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« on: February 12, 2017, 05:38:27 AM »

            And there I lingered, staring at the insides of my palms. Muddled with blood and sand in an unfamiliar mixture. And as I gazed onto the asphalt I sat on, I saw the shadow of a monster, flickering under the weak streetlamp. I wasn’t alone, the stench of blood flooded my nose, rising from the lifeless remains of everyone around me. The beam of light emitting from the rushing car reached me quicker than the faint noise of a speedy engine making its way towards me. Aghast from the beast I’ve transitioned into, I exhaled sharply, hoping it would be my last, awaiting the vehicle to run over me and end my misery. But no, I was nowhere close to my end.

 I looked up at Luna staring down at me with a sneer, sitting still between the million stars of the desolate dark murky sky. The tires screeched into a stop and I overheard footsteps rushing towards me. I simply let go, fading out into my thoughts as a swift blow of metal struck against the back of my head. I succumbed to the pain and my face brushed against that same unfamiliar mixture of blood and sand. In my forced musing, I recollected the actions of a horror, they felt so real, especially the helpless wailing.

 A jolt of electricity ran through my system, my eyes glared open with a cry for help. I woke up to find myself trapped in an enclosure. I was on display like an exotic winter bird. My weak heart rushed in panic, but there was nothing I could do. On all fours, I crawled away from the spectators until metal supported against my spine. I had to do something, but they were all watching me silently. Each had an impeccable taste in clothing, and have an inviting, commanding demeanour that transfixes onlookers. The longer I remained, the more I examined and studied about their appearance. The commanding figure gestured a subtle nod and that instant, my eyes were prematurely struck with a bright blue light, radiating from the tubes hovering over my enclosure. The light allowed me a better view at everything present ahead, they had serpent tattoos exposing from their collars and I noticed multiple ancient glyphs across the blank white walls around the room I was kept in. As I swayed my gaze from one shoulder to other, I came to realisation that I wasn’t the only animal on display. There were multiple enclosures with frail bodies in them, ragged clothes and disappointment. But I was the latest, it was clear from the numbered gathered around.

 A hunch of instinct whispered in my ear, a strange noise kept howling. There was something odd about the place we were in, it didn’t seem right. I built up the courage to addressing the large frame seated in the enclosure besides mine. I asked him where I was, shocked by the unexpected answer, much stronger than the electric one I received earlier. I was on a plane, along with the rest of them. But why? I belong in Sharm el-Sheikh. As I was about to share the question with the same man, he spoke first, asking me to pray because that’s the only thing that’s, the only hope for us. I sank into my thoughts, nervous and powerless.

 They had projects for the lot of us, at the time I didn’t know what. Hours of starvation and uncertainty later, the hold doors opened right after the plane had jerked into a clean landing. It was pitch black outside, as expected. The suits walked the ramps to examine our conditions, along with white coats who did all the basic check-ups. Those who didn’t comply were met with electric shocks. Their techniques worked, we were all too weak and refrained from resisting, we complied with the simple steps and our enclosures were moved. I got glimpses of an unfamiliar barren desert that stretched out as far as my eyes could see, joining itself with the pitch black firmament. Luna remained, watching over us all but it wasn’t the same night. White sheets were thrown over our enclosures and I could tell the lot of us were being loaded into another form of transportation. Exhausted and powerless from the constant travel, I dozed off into another one of my nightmares. In some ways, the imaginary entities kept me company in this horror I was part of.

 We were captives, as simple as it sounded. The followers manipulated us and took control, forcing us to comply with their needs and standards. We were given just enough nutrition to remain viable, merely. They siphoned our blood and along with that, our hopes. Other inmates had a hard time complying with their wishes and the followers shared a message by decapitating one of the lot and left his deceased remains in the cell for a short while, the message was clear. We didn’t know when the days ended or the nights began but they kept returning at fixed intervals like we were cattle. A farmer coming to get his daily collection of product. This continued for an epoch of my young life. A life I was living for the requisites of another.

 Time passed and I woke up one night to the sounds of my enclosure being opened. It felt like a surprise as it has never happened before. I whimpered, welcoming my death. But no, I was nowhere close to my end. When I looked around, I wasn’t placed in the same room as the other captives. I was in another. I couldn’t recall when I was moved but I didn’t care. There was a dark touch to the room, paintings and glyphs on the walls. Serpents and all, Followers of Set. Three stood in front of me, gesturing me to approach in the subtlest manner. Without a clue of what was positioned up for me, I complied like a coward because I wasn’t ready to die that night. My frail body dragged itself closer to them, I mumbled a silent prayer as that large man’s words echoed through my head. My focus was on the commanding figure, the two by his side slowly faded into nothingness. I wasn’t concerned, I was simply unsure of the situation. He conveyed in a familiar Arabic dialect, informing me that my life was going to change. I simply stood there while I felt strong grasps around my body, holding me down with immense strength even though I was weakened. The Setite leaned in and grasped ahold of my hair, swaying my face away as he exposed his slithering tongue. The very instant it made contact upon my skin, I felt a chill trickle down my spine. He soon sank his fangs into my neck and I transitioned into a state of euphoria. Something I have never experienced in all my years. I was in bliss, enjoying the happiness flood my system. I let my thoughts take control and hallucinations clouded over me.

There I sat, welcoming my death. Awoken in another room with clear visions of my past. I saw my friends beside me, even my mother. What have I become? A slave? Cattle? I don’t know. I lowered my sights onto my ragged clothes and felt an alien sensation taking control, flooding my system. Was I still the same? I wondered what I had woken up to. I nodded to the conclusion I made, I was dead and this is all just my conscience transitioning into the other world where there are no living. I was wrong. It was just a dream.

 I felt an excruciating pain, forcing me to wake. I was nowhere close to my end. I transitioned to the worse, I felt thirsty. I raised myself on all fours and my nose picked up the scent of someone else in the room. My tail swayed to the side as I pivoted around, narrowing my gaze towards the chained sleeper at the dark corner. I wasn’t locked in here with her, she was locked in here with the monster. Her fair skin tone and blonde hair was something to stare at but I had primal urges clawing my brain from side to side. Screaming commands at me. I did as the voices said and I quenched my thirst. In anger of what I’ve become, I tore her like a feral beast with my claws. Her blood sprayed against the glyphs on the walls, art of life. Who was she? I didn’t know. But at the time, I didn’t care. She was my water, she was my bread. I calmed myself down as my system relaxed and curled up into a ball on the cold tile floor, appalled of myself.

 My sharp senses overheard the doors open, I was greeted by the same commanding figure. His lips curled into a smile as he laid sights on me, satisfied of what I’ve become. He asked me to rise and led me out of the room, I took another moment to recall what I did to the lifeless corpse in the corner and stepped out.

“Alas, I’ve succeeded once again.”
“.الآن، انت مستعد لبدء مهمتي” - “Now, you’re ready to carry out my task.”
 “I have much planned for you, you are to travel far away from where we stand. Make yourself useful to us. He will talk you through the process.”
 “.لا تخيب الأمل، انت تحت الأنظار” - “Do not disappoint, you’ll be watched.”
 “I detest seeing efforts put to waste.”

I'm a prisoner to my addiction, I'm the monster I feared.

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Re: Monster
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Arabic?  ???
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Re: Monster
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A hybrid?
Cool story.
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Re: Monster
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yeah it's a hybrid

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Re: Monster
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nice timing man