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Princedom Announcement
« on: March 20, 2017, 09:43:02 PM »

"Subsequently after a meeting with various prime and influential elders of Red County which include their viable supporters have proclaimed after a long chaotic disorder that had been bestowed upon the domain formerly performed by thoughtless and reckless acts of previous kindred within it that have devastated it's stance greatly. A voice of the Camarilla had prevailed and bloomed to strictly uphold the ancient Traditions and thereof declared the rightful ruler of the domain with the evident support from the locals. The domain is governed by Alfred Vannier, whom laws are accurately enforced by the Sheriff: Jerry Sewell."

Note: This information is common knowledge to strictly the kindred of Red County.

(( Interaction with the local Camarilla may be performed on specific and important occasions, you may inform d4rko about the scene and it will be storytold accordingly. ))

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Re: Princedom Announcement
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Though most younger vampires consider the tradition of Elysium a stuffy, outdated custom, it is one of the more honored of the Kindred's traditions. A prince may declare portions of domain to be Elysium, places free from violence. It is here that many vampires come to pass the nights, debating, politicking and conducting intrigues among themselves for long hours. This is also where the Kindred business of the city takes place, and just about every vampire will have at least one occasion to visit Elysium, if only to speak with the prince or an elder. However, it is certainly an elders' playground, and the young who venture here are expected to remember that.

Elysium is said to be under the "Pax Vampirica," meaning that no violence of any sort is permitted to take place and that Elysium is neutral ground. While tempers may flare and heated words may be exchanged, rivals are expected to keep a leash on their tempers. When apologies don't work, offenders are usually shown the door and told to correct their behavior. If things do get out of control on the premises, the prince may punish the offenders through the invocation of the First Tradition.

Elysium rules are simple:

1) No violence is permitted on the premises. (Many princes take this a step further and demand that no weapons be brought into Elysium, to prevent hot tempers from having ready means.)

2) No art is to be destroyed on pain of Final Death. ("Art" has been expanded to include the artist on occasion, making the vampires of Clan Toreador some of the greatest proponents of Elysium.)

3) Elysium is neutral ground. (With relation to Rule One; what happens off Elysium grounds is another thing, however, and the upstart neonate who insults an elder during Elysium had best have reliable transportation back to her haven when she leaves.)

4) Remember the Masquerade at all times. (This includes such matters as entering and leaving, taking a heated argument outside to cool, or hunting.) It is also considered bad manners to show up to Elysium hungry. While refreshments are sometimes provided, often they are not, and hunting around Elysium grounds can draw suspicion. If a Kindred brings a guest to Elysium, she is responsible for that guest's behavior.

The rightful ruler of the domain have declared the following locations to be neutral grounds and official places that the fellow kindred of the domain may resort to.

• Folnkrik's Palace, where the throne resides.
• The Asylum.
• Marco's Bistro.

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