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Character Sheet Points in a Nutshell
« on: January 05, 2016, 08:29:52 AM »
Just a quick and small guide to show what points in your character sheet actually mean, to prevent misunderstandings.

Zero Dots - You have no understanding of the skill at all, for example, no points in Linguistics mean your character isn't fluent in any additional languages apart from your character's native tongue. Small words and common phrases are possible, but nothing fluent.

One Dot - You have a poor understanding of the skill, this is default in the case of Attributes: for Intelligence, it means your character is stupid, for Appearance, it means your character is ugly as fuck.

Two Dots - You have a basic understanding of the skill, your character is just short of someone who uses a skill regularly. In terms of Attributes, this is still below average.

Three Dots - You have a good understanding of the skill, this is considered AVERAGE, it means your character is good at something and doesn't totally suck. As for Attributes such as Intelligence or Appearance, it means your character is average in IQ, they're pretty smart but not exactly Stephen Hawking, same for Appearance, you're not ugly, but you're not a top model either.

Four Dots - This is where you start to exceed the norm, four dots in skills typically mean you're better than the average person who is trained in the same skill, depending on where you live, you could be the best in your area.

Five Dots - This is world-champion competition stuff, let's say you have five points in Brawl, you could take on a top boxer or fighter and most likely win. Attributes with five dots can be compared in the same way, you could rival people in Mensa with your Intelligence and give the next top model a run for his/her money with Appearance.

Why did I make this guide?
Simply because some people believe that their character or everyone as a whole, need to have 4 or 5 in a skill to be able to RP being remotely good at something, this is not the case. Three is the minimum point requirement to RP a skill well in the character sheet, four and five are exceeding the expectation and could compete with the best in the world.