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Elodie Myers
« on: July 07, 2017, 03:34:18 AM »

"To be thoroughly conversant with a man's heart,
is to take our final lesson in the iron-clasped
volume of despair."
Edgar Allan Poe

General Information:

Names: Elodie Myers.
Date of birth: 21/03/1976
Place of birth: Sacramento, California, USA.
Nature: Idealist.

The Idealist believes in a higher goal or morality. The object of his idealism may vary, from a specific code of honor to a noble ambition to a simple benevolent philosophy.

Demeanor: Loner.

Even in a crowd the Loner sticks out, because he so obviously does not belong. Others view Loners as pariahs, remote, and isolated, but in truth the Loner prefers his own company to that of others. For whatever reason, the Loner simply disdains others, and this feeling is often reciprocated.

Equipment: Cellphone, old van, tracksuit.

Affiliation: Hallahan Fishing Company, Pentex.


Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Race: Fomor.
The fomori are created when a Bane possesses a human via a spiritual "hole" left by some form of sin or spiritual corruption. The Bane will slowly gain more and more control, until they are completely fused with the host and cannot be separated.

Hair colour: Black.
Eye colour: Brown.
Distinguishing features: Prominent dark circles beneath her eyes, sickly pale skin.
Height: 1.68 m.
Weight: 57kgs.


Parents: Father alive, mother decesaed.
Relationship with parents:
- Father:
Her relationship with her father is good and she is always able to rely on him for financial aid or shelter.
- Mother:
Her mother died when she was little and she doesn't remember her.

Siblings: None.
Marital status: Single.
Sexual orientation: Closet homosexual.


- Survive;
In order to do anything at all, you first need to be alive.
- Learn to live as a fomor;
Elodie had given up on a cure after roughly a week, she doubted, if a cure even existed, that it would be given to anyone. Their abilities were simply too useful.
- Find true love;
While her humanity slowly degenerates and her ethics crumble under the weight of her new host, that which had always scurried in her psyche is still well and alive, although bitter.
- Find others of her kind;
While she doesn't like people very much and prefers her own company, she understands how perilous her situation is, thus she is always on the lookout for sane(ish) fomori that might help her odds of survival.
- Resist her urges;
She's not a bad person, but why are all these terrible thoughts crawling through her brain?
- Rape the whores who deny her happiness;
Smiling joyously, taunting her.. They will know her bitterness.
- Live a meaningful life.
"Life is like a play: It's not the length, but the excellence of the acting that matters" - Seneca.


Does she smoke?: No.
Does she drink?: Sometimes.
Is religious?: No.
- She had been religious during her childhood.

- While not religious she does (attempt to) maintain high stoic values and principles.

Aware of supernatural presence?: Aware.
- Knows terrible things are out there and has some (biased) information on werewolves.


- Intelligence.
Elodie possesses a keen literary mind, while not particularly fast thinking or logical she can store a large amount of bookish information.
- Knowledgeable.
Having finished college in English and Spanish literature, Elodie has a wide array of mostly useless information stocked up in her brain.
- Ruthless.
As much as she claims to have high principles the bane's influence has distorted much of her human empathy and is able to commit vicious actions without breaking down.


- Shy.
She's never been good with people, strangers and crowds make her feel anxious. Although she is willing to get to know someone if they aren't aggressive in their behaviour.
- Depressed.
Despair was the sin that had opened her up to possession, the bane revels in her self-loathing.
- Wicked.
As best as she might try, the bane whispers and her rapidly decaying humanity makes resisting the wyrmish urges ever harder. Her most repressed desires become conscious thoughts and any resistance she might take is dwindled by the terrible power of the bane.


Elodie tries her best to maintain a semblance of her former self, she will help those who ask for such, usually, and will keep her word on promises given, usually. While she is generally stable and, for the most part, amiable, sometimes her despair outgrows her strength of will and abhorrent atrocities follow. Her moral compass has forever been tainted and she finds it hard to intrinsically understands right from wrong, however she is, usually, able to determine it through her rational stoic ethics.


Hobbies: Philosophy, literature and slasher films
- Ancient Greek and Roman history.
The Dionysian lifestyle of the ancient Greeks and Romans fascinates Elodie greatly.
- Coffee.
To the point of being addicted.
- Innocence.
The sight of true innocence in a defiled world gives her the strength to continue fighting.
- Music.
She enjoys a large variety of music, ranging all the way from classical to hardcore punk.
- Children.
Related to innocence, however she hates brats.
- Smart slashers.
Hulking masses of meat wielding chainsaws are so yesterday, viciously cunning slashers are much more entertaining.

- Sluts.
She views post-modernism as a cancer to society and whorish females as a consequence of it.
- Slaves.
The weak men who wish to bring down anyone better than them in any regard.
- Herself.
Just what has she become? Was it her weakness that had attracted the primordial force of corruption? Or was she simply a victim to some debauched experiment? Whatever the case, she is often disgusted by herself, both body and soul.
- Dogs.
She's a cat person.

- Losing herself.
The bane strikes at the walls of her psyche, proudly violating her desires, her goals, her shame. She feels her humanity slipping away. But she still has a shred, some ground to fight in, so long as she doesn't lose that fragment of her prior life, so long as she can still remember what it means to love, what it means to live, she'll be fine. If nothing is to remain, she hopes that she'll have enough will to take her own life.
- Death.
Although she realizes everyone must eventually die, knowing her soul has been irredeemably fused with a spirit of decay and despair makes her question where she'll end up after death.
- Being betrayed by the one she loves.
When someone truly loves another, they have the right of life and death on eachother. And if they would ever fuck around with something so profound. God help them.

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Re: Elodie Myers
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Oh looks interesting! Good luck with this char!

"The Moon-Beasts, the ones-who-change, they are the Oldest of all, before my Father they roamed the lands.
Tarry not in the path of them. Avoid them, they are set upon us like wolves in the sheepfold. For we are of one kind, and they another. Beware their sacred ground, walk softly through their wilderness. Do not cross into the their woods, it's filled with spirits and they will seek to kill you. Avoid them for the most part, temporary victory is not worth your unlife."

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Re: Elodie Myers
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Oh looks interesting! Good luck with this char!
Thanks, I thought pretty hard about it.

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Re: Elodie Myers
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nice nice

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Re: Elodie Myers
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finally you got what u wanted, good luck and have fun

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Re: Elodie Myers
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- Knows terrible things are out there and has some (biased) information on werewolves.


nice character, have fun   :-*

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Re: Elodie Myers
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Date of birth: 21/03/1986

shes 12?

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Re: Elodie Myers
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Date of birth: 21/03/1986

shes 12?
Oh. No no no. Let me fix.

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Re: Elodie Myers
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Date of birth: 21/03/1986

shes 12?
I honestly was trying to figure out how to own my own fishing company...