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Demon Applications / Re: Ava_Tremble ;; Namaru ;; Ravener
« Last post by Seaside on June 17, 2018, 11:37:24 AM »

Edited my visage forms since Radiance is wiped out.
Character Profiles / Re: Doughlas Mackinlay
« Last post by Felrow on June 17, 2018, 11:05:38 AM »
Doughlas MacKinlay
Claw of the Hills

Status: Alive, Back to Red County

About him

Full Name: Doughlas Mackinlay

Age: 45
Nationality: Irish
Home Town: Letterkenny
Occupation: Hunting, meditating
Nature: Diplomat, Leader and Protector of his kin(All the Garou)


Ethnicity: White

Hair Colour:  Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Distinguishing Features: People recognize him by his face and the Fianna symbol tattoed on his right upper arm

Height: 1.87 meters
Weight: 75 kgs


Social status

Parents: Hugh Mackinlay (Garou, Dead) and Megan Mackinlay (Human, Dead)

Siblings: Brianna Mackinlay, Emmet Mackinlay
 Relationship with parents: They're dead, but the relation was good.
Relationship with siblings: Good

Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Children: Dead.

The Fianna
Fiona Macfionn
No one else

His vast knowledge in Garou Lore, Rituals and everything related to Garou Nation.
His strong ties to the Fianna and all the allies of the Tribe.
His combat training in the Fianna lands.

Losing someone dear to him.
The Victory of Wyrm.
The Apocalypse.

Smokes cigarettes?: Yes.
Drinks alcohol?: Yes.
Is religious?: Praise mother Gaia
Knows of supernaturals?: Due to his auspice he’s supposed to know many things of the Garou history, he heard many things about other supernatural beings, but he encountered only leeches and Garou.



-000- Hatred, Enemy!
-000- Usually Hostile, but won't attack them unless necessary.
-000- Neutral, just met.
-000- Friendly, trust.
-000- Family, Love!

Shelby - Well... you know it well! Dead.... Or gone.
Svanr - My friend, I shall try find you and protect you.
Douglas - Finally dead...
Wyatt - I am glad the Fairchild killed you! You're a traitor to the Garou Nation!
Melissa - I know we had our differences, but I'm missing you.
Bron Macfionn - You've always been like a father to me, I respect you!
Octavia - I... I'm missing you so much!
Felrow - Well then... I am so sad that you left us, even tho I knew a few about you.


Supernatural Info

Name: Claw of the Hill
Color: White
Apparance:Appears to have the Fianna glyph tattoed on her right shoulder.
Tribe: Fianna
Camp: Brotherhood of Herne
Sept: N/A
Rank: Fostern
Pack: Claymore Bearers

Character Story

Spoiler for Hidden:

It was a calm night of Summer, to be exact it was the end of summer, the festival of Lughnassa. The members of the pack gather by the strong fire and take a seat by it, in the following minutes the Galliard of the tribe, an old Garou shows up knowing it’s his time to tell a story this year.
The silence of the afternoon was cut by the talks of the pack members, waiting for the Galliard of the tribe to start his story, the Galliard lifts his hand up and all the Garou become silent, looking at him as he takes a seat down on a log.
“Let me tell ye’ a story lads… a story of a simple Garou, I bet you know him, but do you know things about him? I guess not… so let me start with the beginning, his first change….” The Galliard looks up to the stars then back at them, telling his story.

Chapter One – Secrets Revealed

It was a bright night, the moon was gloriously shining up on the sky, hiding not behind the few clouds up on the sky, a young man was going down the road towards the center of the small town. It was such a silent night, only the wolves howling from the stony hill could be heard, the howls of the wolves were making the young man feel safe in the night, out in the moonlight.
The young man was heading for bar to meet his friends, just a dark alley separates him from his destination, the alley was so dark, it rarely feels the touch of Luna, maybe once in a month… when the moon is full on the sky.
He walked half the long narrow alley already, he could feel something was not right, like something was watching him, he walked out into the lightened part of the alley, where the moon is present, but something could be heard from the darkness…
“Doggy, doggy… staying in the darkness is a bad move dog… especially for a weak Lupine as you.” Saying that a pale person walks out of the darkness with a knife his his hand, it was a
That creepy moment scared the poor young man so hard that he jumped jumped forward and tripped. He fell on his butt, looking at the guy with the knife above him. It was such a creepy moment, the kinfolk froze, he couldn’t do anything, just watch.
“Tell me now, if you want to leave, where is your Caern?! ANSWER THE QUESTION Lupine!”
The young man was trying to crawl away, but all in vein, that person grabs him by his collar and lifts him up to the face.
“Running away kid? I though your race has courage and honor, well, I was wrong. Now tell me, WHERE IS YOUR CAERN?!” He shouts out again, no one could hear that, only the darkness.
“I… don’t know what you’re talking about, let me go, please! I’ll do anything!”
He squeezes his neck a little then speaks to him in an aggressive and ordering tone.
The boy struggles to free himself from the tight  grip of the man, but he wasn’t able to, he was way too strong to be overpowered, all the boy could do is to let him do whatever he wants.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
The man lifts him above the shoulder ready to throw him to the wall with force, “Well, maybe that will refresh your memory weakling!”. He throws him to the wall with some strength. The boy hits the wall and he falls down to the ground, struggling to get away.  The man again tries to grab him, but something is happening with the boy, he started to change physically, his body’s shape slowly begun to change, fur grew all over his body and claws replaced nails. That guy was too late already, the transformation was a success. A white wolf raised from the ground and looks towards him with anger in it’s eyes.
“New clothing huh? Well that doesn’t matter already! You’re a dead man!” the vampire focuses his blood power into a discipline, changing the shape of his nails to claws. “Now it’s time for you to die!”. Both of them charge to eachother ready to deal the first hit, both having almost the same speed!
The first one to hit was the vampire, as the wolf jumped up into the air he scratched wolf’s chest and kicked it away before it would touch him. The wolf was down, crying in pain, awaiting for the vampire to finish the job. The only thing the wolf would do was to howl, hoping someone will come in his aid.
His hope came true, hearing another howl close enough to the place he was, the vampire didn’t noticed, it just proceeded for the small wolf who was on the ground, crying in pain, “It’s time to finish this you fucking shit!”. But by the moment he came close to the small wolf something big grabbed him and threw him down to the ground, he was dead, the Crinos ripped the head off the shoulder of the vampire and it became ashes. I think you remember Forest Runner, the packleader of the Protectors of the Stony Hill in Ireland.
“Come child, I need you to go back to your Homid form, we need to discuss..” Forest Runner said as soon as he shifted back to his Homid.
The boy focused his gnosis as soon as he calmed down, he went back Homid in a few seconds. The boy returns to reality and seems agitated by the presence of Forest Runner, I believe he was still in shock after the leech, but who knows?
“I want you to calm down and listen to me, I am not going to hurt you, I am here to help.”
He just nods, acknowledging he’s safe then he looks back at him..
“I have many to tell you, but first I want you to tell me what did that guy wanted from you…”
He sighs and answers the question… “He asked me something about a place or thing called Caern, he asked me where is it…”
“I understand, now follow me, it’ll be a long road to the place called Caern, I’ve got many things to explain you on the road.”
“What about my family? What about my dad, brother and sister?”
“Don’t you worry, they’ll be there, I assure you that.” He  starts walking uphill, followed by the boy, on the road he explained him everything about the garou nation and the tribe, now he knows some of the things happening, but he knows everything?

Chapter Two – The Life in a Sept

Doughlas and Forest Runner finally reached their destination, the Stony Hill, the place of the Stony Hill Sept, they are the protectors of the Caern there, The Caern of Luna’s Sky Glory, ya’all know that Caern lads.
Reaching the middle of the hill they see a beautiful plateau, flowers of the wilderness all over the place, two small packs of wolves were standing infront of a man with animalistic signs, such as fur, claws and fangs, he was instructing them for the patrol.
On his left there was the highest part of the hill, 200 meters to climb again, but no one was going to climb anymore, so they keep walking.
The two lads approach the man, Forest Runner bows his head in sign of respect towards his Elder and Doughlas does that aswell, then Forest Runner says “Greetings my Elder”. The Elder, Garen Macarthur nods towards them and then says “That is yer mission lads, now go, be back later..”.
The packs take different directions and charge away, in an Indian row. As soon as they’re gone the Elder looks at Doughlas for a brief time then turns towards Forest Runner, thinks a second then says… “So, dis is the new lad, huh?”.
Forest Runner nods and then says “Yes, he’s the lad ma Elder, I just saved him from a leech.”
“I see… “ He turns towards Doughlas, “Greetings lad, I am Stone Claw, Great Elder of the sept.” I suppose you’re Doughlas, am I right lad?”
Doughlas nods and answers his question “Yes my Elder, I am Doughlas…”
“Good lad, now let me think… I doubt ye’ know my son, he was in that pack of four persons that was standing infront of me. As soon as they’re back I will assign ye’ to the pack. But now, lets go up on the hill, a party awaits us lad! The festival of Belten!” He starts climbing the hill up to the top of it, where the Caern is.
After a hour of climbing they reach the top, at the top they see dozens bottles of beer, lots of food, a few flasks of scotch and many other strong drinks.
By the evening the party started, Garou gather at the fire, they drink, dance, some duel, that is the festival of Beltane, Forest Runner hands Doughlas a flask of whiskey and nods, “Here lad’, have a sip, show us if you’re a real Fianna material.”
“But I am just a child…” He looks with an innocent look in his eyes towards him.
“You’re right in this aspect, you’re a Child of Gaia, yet a Child of Stag, a Fianna… c’mon lad’, you’ll like it!”
Doughlas grabs the flask and takes a short sip then hands it back, cleaning his throat.
“Was it good lad?”
Doughlas nods without making any sound then grabs another chicken wing.
Time passed and the festival was near the end, it was time for the main event of the festival, the duel for the leadership of the sept. Stone Claw proceeds for the middle of the group then goes to his Glabro, grabbing his Klaive from the belt, awaiting for his adversary to show up for the duel. His foe was a tall man, late teens by the look, he was holding a spear in both his hands, he was carrying the animalistic aspects of the Glabro form.
The few Garou next to the fire beat the drums as the duel begin, Stone Claw just dashes ahead, reckless, the teen just raises the spear forward to defend himself, Stone claw dashes to a direction and grabs the spear, breaking it in two, throwing the sharp part away and tucking his klaive. Then he backs off a little.
Stone Claw releases a growl followed by his voice in an aggressive tone “C’MON LAD! STRIKE! I WANT TO SEE YE’ ATTACK!”
The boy rushes ahead with both the hands awaiting, and they clash, they punch, they kick and push… they fight for one reason, the leadership of the sept of the Stony Hill.
The end of the battle has came, the ring was a pool of blood, the teen was lying unconscious on the ground, Stone Claw had the honor to let him live, he returns for the group of Garou and takes a seat by the fire, it looks like this lad had some strength, but is he that strong?

Character Profiles / Re: Doughlas Mackinlay
« Last post by Felrow on June 17, 2018, 11:05:00 AM »
lmao felrow, ucod got shut (yes we know that u was mage race moderator), brp got deleted and u came here? nice joke
So...? It's none of your business what I do and where I play.
Demon Applications / Re: Ava_Tremble ;; Namaru ;; Ravener
« Last post by Simon on June 17, 2018, 10:13:59 AM »
Mage Applications / Re: Dante Ainsworth | Arete 2 | Avatar Rating 2 | Sons of Ether
« Last post by diplo on June 17, 2018, 06:56:01 AM »
the awakening is poor
the story is okay-ish

the answers are alright
you put in more nephandi references than SOE and in the end you started copynpasta
you’ve taken direct quotes from places and that’s not encouraged

accepted either way because of constant effects and definite improvements
SOE isn’t going to be easy but if you scrap this i’ll ban you from applying for the race
Demon Applications / Re: Ava_Tremble ;; Namaru ;; Ravener
« Last post by Seaside on June 17, 2018, 04:03:54 AM »
EDIT: Oh wait, hold on, give me time to plan out my demon's gameplay since Radiance isn't acceptable.

EDIT: Is there any possibility that I may gain Radiance instead of Celestials?
Mage Applications / Re: Dante Ainsworth | Arete 2 | Avatar Rating 2 | Sons of Ether
« Last post by Iron on June 16, 2018, 10:23:22 PM »
Well it looks ok to me now.

I'd like Shadow or Diplo's final say in this one.
Demon Applications / Re: Ava_Tremble ;; Namaru ;; Ravener
« Last post by Simon on June 16, 2018, 07:35:17 PM »
Clearly told you to change up Lore of Radiance; I've edited it myself.

Accepted under the specified terms.
Character Profiles / Re: Doughlas Mackinlay
« Last post by Leon. on June 16, 2018, 07:26:25 PM »
lmao felrow, ucod got shut (yes we know that u was mage race moderator), brp got deleted and u came here? nice joke
Demon Applications / Re: Ava_Tremble ;; Namaru ;; Ravener
« Last post by Seaside on June 16, 2018, 06:23:57 PM » your Visages into a single RPF unless you find absolutely no way to.

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