Author Topic: * Pierre Trudeau's son, Michel Trudeau, believed to be dead in an avalanche *  (Read 424 times)

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*You may notice something really curious in the national newspapers' covers such as in the "New York Times" or at the television, in the program called "Sunday Reports", reported and hosted by Kelly Crowe and Bill Cameron:*



The youngest son of the former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was swept into a mountain lake by an avalanche in British Columbia on Friday and is presumed drowned. Michel Trudeau, 23, was trying to make his way out of the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park, about 100 miles north of the Washington-Idaho border, when he and three friends were caught in a snowslide that pushed them down the mountain and swept two of them into the frigid waters of Kokanee Lake, the police said.

Skiers who witnessed the avalanche hiked to a nearby town and called the police. A rescue helicopter arrived Saturday morning and picked up three of the skiers but Mr. Trudeau was not found.

Mr. Trudeau, a microbiologist, spent the last year in British Columbia working as a ski instructor.

Police officials, emergency services, divers and other people are trying to rescue the remained body of Michel Trudeau which is considered still ''missing and maybe presumed drowned'', said Sergeant Grabb.

Sgt. Russ Grabb, a spokesman for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said divers would be sent to search the lake once the weather clears and the snow surrounding the lake can be stabilized by dropping explosives from a helicopter.

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*As he buys the newspaper at local store he ignores the story about the avalanche but reads the story abouts Milosevic*

Damn it man keep it together and get your army back in Kosovo..kill those fucking Albanians
Remove that kebab
Cijeli dan je gledo kako diler gudru valja, niko nije smio cinkati Heroinskog Kralja.Svi su znali kako levat dila losu robu, komsija se zezno i zavrsio u grobu.Njega priveli su ovde nece lezati ni dan ima skupe advokate pa ce odmah ici van.Sudija ga pusta da se brani sa slobode, dokaze da skloni i svjedoke da izbode

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*Rad purchased the newspaper and sat on a bench to read it. As he turned the pages, he looked on the article and commented*

"Huh, Crazy-ass Canadian."

*He completely skipped the article and searched for sports articles*
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*Gabe would find a newspaper in the Pizza Stack bathroom while taking a dump.*

Yeah, this'll do...

*Gabe wipes his ass with the New York Times, as he pulls up his pants, leaving the bathroom, not even washing his hands nor flushing the toilet.*