Author Topic: Red County Sheriff's Department Deputy in ICU  (Read 931 times)

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Red County Sheriff's Department Deputy in ICU
« on: July 16, 2017, 09:06:16 PM »
Red County Daily
7th March 1998

Deputy John Boone, 37, was admitted to Crippen Memorial Hospital yesterday after being attacked in the line of duty. Witnesses say he was responding to an incident involving two individuals with his patrol partner, Deputy Snow at the Palomino Creek parking lot. Within moments, a crowd gathered and quickly became hostile, prompting Boone to level his firearm on several of the crowd; however, vastly outnumbered, the crowd viciously attacked and dissipated within seconds, leaving Boone for dead as police backup arrived.

Doctors describe Boone's state as critical and has been moved to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after being treated for his injuries. He is currently in a coma and they say the odds of pulling through are at this time, not in his favour.

The Sheriff's Department says they are aware of who the perpetrators are and have the matter in hand, they refused to answer any further questions regarding the incident.

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Re: Red County Sheriff's Department Deputy in ICU
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*Arrabella glares at the newspaper just after waking up whilst eating her bran flakes and fruit to realise her friend was hurt.*

"Better pay him a visit."

*She gets herself dressed and shoots down to the flower shop in Blueberry, picks up a handful of chrysanthemums and heads to the hospital.*

"His name is John Boone."

*She locates his room and leaves the flowers on his bedside with the note "Get well soon, love from Bella." and heads on duty.*