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Damien Ashton
« on: January 07, 2018, 05:39:48 AM »

Spoiler for Theme Song:


Damien Ashton


Dam, Ash

Place of Birth

Settlement in Black Forest, Germany

Date of Birth

24th of December, 1972

Tribe & Camp

Get of Fenris, Fangs of Garm











Thoughts on other Supernatural

Humans: Neutral
Humans (Hunters): Disliked, mostly avoided
Vampires: Hostile
Ghouls: Hostile
Werewolves: Very friendly
Other Fera: Friendly
Tainted Werewolves: Extremely hostile
Magi: Neutral, although mostly disliked
Fallen: Hostile
Changelings: (N/A, Unaware)

[ooo] - Enemy: Dislike, distrust, hate.
[ooo] - Impartial: No relation, ambiguous ties.
[ooo] - Friendly: Decent, allies, friends.
[ooo] - Extremely Friendly: Family, close friends.
[ooo] - Love Interest

Spoiler for Hidden:
Stephen Hoechin: Decent man, yet very restless from the looks of it.
David Wimbleton: Local Sept's Wyrmfoe. He seems fit for his position.
Kevin Harbough: Those of the Black Forest in Germany speak of you highly. You're celebrated as one of the strongest Fenrir to come out of there. It would be a pleasure to fight alongside you.
Alfred Harbough: You are the son of the famed Wyrmslayer, Kevin Harbough. It's an honor to walk alongside one as yourself. Here's hoping you can follow in your father's footsteps.
Kijake: We've only met once but I can see you are a man of vast knowledge.
Zachariah Novak: There's been tales told about your deeds. You carry a lot of Glory, Ragabash. Commendable.
Kanos: Your rage is directed towards the wrong target. I understand that humanity frustrates you in most, if not all of it's forms, but if you were to redirect your fury towards the Wyrm, there would be no stopping us, I am sure of it.
Xavier Alexander: Very troublesome child who tends to pick fights and suffer the damage. You need to stay out of harms way and learn to not bark up the wrong tree, boy.
Alex William Parker: Watch your step, cornflake.
Shayan S. Charles: Overly arrogant and perhaps a little socially awkward to be around.
Tyrus Williams: Stay out of my way.
Seyama: Do not try to restrict my freedom.
Cody Pace: Such a loud-mouthed individual. Troubled beyond repair, no doubt.
Andzjelius: I know not what you think you're doing, but you had best thread wisely.
Samuel Belmore: You're always just silent and watching. Puzzling individual.
Tychus Rodriguez: The others seem to bow to you. That's a sign of power. Keep them on a leash.
Chloe Stirling: Go ahead, follow your Master.
Ognjen Smith: The next time we fight, it will surely be to the death. I look forward to it, leech.
Gabriel Scaletta: A friendly human I met recently. Seems to be missing. Hopefully he is not dead.

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Re: Damien Ashton [W.I.P]
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Hmmmm. Good luck!

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Re: Damien Ashton [W.I.P]
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Lookin' good, lookin' good!

Spoiler for Hidden:

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Re: Damien Ashton [W.I.P]
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hey its nice

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Re: Damien Ashton [W.I.P]
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Quote from: Mage The Ascension 20th Anniversary
Story-wise, a botch reflects spectacular bad luck: the sirens go off, the parkour expert slips, the computer fizzles in a puff of smoke.

In short,
you’re done.

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Re: Damien Ashton
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looks good

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Re: Damien Ashton
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Seems to be gud
Keep going!!!
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