Author Topic: The words you speak become the wolrd you live in.  (Read 496 times)

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The words you speak become the wolrd you live in.
« on: June 13, 2017, 12:26:26 PM »
The words you speak becomes the house you live you live in - Hafez

So I really don't know where to start maybe I should start at where I was born my home town so to say, I was born in New York the big apple , always wondered why they call it that it's because every cocksucker in this world wants a bite of it if New York is the big apple humanity is the worm that leeches on it and doesn't let go. They say whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas well I really didn't stay in Vegas I followed a crack addict whore all the fucking way back to New York , born with 7 months by the way almost at the edge of death at birth but you know I was hard to kill even when I was kid. You know thinking about it I ask myself why doesn't life stay that simple for example as a kid you don't give a single FUCK about anything you are the biggest asshole from the people around you , depending on where you were born I mean not all of us get have great childhood sadly or gladly I didn't either , life for me was easy because I force my self into believing into an unreal reality, creating my own world so to say. so having a strong talent for lying could be helpful , now some say " Don't lie to yourself you're gonna grow up with identity issues " at least that's what they told me. Now I might sound a bit dramatic to you but this is me writing about my tale no man likes his life to be boring does he ? Tell me would you like to leave a story of a man that sat down and never stood up ? I don't , well some do actually like to be that kind of guy. The type that is lazy and sits on his ass all day watching fucking Seinfeld while jerking off to some porn from the fucking seventies. By now you are asking yourself alright why am I reading this ? Why does this guy talk like he is a New Yorker wannabe.. , surprise I've heard that before and fuck you if you do think I am a wannabe , we'll come to think about it I am being stereotypical saying fuck you for no reason , wording my sentences like a New Yorker acting all tough n shit. Now If you go back up a few sentences you remember saying " I was born in my home town so to say " and you may also recall me saying that I lied to myself well I just did for that whole 3 minutes I believed I was a true New Yorker but my brain couldn't handle the amount of lies that I was building so it crashed and I acted like I was a New Yorker who noticed how stereotypical he was. You want the truth of where I was born who my dad is who my momma is , well I'd be more than happy to tell me where I come from. I do remember being born in somewhere but it was the land of freedom AKA United States of fucktards. I have memories of being in a Muslim country or even European country or even in an Asian country but all of them are crystal clear no one misses a important information I remember falling in love in Austria I remember my first police chase in Iran I remember kissing my first ever lips in Japan but I can't speak any of those languages... but how can I then have crystal clear memories ? Don't lie to yourself they said you'll develop problems they said NO I SAID I said no kept lying to myself erasing every bit of real shit out of my head. EVERY BIT OF TRUTH I ERASED Everything nothing stayed. You know when you buy one of them juice boxes and you finish drinking it and sometimes you fill it up with air imagine something like that but the juice is my memories and the air is false memories , now go on guess what me the fucking cunt did ? Yup ring ding ding motherfucker you guessed it right I got rid of all my shit filled my shit with false shit dropped it on the ground and jumped on it and POP , there goes every single real thing there was to life. Goodbye memories of me knowing who I am goodbye memories of me falling in love goodbye everyone that I loved , one thing you should know about is that I didn't go to school or I don't remember doing so but I have knowledge I know math, history, English, all that shit that you learn I've already learned but I don't know where. Have you ever wondered how one gets brain damaged losses his memory but keeps his knowledge of math and English and history and walking, how come someone lose his memory but only this part and that part it's like a fancy bitch orders a pizza " no give me that and that " how does a simple strike to the head calculate how to leave out parts of memory but keep the primary ones I mean it is just a cluster fuck in our head isn't it ? Anyhow I came here to see my dad the fucker isn't even here for some reason, I mean I know the reason but I rather not share it. So today me and Stuart got our asses kicked but we did what we could I insulted the forehead guy pretty his best line went something like this " Your clothing are brown so it's shit " I'm pretty sure he had like a syndrome but Jesus Fucking Christ the guy knew how to fight, and Stuart this guy is a fucking legend at the end he took all the fucking beating and the red cowboy dropped him off at Calebs house, oh yeah the red cowboy I noticed him luring a kid inside of a house I offered him myself so he would spare the man but he warned me and told me to fuck off. So a quick recap of what happened in one single day, I came to the town met Kai we became roommates, he said he'll teach me how to fight.. short after I met I Ash and he told me he can show me how to fight too, but behind all of that I think Stuart will help me the most outa of these guys although Emily seems to be quiet I assume she'll open it up at times goes. But one thing that's at the back of my mind is the forehead guy why does everyone call him boss ? I have a small amount of respect for him because he knows how to handle a group the man has good ears he heard what I speaking with Stuart and the other guy what was his name... oh right Taylor. And one more guy I'd like to write about before forgetting about it is a guy I met at the Fleischmann pub he had these like wrist protectors and he seemed a lil' off and his boss Aun who died was protecting him, sadly I don't know who this Aun guy is but I saw his death before fainting may his soul... if he has one Rest In Peace.
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Re: The words you speak become the wolrd you live in.
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Who was the red cowboy lol