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Lloyd Weylin
« on: March 17, 2017, 03:50:27 PM »

"It is the responsibility of leadership to work intelligently with what is given, and not to waste time fantasizing about a world of flawless people and perfect choices."
Marcus Aurelius

Name: Llwyd Weylin; Lloyd Weylin.
Nicknames: Your Majesty.
Date of birth: 12/07/1697
Demeanor: Caregiver.
You always try to help those around you, struggling to make a difference in the needs and sorrows of the unfortunate. People around you depend on your stability and strength to keep them steady and centered. You are the one people turn to when they have a problem.
Nature: Architect.
Your sense of purpose goes beyond your own needs; you try to create something of lasting value for those who will come after you. People need many things, and you gain satisfaction by providing whatever you can. You are the type of person who makes an effort to build something of value; to found a town, create a company or in some way leave a lasting legacy.
Clan: Ventrue.
The Ventrue has long been one of the proudest lines of vampires. Its members work hard to maintain a reputation for honor, genteel behavior, and leadership. A sense of noblesse oblige has long pervaded the clan, accompanied by the genuine belief that the Ventrue know what's best for everyone. They not only consider themselves the oldest clan, but see themselves as the enforcers of tradition and the rightful leaders of Kindred society.
Allegiance: Camarilla.
While it is by no means the oldest Kindred sect, the Camarilla is likely the most widespread and certainly the most stable. This is due in large part to the Ivory Tower’s laissez-faire attitude toward domains. So long as whoever claims Praxis over the domain enforces the Traditions and respects the customs and primacy of the Inner Council, the domain receives the Camarilla’s blessing and support.
Title: Prince.
The Prince enforces and interprets the Traditions; her word is law in her domain, which extends so far as she has the might or influence to back it up. So long as the other Kindred of the domain respect the Prince's authority, the Prince may render a verdict on any matter involving the Traditions, up to and including another Kindred's claim to the Blood. Everything from censure to declaring a Blood Hunt is at the Prince's disposal. The types of Prince who rule domains are many and varied. A wise Prince knows that rule must be just to enjoy continued support, but a tyrant Prince may well rule through fear.
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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Some people are simply blessed with the gift of good taste, and Carl is one of those cases.

- Wait, who's Carl?
- Better know him by his second name...!

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Hell Nice
Spoiler for Characters List:
Nikolai Kotov [Ghoul] (Current)
Hayato Yamazuki [Human] (Inactive)
Keith Black [Human] (Inactive)
Sean Jefferson [Human] (Inactive)
Spoiler for complaints:

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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To see the face of immortality, you must leave the human world
This fire, these woods, the wind in the branches overhead,
This is the true world, the Mother’s realm,
The seat of the immortal, the heart of our world.
The Weaver spins a gilded web, and strong, but it is false,
Ephemeral, when placed against the branches or the flames.
Steel and glass give brave assurances, but only viewed against our
fragile flesh.
Inside that flesh, inside ourselves, is immortality.

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Strong LaSombra.
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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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nice 14th gen sabbat brujah brO.

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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lurker my man

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Nice CP
Quote from: Rudy

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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This CP is so old even Necromancy couldn't revive it smh

good job with it, lurkie-san~

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Partner: Kurt Nygaard

smh .. . i smell gay partnership smh .. .

OT: cool cp tho

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Flynn's dad?

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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Hail to the king.

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Re: Lloyd Weylin
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a ventrue! nice

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