Author Topic: **Bullet shells, blood splatters on the fences near the bank..**  (Read 591 times)

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Picture taken mid-action by some shit ass Toreador.

**If you were to pass by the bank's main entrance, you'd notice the small trash can next to it has been blown to bits, seemingly by some sort of an explosion. Bullet shells are seen all over the place that belong to  an assault rifle should you investigate its type, Splatters of blood here and there are found nearby the area.**

**As a vampire, if you were to investigate leads to this matter and somehow find yourself in the sewers, you'd encounter a sewer rat (Nosferatu), who might feed you a tiny bit of information that states what he saw, he'd mention that he's seen Voltaire Savage appear by the sewer hatch that leads to the Noctis Island, bloody and injured, alongside a fleeing Etrius_Thorbecke and Alex_William_Parker whom storm down the sewers, he'd refuse to tell you what he heared or saw next.**

((Just to clear out any misjudgements, this isn't a random attack. it's a result of all the fuckery Voltaire and his guys have been doing, from killing a Technocracy agent down to fighting Crinoses mid town and using their powers obviously. it's still unclear who the attacking parties are, could be the Technocracy, The Camarilla or a group of Hunters. it'll all unfold ICly as the group investigates further, if they survive.))

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Re: **Bullet shells, blood splatters on the fences near the bank..**
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(( * The gunner on the van guns down Parker. ))