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Title: Server Toxicity: New enforcement and punishment policies.
Post by: Raven on January 09, 2020, 19:50:22 PM

 Following feedback from the Staff team & players, as well as internal management debates - We have decided to take a more direct approach at counteracting toxicity. Now that's what this is all about..!


The VWH-RP Discord Server ( will henceforth be a safe space with 0 tolerance towards toxicity and/or harrasement. The annoying Censoring bot will be extended to cover a wider category of offensive slurs, which are now prohibited. Admins will operate on a warning-kick-ban principle. Minor and first offenses will receive a verbal warn. Religious, racial and other forms of attacks may yield an outright kick. Repeated offenses will result in a ban which will require a formal appeal.

The Midnight Pulse Community ( Discord will now have these restrictions, and you are more than welcome to go there if you wish to trash talk and discuss things without being inhibited by censoring and stringent rules. That server will also house channels for players with common interests in other games, such as GTA V/Apex/Moba games, and a few others.

The censoring bot may be removed after a month or two, once people outgrow the habit of coloring every third sentence with a slur of some kind.

The forum will maintain the same policies and enforcement. Warnings issued, replies removed, followed by very quick bans.

Game Server:
Offensive slurs will be prohibited in public OOC chats. Harrasement and other insults will retain the same policy but will be enforced more strictly. Though you won't get your race stripped for flaming someone, you will be penalized at the administrator's discretion:

-Warnings. Verbal and scripted.
-Admin jails.
-Monetary penalties. You may have cash despawned from your account as punishment.
-Bans. In very extreme cases, you may find your account suspended.

Keep in mind that that insults and slurs hurled at your friends in /b are now disallowed as well. While your friends may be comfortable with you calling them the n word, OOC chat is not the place. "Friendly" banter will be excused in private settings and in PMs, but you may not do so in public. You have been warned.

While we all understand that this is a R rated game designed for a mature audience, it isn't and shouldn't be an excuse for us to harbor toxicity. In the spirit of new beginnings, new year resolutions and so forth - let's be better and do better.

We're currently pushing for a new set of updates and application policy changes that will make the game more friendly towards newbies. Having the community catch up to those changes is something we look forward to.