought you were a kind man. I never expected that you would hold me while some asshole beats me up with a shovel. I regret helping you. I regret knowing you. Double-faced rat.

Drake Atwood - Thanks for letting me bunk in your house, maybe one day i will accept that offer. And... Thanks for everything else really. You've been a great friend to me.

Alexandru Jonathan - All i know is that he is thinking about enhancing his dick. A lot.

Emily Martinez - I need you to tell me more about that guy who used to make potions. Also thanks for backing up Drake. You seem a'ight. Dat ass doe. MMMMM-MMM!

Michael Wilkinson - I'm not sure if i should thank you for saving Connie. And Drake thought you are on our side... Now that there is no doubt where your loyalties are, you will suffer tenfold. You're done when you least expect it. You were right in saving Connie. You saw something that we all failed to see.

Opinions of other races (that he knows about):

Vampires: I am afraid of you. Who knows how many times you've feeded on me without me even realizing it. You can manipulate my thoughts and emotions, you can throw heavy objects around like it's nothing, and god knows what else... It's like fighting a war i cannot win. But i may as well try to protect those who are not aware of your existense...

Werewolves: When i met one of your kind for the first time, he was actually nice to me. He listened, he helped me change my ways. Once he went missing, i tried to find him where his kind is. The forrest. But all i found was hostility, threats and pain. Lots and lots of pain. I am not sure why would you hide information about Heller, but i fear the worst... He once told me that werewolves are a bastion of defense against the bloodsuckers. Now i realize that you care only about yourselves, you are nothing like Heller. You are not even close to what he is and what he stands for.

Mages: I haven't met many of them, except for Stuart. He has always been my friend, and i am glad that he still is. I have nothing but respect for the mages.

Humans: I wish i could tell them of the danger that lurks around, i wish someone would trust me. I wish i was listened too, and not thrown into looney-ville. Because that's exactly what will happen if i go around and reveal these things. I will protect them as best as i can, but i don't think i am fit to be protector. I can barely protect myself... I may as well try, right?

Cursed bloods: Hey, it's not your fault that vampires need slaves. I would love me a slave as well, if it were legal. But it's not. Just stay away from me, and stay away from my van in the future.

Imbued: Shiet, i guess i'm like... One of them? I doubt it tho. Either way, they are the real deal, i like hanging out with them. Best friends i could've hoped for. Remember that in your times of need, Gabe will be there for all of ya!
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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Gabriel Scarletta does not reside within the borders of Red County anymore. After he killed a ghouled person that could've actually been saved, he just wasn't the same anymore. The water and food were stale, and became ash in his mouth, and every day simply felt like agony for him. He felt as if he lost Layla for the second time. He decided not to say goodbye to anyone, because it would bring him even more pain. There is one last thing he did however, he went to the grave of the person that he killed...

Spoiler for Hidden:

... He left the graveyard in hopes of catching a bus, but Drake caught up to him with tears in his eyes. he would say farewell to Gabe, hugging him in doing so. Emotions were running rampant, even Gabe couldn't help but let some tears as well, although he tried to hide them.

"Say goodbye to the other guys Drake, i just can't..."

*Gabriel_Scarletta has left the Red County.*
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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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we are served with a man's buttock in the first place, clap

P.S: nice CP man


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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice ass.
P.S. Note : Really enjoying the RolePlay with you and the CP looks neat.


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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice CP man!!
That was AWESOME
Life is awesome without lying.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice one

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Thanks for all the love guys, i really appreciate it! <3

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Best blood bag ever! Luv u

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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So thicc

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Why he is showing his ass?
Nice cp
Spoiler for Characters List:
Nikolai Kotov [Ghoul] (Current)
Hayato Yamazuki [Human] (Inactive)
Keith Black [Human] (Inactive)
Sean Jefferson [Human] (Inactive)
Spoiler for complaints:

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice face you got.

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice face you got.

Thank you! I appreciate that, i really do!

Also, the relationships are updated.

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice face you got.

Thank you! I appreciate that, i really do!

Also, the relationships are updated.
T-T why yellow.

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Re: Gabriel Scarletta
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Nice profile.