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Minato Takahashi
« on: December 26, 2017, 04:06:23 PM »
Minato Takahashi

"Do not fight with the strength, absorb it, and when it flows, use it."

Theme Song
Spoiler for Hidden:

Basic Information

Name: Minato Takahashi.
Age: Twenty Four
Affiliation: None.
Eye Color: Grey
Hair: Black, and short
Race: Numina
Place of Birth: Japan, Tokyo
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: One sister
Current Job: Mechanic

Interests: Meditation, Training, Sparing, Martial Arts, Reading, Hunting.
Religion: Shinto, one of the most common Japanese religions.
Behavior: Calm and all in all manipulative. Paranoia follows him wherever he goes, manipulating the monsters around him, in order to deliver a painful death.
Phobias: He has a Phobia of snakes, due to past experiences.
Nature: Crusader

- The Crusader has a vision for making the world a better place, be it through something as vast and sweeping as democratic reform or as a pedestrian eliminating jaywalkers from the city streets. These individuals live their ideals instead of merely preaching them, hoping to effect change by actions and example. Social activists, young politicians, rookie cops, and junior reporters often exemplify this archetype.

Demeanor: Caregiver

-Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. A Caregiver takes her comfort in consoling others, and people often come to her with their problems. Caregiver Archetypes often attempt, as best they can, to protect those who they care about. Nurses, doctors, and psychiatrists are examples of potential Caregivers.

Picture of Minato Training


Does he smoke? No.
- Not cigarettes at least.

Does he drink? No.
- Alcohol is seen as the deadliest poison in his eyes.

Aware of supernatural existence? Yes.
- He's aware of all that reside in Red County.


[✞] - [Deceased or Missing]
(o o o) Enemy; Distrust, hate.
(o o o) Dislike; Distant, avoiding.
(o o o) Neutral; Recently met, no thoughts about person.
(o o o) Friendly/Good Opinion; Appreciation, valuing.
(o o o) Close Friends/Family; Admiring, deep appreciation, would die for.
(o o o) Romantic interest; Love, adoration.

Spoiler for Hidden:
✞ Ryan What have I been teaching you-.. if not to defend yourself. I am a failure to you as a friend but more importantly, as a teacher. I will take example of your death, to teach proper, to teach my future students not how to live, but to survive.

o Nicholas You were a human once, now you are a puppet controlled by a demon who's being used in a war. I'm sorry-.. but I cannot allow you to remain alive any longer.

o Ron; A magi who uses music in his work, don't know how it works and I wont even bother with attempting to find out. All that matters is that I have faith in you as a friend.

o Lil Mayo; I'm sorry I wasn't there-.. when you needed someone the most.

✞ Jonas Anus; A magi who can bark but cant bite, not sure If you are even alive, but if you don't seriously stop, you'll die along-side that humongous ego.

o Margaret; Unlike the other's your ego doesn't get in the way of simply speaking to someone about anything you are better at, you were a Pyrokinetic yourself and you've helped me on my Pyrokinetic path, thanks "granny."

o Aisha; A magi who's power I did not yet see, a person I feel slight connection to, but you are already taken, aren't you...

o Harvey; A person I can truly depend on, although lately you've been lying to me about important information, which is why even after all we've been through, I still can't fully trust you.

o Ryker; Although I do not wish to believe it, you have fallen to the dead as their property...

✞ Cody; I do not miss you, to be frank I believe nobody does.

✞ Alexandru; My friend-.. please come back, I have so much to tell and show you, how far I've progressed and what I've learned.

✞ Chloe; You are the first I have turned to ashes, and even though you did nothing wrong at the time, I do not regret my decision. The dead should stay dead.

o Walker; Seems to care, or is simply interested in what happened, like I said before, I can't be fooled by your appearance, or anyone's, I'm not paranoid or anything...

✞ Xavier; Friendly kid, has his own way.. "The way of the staff" pretty interesting, maybe one day I will choose to learn it, but first.. Wing Chun. Where'd you run off to kid? I hope training sessions in the woods didn't result in your death by the wolves.

✞ Abigail; A thief, and flat out desperate woman, you deserve no respect or a bit of pity, you shot a child and tried shooting me.. Yet you are still alive, I am slowly slipping to the wrong path.. and people like you aren't helping. I sincerely hope you never show your face in Red County ever again.

o Jason Shepard; You've saved my life, and then tried stabbing me, leading you to almost killing yourself, I suggest you stop playing with knives.. but still you saved my life, and I saved yours, I hope to put you on the right path.

✞ Jacklyn; Not only did you not pay me for my "services", you also attempted to kill me. Fortunately for me, I was taken to the hospital, unfortunately for you, you'll be meeting my fire-blazed shotgun shells soon enough. And you are dead, not even by my hand, that's perfect, I didn't have to waste bullets on you.


1. Get his sister off the streets. - COMPLETED.
2. Exceed the knowledge and skill in Martial Arts that his teacher possessed. - ON GOING.
3. Increase his candle-sized flame into a fireball. - COMPLETED.
4. Burn the wretched vampires to ashes. - ALWAYS ON GOING.
5. Increase his Pyrokinetic abilities to the maximum. - ON GOING.
6. Find a way to deal with the creatures from heaven. - ON GOING.
7. Find allies that may aid him in the HUNT. - FAILED.

Character Story

Spoiler for Hidden:
Guess the important parts, rather interesting parts of Minato's story starts something like this; Minato lived in an orphanage with his sister, he never met his parents, meaning his sister was the only thing he ever truly cared about.

One night in the orphanage Minato was sleeping, and was experiencing a fierce nightmare. During this nightmare, Minato's Numina powers /awakened/ so to speak, and he lit his room on fire while sleeping. Soon enough Minato woke up only to see his room in flames. He manages to escape out of the room with his life, and due to this incident Minato and his sister were both kicked out of the orphanage, getting left out on the streets.

Living on the streets was hard for Minato and his sister, he contemplated many things, even suicide, but because his sister was there with him, he kept fighting, struggling to live. Eventually, Minato and his sister were taken into a home by an old man, that old man soon became their teacher in martial arts, who not only taught them how to fight, but how to live, showing them the religion of Shinto.

After some time of living under the old man's roof, the old man passed away, and so Minato and his sister moved to various places around the world to share the knowledge they have learned.
Soon enough they traveled to America, and decided to find a more or less "safe" place to live.
They crossed upon San Andreas, and eventually found a nice little County area called Red County.

During his time in Red County, something triggered Minato's powers once more, perhaps the huge amount of supernaturals residing in Red County, but that's not important right now.
Minato became aware of his power, and started to hone it. During this, Minato came across a Hunter to whom Minato showed his power because he had no choice. The Hunter decided to become Minato's "friend" and so he told Minato whats behind the curtains. This information caused Minato to only hone his skills even more, during this time, Minato's sister left Red County, left America. Due to this Minato fell into a rather faint depression, causing him to have a rather aggressive behavior then he initially had. Now, Minato seeks power, being a natural in Martial Arts, and a Pyrokinetic is good, but he seeks more, more to do his goals, which is to protect humanity, with everything he's got/which is to eliminate those who endanger humanity with their mere existence.

Thoughts about Races

Fallen Angels
You are fighting a war among yourselves while you let humanity to stay cattle to the creatures of the night, instead of fixing your mistake you wish to start from square one by exterminating humanity. I will not allow that.

I do not know your stories, I do not know the suffering you've been through nor the life you so desperately live but I do not care. You corrupt life, the thing so precious and limited to so many people, you only make it shorter and more difficult than it already is by merely existing.

"What'chu wanna talk about Rick?! These things ain't sick, they're not people, they're DEAD!
- Shane, The Walking Dead.

My experience with you was the worst possible out-come, but considering the only Shifter I encountered is dead and I'm still alive, its alright for now. The enemy of my enemy is indeed my ally.

Some are amazing people, wonderful human beings that have shown that humanity is truly limitless as long as you put your will into it. Some are just ignorant bullies with huge egos.

Ghouls Hunters Humans
- When you sell your Will and Freedom for immortality you become nothing but a non-aging empty shell.

- You are Humanity's last hope, the heroes that gain only to lose and use the emotion they gained from that loss to fight. I will fight along-side you, to the very end.

- Humanity is limitless, Its choices define fate and reality of everything, we can become so much if we just put effort into the things we do, yet so many humans chose the things forbidden by god himself. You can say its only human for some things, but there is a thin line, and millions walk among it.

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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not that quote bro
To see the face of immortality, you must leave the human world
This fire, these woods, the wind in the branches overhead,
This is the true world, the Mother’s realm,
The seat of the immortal, the heart of our world.
The Weaver spins a gilded web, and strong, but it is false,
Ephemeral, when placed against the branches or the flames.
Steel and glass give brave assurances, but only viewed against our
fragile flesh.
Inside that flesh, inside ourselves, is immortality.

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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blindness is no impairment against a smerry enemy.

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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Line 3: Minato is a dude with abilities and he can sometimes use his candles to roast Mephistos.

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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Re: Minato Takahashi
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Re: Minato Takahashi
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zf clan

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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Your hands, my will. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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Your scream, my ears.

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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Updated Relationships, and yeah...

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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cant wait to see in which direction this character will fail, good luck!!!

when youre natively english but cant speak it

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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o Ryker; In the heat of the moment, I was definitely angry, frustrated, and scared, I said some things I shouldn't have to you, but you... not only kidnaped but also shot me in the damn leg, the thing is... I understand why.

That's how Ryker rolls baby. Shoots you in the leg, and makes you think it was neccessary. Makes you understand the error of your ways. LOL

Ryke and roll!

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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cant wait to see in which direction this character will fail, good luck!!!


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Re: Minato Takahashi
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A big joke.

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Re: Minato Takahashi
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cant wait to see in which direction this character will fail, good luck!!!

like urs?
<<Tout ce que vous regardez est pas ce qui se prétend être, la réalité est aveuglé par l'altération de la nature, telle est la question subjective découvrir la vérité de ce qui est vraiment propre.>>