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Character Profiles / Re: The Rebel's Law
« Last post by Lurker on September 18, 2017, 02:48:06 PM »
Please don't.
IC News / Re: Natality rate, highest peak!
« Last post by FewLeonTime on September 18, 2017, 02:09:51 PM »
Made my day, LOL. ))
IC News / Re: Natality rate, highest peak!
« Last post by Hiazro on September 18, 2017, 11:20:19 AM »
(( wtf ))
IC News / Re: Natality rate, highest peak!
« Last post by Alexis_Alves on September 18, 2017, 11:04:19 AM »
Sorry for necro post but LOL erp should be stopped))
Character Profiles / Re: Adam - Rebellion!
« Last post by AndreeaM on September 18, 2017, 09:41:01 AM »
It may be the rebel side of you or the fact that you're a Caitiff, but I like this character.
I hope we'll get to roleplay soon enough.
Hunter Applications / [Brandon_Gagnon][Defender][Conviction 4]
« Last post by Alexis_Alves on September 17, 2017, 08:07:53 AM »
Hunter Application

General knowledge:

1. Write a definiton of what a Hunter is according to you. (150 words min) According to me a hunter is a human with supernatural powers and an endowed human, given to him by Heralds to remove the corruption from the world with these powers. Hunter is an anti supernatural, hunters exist to remove the monsters from the world, doesn't matter of what type, a monster with fangs or a monster with big claws. A hunter, will hunt down his enemy with the edges, edges are the powers given to them. In the act of Hunt, every hunter act according to their own views, their family/creed, every creed has its own way on viewing the monsters. Hunters are not born with these powers, they are given these upon imbuing, now the question arise what is imbuing. As the Vampires have embrace, werewolves have the first change, hunters have imbuing process.. when they open their eyes and view the darkness of the world. The normal humans are sleepers, when they are awake and ready to battle against the corruption of the world, they are imbued. Messengers give them the hallucinations before imbuing, if they ignore it and doesn't believe that it could be true, they won't ever open their eyes. Every hunter has faced this process in their life, they don't learn their powers. They get it when it is the time to use it or in the time of need. Hunters are also called "Touched Ones", touched by messengers.

2. In your opinion why was the Hunter race implemented into the server? (100 words minimum)
Quote from: Hunter: The Reckoning page no. 16
Hunter: The Reckoning is one in a series of games set in the Word of Darkness. Its Predecessors are in fact about the monsters whom hunters stalk. Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension allow you to play supernatural creatures in a modern age fighting among themselves and each other and controlling the mass of humanity. Obviously, hunter is the ultimate response to those games, the chance to fight back against the monsters.
In my opinion hunter race was implemented due to various reasons, as the lore says hunters are against the supernatural and would be defending the humankind, not only defend they will act according to their Creed against the monsters.  There are many supernatural monsters in the server, and everything should have the stability. Yes, because they will bring stability. Hunters are powerful humans, they have the powers to act against their monster foe's and conviction which allows them to fuel their powers or enable "Second Sight". Lore says they exist to remove the corruption from the world, and this should be the reason that this race has been created. They have the power of doing so, once imbued they get such powers to exterminate the corruption and bring peace and prosperity in the societies. Which makes the reasons enough to implement a race.

3. Are Hunters humans or supernaturals? (150 words min, justify your answer) ? Hunters are humans with some unique powers which are called Edges like. They don’t learn these Edges, they get it automatically upon the imbuing. Where they experience hallucinations and they also instantly come to know about the “Hunter Code”, they do not learn it like vampires learn their words and such wolves do, the symbols used in their race which is in their opinion is called “The Word”, which obviously no one except their race knows. Hunters are anti supernatural as stated above because of their powers not working against Humans.. they were given the powers to make the use of them against supernatural creatures not Adamites, they exist to remove corruption that is the monsters with fangs or the monsters with claws, doesn’t matter what kind of creature it is, this powerful human will be acting against it, acting as their nature A.K.A Creed. They are humans, with supernatural powers as the lore says they get such Powers upon imbuing by Messengers or Heralds. Hunters are not like other races whom have some sort of creation that others pass onto them. They get hallucinations before the imbuing. There are other races as well whom use supernatural powers while being a human. So it can be said they are humans, just like those other races. They don't learn their edges like other races do for their powers, they get it automatically when one does need it in the time of need, Heralds gift them with another edge other than their initial edge. The books says they are human so we play them as an endowed human.

4. In terms of game system, what is specific about the Hunter race? (150 words min, justify your answer) ? There are three things specific about the Hunter race which are already listed in the character development section that is; Creed, Primary Virtue and the conviction. Although, except these three things there is something else, which is essential they are called Hunter Code while in their own lexicon it is said to be "The Word", which refers to these symbols. A hunter does not need a tutor to learn these symbols as I have stated above, they gets this upon the awakening, the act of becoming one, the imbued one. And then Primary Virtue, the Primary Virtue is necessary for their edges, this depends on the Creed they are. If a person has Mercy, means he belongs to either Innocence, Martyr or Redeemer or if he has Zeal, he belongs to Defender, Judge or Avenger. Having vision as your Primary virtue indicates that you are from a Visionary Creed. If your character has Zeal, means he is a violent hunter that means that he his either from the stated creeds or has achieved as his secondary virtue, having mercy shows that how merciful you are. This also indicates that how do you act when facing a supernatural. Conviction is the most necessary thing, it helps in filling the edges. Or even in the use of "The Sight", which is known as "Second Sight" or in normal it helps to know a supernatural. Using to fuel the edges is the most important. Due to this conviction, Hunters are immune to any mind control by spending a conviction point, or to illusions by same process. However, conviction points can not be used to gain automatic successes on a roll like spending WP points. Conviction points are used to fuel edges. And, now about Creed, it's something how your character will act in "The Hunt" or simply in the act of facing a supernatural. Every Creed acts in their own way of Philosophy, such as an Avenger (Vengeance) would be ready to destroy the monster. Defender (Defense) Its name is self explanatory, a defender would protect the man kind. Judge would be giving the decisions that if the supernatural should be destroyed or not or what action should be taken. The judges would do what he thinks should be done to the monster using his edges, etc as is the way of other creeds Visionary, Martyr, etc.

Character developement:

Name: Brandon_Gagnon.
Primary Virtue: Zeal.
Creed: Defender.
Starting Conviction: 4.
Character Story:(Min. 1500 words)

Spoiler for Hidden:

A child was born in Eleventh of October, 1970 A.D. in Canada, Montreal, the city in which his family used to live. After two years of gap, his little sister was born. Brandon used to play hide 'n seek with his friends. Brandon, in his child hood was very creative and active. He was a good boy from good parents from Canada. In Montreal city, he used to go to a school there. Where he studied at a very good level. Once, when he was playing hide 'n seek with his friends he went to hide in a place where he found a homeless puppy, he brought him to his house. And took care of it, the dog started to grow, he fed the dog daily/regularly. He started to play with it which gave him a lot of joy. He named the dog, as his name Brandon, little Brandon. After some years, Brandon and his dog were on a walk, and dog stops to piss near a pole. Brandon smiles and allows him to do so, where some people comes and start to push him. He doesn't do anything but leaves the area with his dog, dog would have been heard around the area barking as someone had the intentions of hurting Brandon. They leave the area, and come to home, he tells the story to his mom, she hugs Brandon and kisses on his head. Brandon loved his mother and father, his father was a businessman and his mother was a housewife, a clean and good lady. Leaving the area quietly proved that he is a kind and calm man.

10th of October 1980:

It was a rainy night, there were storms. Brandon was running towards his home with an umbrella. It was hard to see anything in the dark rainy night, Brandon had a plastic bag on his left hand, the bag contained a box of two pounds and some candles. On the back of his, a shopkeeper would've been seen waving his hands at brandon. As he reached to his destiny which was his house. He was very happy, he gave the parcel to his mother and slept being very happy. At 3:30 AM, Brandon is seen rolling on his bad, he wakes up and drinks water. What did he see in his dream was, he is cutting his cake, and everyone his happy. But instantly it goes dark where nothing can be seen, after couple of seconds.. there is blood seen everywhere. He woke up and went to drink water. As he experiences a bad dream. He returns to bed, and in the morning at 7:50 AM he tells about the dream he experienced to his mother. She tells him that it was a bad dream sweet pie.

21st of June 1989:

Years have been passed, Brandon is now a grown up man. Neither could he forget the dream in these past nine years nor the dream gets blurred. It's fixed in his mind, whenever he calls upon his memory and tries to think it gives him a sort of headache. However, he returned from the school and was eating food then suddenly, door bell would've been heard in his house. He goes to check the house, and sees a man walking. He looks down and sees a paper down there, he picks it up and reads it. He finds out it was electricity bill. While reading it, he suddenly reads it as: "DO NOT SUFFER IT TO LIVE!", he gets a shock and sits down.. he looks at the man who kept the billboard, the man turns around and sees Brandon. But continues to walk as he didn't really care much about him. Brandon stood up and walked inside and put the paper on the table. He says that he is going to tuition, that he had an oral test in school tomorrow.

16th of March 1992:

Three years after this incident. Brandon was allowed for an outing, from his school to the farms for a visit. He learned about the crops, and how they are grown. He thanked his head master and returned to house, he told what he saw in the lunch to his sister, mother and father.

Next day, while returning from school. His sister went to the house before him, and Brandon being engaged in social conversation. When, Brandon started to move towards his house. When walking towards home, he was happy and a pleasant smile would've been seen on his face however, inside this smile he was under stress and worried. He started to look at a sign board which immediately, to him read as: "THEY DO NOT BREATHE".. he gets a shock again, but thinks it is nothing but stress that his sister alone went to the home. He kept walking where he received another message from "The Heralds", "RUN NOW!" and "IT DENIES YOUR FREEDOM!".. He kept walking and took it as that he was tired. Whereas he hears a scream coming from an alleyway.. he runs into it and sees that someone has caught up her sister, and trying to seduce her. His anger reaches to the sky and he clenches his fist. Brandon ran towards the monster and sent him a punch through which he gained the attention of the raper (as is his thought), the monster turned towards him and hissed with his large fangs been grown out due to the kiss. He rushes towards Brandon, but Brandon is ready to defend her sister. He fights with his own bare hands, but due to lack of strength due to human he gets throw out of way. But he doesn't give up and rises again, but monster was too powerful. However, while monster again turned towards her sister, Brandon came from behind and threw him on a side, pushing her sister Olivia on the back. He stretched his arms, covering her, monster hissed again with his large poisonous fangs, Brandon thought of a Dracula as he once read a story book which he didn't find interesting, thinking it's all a lie. But now he has seen the reality, his eyes are opened now. The creature rushes towards him but he couldn't reach him, and is thrown backward. Brandon doesn't know how that happened. Where creature tried to get closer but his all attempts went to fail, the emotions of Brandon were clear which was only to defend her sister and nothing else. The creature looks around and speaks that what has he done to him. What curse has he given, but Brandon in anger doesn't answer and rushes towards the monster. The monster ran away, he had suffered the wrath of a newly imbued person. Brandon didn't know what just happened, due to anger he was not in control his only purpose was to defend his sister from destroying his future. But later on he found that he was going to kill her with its deadly teeths (fangs).

18th of March 1992:

Brandon doesn't feel good, the fact he couldn't bear was what just happened. The things he used to believe to be just stories and myths were not as we thought. Now Brandon was included in the awakened person. He walks out in the night, searching for what happened where he found a sign, reading as "SAFE HEAVEN" on left side and on the right where was an alley "BLOOD SUCKERS CONTROL THIS AREA". He reads a symbol, which he has never seen or learnt but just it feels as he knew the word for all of his life time. He went to the heaven, where he found many people and the place that has been filled with computers. Before getting in, he knocked and didn't get an answer to his knock, after couple of minutes someone comes out of the door. The door had a sign "SAFE HEAVEN" as well. His parents didn't believe what happened and thought it is some bullshit story made by them. When the door opens a gentleman comes out and asks Brandon, who are you. Brandon stays quiet as he doesn't know what to say. After some minute he invites Brandon inside knowing an imbued existence. People asks the incident and he tells them. They said welcome to the society friend.

3rd of August 1998:

Brandon had learned the most basics of what he is, he had been hunting since 1993. And all along this long way, he was been gifted with more edges than his initial edge as is the circumstance about learning one edge. Once, while he was on his computer, searching and chatting with his friends on hunter-net he receives a message from Red County Montgomerry that the population of corruption and the supernatural is growing hard. Brandon was appointed for this work, to defend the humankind. It is the time to achieve the goal, the goal for which messengers have selected him, "To remove the corruption from the world" and free the blinds from the monsters and grant them freedom.

4th of August 1998:

Brandon has reached Red County Montgomerry but he doesn't really sees anyone around there. He moves to Blueberry then Dillimore, but sees nothing except an empty police department. At last, he moves to Palomino to find if there is corruption and sees that the town had been overrunning by the monsters. As fast as he could, he runs inside the motel and registers a room there. And hides there, and speaks: "Here is much to do, but will there be any other of us?" Question had arisen in his mind, but ended up with no answer. "Let's see, what the fate decides".

Out of character:

1.Can you use any power in public ? Any powers can be used in public, but you should not be using the powers which can be seen by humans, or alone. (See OOC question#2).

2.When and where is it safe to use your powers ? (100 words min.) Where are there are no humans, it is always safe to use powers. But why would you use powers where there are no humans? Yes, because of the supernatural attacking your another kind or humans. What would a defender do? Protect humans. You would never use a power which others can perceive very easily, humans or supernatural. If it is in "The Hunt", with a supernatural only, nothing stops you from using what powers you want. But, when there are humans you must not use the powers which they can see. Only the one's which are not giving out any visual effects. In alone, where you are hunting a monster it is safe. In public area, it is not. A hunter should be very careful about his secret and shouldn't be using the powers which can be perceived. Like a glowing light coming out of your body, power of blaze from Innocence or any other power. The main point is, hunt should never be done in public. Only where it is safe and no one around.

3.What would drive an Hunter into using his powers ? Justify your answer. (250 words min) Only monsters, the reason behind these powers are the supernatural foe's. The Heralds have given these powers to the imbued due to some specific reasons, which are monsters and corruption in the world. To remove these, hunters are there. Driving a hunter into using its power is only done by either skinchanger or the undead, ghosts, spirits, demonic creatures or damned urrah. If the corrupted one, starts acting against humanity and tries to feed or disturb it, a defender hunter would use his powers to protect the humankind, Adamites. Avenger would always be ready to destroy it. A judge would decide what should be done to the monster with his powers given to him by Messengers. Innocent would be a fool, asking questions and why should it be done, trying to solve the problems with conversation, redeemer would try to make the monster calm. However, some powers have no effect on humans at all, so only monsters should be the reason for the edges to be used against. For example, Cainite is trying to feed upon a human, a defender sees it, through Discern/Illuminate or any other edge or "Second Sight" and perceives that the said person is a monster using some mind control, a defender would be ready to protect the human. If a hunter uses his powers, there must be a reason behind it, which would be a supernatural only, nothing else. A hunter won't use such powers on humans, even their powers doesn't work on humans, so only in tough situations where there is no one, hunter could use his powers, supernatural are the causes of it. Like a I recently saw in our game, a hunter tried to protect a human from his Zeal, Ward driven him by a frenzied shapeshifter. Where there were no one except monsters.

4.Why is it important for an Hunter to keep his secret unrevealed ? What are the possible consequences ? (200 words min.) The purpose of the hunter race is to "Hunt", hunt what? Hunt the supernatural enemies. And, to hunt, hunter must send the soul less monster to abyss. And, if the government comes to know that the said person is hunting people like, because the blind would not be able to perceive his surroundings, the sleepers don't know about the corrupted world, what is around them. They will find you as a killing machine, they are not aware that the said person is actually the protector. They will imprison you, and the purpose will be violated, by being revealed to the world, the Goal will never be accomplished. So, a hunter should keep his secret unrevealed, no hunter would be going to reveal himself, that's why in the OOC part 1 and 2 it is asked. A hunter should be using his edges safely, which the messengers or Heralds have given them. Hunters not being able to do what they were imbued for, most likely, going to cells would leak a video on social media. "The Hunt", if you can't do for what messengers chose you, then you are of no use instead of just taking a place. Let's say someone saw me using my powers, they didn't compare it to science or something, but reported in media and I get investigated for this, many consequences would arrive at a time. Would hunter protect themselves or protect humans whom are just attacking them and removing their existence? Monsters will be free, when there will be no Hunter left, supernaturals will take on the world and lead it as they want. It's best to be hidden and don't reveal yourself. An imbued person shouldn't be making noises while hunting and doesn't grab others attention, he must remain unknown to others. "The Hunt" should be done all alone where there is no one to witness except the victim, either in a dark night or in an alleyway.

5.What would you do if someone found out about your character's secret ? (Min 100 words) Act according to my nature, according to my Creed. What would an Avenger do if a monster found out about my character? It's obvious, he'd destroy it kill the creature, as the Vengeance. Judge would be using his edges to judge what should be done with the monster, destroy it or give severe punishment? Innocent, also known as fools.. will try to communicate to solve problems, as is the case with Redeemer, they are not fighters. A Defender would defend himself, and if the monster tries to escape with the secret, the monster should be executed with no evidences. And every Creed should be acting according to its philosophy of viewing the monsters, The Creed. Although, a hunter shouldn't be letting people know about their secret, which should be a fear in their society. Because if someone finds out, it'll be a problem to them.

Player information:

1.For how long have you been playing on Vampires, Werewolves and Humans roleplay? Joined in June 26 2016, on forums. So according to my arecord, my first arecord entry was around 9th of June. Makes my joining date in the start of June 2016..

2.Make a list of your current and past characters.
Spoiler for Hidden:
Kristopher_Santos, (Vampire/Brujah/9th/Hardcore)(CK'ed).
Adam_Andrewsson, (Vampire/Caitiff/10th)(Current)
Olukayode_Mombeshora (Vampire/Assamite/12th)(Current)
Alisa_Sokolovsky, (Vampire/Caitiff/10th)(PAST)
Hicharo_Ishikawa. (Werewolf/Metis/Ahroun)(PAST)
Alexis_Alves, (Human)(PAST)
Allard_Brown, (Human)(PAST)
Abdul_Kader, (Vampire/Assamite/12th)(PASt)
Muhammad_Ahmed, (Vampire/Ventrue/12th)(PAST)
Zhen_Fu, (Human)(PAST)
Bo_Shen, (Vampire/Ravnos/12th)(PAST)
Katsurou_Kurosawa, (Vampire/Brujah/11th)(PAST)

3.Do you understand that you can be CK'd or race-changed at any time ? Yes, I do.

4.Post a screenshot (embedded with  code, no links) of your admin record and activity (include each personal account):

Spoiler for arecord:

Spoiler for activity:

5.Exact date of the last admin record entry: Yesterday, my hardcore vampire was CK'ed by a Crinos. And as for the rulebreaking admin record entry: 03/02/2017 at 15:16:59

6.How active have you been on the server during the last 3 months? Very active during the last three months, however these days I'm semi active due to schools, so I only play from Friday to Sunday. Or rarely log in from Monday to Thursday.

I will use NC/RC to change Adam Andrewsson account to Brandon_Gagnon
Character Profiles / Re: Delete..
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Character Profiles / Delete
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Character Profiles / Re: The Rebel's Law
« Last post by AndreeaM on September 16, 2017, 10:25:03 PM »
I wish you the best of luck in this character's development.
Character Profiles / Re: The Rebel's Law
« Last post by Heller on September 16, 2017, 08:57:15 PM »
Very nice, good job.
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