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Title: *News Broadcast: 'Party Bust' [30/10/1999]*
Post by: Heller on August 03, 2018, 02:16:36 AM
*The news would come on and broadcast the following*

"..- The fight it said to have taken place on a rooftop between two groups. The cause of the fight is assumed to be a racial one, fought between two groups. The party that was held at the Apartment was an illegal one, filled with drugs and prostitutes. Large masses of weaponry were also found on the guests of the party. Some of them claim that the owner of the apartment, accompanied by an Asian man had run out of the apartment with haste and drove off in a black off-road vehicle. Other witnesses, mostly passing pedestrians say that they witnessed an individual carrying a Sniper Rifle and some sort of Revolver has taken the life of a single Biker and shot two more in the back during the confrontation. The fight itself was a gruesome one, witnesses say that melee weapons played a main role in it. The ones who were supposedly assaulted by this gang had made it out just barely alive despite being-..."

*A Crazed Hobo cuts into the frame before being shoo'd away by the Reporter and the crew.* - "Them's not normal, man! I'm tellin' ya's! Them fuckin' arseholes turned-..." - He'd be taken away before finishing, screaming all sorts of conspiracies in the background, something that most people would consider a drunken slur.

..- Pardon the disturbance, ladies and gentlemen. People are still mentally and emotionally scarred by what they had seen. Police are on the scene and are looking into the matter. Sadly, we're not allowed to approach the area any further due to legal issues and the restrictions they bring. This has been Michelle Smidt for SANews. Stay safe, America!

The broadcast is cut back to some other programme on the schedule of the Station.
Title: Re: *News Broadcast: 'Party Bust' [30/10/1999]*
Post by: Heller on August 03, 2018, 07:10:34 AM
*The Station you're watching or listening to if you're on the radio would broadcast the following News.*

"Michelle Smidt here again with you, live from Palomino Creek! The Fleishberg Bar was recently the next area in which another, supposedly 'Gang Affiliated' conflict had taken place just a few hours ago. Witnesses claim that guns were pulled and lethal melee weapons were used, including brass knuckles and broken glass bottles. The entire conflict seemed to intensify over a quick period of time. Witnesses did not wish to speak in front of the camera. Stay safe out there, ladies and gentlemen. It's a dangerous World."