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The Hall of the Dead / Re: Vale'
« on: February 21, 2021, 11:50:21 AM »
bye natasha

Character Profiles / Re: Doctor Volkoff
« on: February 19, 2021, 19:01:30 PM »
my man literally put oppenheimer as his picture and his legendary quote

I can conjure anything and everything, bow to me.

can make nukes
uses an 'unsilenced' sniper


Guides & Tutorials / Re: HOUSE RULES: General House Rules & Clarifications
« on: February 12, 2021, 21:41:33 PM »
Expertimenting with a significant nerf to Shields (and soon possibly armor as well)

Shields are now no longer an impenetrable wall of protection that can be easily cheesed. If someone strikes you through them, their rating will count as automatic soak. If the damage is TRIPLE your shield's rating, it will break until the end of the story and cannot be reused.

For example:
Tychus Rodriguez can either cut off someone's legs at difficulty +2, trying to go under their wooden shield - OR he can simply send that Strength 10 Potence 5 hit directly into your shield - smashing it to pieces. Assuming a metal shield's durability is 4, if Tychus does more than 12 levels of damage, it simply "breaks". Since items cost a fortune in vwh's economy, you won't need to discard them - but you will still be unable to use them in that conflict unless repaired.

Likewise, this applies to ranged attacks. They can either try to hit your pinky toes at +2 diff to bypass your ballistic shield, or they can shoot through it and hope they can blast past it. A plexiglass riotshield grants you 5 automatic soak, after which the remaining damage must be soaked normally. If more than 15 levels are dealt, it leaves a gaping hole in your defenses.

Character Profiles / Re: Derreck Vosch (W.I.P)
« on: February 08, 2021, 10:07:24 AM »
Pretty good

Character Profiles / Re: Samantha Aurora
« on: January 31, 2021, 17:08:59 PM »
added relationships n thoughts on supernaturals.
you call this studying for ur exam?

Character Profiles / Re: Elias Dawson [W.I.P]
« on: January 28, 2021, 14:40:21 PM »
looks good
change the blue its literal eye cancer

also you haff no wings :/

Character Profiles / Re: Kasumi Saito [w.i.p.]
« on: January 28, 2021, 13:07:41 PM »
there's no need for the tsundere part josiff

tis is the way

Character Profiles / Re: Kasumi Saito [w.i.p.]
« on: January 28, 2021, 01:13:38 AM »
you did this to yourself

Guides & Tutorials / Re: Custom system: Movement during Initiative
« on: January 25, 2021, 20:13:08 PM »
Movement during Initiative

For the longest time people have been running their full movement rate without being touched simply because they had higher initiative. The books are generally unclear about how much you can move before being struck by a ranged opponent, but realism dictates you don't immediately reach your destination BEFORE they get a chance to pull the trigger. However, this gray area also restricts supernaturals - who should be able to rely on speed alone to get out of dodge. This homebrew system builds on top of the M20 basics to hopefully deliver an answer to the issue. While it's a bit more complex, it should be a tad more fair compared to how it is played currently.

When carrying someone or something over 25kg, the maximum movement speed is your Jogging rate. (12 + Dexterity)

1 /distance unit is equal to both 1 yard and 1 meter in-game for purpose of discerning movement or range/radius.

1 /distance unit is also the equivalent of 3 feet (1 yard), while paradoxically also the equivalent of 1 meter.

This is for simplicity's sake since some books clash between the metric system and that other dumb system.

How much can you move before being shot at?
Basically - assuming a turn is 3 to 5 seconds - then the entirety of your movement pool is traversed and as such split during these few seconds, rather than taking place immediately. Common sense, yeah?
It doesn't take a whole 3 seconds to pull the trigger and shoot someone before they manage to flee either, right? Well - no.

Reaction time plays a factor in this - which defers you to your Initiative score. Here's how it works:

Quote from: (!) Movement during Initiative
To determine how much you move in any given turn before someone reacts, compare your initiative to your opponents.
  • If your initiative is greater than theirs by 1-5, you can run a fifth of your movement rate (20% | 1/5) [Movement per turn / 5]
  • If your initiative is greater than theirs by 6-10, you can run an additional fifth. (40% | 2/5) [Movement per turn / 5 * 2]
  • If your initiative is greater than theirs by 11-15, you can run an additional fifth (60% | 3/5) [Movement per turn / 5 * 3]
  • If your initiative is greater than theirs by 16-20, you can run an additional fifth (80% | 4/5) [Movement per turn / 5 * 4]
  • If your initiative is greater than theirs by 21+, you can run the entire way before they can react accordingly. [Movement per turn]

  • Extra actions from Rage & Celerity occur after the entire movement chain was completed.
  • Foresee (Patterns 3), Gut Instincts, Tremor Sense and other similar effects allow you to run 3/5 of your movement rate by default. For each 5 additional initiative points above theirs (6-10), then (11+) - you gain an additional fifth. For this reason, you roll Initiative regardless. Just because you have the Wits part covered and can react quick, doens't mean you are physically capable of doing so in time. Initiative applies here for this reason.

As an example: Damien Meark (38) is desperately fleeing a scene and trying to take cover 30  yards away behind a building. Igor Zdranovich (32) and Anthony Egan (21) are both using ranged attacks against him.
Let's assume Damien has a movement rate of [(15x3)+20] = 65. Igor's initiative is lower by 6, meaning Damien can only run 65/5 x 2 = 26 yards before being hit by a good ole' Ironhammer. He is just 4 yards away from taking full cover and is as such hit directly. Anthony Egan - on the other hand is greatly outmatched. With an initiative that's 17 points lower, he only fires after Damien covers four fifths (52 yards) of his movement rate. By that time, he's in full cover behind the wall and can no longer be hit at all.

Hit and Run tactics are disallowed!
Some of you might be thinking: my initiative is higher, I should be able to step out of cover - shoot someone and then dip back in with just half my movement rate.. since they react too slow, I can do it unharmed, yeehaw!

Hold your horses there buckaroo, cause it aint happening. Even if you have a greater initiative score, if you try and do this - you will be shot at the moment you leave your cover.

If you run at someone, stab then and then run away - they CAN stab you back in that exact moment, even if their initiative is 50 points lower.

"Reflexive" Movement
There are many cases in which a lower initiative target declares an attack, only for the other target to turn around and leave you in the dust. Since you didn't declare moving in pursuit, do you just hang there - unable to reach them or even budge an inch? Technically, you should because you were too lazy to write a "/me rushes towards their target and then strikes", and went with a "/me burns bloodpoint and attacks" instead. Since I dislike the "mean manager" attribute I've been given, I'll give you folks a pass.

If you wish to perform undeclared movement, roll Wits (difficulty 8). If you succeed, you can move at half your rate.
Willpower cannot be spent for an auto success, and you can only attempt this check DURING the declaration phase.
Once the rolling phase is on its way, you are no longer able to alter the course of events.

Flanked Strikes
Attacking someone from the side or from behind confers a difficulty reduction. However, since movement is reflexive, and a defender can spin around like a fidget spinner and block all attacks - it is unfeasible to take advantage of this. Likewise, you cannot use half your movement rate to move behind someone and then strike them. There are two notable exceptions to this, however.

a) The target is stunned or held still, whether by a grapple or other means such as telekinesis. NOTE however that the reductions from Stun/Grapple do not stack with Flanking.
b) The target is overwhelmed by multiple opponents, who coordinate their attacks at the same time. To perform this, the highest initiative attacker assumes position then yields their action until the perfect moment, striking along with the next person. For example, assuming Damien Meark (example above) pulls out his Riot Shield and desperately defends the bullets, Igor Zdranovich can go behind Meark - wait until Egan is ready to fire - and then attack at the same time. This will prevent Meark from turning around at an 180 degree. As a result, at least one of the attackers benefits from -2 to their CQC attacks, and further bypass the need to go around his shield for an effective -4 in difficulty reduction simply by using this tactic.

* A letter is given in return. *


Due to a lack of resources and given the department's understaffing issues, it will take some time to process your request.

We formally apologize and assure you that we will get back to you with an answer at most by the third quarter of 2003.


Angel Pine Sheriff's Department
"Dedicated to Order with Steadfast Loyalty and Unrivalled Valour."

Dear Miss Langard,

Thank you for your application. It has been received by the relevant authorities of the Sheriff's Department. After reviewing it carefully, we have decided to ACCEPT it, which means that you have passed the first stage. You may now move on to the second stage, which is the interview. Following the interview, you will undergo academy training and your examination.

Training & Recruitment unit members are as follows:
 SHERIFF Emiel Bonhart


SHERIFF Emiel Bonhart

Character Profiles / Re: Sri Isyana Tunggawijaya [WIP]
« on: January 23, 2021, 11:40:27 AM »
bro that's elaine ;-;

Hal i demand a ck for this doppleganger's heresy

Character Profiles / Re: Operative Taka(wip)
« on: January 22, 2021, 15:40:58 PM »
she%u2019s the ashi to my samurai jack

not for long

it'll all be over once a certain someone sets eyes on 'er  :D

i'm liking the cp so far btw

its a japanese character what can i say? in my defense it's virtually impossible not to

Character Profiles / Re: Deien Invaerne
« on: January 22, 2021, 03:33:01 AM »
so where is emiel

Character Profiles / Re: Samantha Aurora [W.I.P]
« on: January 21, 2021, 18:33:06 PM »
I'm casting a demon ward on you to keep you safe.

A foolish endeavor.

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