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Spoiler for OOC notes:
#1 The credentials will be a RP item that you can have in your inventory. They will strictly speaking be a direct copy of actual papers in terms of material but will not be able to fool computer databases.
#2 The vial can either be forcefully fed, splashed onto a target or coated on a blade then you strike an enemy. It will reduce their Stamina depending on the potency of the venom and their resistance roll.  The minimum achievable effect is -1 stamina for 1 turn and the maximum is -5 stamina for a month. (though this probably won't occur as much.) If a Vampire's stamina reaches 0 they enter torpor. For further info check Quietus 2 - Scorpion's touch. Keep in mind the info you garner about this is strictly OOC.
The details of the potency, successes scored and so on will be detailed on the item description after it is applied for.
#3 When coated on a blade, for each point you get one strike that deals aggravated damage instead of lethal.

*If you are a human, the likelihood of you getting Items listed under 2 and 3 are very slim if not null.

PM me the notes.
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*A note would be left aside, if you'd stumble upon it and read it, you'd see"
:15963, contact me here.
I'd like a fake ID with a weapon license, and a reinforced jacket, we can discuss the price upon you contacting me.
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