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Rory "Stone Heart" Stone [WIP]
« on: May 28, 2018, 08:01:24 PM »
Image To Come Soon.

Basic  Information

Name: Rory "Stone Heart" Stone.
Age: 26.
Birthday: March 25th, 1973.
Place of Birth: Galway, Ireland.

Nature: "Predator"
- You are a killer, or else you would be killed yourself. You live because you are strong, others die because they are weak, and thus must suffer for the strong to live. Your age-old primal instincts are strong, and you sometimes find difficulty in understanding why others act out of “mercy,” “compassion,” and “reason.” Nature is a harsh mother, and you are her tool.

Demeanor: "Autist"
- You hide your secrets from others. Even more importantly, you hide your true self. Anyone who understands you can hurt you, so no one must ever see the real you, or even come close. Give away as little of yourself as possible - adopt a false personality if you like - but just make sure no one discovers the truth about you. Knowledge is power, and those who know you can do anything they like to you.

Breed: Metis.

Auspice: Ahroun.


Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Werewolf.
Vehicles: Black Wayfarer/Black BF Injection.
Occupation: Hunter.


Attire: He appears to be wearing a black leather jacket with a plain black t-shirt underneath. He is also wearing black jeans and usually a black hat on his head. Sometimes he may be seen with a bandana around his face especially when he is driving around.

Distinguishing Features : Tattoos on his body which are most of the times non-visible.

Body Type: Athletic.
Hair colour: Auburn.
Eye colour: Green.
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 165lbs.


Spoiler for Hidden:
No matter if I hate you all, I will have to oblige seeing you on the daily.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Wary of them until he gets to meet them. Only close to a few people.

Spoiler for Hidden:
No interactions with them so far.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Don't overstep your boundaries and I won't fuck with you even though you have done a lot to me.

Spoiler for Hidden:
No interactions with them so far.

Spoiler for Hidden:
No interactions with them so far.

Spoiler for Hidden:
You are a disgrace.


[ooo] - Enemy/Despise: Distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Dislike: Distant, avoiding.
[ooo] - Neutral: No judgement yet, just met, no thoughts about person.
[ooo] - Good opinion: Appreciation, like.
[ooo] - Friendly: Sympathetic, valuing.
[ooo] - Close friends: Admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.
[ooo] - Romantic interest: Love, adoration.

Breccan Woods (His Uncle): You are the one who showed me the light, I proved myself to you and you accepted me. I have sworn to protect you at all costs even if it means my life.


Coming soon as well as more things in the thread.
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Re: Rory Stone [WIP]
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My man!

Good luck my friend, looks good, hope to RP with you soon
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Re: Rory Stone [WIP]
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This is pretty cool can't wait for what he looks like

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Re: Rory Stone [WIP]
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hey it actually looks nice

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Re: Rory Stone [WIP]
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"The fear of blood tends to create fear for the flesh"

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Re: Rory Stone [WIP]
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Submit to the Wyrm and you are nothing less than an Abomination.

I like the cp tho.
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Re: Rory "Stone Heart" Stone [WIP]
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Dope. Take this far.
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Re: Rory "Stone Heart" Stone [WIP]
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Best of luck.

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Re: Rory Stone [WIP]
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Re: Rory "Stone Heart" Stone [WIP]
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